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Governors' Transportation Innovation Summit

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Recorded Jan 10 2018 185 mins
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Presented by
Route Fifty | NGA
Presentation preview: Governors' Transportation Innovation Summit

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  • Route Fifty Tech Roadshow: The City in Beta Recorded: Apr 11 2018 124 mins
    Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Carahsoft
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  • Governors' Transportation Innovation Summit Recorded: Jan 10 2018 185 mins
    Route Fifty | NGA
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  • Beyond Gadgets: Public Safety in the Digital World Recorded: Dec 14 2017 63 mins
    Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Pure Storage
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  • Route Fifty Roadshow: Phoenix Recorded: Oct 18 2017 119 mins
    Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Carahsoft
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  • The New Agenda in State and Local Government Recorded: Sep 19 2017 59 mins
    Route Fifty
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  • Route Fifty Navigator Awards: Spotlight on Innovation Recorded: Sep 14 2017 115 mins
    Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Grant Thornton
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  • Smart Governance: Defining Your IT Strategy Recorded: Aug 31 2017 55 mins
    Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Symantec
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  • Route Fifty Roadshow: Columbus Recorded: Aug 1 2017 87 mins
    Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Carahsoft
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  • Route Fifty Roadshow: New Orleans Recorded: Jun 20 2017 109 mins
    Route Fifty | Carahsoft
    The challenges our first responders face in an emergency are daunting--and the landscape is rapidly changing. Decades of increased urban density, mobility, and technology are all fundamentally changing disaster response. Pair this with external factors like climate change, as well as political and cultural factors like increasing gun violence and threats of terrorism, and you have a profession that looks entirely different than it did just a decade ago. In New Orleans, we’ll explore the people, policies, tools, and technology that are fundamentally changing how our nation responds to disasters--and what they see happening next.
  • Route Fifty Navigator Awards 2017 Livestream Recorded: May 23 2017 120 mins
    Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Grant Thornton
    The Route Fifty Navigator Awards seeks to identify and highlight individuals and teams of state and local innovators, technologists, leaders, and rising stars who have demonstrated their ability to conceive and implement great ideas. In 2017 we are traveling across the country to talk with exceptional individuals about their collaborative skills, leadership styles, and innovative programs.

    On May 23, Route Fifty will be in Salt Lake City to highlight the innovations driving Utah’s state, county, and municipal governments. We’ll talk with state and local officials about what what makes these leaders, teams, and programs so successful, as well as what lessons can be applied governments across the country.
  • Route Fifty Roadshow: Seattle Recorded: May 9 2017 104 mins
    Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Carahsoft
    How do cities make sure that land-use decisions not only keep the city progressing forward, but don’t leave existing citizens behind? How do we make communities more vibrant in the near-term, as well as sustainable over periods of immense change? With support from the Daniel Rose Center for Public Leadership, city leaders are identifying opportunities to rethink land use in ways that both support existing communities and transform the city for the better. Route Fifty will sit down with mayors from across the country who are working with the Rose Center to tackle issues of revitalization, equity, and resiliency. We will discuss the challenges they face as their cities evolve and the strategies behind inclusive and comprehensive development.
  • Route Fifty Roadshow: Denver Recorded: Apr 18 2017 162 mins
    Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Carahsoft
    The DNA of a Responsive, Data-Driven Government

    Evidence-based governing and citizen-responsive services are essential for today’s state and local officials. We demand from our leaders informed decisions that increase cost-effectiveness and enhance public life. Across the country, governments are increasingly harnessing data and emphasizing performance to achieve these goals, while partnering with each other and the private sector to better understand and apply the available information. Through conversations with leaders and expert practitioners, Route Fifty will explore the data-centric strategies and tactics used to inform decision-making, enhance the citizen experience with government services, and increase community engagement.
  • The Navigator Awards: Sharing Innovation and Best Practices Across the Country Recorded: Dec 7 2016 58 mins
    Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Grant Thornton
    Through its coverage of news, technology, innovation and best practices in state, county and municipal governments across the United States, Route Fifty connects the people and ideas advancing state and local governments and enables them to share best practices and innovative solutions to key challenges. To this end, over the past several months Route Fifty has identified and profiled 50 state and local leaders and teams who have demonstrated their ability to conceive and implement great ideas, announcing the 10 winners at the awards ceremony in November.

    This digital viewcast will feature interviews with Navigator Awards winners about their collaborative skills, leadership styles and innovative programs. We'll highlight what made these leaders, teams and programs so successful, as well as how these lessons can be applied to state, county, and municipal governments across the country.
  • Communicate to Convince: Prioritizing Cybersecurity in State & Local Government Recorded: Oct 19 2016 62 mins
    Presented by: Route Fifty | Underwritten by: CenturyLink
    Although cyber attacks are on the rise, cybersecurity in state and local governments around the country often remain woefully underfunded. In an era of limited budgets and competing priorities, the behind-the-scenes risk mitigation of cybersecurity can be underappreciated and pushed down the list.

    This digital viewcast will explore some of the biggest cyber challenges facing state and local governments such as outdated IT systems, the rise of IoT, budgetary constraints and hiring the correct workforce, while also examining how to effectively communicate cyber risks to both internal and external stakeholders. Route Fifty will sit down with cyber experts to discuss the following essential elements of a successful cybersecurity program:

    - Implementing the strategy: Defining the correct priorities, tools, and tactics
    - Training the workforce: Communicating best practices in cybersecurity to employees across an organization
    - Transforming the culture: Instilling the importance of cybersecurity beyond just the office of information technology
    - Developing the partnerships: Working across both different agencies and different levels of government and collaborating with the private sector
    - Making the case: Effectively securing cybersecurity funding from skeptical stakeholders
  • The Route Fifty Navigator Awards: A Look at Top Leaders and Innovators Recorded: Jul 13 2016 59 mins
    Presented by: Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Grant Thornton
    Route Fifty recently launched the Navigator Awards program honoring individuals and teams across state, county, and municipal governments who have demonstrated the ability to implement innovative ideas to solve problems and improve public sector services in the communities they serve.

    We'll sit down with key thought leaders to give a sneak peek into the process of choosing the Navigator Award finalists over five different categories. In addition to detailing the award categories, we'll discuss the qualities that make these leaders or teams so successful in driving change and innovation.

    We'll be highlighting the following categories:
    - State and Local Executive Leadership
    - IT and Data Innovators
    - Agency and Department Chiefs
    - The Next Generation
    - Government Allies and Cross-Sector Partners

    Join us on July 13th, as we continue our journey in identifying the state and local innovators and leaders who are turning their in
  • Designing Strong Cyber Defenses for State and Local Governments Recorded: Jun 9 2016 62 mins
    Presented by: Route Fifty | Underwritten by: CA Technologies
    It's no secret that state, county and municipal governments around the U.S. are vulnerable to cyber assaults. IT security personnel need to be on guard to react to rapidly changing threats from ransomware, data breaches, website vandalism and DDOS attacks to not only protect agency assets, but also sensitive information the public sector is responsible for safeguarding. But in an era of limited resources, how should state and local governments best design their defenses in the face of more and more complex threats?

    In a special Route Fifty viewcast on cybersecurity, we'll interview top IT security professionals and government practitioners about the basics like effective workforce cyber training, incident response planning, two-factor authentication and privileged access systems. We'll examine some of the cybersecurity training programs and new tools and tactics to lower threat exposure and react strategically in what are often complex and rapidly unfolding incidents.
  • The Big Questions for What's Next in Local Law Enforcement Tech Recorded: Feb 24 2016 60 mins
    Route Fifty
    From the implementation of police body cameras to predictive policing analytics, the work of law enforcement these days in incredibly tech forward. But there are complex issues local governments face with all the innovation in crime fighting and prevention, from the regulations for how data is collected and analyzed to practical considerations for storing and securing it. What are the important questions local decision-makers should be making when it comes law enforcement tech? Route Fifty will interview experts with informed perspectives on what agencies are facing now and the challenges that await.
  • 2016 Top Management Challenges for State & Local Government Recorded: Jan 20 2016 65 mins
    Presented by: Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Grant Thornton
    Over the past ten years, a wide array of challenges have made management increasingly difficult for state and local government employees. To dig deeper into which issues are currently causing leaders the most trouble, Route Fifty and Government Business Council conducted a survey of more than 900 state and local leaders.

    Join us on January 20th to learn the findings of this brand new research, including:

    - The largest challenges for state and local leaders in your region
    - How to overcome human capital challenges, such as backfilling experienced employees as they retire
    - What’s standing in the way of data-based decision-making
    - How to combat budget planning difficulties, including changes in federal funding and lack of data visibility
  • Leveraging Data for State and Local Government Transformation Recorded: Dec 8 2015 61 mins
    Presented by: Route FIfty | Underwritten by: SAS
    These days, it's not uncommon for a state, city, or county government to make their datasets available to the public. But there are limitations in the usefulness of data if that data isn't being used in strategic ways, especially by the government making the data available.

    Editors from Route Fifty and data and performance leaders from state & local jurisdictions will discuss the questions below along with good ideas, best practices and approaches to turn public data into the energy that powers government services.

    What are some of the most innovative ways local jurisdictions are currently using their data to improve the services they provide?

    How can governments not only measure their performance but transform it?

    What are some of the best ways jurisdictions can save their taxpayers money and make informed budgeting decisions?

    What are some of the legal and privacy concerns involving the use of public data?
Route Fifty
Route Fifty

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  • Title: Governors' Transportation Innovation Summit
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  • Presented by: Route Fifty | NGA
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