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No B.S. Guide to Networking in 2019: How to Avoid the Hype

How can you tell the difference between networking hype versus reality? What has been promised this year? Where has the needle actually moved? And what seems likely for networking in 2019? Join 30-year networking industry whiz Avi Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Kentik, for a no B.S. guide to what's really ahead for networks next year. Topics will include all the new "hotness" -- from automation, CI/CD, and SD-everywhere, to BGP Validation, Edge Computing, Cloud Native, Streaming Telemetry, and killing SNMP.
Recorded Dec 20 2018 57 mins
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Presented by
Avi Freedman, CEO and Co-Founder
Presentation preview: No B.S. Guide to Networking in 2019: How to Avoid the Hype

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  • Modern Day Network Data for Data-driven Peering Decisions (Presented in French) Recorded: Oct 1 2019 19 mins
    Greg Villain
    Greg Villain, Director of Technical Product Management for network monitoring and analytics vendor Kentik, presents "Modern Day Network Data for Data-driven Peering Decisions". This French-language presentation was given at the September 2019 FRNoG (French Network Operators Group) meeting.

    Watch this 18-minute presentation and learn:

    - Why Peering?
    - Common Myths of Peering Methodologies
    - Calculating Costs
    - Why CDNs are the Norm
    - What to Improve on When Peering
  • The New NetFlow: A 20-Year-Old Secret for Better Network Management Recorded: Sep 23 2019 59 mins
    Jim Meehan, Head of Product Markting, Kentik
    It’s been more than 20 years since Cisco first introduced NetFlow as a scalable way to track network activity without collecting raw packets.

    To this day, network operators who use NetFlow and other types of flow data for network management still report the benefits, which include a lightweight monitoring footprint, faster troubleshooting, more effective planning, and automated security.

    However, when any technology survives for two decades, it raises the question: Is NetFlow outdated? Are there other data sources and technologies that are newer, faster, and more detailed for achieving network visibility?

    In this web seminar replay (originally broadcast September 17, 2019) Jim Meehan, head of Product Marketing at Kentik, discusses:

    • What’s new with NetFlow?
    • Why is NetFlow more useful than ever before?
    • What are the new native fields in NetFlow that extend visibility to/from firewalls, load balancers, and MPLS?
    • And how can you achieve enrichment by adding data that’s not within flow records?

    Additionally, Meehan advises on why NetFlow is better than ever and remains an invaluable source of truth for network operators seeking immediate answers to network questions.
  • Don’t Become Cloud Roadkill: 5 Tips for Effective Network Management Recorded: Jul 10 2019 48 mins
    Shamus McGillicuddy, Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and Jim Frey, VP of Alliances for Kentik
    As networks adapt to embrace public cloud as essential infrastructure, networking pros risk getting run over if they don’t prepare! Join Shamus McGillicuddy, research director for network management at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Jim Frey, VP of Alliances at network analytics provider Kentik, as they dive into EMA’s recent cloud networking research and discuss several strategies that can improve the chances of a successful cloud networking initiative.
  • Service Providers: Find the Hidden Profit in Your Network Recorded: Jun 27 2019 30 mins
    Jim Meeham, Product Director at Kentik
    CSPs can surpass revenue and cost targets with analytics that combine network data and business data to deliver insights that can be put to immediate use!

    Network traffic data has the potential to drive better business outcomes for communication service providers (CSPs). However, for many providers, measuring how IP traffic is delivered across large networks remains a slow, entirely manual process, and it’s difficult to put the data to work.

    Learn how to leverage [and profit] from your network traffic data. Kentik’s Product Marketing Director, Jim Meehan demonstrates how CSPs can surpass revenue and cost targets with real-time analytics that combine network data and business data to deliver insights that can be put to immediate use.

    The session covers key network data opportunities for CSPs:

    - Understand each customer’s end-to-end contribution to network load

    - Create differentiated pricing based on where traffic primarily flows (domestic or international)

    -Uncover new sales and up sell opportunities within network data

    - Track third party OTT services and respond to competitive threats

    - Use per-subscriber utilization details to drive better customer service outcomes
  • The State of Infrastructure, Architecture & Ops to Support Cloud-Native Apps Recorded: Jun 18 2019 57 mins
    Avi Freedman, Jonah Kowall
    When it comes to modern infrastructure adoption, which organizations are ahead of the curve? How do they successfully support their infrastructure to build and operationalize cloud-native applications? What do their architectures and operations look like? And how do they maintain total visibility by using a large, complex open source stack?

    Watch two long-time networking industry pros to understand “The State of Infrastructure, Architecture & Operations to Support Cloud-Native Applications.” Co-founder and CEO of Kentik Avi Freedman, founder of Philly’s first ISP and former Chief Network Scientist at Akamai, will present alongside Kentik CTO Jonah Kowall, former Gartner Research VP and AppDynamics VP.

    With Kentik VP of Alliances Jim Frey as moderator, together Freedman and Kowall will discuss their top takeaways from conversations with some of today’s largest and most successful enterprises and service providers, including trends and challenges they’re seeing around:

    What it means to have state-of-the-art infrastructure built on open source and APIs
    Operating mission-critical cloud-native applications
    Distributed infrastructure needed to support cloud-native applications
    The current and future gaps of cloud infrastructure options
    The state of CI/CD for network infrastructure
    Consistent and rich network-layer instrumentation across cloud infrastructures
    Going cross-layer and full-stack monitoring
    Turning infrastructure data into relevant business insights
    … and much more
  • Five Cloud Deployment Mistakes that Will Cost You Recorded: Feb 13 2019 34 mins
    Jim Meehan, Director of Product Marketing
    With physical network infrastructure moving to the cloud, it’s easy to think that networks are instantly faster, more reliable, limitless, and cheap. However, the reality is that cloud technology can be complex, especially when it comes to networking. Combined with the rapid pace of deployment and lack of visibility into how cloud resources are being utilized, it’s easy to make costly mistakes.

    Please Join Jim Meehan, Kentik Product Marketing Director, to discuss five network-related cloud deployment mistakes that you might not be aware of, but can negate the cloud benefits that you’re hoping to achieve.
    Mistake #1 - Duplicate services and unknown dependencies
    Mistake #2 - Traffic or request hair-pinning
    Mistake #3 - Unnecessary inter-region traffic
    Mistake #4 - Missing compression
    Mistake #5 - Internet traffic delivery

    In this webinar, we will also advise how to avoid these top cloud deployment mistakes with pervasive visibility.
  • No B.S. Guide to Networking in 2019: How to Avoid the Hype Recorded: Dec 20 2018 57 mins
    Avi Freedman, CEO and Co-Founder
    How can you tell the difference between networking hype versus reality? What has been promised this year? Where has the needle actually moved? And what seems likely for networking in 2019? Join 30-year networking industry whiz Avi Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Kentik, for a no B.S. guide to what's really ahead for networks next year. Topics will include all the new "hotness" -- from automation, CI/CD, and SD-everywhere, to BGP Validation, Edge Computing, Cloud Native, Streaming Telemetry, and killing SNMP.
  • How Network Visibility Enhances Security of Multi-Tenant Environments Recorded: Jun 5 2018 60 mins
    Adrian Montebello of phoenixNAP and Jim Meehan of Kentik
    Modern enterprise networks are becoming more dynamic and complex, which poses significant challenges for today’s IT leaders. As more workloads move to the cloud and access networks become more open, ensuring security and stability becomes a more demanding task. The attack surface expands, creating more gaps for hackers to exploit potential vulnerabilities.

    In this webinar, Adrian Montebello, network operation manager of phoenixNAP (data center and IT service provider), and Jim Meehan, head of product marketing at Kentik (network traffic intelligence company), will discuss why maintaining network health is more important than ever for today’s organizations, with digital operations now the backbone of successful business operations.

    The pair will also provide real-world examples how to maintain network visibility to mitigate risk and improve overall data security.
  • Advanced Analytics: Modernizing Enterprise Networks Recorded: Mar 21 2018 36 mins
    Jim Meehan, Head of Product Marketing, Kentik
    Enterprise networks are changing fast. Traffic volumes are growing relentlessly, applications are increasingly dynamic and distributed, and some of them have moved outside of IT’s direct control. On top of these challenges, every category of business process is moving to digital — the network is now both your supply chain and your delivery vehicle. IT and network teams are feeling more squeezed than ever as their traditional tools fall further behind these modern requirements.

    Is your enterprise network facing one or more of these challenges?

    Join Kentik’s Jim Meehan to learn how network traffic intelligence provides:

    --Pervasive visibility within the data center, across the WAN, and into public cloud
    --Proactive alerting and anomaly detection for both NetOps and SecOps
    --Single-pane-of-glass visibility across all applications regardless of where they run
    --And much more for modernizing your enterprise network
  • Detecting Hidden Spambots...and Other Network Security Tales from Flow Data Recorded: Dec 13 2017 53 mins
    Jim Meehan of Kentik
    A site reliability team investigates why they were blacklisted from a Google API. Misconfig? DDoS? Turns out it was an accident caused by the team's engineering interns, who wrote a bad script. Another team quickly located and eradicated spambots lurking in their infrastructure cloud -- after months of the bots evading basic detection methods. How did these teams make these discoveries? Flow data.

    Flow data is now often paired with many other data sets, including BGP, geolocation, and business metadata, for network and security intelligence. The availability of open source and commercial big data technology and scale-out computing clusters makes it possible to realize the value that flow data has always promised, but never delivered in the past -- with use cases across sophisticated, accurate, and useful anomaly detection and alerting, as well as ad-hoc, exploratory analyses. In this webinar, Kentik's Jim Meehan, head of product marketing, will discuss real-world examples of network performance, anomaly detection, and forensic mysteries that were quickly solved via flow data. He will also cover current best practices for leveraging flow data.
  • Re-Engineering Enterprise IT: A Blueprint for the Modern Infrastructure Recorded: Dec 5 2017 63 mins
    Russ White, Tarak Modi, Bala Kalavala and Jim Frey
    A whole new era of cloud-native applications is here. From blockchain and IoT, to AI and machine learning, AR/VR, containers and microservices, the possibilities for modernizing your IT infrastructure are endless.

    With these advanced technologies and the widespread adoption of open source comes greater security risks, the explosion of firewall, and implications on IT teams to adopt, integrate, transition, and digitize at lightning speed.

    Join this expert panel with Russ White, Network Architect at LinkedIn, Tarak Modi, President & CTO of TekNirvana, Bala Kalavala, Founder & CIO of Adiya, Inc. and Jim Frey, VP of Channels at Kentik, as they discuss and explore in-depth the most important technology trends and how to apply them in 2018.

    Topics include:
    - Decentralized applications - a closer look at containers and microservices, blockchain, AI, VR and IoT
    - Network disaggregation and the changing engineering landscape
    - DevOps, agile and software-defined networking
    - A technical deep dive into cloud, open source and security in 2018 and beyond
    - Challenges in adapting to modernization of enterprise IT - People and Process
  • How the Internet is Changing the Enterprise Network Recorded: Nov 15 2017 62 mins
    Forrester's Andre Kindness & Kentik's Avi Freedman
    Cloud, SaaS, APIs, WAN, CDNs, customers, and users ㄧ enterprises increasingly rely on the internet to supply and deliver their business ㄧ and the internet is subsequently adding new complexities to enterprise networks. While managing each internet dependency can be difficult, the greater challenge is making sense of the breadth and depth of data these dependencies collectively produce. Fortunately, network traffic data can provide complete visibility into how your business is performing ㄧ across the internet, and overall.

    Many of today’s fastest-growing enterprises are already using network data to achieve digital transformation, boost customer retention, and enhance network performance to gain an edge over their competition. In this webinar, guest speaker and Forrester analyst Andre Kindness and Kentik Co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman will reveal:

    - Top myths enterprises believe about the internet
    - The impact of internet-connected things on the business
    - How to use network analytics and monitoring for business visibility
    - Real-world examples of organizations who leverage their network data to drive business results
  • How to Make Network Analytics Useful for the Whole Business Recorded: Oct 19 2017 60 mins
    Kentik Co-founder & CEO Avi Freedman and Forrester Analyst Andre Kindness
    In the new enterprise network reality, boundaries have blurred: the internet is central and out of your control. A modern approach to network analytics is now more important than ever. The good news is that it’s possible to get vastly better insights from network traffic data than ever before, due to the power of cloud and big data systems. The key is to link that network traffic data and show the benefit to the broader business. In this webinar guest speaker Forrester analyst Andre Kindness and Kentik Co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman will help you understand:

    - The changes in enterprise networks that make modern network analytics a must-have
    - Why it’s so important to combine network data with business context
    - Examples of business intelligence driven by network data in IT organizations today
    - How you can gain the business advantage that modern network analytics offers
  • DevOps, NPM, & DNS with Kentik Recorded: Sep 25 2017 12 mins
    Avi Freedman, Co-founder & CEO of Kentik
    Avi Freedman, co-founder and CEO of Kentik, shows off Kentik Detect as a plugin for DevOps tools such as Grafana. This provides a subset of data from the Kentik API that can be used alongside other application metrics in an overall dashboard.
  • Network Peering & Planning with Kentik Detect Recorded: Sep 25 2017 31 mins
    Jim Meehan, Director of Solutions Engineering at Kentik
    Jim Meehan, Director of Solutions Engineering at Kentik, reviews using Kentik Detect for network peering analysis and planning purposes. This can be used by service providers, content source networks, and CDNs. Because Kentik Detect correlates flow data with other variables at full resolution, it gives organizations easily understood information to prioritize traffic for cost and performance.
  • The Kentik Data Engine Recorded: Sep 25 2017 20 mins
    Avi Freedman, Kentik Co-founder & CEO
    Kentik Co-founder & CEO Avi Freedman provides a technical overview of the Kentik Data Engine (KDE). It is run in the cloud and designed for the particularly high ingest required to maintain full resolution of all network flow data. KDE allows for real-time stream processing of network traffic for anomaly detection. Avi goes into the details of how the system was designed from the ground up for that specific purpose.
  • Overview of the Kentik Detect SaaS Platform Recorded: Sep 25 2017 30 mins
    Jim Meehan, Kentik Director of Solutions Engineering
    Jim Meehan, Director of Solutions Engineering at Kentik, reviews the UI and functionality of Kentik Detect, the SaaS-based network traffic intelligence platform. This is designed to keep the full resolution of network flow data, rather than an aggregated ingest. This enables the creation of summary reports, while still allowing for drill down into very narrow pieces of data.
  • Introduction to Kentik with Co-founder/CEO Avi Freedman Recorded: Sep 25 2017 13 mins
    Avi Freedman, Kentik Co-founder & CEO
    Avi Freedman, co-founder and CEO at Kentik, introduces the company to Networking Field Day 16. Kentik offers network traffic analytics, starting with flow information and augments it with routing and other metrics.
  • PenTeleData Keeps DDoS at Bay with Kentik Recorded: Sep 18 2017 2 mins
    PenTeleData & Kentik
    How did PenTeleData, a leading provider of voice, video and broadband services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, get 30 percent more accurate DDoS protection? Find out in this short video.
  • What Do Companies Think of Network Traffic Intelligence? Recorded: Sep 18 2017 2 mins
    Kentik Customers
    Hear what Kentik customers have to say about how they benefit from real-time network traffic intelligence.
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  • Title: No B.S. Guide to Networking in 2019: How to Avoid the Hype
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  • Presented by: Avi Freedman, CEO and Co-Founder
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