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Modern Day Network Data for Data-driven Peering Decisions (Presented in French)

Greg Villain, Director of Technical Product Management for network monitoring and analytics vendor Kentik, presents "Modern Day Network Data for Data-driven Peering Decisions". This French-language presentation was given at the September 2019 FRNoG (French Network Operators Group) meeting.

Watch this 18-minute presentation and learn:

- Why Peering?
- Common Myths of Peering Methodologies
- Calculating Costs
- Why CDNs are the Norm
- What to Improve on When Peering
Recorded Oct 1 2019 19 mins
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Presented by
Greg Villain
Presentation preview: Modern Day Network Data for Data-driven Peering Decisions (Presented in French)

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  • 5 Problems Your Current Monitoring Can’t Solve (That Network Observability Can) Recorded: May 5 2021 33 mins
    Avi Freedman, Kentik Co-founder and CEO
    Public and hybrid cloud has led to a new era of agility, scale and performance, particularly for the networking that underlies enterprise applications. Yet, more than 80% say their network monitoring hasn’t kept up with major problems that need to be solved. A new approach is required – it’s network observability.

    Join Kentik co-founder and CEO Avi Freedman as he discusses how to reduce networking issues and risks while continuing to allow your organization to innovate at the speed of cloud.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to:

    * Gain visibility into all networks (public, on-prem, internet)
    * Correlate across performance tests and traffic flows
    * Enrich network telemetry for customer, application, cloud context
    * Ask any questions unbounded and zoom to any granularity needed
    * Automate routine security, performance, billing tasks without tedium or error
  • Synthetic Testing 101: How to Proactively Monitor Network Performance Recorded: Mar 24 2021 60 mins
    Anil Murty, Kentik Director of Product Management
    Less than 3% of incidents are found before users are affected. You need to catch networking problems before your users do. Join Anil to learn why synthetic monitoring is an indispensable tool for getting more proactive and detect incidents earlier.

    Kentik Director of Product Management Anil Murty explains the basics of proactive synthetic testing and shows how you can use Kentik to:

    * Simulate user traffic to proactively detect and resolve outages or performance issues.
    * Track uptime and SLOs of critical networking constructs, services and paths.
    * Achieve reliable and performant deployments by adding synthetics into ops automation.
    * Monitor critical networking services proactively in production and eliminate poor networking performance across the user journey.
  • Enhance Application Performance with Network Observability Recorded: Mar 10 2021 45 mins
    Ian Pye, Kentik Co-founder & Chief Scientist and Nick Stinemates, Kentik VP of Business Development
    Discover the power of integrated application and network insights! Applications are the foundation of modern digital business, but it's the network that enables them. Find where poor network conditions or problems are degrading your application performance, identify optimization opportunities, and improve user experience.

    In this Kentik webinar replay (originally broadcast March 11, 2021), Kentik Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Ian Pye and Nick Stinemates (Kentik VP of Business Development) discuss the intersection of application performance monitoring and network observability, with a live demonstration of Kentik Firehose.

    Join Ian and Nick as they demonstrate how to use enriched network data from Kentik Firehose to:

    * Know where network latency jumps and why
    * Create network-aware solutions sending data to Splunk, New Relic, Hadoop, and any other Kafka consumer
    * Perform advanced forensics and ML/AI analytics with data lake integrations
  • Assess Your Visibility Gaps: How is Your Network Performing in 2021? Recorded: Feb 26 2021 32 mins
    Justin Ryburn, Kentik Director of Solutions Engineering
    Do you know how your network is performing in virtual 2021? Do you have a good grasp on how your network is performing in the new year? In this on-demand webinar Justin Ryburn, Kentik Director of Solutions Engineering, explains how to identify gaps in your network visibility, and understand their impact in your ability to plan, run, and fix your network.

    Justin helps you understand what you need to do to:

    * Increase uptime and reduce MTTR
    * Neutralize security attacks and analyze incidents
    * Find opportunities for performance and cost optimizations
    * Improve digital experience

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can get your customized Kentik Network Visibility Report! In your report, we’ll show you:

    * Your network visibility and gaps
    * The tie between visibility and network health
    * Recommendations to close visibility gaps
  • Cloud Observability 101: Start and End with Performance Recorded: Feb 24 2021 53 mins
    Anil Murty, Director of Product Management for Kentik | Dan Rohan, Product Manager
    Join network observability gurus Anil Murty and Dan Rohan for a real-world deep dive into the common cloud performance pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

    You’re adopting cloud in a big way, but your observability hasn’t kept up. Whether you’re responsible for your corporate network or revenue-producing service, you can’t afford performance blind spots.

    Join Anil Murty and Dan Rohan as they explain:

    * The performance pitfalls network pros face when operating in the cloud
    * Why always-on observability keeps you a step ahead of your users or customers
    * A cloud observability checklist that actually works
    * Where to start: Your must-have metrics to know where you stand, and where to focus first
  • WAN Management Strategies for 2021 and Beyond Recorded: Feb 4 2021 35 mins
    Shamus McGillicuddy, VP of Research Enterprise Management Associates and Aaron Kagawa, Technical Product Manager for Kentik
    Change is the only constant with today’s wide-area network (WAN). Internet connectivity, multi-cloud architectures, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) adoption, and pandemic-driven work-from-anywhere initiatives have turned today’s networks upside-down. But one thing hasn’t changed. The business expects applications to be at peak performance on the network.

    It’s up to the network management team to operationalize the evolving WAN. If you’re struggling to keep up, this webinar will help you chart a path toward operational excellence.

    Join Shamus McGillicuddy, vice president of research for Enterprise Management Associates, and Kentik for insight into how network operations teams are successfully managing the chaos of today’s WAN.

    This webinar explores:

    * How enterprises maintain visibility as they migrate from MPLS to internet-based WAN
    * Best practices for monitoring and troubleshooting SD-WAN technology
    * Strategies for supporting end-user experience for home workers
    * How active monitoring solutions can help measure application performance across the network and into the cloud
  • How to Continuously Monitor Inter- and Intra-Cloud Performance Recorded: Jan 27 2021 43 mins
    Anil Murty, Director of Product Management for Kentik
    You moved to the cloud because they said that the cloud is “always on” (which it is!) but is it as reachable as your own data center was? With Kentik you can take the guesswork out of that question using our new Cloud Performance Meshes.

    Join Kentik product expert Anil Murty as he demonstrates how you can use Kentik’s Cloud Performance Meshes to monitor performance between different regions and availability zones of any single (intra-cloud) or multi-cloud (inter-cloud) network continuously. Learn how you can catch network performance issues before they impact your applications and end users.

    Watch this webinar replay (originally broadcast January 27, 2021) to learn:

    * Why testing performance between regions and availability zones of cloud providers is critical
    * How continuous testing enables you to catch issues before your customers experience them
    * How you can customize Kentik’s free Cloud Mesh presets to suit your specific needs
    * How to start with visualizing performance of a cloud as a whole and then dig into a specific node or link that is causing problems
    * How to create custom dashboards that incorporate both real network flow and synthetic network tests
  • Five Steps to Network Observability Nirvana Recorded: Jan 27 2021 55 mins
    Christoph Pfister, Chief Product Officer for Kentik
    Join Kentik’s chief product officer, Christoph Pfister, for this lively deep-dive into enterprise network challenges and the must-haves for network observability—featuring live, in-product demonstrations by Kentik product experts Anil Murty and Dan Rohan.

    Watch this deep-dive into the network challenges enterprises at the intersection of mass cloud adoption, web-scale business, and distributed workforces face, and see why observability matters. Drawing from real-world use cases and demonstrated with aggregated, anonymized data in the Kentik Network Observability Cloud, Christoph and co-hosts cover:

    * The five requirements for doing network observability right
    * The criticality of the network + cloud + synthetic monitoring combo
    * How to use full-stack telemetry to drive to better decisions
    * The right metrics for the right use case
    * Tips, tricks, and processes for getting the most out of a network observability program
  • Test autonomously and continuously, because every second (literally) matters! Recorded: Dec 2 2020 51 mins
    Anil Murty, Director of Product Management for Kentik
    Learn more about Kentik’s unique approach to synthetic testing, which combines network traffic data and testing analytics into a single platform. Kentik product expert, Anil Murty, gives a hands-on demonstration of how quick and easy Kentik makes it to set up these sophisticated synthetic tests.

    With digital transformations fully underway, networks are more critical than ever and orders of magnitude more complex. Synthetic testing is becoming a common technique used by service providers and digital enterprises alike to measure performance of CDNs, ASNs and OTT services as well as DNS and HTTP services, to ensure the best digital experience for their subscribers and SaaS users.

    Kentik’s unique approach to synthetic testing leverages real network traffic data to ease the operational burden of setting up and maintaining synthetic tests. And with continuous testing, give your operations teams immediate visibility into the network’s performance for time-critical applications.

    Watch this Replay to Learn:

    * Why continuous (sub-minute) testing is indispensable to running today's demanding applications

    * How you can leverage real traffic to free you from the burden of manually creating synthetic tests

    * How to set up site-mesh style tests quickly and monitor performance and availability of DNS and HTTP servers

    * How trace and path data can be useful in troubleshooting network issues.
  • Learn Skills to Implement DDoS Protection: Master Netflow for Network Security Recorded: Nov 5 2020 37 mins
    Ian Pye, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Kentik and Louis Poinsignon Network Engineer, Cloudflare
    Learn from top industry experts on how to detect and mitigate volumetric DDoS attacks using netflow and industry-leading tools from Kentik and Cloudflare. Kentik Co-founder and Chief Scientist Ian Pye teams up with Louis Poinsignon from Cloudflare to bring you up to speed on netflow and best practices around beefing up your DDoS protection posture.

    Watch this webinar replay (originally presented November 5, 2020) to gain three fundamental skills to implement DDoS protection:

    * Understand the traffic on your network using Netflow
    * How to detect DDoS attacks accurately and in real-time
    * How to mitigate DDoS attacks effectively
  • Monitoring and Mitigating DDoS Attacks with Precision and Speed Recorded: Jun 17 2020 41 mins
    Jim Frey, Kentik | Vivek Ganti, Cloudflare
    DDoS attacks are evolving. Detecting and mitigating attacks quickly and accurately is a key strategy to ensure business continuity.

    Watch this webinar replay (originally broadcast June 2020) with Kentik’s Jim Frey and Cloudflare’s Vivek Ganti to learn:

    * What a DDoS attack is and what it can cost you
    * Global DDoS attack trends and what they mean to you
    * How Cloudflare Magic Transit and Kentik's network monitoring and analytics platform work together to monitor and automatically mitigate DDoS attacks of all sizes and kinds
  • The Network Edge Moves Closer to the User—Is Your Infrastructure Ready? Recorded: Jun 4 2020 60 mins
    Avi Freedman, Moderator, Co-founder and CEO, Kentik
    Kentik’s third virtual panel brings together networking leaders from Cisco and StackPath to discuss how remote work, IoT, and smart manufacturing are just a few of the trends redefining the network edge. For networking teams, managing edge complexity requires rethinking infrastructure strategies.

    Watch this panel discussion to learn how today’s “network edge” means that digital businesses and service providers are bringing everything closer to their end-users for a more unified workforce or faster digital experiences. In other cases, sensors are being added to everything from connected cars to industrial machines for optimal performance. And during COVID-19, the network edge has expanded in the home, which has now become the center of work, commerce and culture.

    Cisco’s Matt Price, StackPath’s Wen Temitim, and Kentik’s Avi Freedman discuss how organizations are updating their network infrastructures to get ahead of the game.

    Topics include:

    * What is the network edge today?
    * How is COVID-19 changing edge network and application demand?
    * What is different about edge network architectures?
    * What is the impact on edge computing?
    * What changes are needed for monitoring and operations?
    * What impact is 5G on having on edge networks?
    * Where will the edge go in 2020? 2023?
    * How will COVID-19 accelerate, slow, or change edge expansion?

    Panelists include:

    * Matt Price, Senior Director of IoT Engineering and Operations, Cisco
    * Wen Temitim, CTO, StackPath
    * Avi Freedman, Moderator, Co-founder and CEO, Kentik
  • Kentik Tech Talk 2: How to Detect & Mitigate DDoS Attacks Before Your Remote Wor Recorded: May 18 2020 9 mins
    Justin Ryburn, Director of Solutions Engineering, Kentik
    COVID-19 is forcing fundamental changes to how businesses operate. With remote work and increased traffic volume now front and center, network availability and performance are more mission-critical than ever. Kentik Tech Talks are short, 10-15 minute sessions that aim to help network professionals overcome the challenges associated with the shift to remote work.

    In the second installment of the series, Kentik’s network expert and Director of Solutions Engineering, Justin Ryburn, discusses recent observations of a rise in denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks in today's work-from-home era and demonstrates Kentik's DDoS identification and mitigation features.
  • Kentik Tech Talk 1: Resolving Congestion at the Network Edge Recorded: May 4 2020 15 mins
    Justin Ryburn, Kentik
    In this tech talk video, Kentik's Justin Ryburn explains Kentik's features for identifying and alleviating traffic congestion at the network edge. Examples including understanding CDN traffic are described. In the last part of the video, Justin demonstrates in the Kentik product how to drill down into details of incidents like DDoS attacks. Notification and alerting integrations are also described.

    Learn more about Kentik. Start a free trial of our network monitoring and analytics solution here:

  • How Leading Companies Support Remote Work and Digital Experience, Part 2 Recorded: Apr 14 2020 64 mins
    Avi Freedman, Moderator, Co-founder and CEO, Kentik
    How are Akamai, Uber and Verizon Media scaling their networks and services, especially now during COVID-19? Hear from network leaders at these companies during this panel discussion.

    Kentik co-founder and CEO, Avi Freedman, moderates a panel on the following topics:

    * Best practices for scaling networks amid COVID-19
    * The most effective architectural investments made
    * Traffic trends and their impact on network capacity
    * Strategies for business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)

    Panelists include:

    * Christian Kaufmann, VP Network Technology, Akamai
    * Jason M. Black (JB), Head of Global Network Infrastructure, Uber
    * Igor Gashinsky, Chief Network Architect, VP, Verizon Media
  • How Leading Companies Support Remote Work and Digital Experience Recorded: Mar 25 2020 60 mins
    Avi Freedman, Moderator, Co-founder and CEO, Kentik
    How are Dropbox, Equinix, Netflix, and Zoom scaling their networks and services, especially during COVID-19? Hear from network leaders at these companies during this panel discussion, originally broadcast March 25, 2020.

    Avi Freedman moderates a panel on the following topics:
    * How these companies have scaled their networks
    * Best practices for scaling networks for service delivery
    * Secrets to success for partnering with application teams
    * Best practices for supporting corporate IT
    * Opinions on how the industry should be thinking to handle changes in capacity so we can scale to a remote-primary world

    Panelists include:

    * Alex Guerrero, Sr. Manager of SaaS Operations, Zoom
    * Bill Long, SVP of Core Product Management, Equinix
    * Dave Temkin, VP of Network and Systems Infrastructure, Netflix
    * Dzmitry Markovich, Sr. Director of Engineering, Dropbox
    * Avi Freedman, Moderator, Co-founder and CEO, Kentik
  • Powerful Network Analytics - For All Recorded: Mar 10 2020 44 mins
    Steve Meuse, Kentik Solutions Engineer
    As the pace of network innovation, evolution, and complexity increases beyond human scale, how can service provider and enterprise network professionals cope with network management?

    Join us for an overview of today's networking challenges and how Kentik's revolutionary network analytics platform lets you see, analyze and manage every network, all the time, in real time.

    Kentik is the traffic analytics platform for network teams who plan, build and run the connected world. Service providers and enterprises, including Cogent, GTT, IBM, Limelight Networks, Twitch and Zoom, use Kentik to fulfill visibility, automation and AIOps needs on the network. Use cases include network troubleshooting, problem detection, capacity planning, peering and interconnection, traffic engineering, DDoS detection and mitigation, network cost analytics, CDN analytics and OTT service tracking.

    Kentik focuses on monitoring traffic and infrastructure. The platform uses large-scale data collection, correlation and machine learning to surface potential problems in real time so teams can swiftly and accurately respond to incidents, proactively recognize and prevent issues from impacting service and business, and focus on optimization rather than firefighting.
  • How AIOps has Become a "Must Have" for Service Providers in the Age of OTT & 5G Recorded: Nov 27 2019 62 mins
    Jim Meehan, Head of Product Markting, Kentik
    From physical to virtual to cloud (and now multicloud) infrastructures, networks are getting more diverse and challenging to manage. Humans and manual processes can no longer keep pace with network innovation, evolution, complexity and change.

    Enter AIOps. To keep up with the ever-growing amounts of data from different sources, service providers are relying more and more on AIOps to quickly identify, prevent and resolve potential outages and other network issues.

    Attend this webinar and learn how automation, AI and ML are all playing significant roles in these four key areas:

    • 5G
    • Edge Networking
    • Subscriber Analytics
    • Diversity in OTT

    Join this webinar and find out why Gartner says the long-term impact of AIOps on IT operations will be transformative.
  • Modern Day Network Data for Data-driven Peering Decisions (Presented in French) Recorded: Oct 1 2019 19 mins
    Greg Villain
    Greg Villain, Director of Technical Product Management for network monitoring and analytics vendor Kentik, presents "Modern Day Network Data for Data-driven Peering Decisions". This French-language presentation was given at the September 2019 FRNoG (French Network Operators Group) meeting.

    Watch this 18-minute presentation and learn:

    - Why Peering?
    - Common Myths of Peering Methodologies
    - Calculating Costs
    - Why CDNs are the Norm
    - What to Improve on When Peering
  • The New NetFlow: A 20-Year-Old Secret for Better Network Management Recorded: Sep 23 2019 59 mins
    Jim Meehan, Head of Product Markting, Kentik
    It’s been more than 20 years since Cisco first introduced NetFlow as a scalable way to track network activity without collecting raw packets.

    To this day, network operators who use NetFlow and other types of flow data for network management still report the benefits, which include a lightweight monitoring footprint, faster troubleshooting, more effective planning, and automated security.

    However, when any technology survives for two decades, it raises the question: Is NetFlow outdated? Are there other data sources and technologies that are newer, faster, and more detailed for achieving network visibility?

    In this web seminar replay (originally broadcast September 17, 2019) Jim Meehan, head of Product Marketing at Kentik, discusses:

    • What’s new with NetFlow?
    • Why is NetFlow more useful than ever before?
    • What are the new native fields in NetFlow that extend visibility to/from firewalls, load balancers, and MPLS?
    • And how can you achieve enrichment by adding data that’s not within flow records?

    Additionally, Meehan advises on why NetFlow is better than ever and remains an invaluable source of truth for network operators seeking immediate answers to network questions.
Kentik, is the network intelligence platform for network professionals
Kentik® is the network intelligence platform for the connected world, trusted by leading digital enterprises and service providers. With Kentik, businesses eliminate the visibility and intelligence gaps associated with running dynamic and complex networks, and achieve greater network performance, reliability and security. The Kentik Network Intelligence Platform ingests diverse data streams from the internet, edge, cloud, data center and hybrid infrastructures and provides real-time visualizations and AIOps-powered insights and automation. Learn more at www.kentik.com.

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  • Live at: Oct 1 2019 3:15 pm
  • Presented by: Greg Villain
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