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Making the Switch: Consumer attitudes to the changing Financial Services scene

As the industry adapts to providing financial services in a digitally enabled world, Verdict Financial shall guide you through their findings from their Retail Banking Insights survey conducted with 17,000 consumers across 20 global markets.

-How important is it to be offering the latest digital services?
-Who are the consumers that are willing to use digital-only providers?
-Which markets see the greatest demand for fintech products and services

On the back of this ,we will assess the new kids on the block across Europe and discuss which propositions will likely see greatest uptake to help shape your own innovation strategies.
Recorded Jun 22 2016 64 mins
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Presented by
Kit Carson (Verdict), Esther Stringer (Border Crossing Media), Brian Daly (GlicLabs Tech), Jenique McNaught (Strategy Desk)
Presentation preview: Making the Switch: Consumer attitudes to the changing Financial Services scene

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  • FinTech Opportunities in the UK and Beyond: The VC Perspective Aug 1 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Innovate Finance
    Innovate Finance will deliver a webinar focussed on venture
    capital investment in FinTech from a transatlantic perspective, bringing together leading international VCs to explore the changing FinTech investment landscape, the perfect startup pitch and what and who to watch in 2018.
  • Fraud Monitoring Controls are vital in the World of Mobile Banking Nov 28 2018 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Simon Breeden & Matthias Salmon - Fraud Solutions at NCR
    PSD2 and Open APIs are regulatory mandates that your financial institution has to adhere to. In this webinar we will discuss why Account Centric monitoring is very beneficial to your organization beyond any regulatory requirement. In the age of cyber-crime, you will need to monitor and profile activity at the account level to truly understand normal activity for the account and to only decline those transactions that are truly risky.

    Key Takeaways
    • Understand the importance of profiling activity at an account level
    • Learn the value of non-financial event activity for fraud prevention

    Simon Breeden is a Senior Fraud Solutions Consultant at NCR and helps prospects and customers with their Fraud Prevention Programs all over the globe. Simon has many years of experience in fraud and the payments business holding a diverse set of positions at a well-known payment processor, an e-commerce acquirer, as well as MasterCard, and Visa.

    Matthias Salmon is a Senior Solution Sales Specialist Financial Services for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. In his role he is responsible for the distribution of the NCR payment platform Authentic and the Fraud Detection Solution Fractals.
  • Blockchain in the Enterprise Sep 20 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Kate Baucherel (Sphere Network), Anthony Stevens (Northern Trust), Vlad Dramaliev (æternity), Kapil Dhar (LBG)
    Enterprise blockchain has been touted as the "next big thing" for blockchain. However, implementing a new and often complex technology into a larger organisation has a number of obstacles that stand in the way of successful adoption and implementation.

    Join this session where a panel of experts will discuss:
    -The main challenges with implementation and how to overcome them
    -Moving from POC to pilot
    -Tackling security concerns
    -Private, public, and hybrid blockchains
    -Industry-specific examples
  • LIVE WEBCAST: Strategies for Success in Nordic Fintech Sep 18 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Simon Hardie, MagnaCarta, Susanne Hannestad, Fintech Mundi
    A panel of Nordic banks and startups discuss what fintech success takes in the Nordic and Baltic region, and the opportunities ahead for both incumbents and innovators.
  • BrightTALK Masterclass Series: Finding the Right Investor Recorded: Aug 2 2018 49 mins
    Jessica Dick, Co-founder of Five Years Time
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Masterclass Series.

    Raising Investment for your early stage business is a big decision. Whilst the process itself is gruelling, managing investors once they are on board has its own set of challenges.

    Although investment can feel like “free money”, it is in fact the most expensive cash you’ll ever raise, as the returns investors expect, along with the rights and privileges you must be prepared to grant them, can be very onerous to a startup.

    Indeed investors can make or break a business, and having a brilliant, supportive investor who shares your vision is gold dust and can propel you to the next level.

    Join our webinar with Jessica Dick, co-founder of Five Years Time, a company focused on supporting founders to get investment ready and navigate the minefield of the fundraising process.

    The webinar will present the different types of funding that are available to early stage businesses, and will focus on the key characteristics of angel investors and Venture Capital.

    The webinar will then explore the concept of "Smart Money" and will give you some examples of what to expect once the investment has come in. Finally we will give you tips around what to look for in an investor, what questions to ask and how to set up the relationship from the start to ensure smooth sailing.
  • FinTECHTalents - Tech and Talent in Tandem Recorded: Aug 2 2018 30 mins
    Liz Lumley
    We kick off the live agenda for FinTECHTalents the UK's first FinTech festival encompassing financial institutions, FinTech startups and Universities. Join our steering committee members Mitesh Soni of Finastra and Diana Biggs of HSBC along with our director of strategy Lisa Moyle as we count down the weeks to FinTECHTalents 2018!
  • Realizing the ROI of Big Data and AI in Banking: The Foundational Steps Recorded: Jul 19 2018 42 mins
    James Dotter, Chief Financial Officer, at MX
    In a changing world where 50% of home loans and 38% of auto loans are provided by a non-FI, how do you compete? The answer lies in how you collect, analyze and act on data. James will walk you through how to lay the foundation for an AI-driven approach to big data.

    What You’ll Learn:

    - Why data-driven financial institutions get better results
    - How to build a foundation for a data-first approach
    - How and when to use AI and Machine Learning in your financial institution

    About the presenter:

    James Dotter, Chief Financial Officer at MX, brings more than 16 years of management experience and financial expertise with industry-leading, billion-dollar technology companies. Previous to joining the MX team, Dotter managed finance and operations at InsideSales.com, one of the fastest growing tech companies in the US. He led InsideSales.com through five years of more than 100 percent revenue growth, directed talent acquisition of more than 100 employees per quarter, and raised more than $140 million in private equity financing, while building and maintaining strategic partnerships.
  • Panel Session: Big Data and AI in Banking Recorded: Jul 19 2018 61 mins
    Bharat Bhushan | Valentina Kristensen | Richard Price | Marie Measures | Mitesh Soni
    Any process and interaction that can be digitised is being digitised - either for customer convenience or, for operational efficiency and costs. But, what happens when every bank and every possible process is digitised. What next? How can banks differentiate themselves? What role can data and AI play in creating value?

    In this session, we will hear from industry leaders on their views on this topic and pragmatic recommendations on how to get started on this journey.

    Moderated by:
    Bharat Bhushan, CTO Banking & Financial Markets, IBM
    Marie Measures, CIO, Coventry Building Society
    Richard Price, Sales Director, TIBCO
    Valentina Kristensen, Director, Growth & Communications, OakNorth
    Mitesh Soni, Senior Director - Innovation and Fintech, Finastra
  • Helping Customers put their Data to good use via Open Banking Recorded: Jul 19 2018 40 mins
    Jamie Campbell, Awareness, bud
    About Jamie Campbell:
    Jamie has been with Bud from the start. As the company grew he developed a role that combined marketing and sales: Awareness. This position, key to any upstart's success has paved a way for Bud to grow reputationally as well as commercially for the last three years.

    He is a mentor fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab, helping entrepreneurs develop propositions aimed at solving financial inclusion and social issues relating to money.

    Before working in technology and finance, Jamie was a strategy director in advertising and innovation, working with companies like Heineken, Coca-Cola, Mars and SSE (FTSE250).
  • Pragmatic approach to implementing AI for Financial Services Recorded: Jul 19 2018 48 mins
    Genady Chybranov, Director of Financial Technology Innovation, Hitachi Vantara
    In this webinar, Genady will talk about implementing AI projects in a financial services environment. More specifically, he will cover the following topic areas:

    - Understanding what Artificial Intelligence can and can’t do
    - What to take into consideration before the implementation and how FSI is different from other industries
    - Step by step solution implementation avoiding common mistakes
    - Choosing right resources for a task in-house vs. partnering vs. buying
  • Transforming the Talent Pool in Financial Services Recorded: Jul 19 2018 62 mins
    Julia Streets (DiverCity Podcast), Alex Odwell (Referment), Rosa Morgan-Baker (The Brokerage), Steve Brown (Empiric)
    There is a clear appetite for driving greater diversity through the recruitment process, but there is also a concern that recruiters continue to look in the same place. On this webcast we explore the subject by inviting guests who are thinking very differently about how to expand that pool of talent.
  • Mobility & Digital Transformation:Strike the Right Balance of Opportunity & Risk Recorded: Jul 18 2018 46 mins
    Dan Rawlings, Chief Commercial Officer, Trustonic
    In order to effectively take advantage of the opportunities that Digital Transformation & Mobility provides to the Financial Services industry, it is essential to manage the risks and vulnerabilities that come with it. Learn how to strike an effective balance and join Dan Rawlings, Chief Commercial Officer at Trustonic, as he explores:

    - How Digital Transformation is changing the customer relationship.
    - Mobile is a primary driver to Digital Transformation. What are the keys to managing the risks associated with this channel?
    - How the Financial Services Industry can more effectively take advantage of the opportunities that Digital Transformation, Mobility, and emerging technologies are enabling, without introducing undue risk.
  • Avoiding data breaches and liability exposure in modern financial services Recorded: Jul 18 2018 42 mins
    Michal Jarski, Vice President EMEA & Asia, Wheel Systems
    Our global financial system is built around a deep sense of trust. In this ever-changing world banks and financial services must be ready to tackle both outsider as well as insider threats like never before.

    About the presenter:
    Michal Jarski's career spans many years in IT, especially within IT security. His previous experience includes management positions at Trend Micro, Ruckus Wireless, Check Point, Software Technologies and Internet Security Systems.

    In 2017, he joined Wheel Systems to support its global expansion. Michal Jarski's key responsibility is to enhance the sales channel in the EMEAA region.
  • Authentication and Banking Security using Plug and Play AI Recorded: Jul 18 2018 42 mins
    Joshua Bower-Saul, CEO and Founder, Cybertonica
    We will look at the background of existing incumbent systems and rule-based infrastructure now operating in Banks, and establish why the use of Machine Learning and AI helps alleviate 20% of cost and increase customer satisfaction while protecting the transaction and networks of the bank from intrusion. Also, the new device and contextual Big Data services of Cybertonica will be described. In the end, we need to see how security and customer convenience can be optimised while reducing cost and friction in the banks systems.

    Joshua has 20 years experience in managing tech companies and startups. He is the founder of 4 businesses in online funding, media and FinTech. Joshua is a graduate of Harvard (MA) and INSEAD (MBA). He speaks fluent Russian, French and German.
  • Saving More, Faster - for what matters Recorded: Jul 17 2018 35 mins
    Om Kundu, Chairman & CEO, InSpirAVE
    While Banking-as-a-Platform may appear set to enter the firmament of shiny objects that no incumbent bank should let slip by in 2018, might there be any resemblance in the public outcry that some of the world’s largest online platforms are eliciting from hundreds of thousands of their own users, and that which banks continue to.. from their own customers?

    Even if the problem of ‘fake news’ and technological addiction beleaguering online platforms may on the surface appear to have nothing in common with ‘fake accounts’ and household debt soaring to record highs, might they point to fundamental misalignments that remain in how business models and incentives for platforms, banks, and retail commerce are more often than not diametrically opposed to the wellness of the consumers served?

    Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way: Debt, fees, and impulse don’t have to be synonymous to retail banking and commerce. Join the founder and CEO of InSpirAVE, Om Kundu, for a sneak preview of how the social foundation of the InSpirAVE platform is forging a future bucking that trend — Leave inspired with the opportunity to be part of InSpirAVE’s critically acclaimed digital platform and its movement to #SaveForWhatMatters:

    One that is empowering a growing community of InSpirAVE partners and users in ways that is placing the big purchases that matter the most to them within reach. Think “Saving More, Faster” rather than succumbing to debt, fees, and impulse.

    About the speaker:
    Om is the founder of InSpirAVE: its flagship platform has been cited as revolutionary in empowering consumers to make more thoughtful purchase-decisions and fulfill them by “saving more, faster”. Mr. Kundu’s track-record has spanned key roles at leading retail and financial institutions, with responsibilities for building new businesses ground-up as well as consistently delivering profitable growth of portfolios with 10+ million users and $40+ billion balances.
  • Hands On Approach - How you can best serve your customers with their finances Recorded: Jul 17 2018 41 mins
    David Rosenberg, CEO, Budget Referee
    The US banking system could better serve customers and their own institutions. The primary methods for budgeting have been financial literacy, DIY fee apps & spreadsheets. These may provide a level of solution, they have made little impact for most. Financial stress is at an unprecedented high and is fraught with guilt, shame, & confusion. That makes the limited time with customers even more critical for advisors. Learn some leading-edge concepts that will improve the level of trust by your customers, regardless of their level of debt, amount of income, or educational level. Although the potential to improve service through innovative solutions & technology at scale is huge, banks and credit unions show an aversion to change. The status quo, while great for quarterly profits, misses the mark when it comes to maximizing the benefits to their customers. By attending this webinar, you will learn:
    • The optimal step by step approach to budgeting
    • What “zero balance” should look like
    • Why people are hesitant to provide their information
    • Which services to recommend
    • How to handle each step of the discussion
    • Where retirement plans fit in
    • The importance of having a cash flow strategic plan
    • Problems with categorization as a major component of budgets

    David is CEO of Budget Referee, a software startup in FinTech. He has implemented process improvements & cost savings projects by working with stakeholders. His achievements include tracking large budgets for initiatives across disparate departments in a privately held corporation. While at a large government contractor, he drove a new way to view chargeback and utilization of human capital, saving approximately 750 hours of managers’ time annually. His obsession with budgeting began over 40 years ago as a bookkeeper working with small businesses & households. He has a mission to help others through his budgeting software and looks forward to the launch of Budget Referee to the public at large by the end of 2018.
  • Top Challenges Faced by Banks in 2018 Recorded: Jul 17 2018 29 mins
    Breana Patel, CEO, Bonova Advisory
    In this webinar Breana will give you insight into the challenges facing banks including;
    * Changing consumer dynamics
    * Complying to rapidly changing regulations and global impacts
    * Remaining competitive with Fintech disruptions
    * Challenges with legacy systems and bad data
  • How to Leverage Big Data for Customers: Lessons from a Purpose-Driven Bank Recorded: Jul 17 2018 42 mins
    Paul Clark, CTO, Tandem
    For years, banks have been sitting on a goldmine of customer data. Only recently have they started exploiting that, although not surprisingly for their own benefit.
    Personal data can give great insights to drive bank outcomes by decreasing credit losses and reducing fraud losses. In this webinar Paul Clark, CTO, will look at how we can use customer data to;
    * Drive customer’s own advantage
    * Avoid slip ups
    * Dodge nasty charges
    * Optimise the customer’s finances end to end.
  • Panel Session: The Future of Banking: Balancing Data Science with Data Artistry Recorded: Jul 17 2018 63 mins
    Louise Beaumont | Nina Mohanty | Andy Dexter | Siamack Salari | Kayla LeLeux-LaBarge | Victor Ricciardi
    In the Open Banking future, financial institutions will explore ways to use the data they hold to bring benefits to their customers. However, with this opportunity comes risks. The process of identifying opportunities through data, and then designing interventions, are two different disciplines.

    It is one thing to be able to tell in advance from the patterns of behaviour revealed in a customer’s transactional data that a consumer is in danger of financial distress. It is another thing entirely to have the level of trust and personal engagement that will allow your organisation to communicate with the consumer pre-emptively on a sensitive topic.

    This panelists will discuss these issues and recommend how solutions can be put in place.

    Moderator: Louise Beaumont
    Ethics - Nina Mohanty
    Semiotics - Andy Dexter
    Ethnographer – Siamack Salari
    Psychologist – Kayla LeLeux-LaBarge
    Psychologist (behavioural finance) – Victor Ricciardi
  • WEBCAST: Trust me I'm an Insurer? Re-designing insurance for tomorrow's customer Recorded: Jul 17 2018 49 mins
    Simon Hardie, MagnaCarta, Kate Astall, Zurich, Heidi Hogalmen, Cloud Insurance
    A global panel of insurance incumbents and innovators discuss the rise of insurtech and how the insurance market is adapting to the drive for digital and responding to changing consumer demands.
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  • Title: Making the Switch: Consumer attitudes to the changing Financial Services scene
  • Live at: Jun 22 2016 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Kit Carson (Verdict), Esther Stringer (Border Crossing Media), Brian Daly (GlicLabs Tech), Jenique McNaught (Strategy Desk)
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