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Thematic Investing: With ETFs & Fintech

Thematic investing is a technique of recognizing a trend – due to economic, demographic, geopolitical, regulatory or technological factors – and identifying the investment opportunities that would benefit from that trend.

It has long been a staple in institutional portfolios, but it traditionally required dedicated research teams and active management, making it prohibitively expensive to individual investors.

Now, following the demands of the new generation of investors, a growing number of ETFs are offering thematic exposure. Even further, some new fintech solutions make thematic investing easy and affordable.
Recorded Jun 15 2016 37 mins
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Presented by
Igor Tsukerman (President & Chief Investment Officer, Passed Pawn Advisors)
Presentation preview: Thematic Investing: With ETFs & Fintech

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  • FinTech Opportunities in the UK and Beyond: The VC Perspective Aug 1 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Innovate Finance
    Innovate Finance will deliver a webinar focussed on venture
    capital investment in FinTech from a transatlantic perspective, bringing together leading international VCs to explore the changing FinTech investment landscape, the perfect startup pitch and what and who to watch in 2018.
  • Being a Bank in an Amazon World Dec 6 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Michael Diamond, General Manager of Payments, Mitek Systems
    There is no shortage of articles and industry events that predict the end of banking as we know it. While overheated predictions are great for increasing trade show attendance and social media engagement, this webinar will focus on the real world.

    Banks and Credit Unions are moving into uncharted waters where the partnerships are different, the customers are different, and the competitors are different. This webinar will pull no punches in pushing financial institutions to improve execution in the tasks immediately in front of them, but will also help inspire the innovation necessary to be a winner in the digital future.

    In this webinar, Michael Diamond, General Manager of Payments for Mitek Systems and a veteran of other moments of disruption within financial services – to include IVR, online banking, online bill payment, mobile banking, mobile payments, and mobile check deposit – will provide both ideas and specific actions, such as:

    -Understanding: While the coming years will see unprecedented change in how customers interact with their financial institution, this isn’t the first time the industry has faced technology change. What can be learned from past introductions of new technologies?

    -Preparing: What are the major trends financial institutions should be planning for now?

    -Growing: How can financial institutions pivot to attract new customers?

    -Opening: Financial institutions in the physical era were closed and focused on products; how can successful financial institutions in the digital era be open and focused on services (APIs)?

    -Measuring: What are some metrics that indicate if a financial institution is on course for a successful digital future, and how can financial institution leaders motivate their teams for change?

    Hype is for conference organizers. This webinar is about reality. We will focus on the world financial institutions live in today, and the world that is to come.

    It’s an exciting time to be in financial services.
  • Digital Transformation in Financial Services: Identity Verification Dec 5 2018 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Kevin Trilli, Chief Product Officer at Onfido and Ina Yulo, Senior Content Manager, Team Lead (FinTech) at BrightTALK
    This session is part of Digital Transformation in Financial Services -- a BrightTALK Original production.

    Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the USA, and different regions are feeling the repurcussions as well. It’s obvious that traditional ways of proving our identities are no longer secure. So what are financial institutions doing about it? Hamstrung by outdated legacy systems and increasingly stringent regulations, traditional financial services are struggling to keep up with consumer expectation and the demand for digital transformation.

    Join this episode to find out:

    - The challenges holding back digital transformation in financial institutions
    - Why speed, scalability and user experience matter – and how to deliver them
    - How emerging technologies like AI, machine learning and biometrics are changing the face of finance
    - What banks can learn from Fintechs about frictionless customer on-boarding

    Moderator: Ina Yulo, Senior Content Manager, Team Lead (FinTech) at BrightTALK
    Speaker: Kevin Trilli, Chief Product Officer at Onfido

    Kevin Trilli is Chief Product Officer at Onfido. Previously, Kevin served as SVP of Product at Data Privacy Management company TrustArc. Kevin has over 20 years of product and entrepreneurial experience in digital data security, privacy and governance, having led the full process from strategy to execution to scale at companies including VeriSign (acquired by Symantec), TrustArc (formerly TRUSTe) and AssertD. He leads the strategic evolution of the Onfido product platform.
  • Tradition and Innovation: Lessons learned from a bank's digital journey Dec 5 2018 2:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Rasmus Aage Figenschou, Head of New Business at DNB and Ina Yulo, Global Head of FinTech and Financial Services at BrightTALK
    Banking clients are continuously looking for a more digital experience from their financial services provider to keep up with their changing needs and lifestyles.

    Ina Yulo, Global Head of FinTech and Financial Services at BrightTALK chats with Rasmus Aage Figenschou, Head of New Business at DNB, Norway's largest financial institution, about the changes he is seeing in the industry and how banks can evolve along with their customers.

    Join this interview, where they will discuss:

    -How can incumbent organisations successfully deal with legacy systems and
    -Trends in data, Open Banking, partnerships
    -Which emerging technologies like AI and blockchain are making the biggest impact within traditional financial services organisations?
    -Lessons learned from FinTech start-ups and where is there room for improvement amongst banks?
  • Blockchain 101: Intro to Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Smart Contracts Nov 29 2018 10:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    Sunny Aggarwal, Blockchain @ Berkeley
    Are you wondering how bitcoin and blockchain will revolutionize the way we live today? This seminar will help you learn more about the future of the technology and its applications. We will explore the fundamentals of Bitcoin, blockchain platforms, Ethereum, and build up a framework you can leverage to discover your own use cases. No prior knowledge required!
  • How to Navigate the Disruption in Payments Nov 29 2018 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Peter Gordon, CEO, Payment Relationship Management (PRM)
    In this live interactive session, Peter Gordon, CEO, Payment Relationship Management (PRM) will discuss the process financial institutions can adopt to grow their customer relationship through electronic payment channels.

    Peter will explain to Financial Institutions the process to grow customer relationship through electronic payment channels.

    Join this session to learn how to;

    * Understand – initial assessment of data maturity and payment product maturity
    * Gather – gather payment details, customer profiles and products
    * Standardize – create a standard view for all channels and relationships electronic payment channels
    * Analyze – identify any gaps in payment products or optimal payment mix
    * Recommend – prescriptive recommendations of what you need to do grow and continually report on to grow your customer relationship through electronic payment channels.

    About the presenter;

    Peter is the CEO of Payment Relationship Management (PRM)

    PRM is a Payment Consulting and Analytics Firm

    PRM Analytics Improve payment efficiency with one centralized view of all payments. While PRM Consulting provides strategic insight, management needs to lower payment cost and grow customer relationships through increase use of electronic payment channels.

    Peter has 30 years of experience in financial services with payment leadership roles at MasterCard, Santander, FIS, and RBS Citizens and industry leadership roles at eCom Advisors and the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Steering Committee and Board experience at The Clearing House and First Commons Bank. He is widely recognized as a leading strategic, entrepreneurial global expert in payments and banking. Peter also will be releasing his book “Payment Relationship Management” in the Fall of 2018 that outlines how financial institutions can grow their customer relationship through electronic payment channels.
  • Financial Services in the Cloud Nov 29 2018 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Panel of experts
    Financial Institutions have traditionally shied away from cloud adoption due to concerns around security and data privacy. However, as the sector continues to evolve and innovate, this move has become inevitable and integral to true digital transformation.

    Join this panel where speakers will discuss:
    -Moving to the cloud: a roadmap checklist
    -Benefits of cloud computing for more efficient data storage and processing
    -Best practices for improved scalability and reducing silos
  • Open Banking: Innovation Unleashed Nov 29 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dr Louise Beaumont, Ryan Edwards-Pritchard, Stefano Vaccino, Ashleigh Petrie, Sam Everington
    It’s an Open Banking world – and opening up data is unleashing innovation. Join me to explore what innovators have built, what they’re planning, what’s working – and what needs work…

    Ryan Edwards-Pritchard, Managing Director, Funding Options
    Stefano Vaccino, Founder and CEO, Yapily
    Ashleigh Petrie, Product Manager, Moneybox
    Sam Everington, Lead Developer,Starling Bank

    Moderated by Dr Louise Beaumont
  • From start-up to unicorn: A FinTech perspective Nov 29 2018 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Valentina Kristensen (Director of Growth and Communications), Cristina Alba Ochoa (CFO), and Amir Nooriala (COO) of OakNorth
    OakNorth is a British bank that was recently valued at $2.3 billion. Working closely with SMEs, they know firsthand the challenges of being a start-uo, getting funding, and manoeuvring through an obstacle-ridden landscape.

    Join this BrightTALK interview, where Ina Yulo chats with Valentina Kristensen (Director of Growth and Communications), Cristina Alba Ochoa (CFO), and Amir Nooriala (COO) of OakNorth and drills them on their journey to the top and how they achieved such incredible growth in just three years.
  • The future of Fintech is...the Future Nov 29 2018 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Caroline Lund, Product Manager, Hatch
    There are plenty of ways in which fintech is helping people manage their finances better, from real-time budgeting to making investing more accessible.

    What most of these fintechs have in common is that they are focused on the past and present. What did I spend my money on last month? How can I get the best mortgage deal right now? How much did my investments grow by last week? These are all questions often better answered by technology than a human.

    But how do you help people plan for their future? Doing that involves understanding not just the individual parts of your finances, but the whole picture. You need to answer emotional and uncertain questions like: where are you headed? What are your life goals? What are the financial decisions you could make to get you there, and how do you balance your shorter term goals (dream holidays) vs. your long-term goals (having enough money in retirement)?

    In this talk, we'll explore whether technology alone can answer these life-defining questions. What role could and should technology play in planning your financial future?
  • Disrupting the Financial World: What’s next? Nov 29 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Katharina Lueth, Head of Europe, Raisin.com
    Will Fintech go mainstream? What role will the GAFAs play in shaping the financial world? How will open banking, big data and new technologies such as blockchain disrupt the sector? And what role does regulation play in all of this?

    Katharina Lüth is Head of Europe at Raisin.

    As Head of Europe she is responsible for scaling the platform internationally and running the non-German language platforms allowing customers from across the European Union access to higher interest and better savings products with the highest convenience possible. In addition, she is responsible for Raisin’s open banking partnerships such as the integration of the Raisin products in the N26 app.

    Prior joining Raisin, Katharina spent 7 years with McKinsey & Company. As a senior project manager she mainly served major European universal and private banks. Main focus areas were asset management/private banking, pricing, advisory concepts, and lean transformations. Katharina worked predominantly across Europe but also in Latin America and Africa.

    Katharina holds an MBA from IESE Business School as well as a BSc. in International Business with a major in Finance from both Northeastern University, MA and Reutlingen University.
  • More Than Loyalty: How the "Open Economy" is Changing Loyalty Programs Nov 28 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Eric Grover, Bruce Parker, Thomas (Ty) Tyree
    Loyalty programs are nothing new, but opportunities to leverage them at the in-store and online checkout are. Innovations in payments and banking have ushered in the beginnings of the "open economy" and are bringing exciting new technologies to the market that will change the future of consumer engagement.

    Ty Tyree (FIS) and Bruce Parker (Modo) speak with Eric Grover (Intrepid Ventures) on the work they're doing in the payments and loyalty space, and what opportunities they see in the market.

    Join in to learn: Who are the major players in the "open economy"?, What are disruptors in the loyalty space doing (both banks, merchants, and payments players)?, What are new ways in which you can engage your end consumers to establish true brand loyalty?, What is the "open economy", and how are we going to see that playing out in the next 5 years?, and What is required in order to continue the "open economy"?

    Eric Grover, Principal at Intrepid Ventures

    Thomas (Ty) Tyree, VP of Loyalty Product at FIS
    Bruce Parker, Founder & CEO at Modo
  • Securing the future of mobile payments Nov 28 2018 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform
    The number of devices capable of performing financial functions is exploding, and it is predicted that the world will have more than 20 billion connected objects by 2020[1]. But protecting and securing financial data, and the devices and services that use it, presents significant challenges in this dynamic, ever-expanding landscape.

    As technology continues to drive innovation in payments, first with the transition from plastic cards to smart cards, then contactless to mobile, and now biometrics and IoT, the financial services industry must be ready to respond to new and evolving cybersecurity threats. In today’s digital world a mobile app is a critical business resource for remaining competitive. Service providers must therefore ensure the safety of devices, applications and the sensitive payment data they store without impacting the end-user experience.

    This webinar will explore:

    The current payment landscape and the increasing diversification of payment-enabled devices and services;
    The urgent need for strong user authentication and secure biometric technology in payments and banking to achieve user convenience and security and protect from hacking and malware threats;
    The role of Trusted User Interface (TUI) in securing sensitive user information like passwords and biometrics, and preventing malware from running payment transactions without explicit user consent;
    How service providers and application developers can utilize widely adopted and deployed technical specifications to develop scalable, efficient and secure applications that also support privacy across a broad spectrum of payment services.

    Presented by Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director, GlobalPlatform
  • A New Era of Proactive Finance Mobile Apps Nov 28 2018 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Ash Seddeek
    The financial services industry has been struggling to give
    its customers a delightful experience yet to date those experiences
    are still based on a mid-90s thought process around the customer
    experience that focuses on making transactions easier to do, less
    steps, move convenient.

    FinTechs have stepped in to create value by simplifying some
    transactions with companies such as Lending Tree lending club,
    Venmo and others but value remains minimal.

    We believe more value can be created if more thought is given to
    value creation for customers beyond the faster, more efficient or
    social transaction.

    With a proactive finance philosophy driving how we ideate about the
    next generation of financial products, we will bring financial advisor
    smarts to our product ideas and innovations and will connect more
    dots across the customer’s financial life style and events.

    This way customers will get a lot more value out of their existing and
    future assets and investments and as a result, they will get an
    optimized portfolio of services on an ongoing basis while adapting to
    their life events.

    About Ash Seddeek, bestcash Founder, Ex-Schwab, Deloitte, Cisco, Oracle

    Former Brokerage Software Project Manager @ Charles Schwab; Former Senior Consultant @ Deloitte, Oracle, Cisco

    Serial entrepreneur and accomplished professional with more than 20 years of account management business management, and strategic sales

    Experienced investor and advisor to early stage companies in the areas of sales, marketing and talent acquisition
  • Has paying by card reached its peak? Will Mobile take over? Nov 28 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    David Parker, Mikko Perez, Gil Bernabeu, Jenique McNaught & Ash Seddeek
    Join a panel of experts moderated by David Parker, CEO of Polymath Consulting & co-founder of Konsentus to discuss issues around:

    Will cash continue to drop in usage or have we reached the bottom, will contactless migrate from cards to phones and take over and what is the role of wearables going forward? Will the changes in regulation and requirements for Strong Customer Authentication change how consumers pay? Or will we see biometrics with pay by face or fingerprint become the norm and to that end both cards and mobile are on the way out? What role will PSD2 open banking have on payment habits and will it be the death of cards as Accenture forecast?

    Ash Seddeek, bestcash founder
    Mikko Perez, Founder and CEO, Ayannah
    Gil Bernabeu, Technical Director, GlobalPlatform's
    Jenique McNaught, Director, Strategy Desk
  • Cash Me Outside: The Evolution of Cash Management Nov 27 2018 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Jason Blumstein, CTP, MBA, Manager, Actualize Consulting
    "How to Increase Your Treasury Efficiency with Modern Techniques"

    Cash Management is moving towards a higher level of sophistication whether you use Excel or a TMS. In this session, we will cover advanced forecasting techniques, cash pooling and multi-lateral netting.

    Leveraging evidence from client initiatives and recent results, we will show you how to increase your treasury efficiency by leveraging modern techniques.
  • Personal Shopper: The Social Factors behind Payment Choice Nov 27 2018 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Dr Anne Lewis, Head of Product Development, Vaultex
    What determines how people pay for their goods and services? How might using cash instead of a debit card reflect your personality? Are you a utilitarian or hedonistic shopper?

    This webinar looks at how the way people behave could affect their choice of payment. Dr Anne Lewis argues that an economic model is not enough to fully predict future consumer payment habits, and social factors have an important influence on whether people reach for notes or cards.
  • What is the Future for Cash? Nov 27 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    David Fagleman, Head of Policy & Research, Cash Services UK
    The cashless society has been talked about for decades and with the increased use of digital payments some believe it’s closer than ever. Despite this cash remains a popular method of payment for consumers and businesses, and is forecast to continue to play an important role in the payments landscape for years to come.

    Join this session for a discussion on the future of cash. This will include:

    · Data and forecasts on cash and non-cash payment methods

    · Research on the drivers behind consumer payment behaviour

    · Analysis on the future of cash – it’s role as both a transactional and continuity method of payment

    · Country-specific examples

    Questions are encouraged!
  • Ask the Expert: Big Data and Analytics-as-a-Service for Relevant Trade Finance Recorded: Nov 6 2018 9 mins
    Mike Walker - Finastra and Rebecca Harding - Independent Economist
    In this interview, Rebecca Harding, Author of 'The Weaponization of Trade', explores how data and analytics-as-a-service can deliver the differentiator to trade banks as they defend their ground against the data-driven tech giants.

    Trade finance is changing: banks need to deeply understand the risk profile of businesses they support - from trade patterns, economics and market opportunities to liquidity requirements and currency, counterparty, country, credit and compliance risk. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Alibaba (the GAFAMIAs) are in the business, as are shipping, freight and logistics companies.

    Predictive analytics driven by trade specific big data, delivered on an open platform for innovation can provide banks with the same technical power as the giants - but delivered with augmented expertise.

    Mike Walker, Global Head of Sales Enablement, Corporate Banking and Payments, Finastra

    Rebecca Harding, Independent Economist
  • Ask the Expert: Business Cases for Intelligent Trade Finance Recorded: Nov 2 2018 12 mins
    David Bannister - Ovum, Melanie Cutlan - Accenture and Mike Walker - Finastra
    Intelligent Trade Services demand a new approach. Smart objects, smart contracts and smart analytics mean banks are rapidly learning how to balance trade digitisation with the new demands of real-time infrastructure and corporate client supply chains. This interview will explore the short, medium and long term business cases driving banks towards more intelligent trade finance platforms that can leverage advances in real-time and open banking, innovations in IoT, AI, DLT and predictive analytics and better orchestrate the trade finance and fintech ecosystem.

    David Bannister, Principal Anayst, Financial Services, Ovum
    Mike Walker, Global Head of Sales Enablement, Corporate Banking and Payments, Finastra
    Melanie Cutlan, Tech Innovation, Senior Principal, Accenture
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  • Title: Thematic Investing: With ETFs & Fintech
  • Live at: Jun 15 2016 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Igor Tsukerman (President & Chief Investment Officer, Passed Pawn Advisors)
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