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Trade Finance and the opportunity for short-term lending for SMEs

In this session, our panel will discuss:

-Current trends in lending
- Risk & Cross border lending
- Bank appetite for innovation
- Startups making inroads
- Emerging trends in factoring and AR trading
- Blockchain and distributed ledgers
-How SMEs can benefit from this new trend
Recorded Aug 17 2016 63 mins
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Presented by
Jesse Podell, Tripp Hornick (SMBscorecard), Philip Rakhou (Avicenna Ventures), Nadia Andersen (Deloitte), Dave Sutter (Fluent
Presentation preview: Trade Finance and the opportunity for short-term lending for SMEs

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  • Put an End to Inefficient Budget Planning Nov 3 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    George Coughlin, Vice President at Adaptive Insights
    When planning a budget, reliability is key. It is what you will rely on for the next year and a reference point for everything that you want to do. Yet 3/4 of companies say that their budget becomes obsolete during or after planning, leading to massive confusion, downtime and the need to go back and re-plan. But don't worry, efficient planning can be achieved!

    Join George Coughlin as he looks at the reasons behind inefficient planning, from lack of data integrity to lack of visibility and suggests ways in which you can make sure your budget is efficient, balanced and there to stay!
  • Respectful Disagreement & the Investment Process: Lessons from Panel Discussions Nov 2 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rob Martorana, Brian Gilmartin, Marc Gerstein, Jeff Miller, Ed Stavetski
    Investment panel discussions aim for respectful disagreement among professionals, though this is easier said than done.

    Moderator Rob Martorana shares lessons about respectful disagreement from running a hedge-fund website, and his guests discuss their experiences on various social media platforms.

    Finally, we offer an illustration of respectful disagreement among professionals: We discuss the pros and cons of robo advisor services from Vanguard and Schwab.
  • Video interview: Using Predictive Analytics to Prevent Fraud Oct 28 2016 11:00 am UTC 15 mins
    Andrew Davies, VP Global Market Strategy, Financial Crime Risk Management at fiserv
    Listen to our interview at Sibos with Andrew Davies, VP Global Market Strategy, Financial Crime Risk Management at fiserv,

    Andrew will share some key tips that can help financial institutions stay one step ahead of financial criminals, focusing on the use of predictive analytics.

    He will also talk about one of the hottest topics right now -- real-time payments -- and the real-time risks that come along with it.
  • Video: What's the most shocking thing you heard at Sibos? Oct 27 2016 2:00 pm UTC 15 mins
    Top execs from the Sibos conference
    Watch this video mash-up where we interviewed the top execs at the Sibos conference on what was the most shocking thing they heard during the week.

    Tune in for answers that range from which stand won the best coffee award, some nighttime shenanigans, and some questionable predictions for 2017.
  • The Digital Banking Race: Is the customer an opportunity or obstacle? Oct 26 2016 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    JS Gourevitch, Joe Salesky (CRMNEXT), Rahul Joglekar (NTT Data)
    Competition is considerably heating up with an increasing roster of new digital challenger banks acquiring banking licenses and preparing an onslaught on incumbent banks, customers will be the precious currency that each of the market players will try to either acquire or keep. And information and data on and from consumers are the oil at the core of the system.

    In this framework, customers are acquiring a real leverage and a central place in the ecosystem. Their reactions and buy-in can make the success or pitfalls of the challenger banks. They have to increasingly become partners or be at the core of the developments.

    The webinar will assess how market players can increase customers engagement, reach out to them in new innovative ways, but also what are the potential risks existing in this ecosystem
  • Video interview: Is AI going to kill the bankers? Oct 26 2016 2:00 pm UTC 15 mins
    Alexandre Gaillard (CEO of InvestGlass, VP and Founder of Swiss FinteCH)
    Listen to our interview at Sibos with Alexandre Gaillard, CEO of InvestGlass, VP and Founder of Swiss FinteCH)

    As a former banker, Alexandre talks about the new AI trend and the effect it will have on the traditional banking industry.

    He also shares some highlights on the Sibos conference and Swiss FinteCH's role in it.
  • The Goldilocks Budget: Best practices for developing your “just right” budget Oct 25 2016 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Jeff Epstein, Operating Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
    Getting to a budget that is “just right” for the needs of your organization can prove a painstaking and daunting task. Yet by following a proven approach developed by Jeff Epstein and Byron Deeter of Bessemer Venture Partners, you can establish a transformative budgeting practice that enhances communication and collaboration, better informs planning, and can even help drive growth.

    In this Webinar, you will learn how to:

    Motivate your teams to perform and achieve at their highest levels.
    Invest resources in the highest priority projects.
    Protect the company if things go wrong or unforeseen challenges arise.
  • Video interview: The Future of the Mobile Financial Landscape Oct 25 2016 2:00 pm UTC 15 mins
    Goran Loncaric, Head of Solutions, Ericsson Mobile Financial Services
    Listen to our interview at Sibos with Goran Loncaric, Head of Solutions, Ericsson Mobile Financial Services

    Goran touches on if he thinks we'll ever live in a truly "cashless" society and how he believes we can turn inclusion into expansion.

    He also reveals his opinion on what the mobile financial landscape will look like in 5-10 years' time.
  • Responsible Big Data Architectures in Financial Services Oct 25 2016 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Smith, Privitar & Vamsi Chemitiganti, Hortonworks
    With the advent of Big Data platforms, Banking & Financial Services companies are building applications that create massive business value. However, the datasets being used often contain significant amounts of confidential, proprietary and highly sensitive data and so the potential benefits are held back by privacy concerns.

    In this joint webinar, Hortonworks and Privitar will draw on their experience of delivering technology which enables data innovation whilst ensuring compliance and risk mitigation across a range of use cases within Financial Services. With a review of the benefits of Hortonworks' Data Platforms and an introduction to Privitar's privacy preserving technology solution.
  • Video interview: Why banks are struggling with products and pricing Oct 24 2016 2:00 pm UTC 15 mins
    David Harvey (Principal Consultant, Dell), Linda Wade (Account Director, Zafin) and John Kohari (CEO - Americas, Zafin)
    Listen to our interview at Sibos with David Harvey (Principal Consultant, Dell), Linda Wade (Account Director, Zafin) and John Kohari (CEO - Americas, Zafin).

    Linda and John talk about their past experiences from Citi and SEB and why legacy systems stop banks from offering a flexible, harmonised pricing model.

    They also discuss how a platform that allows banks to deliver the right product to the right customer, through the right channel is the key solution to these challenges.
  • Video interview: How faster payments have created areas for growth in banking Recorded: Oct 21 2016 11 mins
    Paul Stoddart, Managing Director at Vocalink
    Listen to our interview at Sibos with Paul Stoddart, Managing Director at Vocalink.

    Paul discusses Vocalink's recent announcements with regards to the Mastercard acquisition and partnership with ACI Payments, and the impact these will have moving forward.

    Paul will also talk about how the banking world will benefit from a faster payments model and why it's important to work with different regional regulatory bodies in order to delivery payment services that customers need.
  • The Mobile Banking Security Challenge: Tackling Fraud and Friction Recorded: Oct 20 2016 48 mins
    Uri Rivner, Co-Founder and Head of Cyber Strategy
    Mobile banking fraud has been predicted for years - but in 2016 it moved from a small trickle into an alarming flood.

    Why is mobile fraud happening now? How do fraudsters infect mobile devices with malware? What are remote access attacks and why are they becoming very popular in mobile app fraud? What methods do the banks deploy to defend mobile applications, and are they working?

    Join Uri Rivner, Head of Cyber Strategy at BioCatch, as he discusses how the Behavioral Biometrics Authentication works on mobile devices and the latest on Mobile RAT and Social Engineering attacks.
  • Coding the Future of FinTech with Smart APIs and Financial Data Recorded: Oct 20 2016 62 mins
    Lars Markull (Figo), Bharat Bhushan (IBM), Giles Sutherland (Carta Worldwide), Stephane Dubois (Xignite)
    Financial data is both the most intimate and most powerful data we have about ourselves. Financial data should not kept in a silo but openly available to third parties, -- this is required for true innovation. However, security and data protection are crucial. Banks and third party providers have to work together to provide the infrastructure required to innovate.

    Join this webinar where we will discuss:
    -The power of APIs -- how to integrate banking data and financial sources quickly and easily
    -What developers need to know about banking APIs and how to foster new services in the FinTech space
    -PSD2 Post-Brexit -- what now?
    -Will traditional banks be replaced by FinTech banks one day?
    -Which is the biggest challenge: market education, technical issues, or regulation?
  • Will Alternative Lending take away credits even from Digital Banks? Recorded: Oct 20 2016 61 mins
    Eduard Dedu (Kontomatik), Till Kothe (Kreditech), Richard Carter (Nostrum Group)
    Within the last two decades, banks have nearly lost consumer payments. When it comes to lending, the market share of the banks is constantly dropping too.

    In this BrightTalk session, we will take a closer look at old-fashioned banks, digital and digitalized banks, and online lenders to examine which types of companies are more likely to dominate the consumer lending. We will pay extra attention to the role of technology, especially banking APIs.
  • Open banking.... it's banking but not as we know it Recorded: Oct 20 2016 61 mins
    Dave Tonge (Moneyhub), Alan Lockhart (RBS), Nicholas Oliver (People.io), Gavin Littlejohn (FDATA)
    The banking industry will soon open its floodgates to the most significant shake up our generation has seen.

    Our panel of experts from across the sector will cover key questions, such as:
    Could Open banking usher in the great unbundling of the banking system and change our relationships with banks forever?
    What does the future look like when we have banking as a platform?
    What will stop incumbent banks becoming dumb pipes?
    What could banking look like when the barriers to entry are removed?

    Join our session to discover what the future of banking could mean for you and your key stakeholders.
  • Digital Transformation: 2017 Outlook for Asia Pacific Financial Services Recorded: Oct 20 2016 62 mins
    Michael Araneta, Research Director, IDC Fin; Linda Xu, VP Emerging Solution Marketing, HDS; Russell Skingsley, CTO, APAC, HDS
    In this new age of Digital Transformation (DX), organizations will have to effectively use next-generation technologies and business processes to transform business models, provide new streams, and create new value for customers. Learn more on how to get the Digital Transformation right for banks in Asia Pacific with IDC and HDS. Join us for a live webcast on 20 October, 2016 where you can listen for the first time:

    • Key trends on Digital Transformation for BFSI across Asia Pacific
    • How to achieve Digital Transformation success and leverage best practices for BFSI
    • Steps and 3 golden rules to get the transformation right
  • The Data Breach War: How banks can step up their line of defence Recorded: Oct 19 2016 62 mins
    JP Vergne (Scotiabank Lab, Ivey B-School), Nik Walser (EY), Mario Maawad (CaixaBank), Lawrence Chin (Palo Alto Networks)
    As holders of valuable client and financial data, banks have been prime targets for hackers and thieves. Entire payment systems can be compromised in the blink of an eye and clients also risk having their identities stolen.

    Join this panel session where our experts will discuss:

    -Best practices for preventing cyberattacks at every stage
    -Top mistakes banks and financial institutions make when dealing with valuable data
    -What makes you a target?
    -Using real-time analytics to identify anomalies and act on them immediately
    -Malware, threat prevention, next-generation security — what are they, what do you need to know?
  • Video interview: Pricing Innovation & Digital Transformation in Finance Recorded: Oct 19 2016 7 mins
    Gordon Gray, Senior Director, Oracle
    Listen to our interview at Sibos with Gordon Gray, Senior Director at Oracle.

    Gordon will explain why he's focused on Revenue Management and which segments in Financial services does he think should be interested in digital age revenue management capabilities.

    He will also share examples of pricing innovation that Financial Services firms should be considering and why banks and payments processors should capitalise on regulatory compliance.
  • Transitioning from Banking to FinTech Recorded: Oct 19 2016 53 mins
    Alexa Fernandez (BBVA), Helene Panzarino (Funding for Dummies), Neha Manaktala (DealIndex), John Hucker (Swiss FinTech)
    FinTech has been a buzz word for quite some time now, but how do you make a change from your traditional banking role to a Financial Technology company?

    Join us as we explore the industry and highlight opportunities for bankers in FinTech. We'll feature people that have successfully transitioned, leveraging their experience and skills into exciting new roles.
  • The Regulation Puzzle: Where do banks and new challengers currently stand? Recorded: Oct 19 2016 62 mins
    Shani Reynolds (HSBC), JS Gourevitch, James Ashe-Taylor (Constantine Cannon), Jo Ann Barefoot (Barefoot Innovation)
    This year we've seen many changes with regards to financial regulations and all types of organisations in the industry have had to adapt and keep themselves updated lest they risk falling into a regulation trap.

    Join this session where the experts will discuss:

    -Grandfather versus Son - Can the Grandfather banks (traditional, older institutions) move as quickly as the Challenger banks? Are the rules different or just the attitudes influencing the approach? Is the regulator relationship different?

    -Does the time taken to analyse the rules vary? Why? How do smaller institutions get the advice and consultation from experts whether they be Legal or Tax?

    -Manual vs automation - linked to the first point..... does the infrastructure allow swift innovation? Whether purchased innovation or internally developed?

    -How does the customer approach vary? how are customers impacted or communicated with?

    -How can tools developed by software companies/Fintech innovators help? How does the way these companies change between traditional and challengers?
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  • Title: Trade Finance and the opportunity for short-term lending for SMEs
  • Live at: Aug 17 2016 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jesse Podell, Tripp Hornick (SMBscorecard), Philip Rakhou (Avicenna Ventures), Nadia Andersen (Deloitte), Dave Sutter (Fluent
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