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Crypto-Investing with David Siegel

Last year over $250 million was invested in companies and projects using blockchain technology and cryptographic tokens. This year we have seen about that much again just in the first four months. Token-based investments are rapidly turning into a significant asset class.

David Siegel, CEO of 20|30, will explain what kinds of tokens are being offered, real-life stories of token offerings, how to purchase tokens, how to watch for scams, smart investment strategies, and why you should get in early.

This is a 45-minute presentation with 15 minutes for questions.
Recorded May 11 2017 49 mins
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Presented by
David Siegel, CEO, 20|30
Presentation preview: Crypto-Investing with David Siegel

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  • Is code the new law? Regulation, Legality and Smart Contracts Oct 11 2017 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Ravikant Agrawal (Cognizant), Roderik van der Veer (SettleMint), Laurence Kirk (Extropy), Arnab Naskar (Innovationsforum)
    Regulation has been considered an obstacle when it comes to the adoption of blockchain technology. But many have taken on the challenge and have actively started to take blockchain and DLT as both a challenge and an opportunity.

    Join this panel where we will discuss:

    -ICOs, Self regulation of ICO, status of tokens in an ICO
    -How blockchain will affect existing market regulations
    -Which new regulations can we expect to respond to the ecosystem that blockchain has created?
    -How would the governance structure be determined?
    -How can the obstacle of a cross-border environment be tackled?
  • Mattereum - Pragmatic Smart Ledgers Without The Lawyers Oct 11 2017 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Professor Michael Mainelli, Co-founder of Z/Yen
    Much has been written about the power and scope of Smart Ledgers and Mutual Distributed Ledgers (MDLs, aka blockchains). Amidst the rush to find new applications for this versatile, ‘trustless’ technology, people overlook the challenge of governing Smart Ledger networks. Governance provides the mechanisms required to balance accountability of the governing body and its duty of meeting the specific objectives of the organisation.

    Effective governance of Smart Ledgers should answer four critical questions - How are rules created for the ledger and who oversees their application? What happens in the case of dispute? Who is allowed to change the software application and the data? How are security, risk and performance managed and reported?

    One approach is to embed these questions in existing legal structures, another to try to remain outside, but a third is to explore the appropriate role of arbitration, mediation, and expert determination, as far as possible avoiding enmeshing novel identity, document, and agreement exchanges within traditional legal structures.

    In this webinar, Professor Michael Mainelli will share research from the Mattereum initiative as well as Long Finance research sponsored by the Cardano Foundation. He will conclude that, while there is nothing new under the sun, Smart Ledgers may need to shift the balance of power from law, to code, to human wisdom.
  • Bitcoin Forensics Oct 10 2017 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Anupam Tiwari, IT Security Consultant
    Bitcoin is all the rage right now. But many question the security behind this popular cryptocurrency.

    Join this session where Anupam's agenda will include:

    -Brief intro
    -Anonymity Vs. Pseudonymity
    -Bitcoin working mechanics and cryptography involved
    -Transaction conduct and types
    -Wallets and types
    -Blockchain explorer
    -Bitcoin artifacts
  • A Secure Model of IoT Using Blockchain Oct 10 2017 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Ahmed Banafa, Lecturer and IoT Expert, College of Engineering, San Jose State University
    As the Internet of Things (IoT) adds more and more devices to the digital fold every day, organizations of all sizes are recognizing the IoT's potential to improve business processes and, ultimately, accelerate growth.

    Meanwhile, the number and variety of IoT solutions has expanded exponentially, creating real challenges. Chief among them: the urgent need for a secure IoT model for performing common tasks such as sensing, processing, storing information, and communicating. But developing such a model involves overcoming numerous hurdles.

    Of course, there are multiple ways of looking at the IoT. For instance, the system view divides the IoT into blocks, such as connected things, gateways, network services, and cloud services, while the business view consists of platform, connectivity, business model, and applications. But one common thread connects all these views: security is paramount

    IoT applications and devices is the next wave of technology, but security is a big concern. This webinar will explain the convergence of IoT and Blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain’s impact on Security, Authentication and Digital Identity Oct 10 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Gavin Pacini (Deloitte), Oliver Naegele (Blockchain Helix), Oleg Gutsol (eResidency), Dr. Craig Wright (nChain)
    Listen to expert panellists discuss:
    1. How did we get here? Security, authentication and digital identity of today.
    2. What are some issues currently facing this industry?
    3. How are blockchain solutions being applied?
    4. What could the future of blockchain have in store?
  • The End of Venture Capital - Cryptoeconomics of an ICO Oct 10 2017 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Anish Mohammed, Dean of Blockchain Engineering and Technosocial Convergence at Exosphere Academy
    The advent of Initial Capital Offerings has changed the landscape of Venture Capital in the Blockchain space.

    This talk would cover the ICO as a new model to raise capital and compare it with the existing venture capital model, look at current trends in ICO market, what seems to be driving the explosion of ICO's and tokenisation, and also look at the possible impact on VC market.
  • Is blockchain the answer to the global identity challenges? Oct 10 2017 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    John Erik Setsaas (Signicat)
    With a world with a lot of people without the ability to prove their identity, there is a lot of talk about sovereign identity, and the use of blockchain for this purpose.

    The presentation will look at the identity challenges, and explore how and if blockchain can have a role in addressing these challenges.
  • The Path to Proof of Stake Oct 9 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sunny Aggarwal, Blockchain @ Berkeley
    In this presentation, Sunny Aggarwal will explore the history of consensus mechanisms and how Proof of Stake has developed over the last 5 years to become a viable alternative to the energy-intensive Proof of Work model used currently by blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • An Introduction to Investing in Digital Currencies Oct 9 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ina Yulo (BrightTALK), Iqbal Gandham (eToro), Lewis Tuff (Revolut), Ari Lewis (Grasshopper Capital)
    There has been a surge in investments into the digital currency market in recent months. From beginners to those who have been in the game for a while, this webinar will go over everything you've wanted to know and will give tips to any seasoned investors looking to improve their portfolios.

    The panel will discuss:

    -How do you get started in digital currency investment?
    -What do I need to know about blockchain technology?
    -Wallets, bitcoins, alt-coins, ether
    -When is the right time to invest?
    -Safety concerns and how to keep make secure investments
    -Which crypto currencies should you invest in?
    -Initial Coin Offerings
    -Predictions for 2018
  • Introduction to Blockchain: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ledgers, and more Oct 9 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    David Siegel, Blockchain, decentralization and business agility expert
    Still confused about this whole Blockchain thing? Interested in investing in digital currencies, but not sure where to start? Want to get a better idea of the threats and opportunities?

    David Siegel is a Blockchain, decentralization and business agility expert who has been a high-level management & strategy consultant to companies like Sony, Hewlett Packard, Amazon, NASA, Intel, and many start-ups. David has been praised for being able to explain Blockchain in the most simple and interesting way.

    What you will learn:
    -What is Bitcoin?
    -What is the blockchain?
    -What is Ethereum? What is Ether?
    -What is a distributed application?
    -What is a smart contract?
    -What is a triple ledger?
    -What about identity and security?
    -What business models are at risk?
    -What are the opportunities?
    -What should we do?
  • The Future of Digital Currencies Oct 9 2017 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jennifer Riggins (eBranding ninja), Aleksi Grym (Bank of Finland), Arwen Smit (dovu), Joshua Scigala (Vaultoro)
    Are we going to see digital central bank currencies in the future? Who will be the next country to introduce its own digital currency?

    All these and more will be tackled by our panel, so get your questions ready.

    Agenda points will include:

    -Is there going to be a Bitcoin crash?
    -What are some of the adoption issues for digital currencies?
    -The sustainability of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for making and processing payments
    -Assessment of risks
    -Introducing cryptocurrencies in the mobile world
  • Digital Transformation: Why is it a strategic issue for banks? Sep 28 2017 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    JS Gourevitch, Alexa Fernandez (BBVA), Arthur Leung (Curve), Laurence Leyden (SAP)
    Digital transformation is increasingly becoming a major strategic issue for banks. They increasingly understand that digital is not just another distribution channel but a major change in their business models, functioning, cultures themselves with major impacts and demanding change programs across the whole business and value chains.

    We will assess how these transformations are taking place, how do they impact the financial services sector, how the implementation of technologies such as blockchain are accelerating the transformation, where are the convergence and in particular how best startups and incumbents can work together.

    Moderator: Jean-stephane Gourevitch
    Alexa Fernandez, Head of FinTech Partnerships at BBVA
    Christoffer Hernaes, Chief Digital Officer at Skandiabanken
    Arthur Leung, Product Lead at Curve
    Laurence Leyden, General Manager for Financial Services at SAP
  • Long Term Impact of PSD2 & How to Select a Strategic Partner Recorded: Sep 21 2017 40 mins
    Vanita Pandey, VP of Product Marketing at ThreatMetrix
    Join the Webinar: Long Term Impact of PSD2 & How to Select a Partner a Strategic Partner, featuring Vanita Pandey, VP of Product Marketing at ThreatMetrix, as she discusses the long-term impact of the Payment Service Directive (PSD2) and how to find a strategic partners in today’s crowded PSD2 landscape.

    The webinar will help you understand:

    •How the PSD2 requirements can be implemented in practice
    •Long-term impact of the PSD2 directive
    •How risk-based authentication (RBA) can be used to optimize the user experience
    •How to find a strategic partner in the crowded PSD2 landscape
  • Money Talks: Can banks switch to profiting from good financial behaviour? Recorded: Sep 21 2017 59 mins
    Dr. Louise Beaumont (Publicis.Sapient), Aleksi Grym (Bank of Finland), Bharat Bhushan (IBM), Maria Flyvbjerg Bo (Digtio.com)
    Digital transformation is a promise that many have been skeptical of. Join this panel where industry experts will tackle all the tough questions and provide new and thought-provoking insights.

    Among others, they will discuss:

    -Can the banks switch to making money from enabling customers’ healthy financial behaviour, rather than from continuing to exploit ongoing financial self-harm?

    -Traditional banking is on the verge of major disruption, so digital transformation had better deliver *actual* transformation. Tinkering is expensively pointless

    -Continuing to exploit inertia-driven customer behaviour – and thus coining excess profits - will be seriously challenged by Open Banking

    Moderator: Dr. Louise Beaumont, Head of Open Bank at Publicis.Sapient
    Aleksi Grym, Head of Digitalisation at Bank of Finland
    Bharat Bhushan, Industry Technical Leader, Banking and Financial Markets at IBM
  • The Cognitive Bank: Leveraging Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Recorded: Sep 21 2017 63 mins
    Vivek Bajaj, Global VP of Solutions for IBM Financial Services
    Today the payments industry faces a rebirth by necessity. Financial institutions process massive volumes of customer and payments transaction data, much of it unstructured and untapped.

    Cognitive Systems have the ability to understand, reason and learn. In Financial Services applying cognitive capabilities to real world payments issues like safer and faster payments is yielding significant results. Furthermore Risk and Compliance and segment of one engagement are areas where ROI is tremendous when leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in cohesion.

    Learn from real world use cases of how financial institutions globally have gained significant competitive advantage by becoming a truly Cognitive Bank.
  • Scale vs. Services: Finding, Funding & Valuing Assets for the Digital Future Recorded: Sep 20 2017 39 mins
    Kelly Morgan, 451 Research, Bank Street, Deutsche Bank
    As enterprises evolve their digital infrastructure, service providers need to piece together offerings that will differentiate themselves without breaking the bank. In this panel we will discuss how M&A can provide some missing pieces and what those pieces may be. Join our distinguished panel of finance experts as we discuss key questions such as: Who is likely to go shopping? What firms will be targets? Are networks and datacenters more or less sought after than services and software providers? How are assets being valued? What financing is available and on what terms? We will debate these and more as we explore trends impacting this dynamic sector.

    Leadership Panel Session Featuring:
    James Henry, Senior Managing Director, Bank Street
    Andrew Bartrop, Global Investment Banking, Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc.
  • Major Trends Shaping the Mobile Banking Industry Recorded: Sep 20 2017 60 mins
    Katharina Lueth (Raisin), Rashee Pandey (Contis Group), Rich Wagner (APS Group)
    The use of mobile banking apps has doubled in 2 years. How can banks and fintechs capitalise on this and where what are the cool new innovations we can count on seeing next?

    Join this session where the panel will discuss:

    -The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is just around the corner. How will this change the banking landscape?

    -What kind of exciting solutions will appear in the next years?

    -What are the most exciting apps/new functionalities that you have seen/expect to come out of PSD2?

    -What are some of the most important customer benefits/use cases you see emerging – apart from a better user experience?

    -How will mobile banking and personal finance apps change user behaviour? Will approaches such as gamification have a lasting effect on the spending habits/financial literacy of future generations?

    -In the past 24 months a considerable number of challenger banks received a banking license from their local regulators. How will these banks change the game for their competitors

    -Millennials are at the moment the main target group of challenger banks. Will those new banks be able to successfully acquire a broader customer group?

    -What are the major trends that will shape the mobile banking industry in the next 3 to 5 years? API? AI?
  • Banks - Winning Brands or Dumb Pipes Recorded: Sep 20 2017 59 mins
    Duena Blomstrom (Chief Growth Officer Marketplace, Temenos), Ed Cooper (Revolut), Moven
    Is it too late for incumbent banks to try and still win at the Relationship game, wow the consumer with addictive experience and become beloved brands? If we believe only new players will be able to do the above and many banks will become pipes - do they have a back-up business plan in place for that alternative?

    Attend this panel debate where the speakers will discuss all this and more:

    - What will banking look like in a post-PSD2 Europe and once Open banking models start to emerge? When will that be?
    - Is banking culture one of the inhibitors of change and what can we do to change that?
    - Define what "Invisible Banking" means to you and the consumer
    - What role will Platforms play in this new world over the next few years?
  • All Hands on Bank: How Mobile Banking is Changing Personal Finance Recorded: Sep 20 2017 60 mins
    Jean-stephane Gourevitch, Lukas Zoerner (Mespo), Edward George (Ecobank), Mijael Feldman (Übank), Richard Dallas (DynaRisk)
    Banking is changing! The emergence of digital technologies and fintech are supporting changes in the way consumers use these products/services, particularly millennials.

    These new style banking services are becoming much more than simply a way to look at one's bank account, or to pay. They are becoming truly financial cockpits and watchtowers that consumers can use for a wide range of usages whenever, wherever whether it is to manage better their finance, pay and order on mobile commerce, transfer money between them, etc.

    We will discuss the way they are transforming personal finance, how consumers change their usage patterns, what are the impacts, how startups innovate, how incumbents and new players are interacting, where are the truly disruptive services, etc.
  • The Evolution of Digital Banking Funding from 2011-2017 Recorded: Sep 19 2017 55 mins
    Lav Odorovic (Penta), Nigel Verdon (Railsbank), Tom Ryan (Anthemis)
    This panel of speakers from both VC's and start-ups will discuss:

    -How to understanding the unit economics of digital banking and why some VCs get things wrong
    -Where the digital banking market is going
    -Should legacy banks follow suit? Should they wait and see who will turn a profit/shut down?
    -What are some of the mistakes that digital banks are making that makes VC's hesitant to invest?
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