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Zoomdata: Overview with Spark at Spark Summit East

VP, Product Management Farzad Aref interview at the Spark Summit East Conference.
Recorded Mar 11 2016 7 mins
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Presented by
Ben Lourika
Presentation preview: Zoomdata: Overview with Spark at Spark Summit East

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  • How to Make the Most Out of IoT Data Recorded: Jul 24 2017 57 mins
    Ian Fyfe
    IoT data is growing at such an enormous rate that it’s simply overwhelming traditional data storage and analytics technology. Check out this on demand episode of IM Live, with guests IoT analyst Mark Madsen and Zoomdata’s Ian Fyfe
  • Delivering IoT Analytics that Humans can Actually Use Recorded: Jun 21 2017 33 mins
    Ian Fyfe, Senior Director, Product Marketing
    IoT data streaming in from millions of connected devices brings several challenges to data analytics platforms. First, there’s simply a lot of it and the volume of IoT data will balloon in the next decade as many millions of connected devices come online. In fact, industry analysts predict 25 billion IoT devices by 2020. Second, the promise of streaming analytics for IoT is that it presents a chance to gather and analyze real-time information about every aspect of a business. Business users, the ultimate consumers of this information, can use the resulting insights to optimize customer experiences, product performance, operational efficiencies, and identify new revenue opportunities.

    This webinar will examine the challenges unique to IoT and streaming data analytics, with a particular focus on the wireless telco industry. Learn how Zoomdata's customers use IoT analytics to help telco’s close the gap between data revenue and data traffic growth by providing solutions for data revenue assurance, network analytics and campaign management.
  • Meeting the Challenges of Big Data: Zoomdata 2.5 Recorded: May 11 2017 39 mins
    Ian Fyfe and Ruhollah Farchtchi
    What does it take to meet the challenges of ever growing big, fast data and modern data sources? Join us on May 11 at 10AM PST to find out!

    Zoomdata’s Senior Director of Product Marketing Ian Fyfe and CTO Ruhollah Farchtchi will present the new capabilities of Zoomdata 2.5 and how they enable speed-of-thought visual analytics on massive data stores. Ian and Ruhollah will discuss Zoomdata’s:

    - New data sharpening algorithm for large and long-running queries
    - Enhanced memory management for very large result sets
    - Drill to detail at scale capability
    - Delegated security access

    A demo featuring Zoomdata’s performance on a 10-billion row data set will follow the discussion. Register today.
  • Russ Cosentino Master Class: Is the cloud for me? Recorded: Mar 30 2017 2 mins
    Russ Cosentino
    Russ Cosentino discusses whether or not the cloud is the right choice for your organization.
  • Russ Cosentino MasterClass: Data & The Cloud Recorded: Mar 30 2017 2 mins
    Russ Cosentino
    Russ Cosentino discusses the cloud and big data
  • Top Considerations for Deploying Analytics in the Modern World of Big Data Recorded: Feb 14 2017 32 mins
    Ian Fyfe, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Zoomdata
    In order to innovate, differentiate and compete effectively in the contemporary world companies large and small need to store, analyze and gain actionable insights from all of their data, regardless of the volume, velocity and variety of sources of that data.

    Modern data platforms such as Hadoop, NoSQL databases, search enabled databases and MPP databases are making it technically and economically possible to store and analyze the billions of transactions and events streaming into the enterprise in real-time, from a wide variety of sources.

    This webinar will review the characteristics of modern data platforms to store this data, and what to look for in modern business intelligence, data analysis and discovery tools to visualize, analyze and get value from this data.
  • 2017 BI Predictions Recorded: Dec 7 2016 16 mins
    Ruhollah Farchtchi, CTO, Zoomdata
    The past year has been another one full of rapid change and innovation in big data. In late 2015, we made three predictions about what we thought 2016 would bring. And now we’re back with our 2017 predictions webinar. In 2017, we expect:

    •Interactive exploration of the freshest data
    •The end of static data models
    •Search-based analytics to gain greater traction

    Join Zoomdata chief technology officer Ruhollah Farchtchi as we peer into the future of big data and analytics.
  • Delivering Big Data Analytics In The Cloud Without The Wait Recorded: Jul 13 2016 47 mins
    James McGinn Chief Technologist, Blue Canopy and Russ Cosentino, Co-founder & VP, Channel Sales Zoomdata
    Big data initiatives don’t deliver value until business users can gain some kind of insight from the data—but that can take months, even years. The technology practitioners at BlueCanopy are using a “cloud ecosystem” approach to dramatically shorten the wait.

    In this webinar and solution demo, learn how BlueCanopy uses Amazon Web Services and Zoomdata’s fast visual analytics for big data to:

    -Deliver tangible value from big data stores in a matter of days—not months or years

    -Create actionable visualizations that deliver insight and uncover added analytic opportunity, without the need to move or restructure data

    -Avoid the high costs and long delays of building up on-premises infrastructure

    -Optimize big data solutions of any kind by leveraging a cloud ecosystem that’s not locked into specific tools or platforms.
  • Modern BI: Leveraging disk, memory, persistence and streaming to drive value Recorded: Jun 16 2016 40 mins
    Ruhollah Farchtchi, Chief Technologist & VP Zoomdata Labs
    Operating a successful enterprise is hard. Deriving business value from an organization’s data can be challenging. But operating an enterprise without exploiting available data assets is just plain risky.

    Organizations are increasing taking advantage of the plethora of tools available for managing and analyzing their data. Attend this webinar to hear how Zoomdata customer’s are using traditional and modern data stores to: process billions of recorders per day for more targeted advertising, accelerate translational science through cohort discovery/analysis, and extract value from data before mining it from their warehouses. Register now to hear from Zoomdata’s Chief Technologist & VP Zoomdata Labs, Ruhollah Farchtchi.
  • How to Build Data Apps Faster: Introducing the Zoomdata Developer Network Recorded: Apr 19 2016 34 mins
    Subrata Chakrabarti, VP of Product Marketing
    Zoomdata just announced the launch of ZDN, Zoomdata Developer Network. ZDN serves the needs of developers who want to deploy Zoomdata’s advanced data visualization capabilities inside their applications. As part of this program, developers will be able to leverage Zoomdata Developer Package providing access to Zoomdata's platform and its key capabilities. In this introductory 30 min session, join Subrata Chakrabarti, VP of Product Marketing at Zoomdata to learn how can you take advantage of the Developer Package and its set of SDK capabilities to build data-driven apps or embed analytics into your existing app.
  • Interactive Visualization of Streaming Data Powered by Spark Recorded: Mar 31 2016 29 mins
    Chief Technologist, Ruhollah Farchtchi
    Chief Technologist, Ruhollah Farchtchi gives a presentation at Spark Summit East, 2016 on the Interactive Visualization of Streaming Data Powered by Spark.

    Much of the discussion on real-time data today focuses on the machine processing of that data. But helping humans visualize real-time streams is just as important. Visualizing real-time data introduces new UX and usability challenges for any developer embedding analytics into applications, especially when the target end users are business users and not data scientists. Self-service, interactive, subsecond response time to ad hoc queries — these are the new UX requirements for any enterprise visualizing real-time data. Streaming data also lends itself to new paradigms of interaction with the stream itself, like being able to pause, rewind and replay a stream. This talk is a case study in how and why Zoomdata built a “Data DVR” capability using Spark and Spark Streaming. We will describe the required user experience, the overall architecture and the specific use of Spark and Spark Streaming. We will describe the design considerations that led us to choose Spark Streaming over alternatives like Storm. We will show how end users configure the real-time increment and a historical retention window without writing any code themselves. We will also show how pause, rewind, replay is implemented in Spark and how the solution supports both real-time and historical analysis in the same architecture. Attendees will walk away with knowledge of Spark Streaming and how users can interactively work with streaming data. They will develop familiarity with the challenges of a lambda architecture and providing a consistent analytic experience over streaming and historical data.
  • Zoomdata Embedded Analytics Recorded: Mar 30 2016 2 mins
    We show you how you can embed Zoomdata analytics into any application.
  • Zoomdata Dashboard Creation Recorded: Mar 29 2016 2 mins
    You will learn how easy it is to build a dashboard using Zoomdata
  • Webinar: Visualize the Full Variety of Big Data with Zoomdata Fusion Recorded: Mar 28 2016 67 mins
    Nick Halsey & Scott Cappiello
    What you will learn in this webinar:
    -Learn how Big Data is not just about Hadoop, but the wide range of new and existing frameworks inside and outside your enterprise.
    -Learn how Zoomdata can query across multiple data sources to bring a single view of data across disparate data sources.
    -See how business users can combine multiple sources without waiting for a data architect to set it up.
    -See how the power of Apache Spark enables Zoomdata Fusion at Big Data scale.
    -Learn how to access Zoomdata Fusion and more cutting-edge features in the Zoomdata Early Access Program.
  • Zoomdata: Spark In Memory Analysis Recorded: Mar 25 2016 5 mins
    Russ Cosentino
    While we provide our customers with various mechanisms to control when their spark result set cache is refreshed, in this video, we are providing more flexibility to add a detailed schedule for precisely controlling.
  • Zoomdata Technology: Cloudera Impala, d3.js and Big Data Analytics Recorded: Mar 23 2016 4 mins
    This video demonstrates Zoomdata's ability to analyze and visualize billions of rows of raw HDFS data via Cloudera Impala. Users can see big data visualized and analyzed instantly, at scale, in real-time and historically, without moving it out of HDFS. The visuals are also completely interactive and customizable. Any d3.js data visualization can be lit up by Zoomdata with real-time and historical data and instantly become interactive and collaborative.

    For more, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin!
  • Zoomdata - Next Generation Big Data Analytics Recorded: Mar 22 2016 2 mins
    Welcome to Zoomdata! Built on a touch-first interface and designed for the Big Data revolution, Zoomdata brings you the ability to see, touch, explore, and analyze your data, wherever it sits! Setup the free Zoomdata server, connect your sources, and go! Download now at Zoomdata.com/Download or try an interactive live demo at Zoomdata.com/demos

    Follow us on Twitter for more! www.twitter.com/zoomdata
  • Justin Langseth Spark Summit Interview - theCUBE Recorded: Mar 18 2016 8 mins
    Geroge Gilbert
    George Gilbert interviews Zoomdata Founder and CEO, Justin Langseth at the Spark Summit in San Francisco for TheCube.
  • Zoomdata Technology- Cloudera Search Recorded: Mar 18 2016 6 mins
    Justin Langseth
    This video shows how Zoomdata can search, analyze, and visualize data stored in Cloudera Search. It also shows Zoomdata fusing together data between Cloudera Impala and Cloudera Search, along with fusion of multiple Cloudera Search repositories.
  • Zoomdata Technology: Introduction to Visualization Studio Recorded: Mar 18 2016 8 mins
    Zoomdata's Next Generation Big Data Analytics tool turns big data sets and streams into compelling, real-time and interactive visualizations. And Zoomdata's Visualization Studio allows you to create your own visualizations using JavaScript and your imagination! Our Studio uses interactive visualizations that are built on JavaScript libraries such as D3, Leaflet, NVD3 and many more. You have the ability to plug in your own libraries as well. This video provides an overview of Zoomdata's Visualization Studio.

    For additional information on Zoomdata's Visualization Studio, visit our Support Portal: http://support.zoomdata.com
Changing the way people see and interact with data
Zoomdata develops the world’s fastest visual analytics solution for big data. Using patented Data SharpeningTM and micro-query technologies, Zoomdata empowers business users to visually consume data in seconds, even across billions of rows of data. Zoomdata Fusion enables interactive analysis across disparate data sources, bridging modern and legacy data architectures, blending real-time streams and historical data, and unifying enterprise data with data in the cloud. Delivered in a micro-services architecture for elastic scalability, Zoomdata runs on premises, in the cloud or embedded in an application.

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  • Title: Zoomdata: Overview with Spark at Spark Summit East
  • Live at: Mar 11 2016 1:15 pm
  • Presented by: Ben Lourika
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