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Where next? Post referendum challenges and opportunities

Join us for this webcast on Wednesday 29 June 2016 at 10.00am when Paul O’Connor, Head of Henderson’s Multi-Asset Team and Chris Forgan, fund manager within the Multi-Asset Team will discuss the global macroeconomic backdrop, the implications of the UK’s decision on EU membership, and where his team are finding investment opportunities.
Recorded Jun 29 2016 31 mins
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Presented by
Paul O'Connor & Chris Forgan
Presentation preview: Where next? Post referendum challenges and opportunities

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  • Q&A Session: Janus Henderson UK Absolute Return Strategy Jan 17 2019 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Luke Newman
    Fund Manager Luke Newman will host a Q&A webcast for the Janus Henderson UK Absolute Return strategy. The ‘Question Time’ format allows investors to raise topics in advance of the call. It will also be possible to submit questions during the webcast.
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    Their conversation will include:
    • How late cycle are we?
    • Is it time to sell tech?
    • What are the prospects for Europe?
    • What have we learned from market moves in 2018?

    Please note this is intended for UK and European professional investors only. It is not for use by journalists. For press comment please contact your local Janus Henderson PR representative.
  • Walking the tightrope: navigating the late stage of the credit cycle Recorded: Dec 5 2018 44 mins
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  • Market GPS: Investment Outlooks 2019 Recorded: Dec 3 2018 2 mins
    Richard Clode, John Pattullo, Hamish Chamberlayne & Ben Lofthouse
    With numerous uncertainties in the global economy, many market participants will be looking for meaningful signals about what’s to come in 2019. Here, Janus Henderson’s portfolio managers explain the themes they believe could dominate markets in the months ahead. Please visit our website to view all of the outlooks.
  • It is now ‘later’ late cycle Recorded: Nov 29 2018 33 mins
    John Pattullo and Jenna Barnard
    Co-managers of the Janus Henderson Strategic Bond Strategy, John Pattullo and Jenna Barnard, will expand on the macro themes that will likely shape the rest of 2018 and determine the direction for fixed income investors through 2019, while discussing the core themes in their portfolios.

    The webcast session will also include a review of the performance of the strategy, highlights of current positioning and outlook for the medium term.
  • Smooth operator – seeking a less volatile path in fixed income Recorded: Nov 27 2018 33 mins
    Nick Maroutsos
    The gradual removal of monetary policy accommodation by central banks is removing a price-insensitive buyer from the market and leading to reduced liquidity. Tighter monetary policy is also pushing up shorter-dated bond yields and leading to a reassessment of value on the yield curve. In this webcast, Nick Maroutsos looks at how investors can navigate the new environment for fixed income and chart a potentially less volatile path with their investments.
  • Navigating a challenging year for fixed income with a flexible approach Recorded: Nov 20 2018 33 mins
    Andrew Mulliner & Ryan Myerberg
    2018, so far, has been a fairly turbulent environment for fixed income markets, marked by sporadic shocks, which investors have largely treated as being driven by one off or transitory events. However, the list of such transitory episodes continues to grow and the cumulative impact on the fixed income universe poses significant challenges to investors. Thus, the flexibility to seek out the best opportunities and protect against the worst case scenarios without any constraints has never been more important, given the continued presence of historically low yields in the developed world at a time of declining global liquidity.

    In this webcast, Andrew Mulliner and Ryan Myerberg, Portfolio Managers of the Janus Henderson Horizon Total Return Bond Fund share their thoughts on the markets and the prospects for bond investors in the near future. The webcast session will also include a review of the performance of the fund and summary of current positioning.

    Key points:
    • Macro themes likely to shape the rest of 2018
    • Current strategies in the fund
    • Performance and portfolio update
    • Outlook
  • Expert insight: JHGDI Edition 20 Recorded: Nov 19 2018 2 mins
    Jane Shoemake
    Watch highlights from our latest #JHGDI dividend report featuring Jane Shoemake, Global Equity Income Investment Director.
  • Janus Henderson European Equities update Recorded: Oct 30 2018 42 mins
    John Bennett & Andrew McCarthy
    John Bennett and new Co-Manager Andrew McCarthy will deliver an update on the Janus Henderson Continental European Fund and the Janus Henderson Pan European Fund, providing some insight into their thoughts on European markets, and why they anticipate a challenge to market direction and the dominance of growth stocks.
  • Credit selection in a late cycle environment Recorded: Oct 18 2018 24 mins
    Rebecca Young
    In this webcast, Rebecca Young, Portfolio Manager in the Janus Henderson Strategic Fixed Income Team, will address a number of topical issues relevant to credit investing in today’s markets and shares the team’s views and outlook for the near future.

    Key points:

    •Late cycle indicators and signs of deterioration in the credit markets
    •Favoured sectors and individual credits with the best risk reward
    •Outlook for credit investing
  • EM investing: ‘kick the tyres’ rather than ‘tick the boxes’ Recorded: Oct 16 2018 33 mins
    Stephen Deane & Ian Tabberer
    Stephen Deane and Ian Tabberer, Portfolio Managers on the Janus Henderson Global Emerging Market Equities Team, will discuss sustainability within an emerging markets investment context and how they believe that it is better for investors to adopt an open-minded approach to engagement, which focuses more on ‘kicking the tyres’ rather than ‘ticking boxes’.
  • Emerging market volatility, systemic or not? Recorded: Oct 4 2018 38 mins
    Steve Drew
    Does the sell-off in Turkey and Argentina represent a buying opportunity or is it a warning signal of deeper malaise? In this webcast, Steve Drew, manager of the Janus Henderson Horizon Emerging Market Corporate Bond Fund, discusses:

    •The factors that have been driving emerging market volatility and what might lead to a recovery
    •Why a blanket assessment of emerging market bonds fails to recognise the differences and opportunities within the asset class
    •Current portfolio positioning and performance
  • Healthcare: early stages of a multi-year growth cycle Recorded: Oct 2 2018 34 mins
    Ethan Lovell
    Ethan Lovell, co-manager of the Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences Fund, believes expert insight is required when investing in healthcare – a highly complex, dynamic growth sector. In this webcast, Ethan will discuss:

    •The case for long-term investment in the healthcare sector
    •Why an active approach is crucial
    •The key strengths of the Global Life Sciences Team
    •The investment process, fund performance and current fund positioning
  • Investing in disruption Recorded: Sep 25 2018 31 mins
    Richard Clode
    The world around us is being reshaped by technology as innovative companies disrupt traditional business models and transform the way that individuals lead their lives. In this webcast, Richard Clode, portfolio manager in the Janus Henderson Global Technology Team, will cover:

    • The acceleration and growing breadth of technology disruption
    • Navigating the hype cycle to reduce volatility in technology investing
    • The importance of valuation discipline
    • Performance update and outlook
  • Expert insight: JHGDI Edition 19 Recorded: Aug 20 2018 2 mins
    Ben Lofthouse
    Watch highlights from our latest #JHGDI dividend report featuring Ben Lofthouse, our Head of Global Equity Income.
  • The Amazonisation effect and bonds Recorded: Jul 18 2018 36 mins
    John Pattullo
    For a number of years now the Strategic Fixed Income Team have been speaking about the structural forces bringing disruption to the global economy and markets — unfavourable demographics, Japanification of Europe, excessive debt, peak globalisation and technology to name but a few.

    In this webcast, John Pattullo, Co-Head of Strategic Fixed Income, will share his thoughts on digital disruption, with Amazon as the leading example of how this new structural force can erode margins, put established businesses at risk and send deflationary waves across the economies. Bond fund managers need to rethink their strategies carefully to profit from this trend.
  • Is this as good as it gets? Recorded: Jul 17 2018 32 mins
    Tim Stevenson and James Ross
    On 17 July 2018 at 15:00 CET, Tim Stevenson and James Ross, co-managers of the Janus Henderson Horizon Pan European Equity Fund, will deliver their latest update, giving their frank views on European market volatility thus far in 2018, and areas of particular interest for their quality growth strategy.
  • Alternatives in action Recorded: Jul 11 2018 2 mins
    James de Bunsen
    James de Bunsen discusses why alternatives thrive in times of increased volatility and how the team selects them.
  • Is there difference in value? Recorded: Jul 10 2018 33 mins
    Nick Sheridan
    On 10 July 2018, Nick Sheridan, manager of the Janus Henderson Horizon Euroland Fund, will deliver a live update on his value-biased investment strategy, summarising performance and positioning, and his thoughts on the prospects for Euroland equities in the second half of 2018.
  • The evolution of Multi-Asset Recorded: Jul 10 2018 1 min
    Paul O’Connor
    Paul O’Connor discusses the evolution of multi-asset and how this enabled the launch of its Core Income range five years ago.

    Multi-Asset, Janus Henderson Investors, UK
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  • Title: Where next? Post referendum challenges and opportunities
  • Live at: Jun 29 2016 9:00 am
  • Presented by: Paul O'Connor & Chris Forgan
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