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REITs: Strong performance in 2019 but polarisation continues...

In this webcast, Guy Barnard, Co-Head of Global Property Equities discusses why an income-producing and more defensive asset class like global property equities is seeing strong demand from investors particularly in a more uncertain market environment. Among others, he will provide an update on market and fund performance and cover how the fund is actively positioned to benefit from the evolving property landscape which is creating winners and losers.
Recorded Nov 26 2019 46 mins
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Guy Barnard
Presentation preview: REITs: Strong performance in 2019 but polarisation continues...

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  • Live Q&A: Janus Henderson UK Absolute Return 2020 Update Recorded: Feb 18 2020 56 mins
    Luke Newman
    Fund Manager Luke Newman will be hosting a live Q&A session for the Janus Henderson United Kingdom Absolute Return strategy.

    The ‘Question Time’ format will allow investors to raise topics in advance of the call, please contact your local sales representative www.janushenderson.com. It will also possible to submit questions during the webcast.
  • The myths about bonds that you hear year after year Recorded: Feb 12 2020 27 mins
    Jenna Barnard & John Pattullo
    The finance industry has a blind spot when it comes to forecasting government bond yields: a lazy bias based on outmoded economic thinking and narrative fallacies has perpetuated a pattern of higher yield forecasts over more than 25 years.

    Jenna Barnard and John Pattullo, Co Heads of the Strategic Fixed Income Team, have long held a non consensual view on bond yields. In this webcast, they will explain how pragmatic use of duration management has helped generate additional risk adjusted returns for their portfolios.

    Sharing the team’s structural views and thematic approach to investing, they will also explain the core tenets of their approach in managing both strategic and income strategies. These include not only a focus on structural factors that weigh down and cap bond yields at low levels but also shorter term cyclical factors. John and Jenna will further explain their distinctive style of credit investing, which they call ‘sensible income’.
  • Euroland: A review of 2019 Recorded: Feb 11 2020 28 mins
    Nick Sheridan
    2019 saw so-called ‘growth’ stocks outperform ‘value’ stocks, however, looking forward there are reasons to suggest that this may be changing. In this webcast, Nick Sheridan, manager of the Janus Henderson Horizon Euroland Fund discusses:

    •Evidence to suggest that the value vs growth dynamic in Europe may be shifting
    •The investment process
    •Performance summary, positioning and outlook
  • Sustainable equities in 2020 and beyond Recorded: Feb 4 2020 4 mins
    Hamish Chamberlayne
    In an environment that no longer caters for indiscriminate rising stock prices, Hamish Chamberlayne, Head of SRI at Janus Henderson, will give a quick summary on remaining optimistic beyond the economy in 2020.
  • Groundhog Day for Global tech? Recorded: Jan 30 2020 34 mins
    Richard Clode
    Another strong year for technology outperformance will be met yet again by concerns on valuation and regulation. Given this has become an annual debate over the past decade, are investors looking at the sector the right way? Richard Clode, Global Technology Portfolio Manager, discusses these issues and will also cover:
    •Year-end review of tech sector
    •Update on key themes
    •Portfolio positioning and key changes
    •Performance update
    •Global Technology Strategy 2020 outlook
  • US equities vs bonds: two key trends to watch in 2020 Recorded: Jan 29 2020 5 mins
    Marc Pinto & Jeremiah Buckley
    Disruption and consumer spending – are these the two key trends to watch in 2020? In this video, portfolio managers Marc Pinto and Jeremiah Buckley discuss why they believe US equities should remain an attractive choice for investors over the next 12 months.
  • Strategic Fixed Income outlook 2020 Recorded: Jan 16 2020 3 mins
    John Pattullo & Jenna Barnard
    Jenna Barnard and John Pattullo, Co-Heads of Strategic Fixed Income at Janus Henderson Investors, will share their thoughts and views on bond markets in the coming year.
  • China: resilient despite challenges Recorded: Dec 11 2019 31 mins
    May Ling Wee
    A slowing economy, ongoing geopolitical adversity and turmoil and a ratcheting down of global growth expectations have been the backdrop for the most of 2019. Against this, what are the new opportunities – and challenges – for investors in the China market? May Ling Wee, China portfolio manager at Janus Henderson Investors will address this topic as well as provide a year-end review for Chinese equities, a portfolio update including positioning and performance review, and share the team’s outlook for 2020.
  • Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF Update Recorded: Dec 10 2019 25 mins
    Ainslie McLennan
    Since the Brexit referendum the Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF has continued to hold a higher level of cash in the face of continued political and market uncertainty, and remains open for dealing. During this webcast Co-Manager Ainslie McLennan will explain that the fund’s emphasis is on holding a broad mix of high-quality properties with robust tenants on long leases in good locations. The diversification that comes from maintaining a balanced portfolio means the fund is not heavily exposed to one particular sector.
  • Should investors aim high in 2020? Recorded: Dec 5 2019 45 mins
    Tom Ross & Seth Meyer
    2019 has seen policy easing by central banks amplify the search for yield amid an unclear global economic backdrop. In this presentation, Seth Meyer and Tom Ross, credit portfolio managers at Janus Henderson Investors, take stock of market conditions and the economic outlook to consider the prospects for high yield bonds in 2020. Areas covered include:

    •Market dynamics within different regions and why global high yield is expected to remain in demand.
    •The catalysts that could drive a widening or tightening of spreads, with US politics set to play a starring role.
    •Whether quality will continue to outperform or will a trough in the cycle see fresh appetite for lower-rated bonds.
  • REITs: Strong performance in 2019 but polarisation continues... Recorded: Nov 26 2019 46 mins
    Guy Barnard
    In this webcast, Guy Barnard, Co-Head of Global Property Equities discusses why an income-producing and more defensive asset class like global property equities is seeing strong demand from investors particularly in a more uncertain market environment. Among others, he will provide an update on market and fund performance and cover how the fund is actively positioned to benefit from the evolving property landscape which is creating winners and losers.
  • Innovation driving opportunity in healthcare Recorded: Nov 7 2019 33 mins
    Andy Acker
    Andy Acker, Portfolio Manager of the Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences Fund, discusses the opportunities available in the healthcare sector and how an active manager can take advantage of these opportunities. In this webcast, Andy will discuss:
    •The accelerating pace of innovation in the healthcare sector
    •Defensive characteristics provided by the sector
    •Why an active approach is crucial
    •The investment process, fund performance and current fund positioning.
  • Multi Asset Credit Fund — 7-up and still fizzing Recorded: Nov 5 2019 32 mins
    Colin Fleury & David Milward
    Date: Tuesday 5 November 2019 | 10am
    As the outlook for global growth becomes more uncertain and market sentiment more cautious, Head of Secured Credit, Colin Fleury, and Head of Loans, David Milward, portfolio managers of the fund, discuss current issues facing fixed income investors. Sharing how they are navigating the late cycle credit markets, they will expand on their asset allocation preferences in the current environment.

    With the fund currently celebrating its 7th anniversary in 2019, the managers also offer thoughts on what they have learnt from managing the fund over the past seven years and how this will help them manage through a somewhat uncertain future.

    Key points:
    •Market review
    •Trends in the underlying asset classes
    •A 7 year milestone
    •Performance and positioning
    •Outlook and Q&A
  • Sustainable investment – ESG considerations are critical, not a ‘nice to have’ Recorded: Oct 30 2019 2 mins
    Hamish Chamberlayne
    Hamish Chamberlayne, Head of SRI at Janus Henderson Investors, believes that investors are still underestimating the powerful impact of sustainability issues on investment returns. In this short summary, he will discuss the four environmental and social megatrends that lie at the heart of the team’s ESG approach.
  • Keep your cash in play Recorded: Oct 21 2019 43 mins
    Nick Maroutsos & Jason England
    With interest rates in Europe at record lows and even negative in some places, investors may be looking to make their cash work harder. In this presentation, Nick Maroutsos and Jason England, two of the portfolio managers on the Absolute Return Income strategy at Janus Henderson, explain how a global approach to fixed income that focuses on low volatility can help navigate this challenging environment without assuming excessive risk. Areas to be covered include:

    •An assessment of the macroeconomic environment for fixed income
    •Some of the strategies and global opportunities the team are pursuing to help generate returns
    •An update on key developments within the portfolio
  • Bonds… as good as it gets? Recorded: Oct 16 2019 29 mins
    Rebecca Young & Jenna Barnard
    Having accurately identified the bond rally, dubbing 2019 “sovereign bond o’clock” in late 2018, co managers of the Strategic Bond Fund, Jenna Barnard and Rebecca Young, will discuss the cyclical and structural outlook for bonds from here.

    The webcast session will also include a review of the performance of the Janus Henderson Strategic Bond Fund, highlights of current positioning and outlook for the medium term.
  • The tug-of-war in the corporate bond market Recorded: Oct 10 2019 42 mins
    Tim Winstone
    On one side are more dovish central bankers prepared to keep rates low and provide liquidity, on the other is a deteriorating global economic backdrop. Which will win out? In this presentation, Tim Winstone, lead manager of the Janus Henderson Euro Corporate Bond strategy at Janus Henderson Investors, looks at the implications for European corporate bonds. Areas covered include:

    • The risks and opportunities from the technical and economic backdrop
    • The implications of negative rates and is there still value within investment grade bonds
    • An update on the markets and portfolio positioning
  • Janus Henderson European Equities update Recorded: Sep 17 2019 40 mins
    John Bennett
    Is it the time for true active to come to the fore in Europe? John Bennett, Head of Pan European Equities gives his insight into the disruptive trends affecting European markets, in this latest update on the Janus Henderson Continental European Fund and the Janus Henderson Pan European Fund. His views will cover:

    •The role of ‘true’ active management to help identify Europe’s future winners
    •Structural winners and idiosyncratic value
    •The impact of technology across industries.
  • Simplicity in the field Recorded: Sep 12 2019 48 mins
    Marc Pinto
    Today’s market uncertainty demands a different game plan, but this does not mean it needs to be complicated. In this webcast, portfolio manager Marc Pinto will outline the clear, flexible ‘equity and bond’ strategy of the Janus Henderson Balanced Fund, covering (among other points):

    •The value of integrated in-house equity and fixed income capabilities
    •The benefits of a ‘through the cycle’ strategy anchored on fundamental research
    •Is it possible to generate competitive returns while limiting downside risk?
  • Trade: back to the drawing board Recorded: Sep 5 2019 29 mins
    Andrew Gillan & Mervyn Koh
    In this webcast, Andrew Gillan, Head of Asia ex-Japan Equities and Co-Manager of the Asian Growth Strategy and Fund Manager Mervyn Koh, will discuss how Asian markets have been impacted by the US-China trade dispute thus far and the escalating pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. He will also cover what this means for the strategy in terms of investment opportunities, portfolio positioning and outlook for the region.
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  • Title: REITs: Strong performance in 2019 but polarisation continues...
  • Live at: Nov 26 2019 2:00 pm
  • Presented by: Guy Barnard
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