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Slack head of growth Merci Victoria Grace on constantly beginning

How do you bring new users on board in ways that keeps them coming back? Slack head of growth Merci Victoria Grace reveals the secrets behind Slack new user experience including building a culture of shoshin (the “beginner’s mindset”), cultivating empathy for new users and more. Prior to joining Slack, Merci ran her own mobile company and most recently, was the Director of Product Management at Gigwalk, a mobile workforce platform.
Recorded Jul 28 2016 55 mins
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Merci Victoria Grace
Presentation preview: Slack head of growth Merci Victoria Grace on constantly beginning

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  • Fmr Netflix VP Product Management on Netflix’s 2020 Product Strategy Recorded: Jun 22 2020 60 mins
    Gib Biddle
    When creating a product strategy, one common practice is to look at other companies who have executed them successfully. What can you replicate or improve upon? In this session, fmr Netflix VP Product Management, Gib Biddle, discusses five different strategy frameworks to enable product leaders to define their product strategy. In this webinar, Gib brings all five frameworks to life, as he presents a mock 2020 product strategy for Netflix. He then shows how strategy influences day-to-day decision-making through two modern Netflix cases, including a special COVID-19 question: Should the company launch “Netflix Party” to enable worldwide members to engage in shared viewing experiences? Gib’s webinars integrate Google Slides and Slido for a highly interactive, highly engaging experience.

    About the speaker: Gib Biddle is the fmr Netflix VP Product Management and is currently the NerdWallet Board Observer and Executive-in-Residence for Product. He joined Netflix as VP of Product in 2005. In 2010 Gib became the Chief Product Officer of his next startup, Chegg, a textbook rental and homework help company that went public in 2014. Today he’s an adviser, speaker and guest lecturer at both Stanford and INSEAD.
  • fmr Shutterstock VP of Product Management on Earning Your Seat at the Exec Table Recorded: Jun 18 2020 57 mins
    Tommi Forsström
    Our dear little craft is finally coming of age and we're seeing more and more companies elevate product leaders to the exec team. But all too often those leaders get booted out or marginalized at the exec level due to a lack of awareness of how the job changes as you go from functional leader to exec. In this session, Teachable VP of Product, Tommi Forsström, discusses how to earn and keep your seat around the executive table as a product person. He shares his experiences —both 1st person and observed through his time in consulting—on the dos and don'ts of not only getting to the top of the ladder but also thriving in it with your new teammates that don't give two hoots about your velocities, engagement metrics or scrum processes.

    This webinar is sponsored by our partners at Amplitude. Amplitude is the market-leader for Product Intelligence. Their platform's powerful combination of product analytics, data management, and behavioral targeting empowers teams to use customer insights to drive conversion and retention. Over 30,000 teams use Amplitude to grow their digital business.

    Learn more at amplitude.com.

    About the speaker: Tommi Forsström is the VP of Product at Teachable. He’s been on a journey from a university math major in 1999 through engineering and product to executive roles in the software industry, completely unsure of where this all leads. Passionate about growing product people into the cross-functional leaders they don't know they are yet.
  • fmr RBC Product Lead on Remote Freelance PMs Recorded: Jun 11 2020 54 mins
    Johnny Chao
    As we have more and more freelance and remote developers and designers, most companies are very much supportive and accepting of those types of roles. However, there is still a lot of stigma and objections to having a remote/freelancer product manager. In this session, Toptal Product Lead, Johnny Chao, discusses driving the movement of remote freelance product managers and how Toptal has accomplished it. He covers the Toptal story, and what the main challenges they had/still have to overcome, and the situations where it works to have a remote product manager, and those when it's not ideal.

    This webinar is sponsored by our partners at Amplitude. Amplitude is the market-leader for Product Intelligence. Their platform's powerful combination of product analytics, data management, and behavioral targeting empowers teams to use customer insights to drive conversion and retention. Over 30,000 teams use Amplitude to grow their digital business.

    Learn more at amplitude.com.

    About the speaker: Johnny Chao is currently the Head of Product Management Vertical at Toptal, a global freelancer platform. Before joining Toptal, Johnny led product/data teams at Transunion, RBC, D+H and other companies. He started his career as a software engineer and became a PM at MSN Messenger.
  • fmr HomeAway VP of Engineering on Data-Driven Product Management Recorded: Jun 11 2020 56 mins
    Jon Loyens
    A great product manager reaches beyond specs and features and drives alignment throughout the organization. Having a data literate culture and practicing data-driven product management is probably the best way to do this in a company while avoiding management by opinion. In this session, data.world Co-Founder and CPO, Jon Loyens, goes beyond typical A/B testing talks and presents on how to align a company and its products effectively through data-driven product management. The talk starts with goal setting and value alignment and goes through process, tools, and strategy to create a great data-driven product management organization.

    This webinar is sponsored by our partners at Amplitude. Amplitude is the market-leader for Product Intelligence. Their platform's powerful combination of product analytics, data management, and behavioral targeting empowers teams to use customer insights to drive conversion and retention. Over 30,000 teams use Amplitude to grow their digital business.

    Learn more at amplitude.com.

    About the speaker: Jon Loyens is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of data.world. In a past life, he was the VP of Engineering for Traveler Products at HomeAway, and before that, a VP of Engineering and Director of the Labs group at Bazaarvoice. As a long-time technology executive in Austin, he has seen the rise of data and analytics as a democratizing force. Jon brought A/B testing and data-driven product management to Bazaarvoice and massively expanded the data programs at HomeAway. Jon introduced GitHub to Bazaarvoice and made OSS contribute a major part of their culture. He’s seen the benefits of openness and transparency in software development and, at data.world, is bringing the same benefits to data and analysis work.
  • Substantial VP of Strategy on Designing Products for Uncertainty Recorded: Jun 11 2020 53 mins
    Sheryl Cababa
    It’s an extraordinary time in which the entire world is having to respond to a crisis that we didn’t anticipate (or didn't want to anticipate). How might we create products and services that are resilient in the face of change? In this session, Substantial VP of Strategy, Sheryl Cababa, discusses principles for how designers and product managers can align design with societal outcomes, the importance of systems thinking, and the ability to anticipate and respond to change.

    This webinar is sponsored by our partners at Amplitude. Amplitude is the market-leader for Product Intelligence. Their platform's powerful combination of product analytics, data management, and behavioral targeting empowers teams to use customer insights to drive conversion and retention. Over 30,000 teams use Amplitude to grow their digital business.

    Learn more at amplitude.com.

    About the speaker: Sheryl Cababa is VP of Strategy at Substantial, a Seattle-based digital design and development studio. Her background is in UX design and research, and she has previously worked for companies such as Artefact, frog, and Microsoft. She lectures at the University of Washington’s HCDE program and is currently a board member for Design in Public.
  • fmr NetApp Product Lead on the Mindset Required to Build Great Product Recorded: Jun 4 2020 59 mins
    Mohit Bhatnagar
    Across all the greatest products ever made in the last 200 years, there was a team (rarely an individual) of great product visionaries and managers. So, what are the mindset and the skills across all the great products ranging from light bulbs to microwaves to iPods to cloud computing to AeroPress coffee maker to Mario Brothers on N64 to Rubik's cube? In this session, Qubole SVP Products, Mohit Bhatnagar, discusses the mindset and skills required to make a great product. This talk explores the patterns that are common across product visionaries who need to think across often conflicting needs of technology and business; short-term vs. long-term; engineering vs. arts. The talk concludes with a perspective on the mindset and the core skills that today’s PMs need in order to build products that wow the customers while helping the companies achieve their financial and business objectives.

    Mohit Bhatnagar is the SVP Products at Qubole. At his core, Mohit remains an engineer who loves to define, build, and sell innovative products. He has 25+ years of experience in building and leading the growth of multiple cloud, enterprise infrastructure & software businesses ranging from less than 10-person start-ups to $1B revenue BUs. He has served in GM, product, and engineering leadership roles in marquee technology companies including NetApp, Symantec, McKinsey, and Motorola. Mohit loves working with the dev team to build cool products and work with the field and the customers to realize the benefits of the cloud, big data, and analytics solutions. Mohit holds a doctorate in electrical engineering from NC State University and a bachelor’s from IIT Kanpur. He has been awarded 25+ patents for his work and has published more than 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Verizon Media VP of Product Management on 3 Ingredients of Awesome PMs Recorded: May 21 2020 46 mins
    Guy Levit
    Vision, People, and Execution are the three key ingredients of an awesome Product Manager. In this talk, Verizon Media VP of Product Management discusses the three essential features of a great PM, why they matter and how they play different roles during the career of a product manager.

    This webinar is sponsored by our partners at productboard. productboard is a customer-driven product management system that empowers teams to get the right products to market, faster. It provides a complete solution for product teams to understand user needs, prioritize what to build next, align everyone on the roadmap, and engage with their customers. productboard is easy to use, enables company-wide collaboration, and integrates into existing workflows. Over 2,500 organizations around the world use productboard to build excellent products.

    Sign up for a free two-week trial at productboard.com.

    Guy Levit is Vice President of Product Management at Verizon Media (previously, Yahoo), Overseeing Publisher Monetization Products. Prior to joining Verizon Media, he led product management teams at Google. Guy earned an MBA degree at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.
  • Etsy Product Lead on Building Products in Ambiguity Recorded: May 20 2020 46 mins
    Sonia Kedzierski
    The only constant for a product manager is change. How can PMs lead product teams through uncertainty? In this session, Etsy Director of Product Management, Sonia Kedzierski, discusses how to build great products in ambiguity, i.e., what to do when you don’t know what to do.

    Sonia Kedzierski is the Director of Product Management at Etsy, where she currently leads product for the Native Apps team, where they are focused on delivering new value for our most loyal customers. Sonia is originally from Poland and grew up in Manhattan. After a short stint in the tech scene in San Francisco, she moved to Brooklyn in 2010 to work for Etsy. Over the past decade, Sonia has worked on all parts of the business and both sides of the marketplace.
  • Authentic Design Founder on Running Remote Design Swarms Recorded: May 14 2020 56 mins
    Surya Vanka
    Design Swarms are now used worldwide to accelerate design collaboration in business, non-profit and education. A platform of shared visual process maps allows participants regardless of their skill or disciplinary backgrounds to collaboratively experiment and solve problems at high velocity. While swarm teams are often co-located, the method has the elasticity to be used by teams that are not in the same location or in time zone. In this session, Authentic Design Founder, Surya Vanka, shares tools, hacks, and tricks to running Remote Design Swarms.

    Surya Vanka is the Founder of Authentic Design - a firm that utilizes the “design swarms” theory to create unique product solutions for customers. Prior to starting Authentic Design, Surya worked for more than 15 years at Microsoft in many UX leadership roles - introducing the design thinking process to the company and pioneering the company’s first-ever Hackathon event. Prior to joining Microsoft, Surya was a design professor at the University of Illinois. Surya holds a degree from The Ohio State University and currently lives in Seattle.
  • Substantial CEO on Products Ruining the World? Recorded: May 14 2020 50 mins
    Carey Jenkins
    Technologists are in an unprecedented position to create experiences that impact how society interacts with every facet of our world. We are grappling with the simultaneous ubiquity of technology and decreasing trust that it is in our best interests. In this session, Substantial CEO, Carey Jenkins, discusses whether or not we’re building products that are ruining the world. Join us as she shares her perspective on how the intersection of ethics and technology leads to the development of more compelling products and more conscious innovation cultures, with first-hand experience of the ethical responsibility product leaders have and the means to create more intentionally.

    Carey Jenkins is CEO of Substantial, a world-class Digital Innovation + Build Studio, known for partnering with future-driven organizations to create meaningful, business-changing digital products and cultures. She has spent almost 20 years leading large interdisciplinary teams and multi-channel digital projects. Carey is committed to leading a technology company that is thoughtful and intentional about its people, products and community -- and is optimistic about the role digital innovation can play in solving some of society’s greatest challenges.
  • ACV Auctions Product Lead on How To Get Into Product Management Recorded: May 13 2020 48 mins
    Vikram Kewalramani
    Product Management is one of those roles that doesn't have a formal course in university. So, how does one actually get into that role? In this session, ACV Auctions Director of Product Management, Vikram Kewalramani, discusses his personal experience on how to get into product management as well as some possible avenues that lead to the role and what qualities make a good Product Manager.

    Vikram Kewalramani is the Director of Product Management at ACV Auctions, which is a full-service, wholesale automotive auction platform that provides unmatched transparency in a marketplace that’s trusted by thousands of dealers. He is an experienced Product Manager with a solid background driving impactful product management and customer centric initiatives across multiple industries. Vikram is also a proven leader of high performing teams experienced in leading teams that manage OmniChannel experiences, apps and web properties for B2C & C2C products.
  • Paypal Product Lead on Building v1 of a Product Recorded: May 6 2020 58 mins
    Parul Goel
    There is a unique set of challenges that comes with building v1 of an enterprise product. It’s how you prioritize your first feature set, getting feedback from the market and a go-to-market strategy which includes planning around the long enterprise sales process. Additionally, as Product Managers, how you collaborate with the Sales team ensures that they are armed with information and tools to be able to sell the product effectively. In this session, PayPal Product Lead, Parul Goel, discusses how to go about building v1 of a product.

    Parul Goel is a people-centric product leader with expertise in marketplaces and payments. She enjoys the challenge of building products that can support complex capabilities and yet exemplify simplicity to their customers. A builder and leader of high functioning teams, she enables people to cut out the noise, and focus on what really matters. Parul is one of the leaders of Product Excellence Programs at PayPal, and an active member of the Women in Product community. Parul is passionate about effective communication at work. She believes that learning to voice your ideas and opinions effectively is a powerful tool to elevate yourself and your career. She loves to give back by mentoring women and helping them. Parul holds an M.S in Computer Science from Columbia University.
  • Bestselling Author on Product Management for Subscription Products Recorded: Apr 23 2020 52 mins
    Robbie Kellman Baxter
    In a subscription world, it’s not enough to have a great one-time sale product. You have to think about the ongoing/long term relationship you are creating with the customer. So, how does the “product” change? How does the product roadmap change? In this session, author and strategy consultant, Robbie Kellman Baxter, discusses project management in a subscription-crazy world. Topics include developing an MVP; rethinking product roadmaps for acquisition and retention; choosing the right metrics; building usage growth and engagement into product design; and building a membership mindset culture across your product team.

    Robbie Kellman Baxter brings over twenty years of strategy consulting and marketing expertise to Peninsula Strategies, her strategy consulting firm focused on helping companies leverage subscription pricing, digital community and freemium to build deeper relationships with customers. Her clients have included start-ups and mid-sized venture-backed companies as well as industry leaders such as Netflix, Oracle, Electronic Arts, and eBay.

    As the author of The Membership Economy: Find Your Superusers, Master the Forever Transaction & Build Recurring Revenue, a book that has been named a top 10 marketing book of all time by BookAuthority, Robbie coined the popular business term “Membership Economy,” which is now being used by organizations and journalists around the country and beyond. Robbie’s expertise with companies in the emerging Membership Economy extends to include SaaS, media, consumer products, and community organizations. Her new book, The Forever Transaction: How to Build a Subscription Model So Compelling, Your Customers Will Never Want to Leave, releases in March 2020.
  • The Wing VP of Product on Finding Product-Market Fit Recorded: Apr 16 2020 55 mins
    Nickey Skarstad
    The tireless pursuit of a product person is often the quest to find "product market fit." A buzzy, undefined measure of the success of a product. But how do you know if you have it, and better yet, how do you intentionally design and launch in a way to foster it? In this session, The Wing VP of Product, Nickey Skarstad, discusses how to define product-market fit and then how you can be intentional with product decisions to help you find it.

    Nickey Skarstad is the VP of Product at The Wing, creating digital tools that help women go further, faster together. Before The Wing, she was at Airbnb as a Product Lead for Airbnb Experiences and at Etsy as a Director of Product on the seller experience. She has deep roots in building for and with communities and for women!
  • GoDaddy Sr. Product Lead on Dissecting Data Recorded: Apr 9 2020 52 mins
    Katie VanZyl
    Product managers use all kinds of data and research to inform experimentation and product decisions. What happens when the data doesn't match up? How do you identify the right next step? In this session, GoDaddy Senior Director of Product Management, Katie van Zyl, discusses a case study from her team and shares strategies that you can apply with yours.

    Katie van Zyl is currently a Senior Director of Product Management at Godaddy, where she leads product management for godaddy.com. She is passionate about GoDaddy's vision to empower the everyday entrepreneur by giving them the tools, insights, and people to transform their ideas and personal projects into success. Katie has spent 20+ years in the software industry leading product management teams across various products and platforms. She is also very passionate about supporting her fellow women in tech, volunteering with national and local organizations as well as leading the GoDaddy Women in Tech employee resource group.
  • Fmr Amazon Product Lead on Customer-Focused Product Management Recorded: Apr 9 2020 60 mins
    Karthik Sankar
    Great PMs obsess over customers, spending a lot of time in understanding who the customer is, what problems they are facing, how big the problems are, and how to prioritize the problems - even before they come up with potential solutions. In this session, Fmr Amazon Product Lead, and current Director of Product Management at Loblaw Digital, Karthik Sankar, discusses customer-focused product management. The talk focuses on (1) what it really means to start from the customer and work backwards, (2) unpacking a customer problem through focused data analysis, and (3) how to earn a customer's trust in the product.

    As Director of Product Management at Loblaw Digital, Karthik Sankar leads Strategy and Product Management for the grocery delivery business of the largest retailer in Canada. At Amazon, Karthik was a Product Lead for Automated Brand Protection, where he envisioned, designed, and launched automated technology solutions to proactively prevent millions of infringements and counterfeits, using real-time catalog scanning, machine learning, and computer vision. Karthik also worked with the marketing team of Amazon Marketplace, where he launched influencer marketing and personalization initiatives by collaborating with successful entrepreneurs and business thought leaders.
  • Lattice Engines CPO on Building AI Products Recorded: Apr 2 2020 66 mins
    Chitrang Shah
    AI products have come a long way since the first-generation of B2B AI solutions for marketing & sales were built back in 2014. Along the way, important lessons have been learned about what to do and not do when building a B2B AI solution. In this session, Lattice Engines CPO, Chitrang Shah, shares lessons from building the first-generation B2B AI Products. Over the last five years, their solutions have evolved into Forrester's highest-ranking B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP) with embedded AI and 30,000+ marketing & sales active users.

    Chitrang Shah brings over 18 years of experience creating category-defining products and building large scale businesses. At Lattice, Chitrang was part of the executive team that built Forrester's highest-ranking B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP) and scaled the business from 0 to 30,000+ marketing & sales users resulting in the acquisition by Dun & Bradstreet in July 2019. Prior to Lattice Engines, Chitrang lead product management at Clearwell Systems, a market-leading big data application, where he brought three major innovations to market in less than two years, securing #1 position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for eDiscovery Software and growing the company’s revenue from $50M to $100 million run-rate. Chitrang began his career at IBM Silicon Valley Lab, where he led the development of large-scale content management applications.
  • 2020 Product Awards Winners on Building Award-Winning Products Recorded: Mar 26 2020 56 mins
    Peter Piekarczyk (Draftbit), Brian Tran (UserTesting), Vijay Umapathy (Heap)
    By popular demand, we're hosting a very special webinar with some of the 2020 Product Awards winners. It's a great chance to hear from product leaders who build award-winning products. You'll have the opportunity to hear from Heap Director of Product Management, Vijay Umapathy; Draftbit Co-Founder & CTO Peter Piekarczyk; and UserTesting Director of Product, Brian Tran. Join us as the panel discusses building great products, what makes a great product manager and leading teams and products.

    Vijay Umapathy is the Director of Product Management at Heap, which empowers product teams to focus on what matters — building the best products — not wrestling with their analytics platform. Prior to joining Heap, Umapathy served as a Senior Product Manager at Jibo and was also a PM at Google. Peter Piekarczyk is the co-founder and CTO of Draftbit, which empowers anyone to build complex mobile apps just by dragging and dropping in the browser. Piekarczyk is a highly driven and energetic leader, speaker and entrepreneur in Chicago’s tech scene. Brian Tran is the Director of Product at UserTesting, which is an on-demand human insight platform that quickly gives companies a first-person understanding of how their target audience behaves throughout any experience and why. Tran is a versatile product leader with an intense passion for customer-centered design and solving complex problems with 10+ years experience leading product and technical teams at both early-stage startups focusing on product-market fit, and at mid-size startups focusing on growth and scale.
  • LinkedIn fmr Product Head on Behavior-Changing Products Recorded: Mar 19 2020 48 mins
    Elizabeth Burstein
    Run faster. Read more. Lose weight. Organize your task list. What can we as product managers learn from the many apps that have successfully cracked the code on behavior change? In this session, fmr LinkedIn Product Head and current Maven Clinic Product Head, Liz Burstein, discusses building products that drive behavior change. She’ll talk about key learnings on effecting behavior change at scale, and how they can be leveraged by product managers both in and out of the digital health tech space.

    Liz Burstein is currently the Head of Product at Maven Clinic, the virtual health clinic for women. She leads a team of product managers that build products for patients, providers, and care advocates. Previously she led product development at Zocdoc, Blue Apron, and LinkedIn, with experiences across consumer, enterprise, and mobile. Liz has also worked in IP law and venture capital, where she developed her passion for the health tech space. She holds dual degrees from Stanford in Computer Science (Biocomputation) and Philosophy.
  • Veritas fmr Product SVP on Blue Ocean Product Strategy Recorded: Mar 12 2020 62 mins
    David Noy
    A Blue Ocean strategy means pursuing differentiation and low costs in an effort to create a new market and demand. Product Managers are too often focused on sales’ immediate needs, what competitors are doing, or where the analysts are showing big profit pools. A PM must learn to see around corners, identify blue oceans, direct their sales/channel to focus where win rates are high instead of constantly chasing the tail of playing catchup because the product lost an opportunity. In this session, Veritas fmr Product SVP, David Noy, discusses how product managers should pick use cases, verticals, solve problems others cannot, and then expand.

    David Noy is Vice President of Products at Cohesity with a focus on data management, storage, and cloud workloads. Prior to Cohesity David was Senior Vice President of Product Management and General Manager for Supply Chain and Manufacturing at Veritas where he led the Appliances and Software Defined Storage organization with over 20 years of experience building world-class enterprise IT hardware and software solutions. Noy joined Veritas from Dell EMC where he was the Vice President of Product Management, Strategy, and Go-To-Market functions for the emerging data storage product lines to over $2 billion and in particular the Isilon product line which experienced over 400% growth during a 5 year period.
Products That Count
Products That Count is one of the largest communities of product managers, leaders and founders in the world. It provides insider access to founders and C-level execs such as Netflix Product VP, Crossing the Chasm legendary author, Trulia Founder, or Lyft CMO, via speaker series, podcasts, and invite-only executive retreats. Partners include WeChat, Yelp, LeanPlum, Pragmatic Marketing, and StartupDigest. Its venture arm, Mighty Capital, invests in companies building products that count once they have demonstrated product/market fit. More at ProductsThatCount.com.

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