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GoDaddy Sr. Product Lead on Dissecting Data

Product managers use all kinds of data and research to inform experimentation and product decisions. What happens when the data doesn't match up? How do you identify the right next step? In this session, GoDaddy Senior Director of Product Management, Katie van Zyl, discusses a case study from her team and shares strategies that you can apply with yours.

Katie van Zyl is currently a Senior Director of Product Management at Godaddy, where she leads product management for godaddy.com. She is passionate about GoDaddy's vision to empower the everyday entrepreneur by giving them the tools, insights, and people to transform their ideas and personal projects into success. Katie has spent 20+ years in the software industry leading product management teams across various products and platforms. She is also very passionate about supporting her fellow women in tech, volunteering with national and local organizations as well as leading the GoDaddy Women in Tech employee resource group.
Recorded Apr 9 2020 52 mins
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Katie VanZyl
Presentation preview: GoDaddy Sr. Product Lead on Dissecting Data

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