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Substantial VP of Strategy on Designing Products for Uncertainty

It’s an extraordinary time in which the entire world is having to respond to a crisis that we didn’t anticipate (or didn't want to anticipate). How might we create products and services that are resilient in the face of change? In this session, Substantial VP of Strategy, Sheryl Cababa, discusses principles for how designers and product managers can align design with societal outcomes, the importance of systems thinking, and the ability to anticipate and respond to change.

This webinar is sponsored by our partners at Amplitude. Amplitude is the market-leader for Product Intelligence. Their platform's powerful combination of product analytics, data management, and behavioral targeting empowers teams to use customer insights to drive conversion and retention. Over 30,000 teams use Amplitude to grow their digital business.

Learn more at amplitude.com.

About the speaker: Sheryl Cababa is VP of Strategy at Substantial, a Seattle-based digital design and development studio. Her background is in UX design and research, and she has previously worked for companies such as Artefact, frog, and Microsoft. She lectures at the University of Washington’s HCDE program and is currently a board member for Design in Public.
Recorded Jun 11 2020 53 mins
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Sheryl Cababa
Presentation preview: Substantial VP of Strategy on Designing Products for Uncertainty

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  • Anheuser-Busch Product Head on Product Building Variables Recorded: Oct 22 2020 51 mins
    Kurt Williams
    What product looks like and how it functions can vary widely between companies big and small, traditional and digital. Understanding the differences and similarities helps product managers deliver more value early and often. But how do you turn information into insight? Anheuser-Busch Product Head, Kurt Williams, shares ways product managers adapt to their environment effectively.

    Kurt Williams oversees customer-facing products at Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewer, transforming the way the company's retail customers interact and transact with it globally. He's worked at small, digitally-native companies in the B2C space and larger, more traditional companies. Kurt is a graduate of Columbia University and lives in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Rakuten Kobo Product Leader on Using Lessons to Build Frameworks Recorded: Oct 14 2020 47 mins
    Elyse Clement
    Successful product managers are always learning, from the moment they start their career to the day they take on leadership positions and beyond. Throughout that time, they stockpile product lessons to take with them into future projects and pass on to emerging product managers. How can these lessons be used to develop a framework for other products? Rakuten Kobo Product Leader Elyse Clement, discusses taking product lessons and using them to build frameworks.

    About the Speaker: Elyse has developed her passion for product management by finding creative ways to solve problems through technology in various businesses to launch Quebec retailer's first eCommerce experience, building user experiences in the global fashion space of BCBGMAXAZRIA in Los Angeles, growing the product craft on the agency side of Tribalscale through large scale product innovation, leading product and design teams, and enterprise digital transformation in Toronto, Boston and Dubai. Elyse is now taking these experiences into the digital reading world of Rakuten Kobo, where she is currently the Director of Product Management.
  • Reef Technology CTO on Evolving Product Strategy in a Time of Crisis Recorded: Oct 14 2020 58 mins
    Matt Lindenberger
    Amidst a global pandemic, most businesses were faced with unprecedented challenges, while others found opportunity. As CTO and head of Product Management at REEF, one product leader had a front row seat to one part of their business falling off a cliff in demand and the other side of the business seeing skyrocketing growth. So, how did they evolve product strategy while staying true to their core values and vision? In this session, Matt Lindenberger, Reef Technology CTO, discusses specific examples of how Reef Technology adapted their product strategy and execution to meet rapidly changing market conditions by creating and testing new brands, creating new lines of business, showing grit, and being true.

    Matt Lindenberger is currently the CTO at Reef Technology, which transforms static parking facilities into thriving mobility and logistical hubs. He has extensive management and entrepreneurial experience including multiple mergers and acquisition transactions - the most recent of which resulted in a public offering on NASDAQ.
  • Head of Product at Loop Commerce, a Synchrony company, on Product-led Go-to-Mark Recorded: Oct 7 2020 70 mins
    Subha Shetty
    Product Managers build their products, so it only seems fair that they would take an active role in their product’s go-to-market. There are so many reasons it leads to a more successful launch, from a clearer message regarding the product to a more continuous feedback loop. But sometimes, organizations divide roles and responsibilities between product and marketing and it affects the impact product managers can have. What steps can a product manager take to play an active role in the launch of the product they built? Subha Shetty, Head of Product at Loop Commerce, a Synchrony company, discusses how to craft an effective product-led go-to-market strategy.
  • Turning Product Insights into Product Actions Recorded: Sep 30 2020 55 mins
    Matin Movassate
    For a long time we’ve imagined that simply having the right data was all a Product team needed to build a great product. But this isn’t true. Even the best data isn’t useful if there's no easy way to bring it into your team’s workflow and decision-making processes. So how can you turn insights into action to build amazing products? We’ve invited Matin Movassate - Heap CEO, 2x Product Award Winner, Product Visionary - for a fireside chat with product veteran and Products That Count founder, SC Moatti. They’ll share technological and process-related strategies for bringing data into existing processes, and making it easy for the entire product team (if not the company as a whole!) to share data and make better decisions.

    Matin Movassate is the co-founder and CEO of Heap, a product analytics company. Movassate is a 2x Product Award Winner and Product Visionary with experience at Facebook as a product manager. Additionally, he interned at Google as an Associate Product Manager and Mozilla as a Software Engineer. Movassate earned a B.S. in Computer Science and Economics from Stanford University and completed coursework toward a M.S. in Computer Science.
  • Box Product VP on the Product Market Fit Journey from $0-10M Recorded: Sep 23 2020 78 mins
    Alok Ojha
    Building and launching a new Enterprise SaaS product from scratch is one of the hardest things a product manager can embark on. But how do you figure out how to take it from zero to $10 million and develop an effective go-to-market strategy? Box Product VP Alok Ojha dives into the Product/Market Fit journey and shares what he learned along the way, so you don't have to start from scratch on all dimensions and be left unsure of which direction to take.

    Alok Ojha is VP of Products at Box, Inc. Box is the leader in the Cloud Content Management market with over 97,000 customers, including 68% of Fortune 500 companies. Our mission is to power how the world works together. At Box, Alok leads security and enterprise product portfolio, driving Box's product strategy, long-term roadmap, and vision. Alok has conceptualized, delivered, launched, and scaled products in the enterprise software, SaaS, and Cloud Security markets. Alok is a strategic thinker with a growth mindset and has proven execution and leadership experience. He has worked at leading Enterprise SaaS software companies, including Proofpoint and RSA. He has also worked at startups, including CloudPassage and Syncplicity. Alok enjoys working with technical founders of startups, advising them on how to execute on a new product from concept to launch to growth.
  • fmr Etsy VP & Head of Etsy.com on Organizing Product Teams Recorded: Sep 17 2020 46 mins
    Jay Bergesen
    Organizing product teams can often be the last thing on your mind, but the approach you take often impacts the success of the individuals, the teams, and the company. How do you create focus, adaptability, and resiliency when change is a constant? In this session, Jay Bergesen, fmr Etsy VP & Head of Etsy.com and current Artifact Uprising CPO, discusses iterating through approaches to organizing product teams at companies of varying scale and the patterns that have emerged and sustained over time.

    Jay is a product executive with consumer technology and marketplace leadership experience at all levels of scale. He has two decades of experience building internet products. He’s currently the Chief Product Officer at Artifact Uprising, a Denver-based technology and consumer product company that helps people honor the meaningful in their lives through printed photo gifts, books, and more. Jay previously served as SVP of Product at Ibotta, the largest consumer tech company headquartered in Denver; VP of Etsy.com and other senior product management positions during a six year, high-growth period at Etsy; and Head of Product Management at Bloomberg.com. Earlier in his career, Jay served as Staff Interaction Designer at Yahoo and came into product management after holding several design and engineering roles.
  • uShip Head of Product on Product Leadership & Design Thinking Recorded: Sep 16 2020 75 mins
    Robin Reynolds
    Design Thinking is a powerful set of creative tools to learn more about your customers and design solutions to real problems. However, if your leadership team isn't bought in on the power and purpose of these exercises, it can be deflating and demoralizing. In this session, Robin Reynolds, Head of Product at uShip, discusses a time when design thinking worked well and when it didn't, making the case that product leadership plays an important role in its succes.

    Robin Reynolds is the Head of Product at uShip, researching and planning their pivot into the e-commerce furniture space, while building up and mentoring our product and design group. She’s worked in product across several different industries from advertising, to internet of things, to logistics and has worked in four person startups to 11,000+ personal corporations. Robin is a two time University of Texas at Austin graduate with a Masters in Technology Commercialization. Outside of work she loves to dance and work with her co-founders on their education tech startup!
  • stack.io Product Lead on Why You Should Be Failing Fast Recorded: Sep 10 2020 31 mins
    Robert Newsome
    Too often, and before you know it, the situation surrounding your product will change. Your latest solution or feature will become irrelevant. How can you avoid this? In this session, Rob Newsome, stack.io Product Lead, discusses agile product management and how speed and failure can take you to success.

    Rob Newsome is the Head of Product Management at stack.io - a Toronto based business for technology companies that seek DevOps expertise through modern, open-source solutions. He is passionate about the "people first" approach on both sides of customer and company with an aim to build promoters of the product both inside and out. Originally from small town Wales, Rob has been living in Canada for the past 10 years.
  • FYI & Crazy Egg Co-Founder on The Three Steps To Improve Retention Recorded: Sep 3 2020 55 mins
    Hiten Shah
    As Product people, we're accountable to everyone who uses our products. Our goal is to create the best possible experiences for them - retention is one of the most useful indicators that we are doing our jobs. In this session, Hiten Shah, FYI, KISSmetrics & Crazy Egg Co-Founder, discusses the three steps he uses to improve retention, and the benefits of incorporating customer obsession into your work

    Hiten Shah is Co-founder & CEO of FYI. He’s been building software companies since 2005 and previously started Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. He is well known for sharing his knowledge about building software businesses with other founders and executives. He has personally invested and advised companies such as Automattic, Buffer, Clearbit, Envoy, Front, LinkedIn and over 120 others.
  • Fmr Intercom Product Lead on Frameworks for Product Development Recorded: Sep 2 2020 63 mins
    Emily Wang
    For many startups, the concept of process runs counter to moving quickly. Bad process feels like bureaucracy but the appropriate one for your industry can unlock insights sooner and get value to customers faster. In this session, Emily Wang, fmr Intercom Product Lead and current Bento Co-Founder & CEO, discusses three frameworks for three industries and how to focus not just on shipping, but on launching the right thing.

    Emily Wang is the co-founder and CEO of Bento, a virtual war room for product launches. By integrating with tools like Slack, Jira and docs where work is already happening, Bento allows a product team to keep others up-to-date with minimal manual work. Prior to founding Bento, Emily was the Head of Product at askSpoke, and a former senior PM at both Intercom and Teespring.
  • fmr Tinder CPO on the 3 Pillars of Product Decision Making Recorded: Aug 26 2020 72 mins
    Ravi Mehta
    Making great products is the outcome of making great decisions. As product builders, we base decisions on three pillars: intuition, analytics, and customer feedback. The best decisions are drawn from all three pillars, but striking a consistent balance is difficult. People, teams, and companies tend to bias towards one type of decision making. In this session, Ravi Mehta, fmr Tinder CPO and founder of Slidevana, discusses examples from across the industry to illustrate the three pillars of product decision making and why it’s so hard to get it right all the time.

    Ravi Mehta is the founder and creator of Slidevana, a toolkit designed to help presenters create professional looking presentations in significantly less time. He’s also an angel investor and advisor primarily focused on consumer tech companies. Prior to doing that, he served as the CPO at Tinder and was a product leader at Facebook, TripAdvisor and XBOX. Ravi holds an MBA from MIT Sloan and a BS in Computer Engineering for Boston University.
  • fmr General Assembly VP Product on Succeeding in a New Remote Product Role Recorded: Aug 19 2020 55 mins
    Tara Goldman
    Starting a new product role can be daunting regardless of industry or level of experience. And for those of us who aren't experienced in working remotely, there are now new challenges that we haven't navigated before. In this session, Tara Goldman, fmr General Assembly VP Product and current Electric VP Product, gives practical advice about how to set yourself up for success when starting a new remote product role, strategies for successful remote onboarding, and work, and ways to achieve outcomes quickly.

    Tara Goldman is VP Product at Electric and has been building and leading product teams from growth stage startups to mature enterprise organizations for over a decade. Prior to Electric, she'd held product leadership roles at General Assembly, WW (formerly Weight Watchers), and The College Board.
  • RetailMeNot CPO on Product Strategy Fundamentals Recorded: Aug 12 2020 66 mins
    Josh Platt
    Strategy is a word that is thrown around quite a bit and often product teams have wildly different definitions of what makes-up a product strategy. In this session, Josh Platt, RetailMeNot’s CPO, discusses a few examples of product strategies from his time at Nordstrom.com and RetailMeNot with the intent of developing a shared point of view on what a good product strategy looks like.

    Josh Platt is currently the CPO of RetailMeNot. He’s a product leader with an extensive history managing cross-disciplinary teams responsible for building digital commerce and omnichannel experiences with an emphasis on machine learning-driven innovation. Josh has significant experience transforming digital consumer experiences from his time at Nordstrom.com and RetailMeNot (mobile web, desktop, iOS and Android applications). He also has an extensive history building SaaS applications and enterprise software while at Microsoft.
  • Diversys CEO on Entrepreneurial Lessons from Building Software at a Startup Recorded: Aug 12 2020 52 mins
    Roger Barlow
    There are challenges, risks, successes, and learnings that are par for the course in most startups. How can we learn from others and try to avoid their pitfalls? In this session, Roger Barlow, Diversys Software’s Co-Founder and CEO, discusses his experiences building software starting at the very beginning of Diversys. This talk includes how to navigate the unforeseeable, such as a global pandemic.

    Roger Barlow, Diversys Software’s Co-Founder and CEO, has 25 years of wide-ranging experience with both start-ups and Fortune 100 global tech multi-nationals, including having lived in Japan for nearly ten years, resulting in a strong balance of technical knowledge in software and cloud architecture, strategic business acumen, and finance expertise. Named the 2016 CareerEdge Mentor of the Year while at Bell Canada, Roger is also a dedicated leader and visionary. Roger is a Licensed Professional Engineer (P. Eng) with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto and an MBA from McGill University.
  • Pure Storage VP of Product on A Matter of Product Metrics Recorded: Aug 5 2020 57 mins
    Meghna Misra
    How do you know that the awesome product you built solves the problem it was intended to and delivers on the customer benefit? Most product managers have an overwhelming amount of data at their fingertips but are quite in the dark on how to identify, define, measure and use meaningful metrics to evaluate product success. The key is to pay special attention to those metrics that help you make decisions that in turn make your product better. In this session, Meghna Misra, Pure Storage VP of Product, discusses an understanding of which metrics matter most in the context of your user base and gives you the best (and timely) indication of whether your product is really working.

    This webinar is sponsored by our partners at Amplitude. Amplitude is the market-leader for Product Intelligence. Their platform's powerful combination of product analytics, data management, and behavioral targeting empowers teams to use customer insights to drive conversion and retention. Over 30,000 teams use Amplitude to grow their digital business.

    Meghna Misra is the Vice President of Products at Pure Storage, where she leads product management, marketing and experience design for the as-a-service product offerings. She’s a business-focused product leader with a strong engineering background and demonstrated ability to build world-class products from the ground up. Over the past 16 years, she has led innovative SaaS and mobile products in early stage startups as well as large corporate environments like Microsoft and Intuit. Her compulsive customer-focus and strong people skills enable her to consistently deliver products that delight users while accelerating business growth.
  • Ripple Product Lead on Bootstrapping New Ecosystems Using Blockchain Recorded: Jul 23 2020 40 mins
    Craig DeWitt
    Blockchain is one of the more intriguing emerging technologies around. What has developing a blockchain solution taught us about building products using emerging technologies? In this session, Ripple Product Lead, Craig DeWitt, discusses how to leverage cutting edge emerging technologies, such as Digital Assets, to bootstrap new multisided ecosystems from scratch. The talk begins with an overview of identifying the technological platform and moves on to deciding which of your stakeholders are customers vs partners. From there, we'll discuss leveraging all three (platform, customer, partners) as instruments to build valuable ecosystems.

    This webinar is sponsored by our partners at Amplitude. Amplitude is the market-leader for Product Intelligence. Their platform's powerful combination of product analytics, data management, and behavioral targeting empowers teams to use customer insights to drive conversion and retention. Over 30,000 teams use Amplitude to grow their digital business.

    Learn more at amplitude.com.

    About the speaker: I have my undergrad from UC Berkeley and my MBA from Stanford - I met my wife at Berkeley, so in terms of loyalties I'm still a Golden Bear. In between educations I worked at Bloomberg on the core platform of financial analytics products. My most recent career has been the 5 years I've spent building the Internet of Value at Ripple where I've been responsible for the strategic development of RippleNet, the world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments.
  • fmr Squarespace Product Lead on How to Build Great Creative Tools Recorded: Jul 16 2020 53 mins
    Asha Gupta
    What do great tools have in common? How do you elegantly balance ease-of-use and power? How do you build a system incrementally when all the parts are interconnected and need to be considered holistically? How do you leave room for flexibility and the emergence of use cases you never dreamed of? In many ways the answer is to build tools similar to how we write code, modularly and iteratively. In this session, fmr Squarespace Product Lead and current Jobber Senior Product Manager, Asha Gupta, discusses designing and evolving creative products.

    This webinar is sponsored by our partners at Amplitude. Amplitude is the market-leader for Product Intelligence. Their platform's powerful combination of product analytics, data management, and behavioral targeting empowers teams to use customer insights to drive conversion and retention. Over 30,000 teams use Amplitude to grow their digital business.

    Learn more at amplitude.com.

    About the speaker: Asha Gupta has 10+ years shipping products at early and mid-stage companies including Venmo, Squarespace, Etsy and Hopscotch. She specializes in building systems/tools that are easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for advanced users. She started out as a UX researcher, then moved into front-end dev/design and finally found her home mixing it all together in Product Management. She recently moved back to her home town in Edmonton, Alberta to help grow the local tech scene and join a local upstart, Jobber.
  • The Design Gym Co-Founder & President on The People Part of Product Recorded: Jul 8 2020 57 mins
    Jason Wisdom
    Whether we’re looking within our organizations or externally to our customers, it’s the people that are the most significant, and also the most complex part of the product management equation. In this session, The Design Gym Co-Founder & President, Jason Wisdom, discusses the questions, rituals, and behavioral norms we can put in place to make navigating people challenges a bit easier.

    As a Co-founder and President of The Design Gym, Jason Wisdom has spent the last 8 years of his career coaching leaders and designing experiences that support greater human understanding. From redesigning global sales processes to focus on trust building, to pushing mental health into product roadmapping, Jason lives to connect the dots between supporting social needs and driving business metrics.
  • Intersect Product Lead on Featureless Product Roadmaps Recorded: Jul 8 2020 34 mins
    Sam Kawtharani
    Creating a product roadmap is a delicate balancing act between building a product that maximizes revenue while being able to create an impact in the shortest amount of time possible. How can product managers accomplish this? In this session, Intersect Product Lead, Sam Kawtharani, offers a comparison between the traditional and feature-less roadmap. The talk also includes a brief discussion on why the feature-less roadmap could be a better fit for your product.

    Sam Kawtharani is an experienced product leader who specializes in driving vision and roadmap for businesses from startup to IPO. He focuses on collaboration between customer and company, with cross-functional partners to launch cutting-edge business solutions, driving greater operational efficiencies, engagement, and revenues. Sam is passionate about combining the best of technology, data and product, and design to execute a successful product vision.
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