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Blink UX Chief Creative Officer on Inspiring Teams and Aligning Stakeholders

The goal of any great product is to delight the customer through beauty, interactive simplicity, innovation, and features that bring value. An ambitious goal if there ever was one. What are the techniques and processes product leaders need in order to create a product vision that truly inspires? Pulling from over 2 decades of award-winning design experience, Blink Chief Creative Officer joins Products That Count to show the design-led processes that help product teams to prioritize features, differentiate a product in the marketplace, and bring brands to life.
Recorded Aug 10 2021 61 mins
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Presented by
Bill Flora
Presentation preview: Blink UX Chief Creative Officer on Inspiring Teams and Aligning Stakeholders

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  • Of Physics, Music, and Products: My Road to CPO Recorded: Oct 11 2021 48 mins
    Shampa Banerjee
    The best product teams leverage diversity of thought and product managers with a broad array of experience are usually more successful. Building successful products and organizations requires focus and clarity on fundamental principles and not just following playbooks. How can we encourage individuals from different walks of life to take an interest in learning more about product leadership in this Age of Product? Product leader Shampa Banerjee joins Products That Count to illustrate how embracing her training in physics and music helped map her journey as a CPO.
  • Exec Prod&Mkt Ldr on Key to Collab with Sales and Mkt for Product Launch Recorded: Sep 30 2021 40 mins
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    Executive Product and Marketing Leader Seema Pandya will share key cross-functional milestones of collaboration pre-launch and during launch.
  • Moving Fast and Saving Lives! Recorded: Sep 9 2021 34 mins
    Vidya Venkatesh
    Exact Sciences Global Product and Strategy Leader Vidya Venkatesh dives into what makes commercially successful and impactful healthcare products.
  • Why is Globalization a Sine Qua Non for Products That Count? Recorded: Aug 26 2021 37 mins
    Jean-Francois Vanreusel
    Globalization is the art of developing awesome products and experiences for any customer around the world. What are the best practices to design and develop world-ready products efficiently and effectively? In this talk, Jean-François Vanreusel of Adobe will highlight the key role that globalization plays in product strategy and share best practices to design and develop world-ready products efficiently and effectively.
  • Oracle Cloud Product Director on Creating the Roadmap That Delights Everyone Recorded: Aug 12 2021 39 mins
    Devika Nair
    Once the initial version of a product has launched, a product manager has to balance between the needs of their many customers, addressing engineering debt, and staying aligned with the business or organization goals. This can result in tough trade-off decisions like keeping the existing customers happy or launching the feature that would make a product the market leader. What are some common challenges product managers face when creating their roadmaps? OCI Director of Product Devika Nair gives some thoughts about techniques that have helped her manage both customer-facing and platform products.
  • The Winners Circle w/ Userleap CEO: Resolving Product Issues Recorded: Aug 11 2021 49 mins
    Ryan Glasgow
    The 2021 Product Awards brought together the very best in digital products, highlighting the market leaders that are taking the product world by storm in this new Age of Product. How can product leaders take their digital acceleration to the next level? Join us in The Winners Circle with UserLeap CEO Ryan Glasgow where we'll break down what makes a winning product, and the ways product leaders can resolve issues during the product lifecycle.
  • The Winners Circle w/ Invision Product SVP: Iteration and Research Recorded: Aug 11 2021 50 mins
    Jeff Chow
    The 2021 Product Awards brought together the very best in digital products, highlighting the market leaders that are taking the product world by storm in this new Age of Product. How can product leaders maximize their user research and accelerate iterations in the lifecycle? Join us in The Winners Circle with Invision Product SVP Jeff Chow where we'll break down how to make market-leading digital products with world-class product design.
  • Google Fmr Product Lead on Serving Multiple Personas in B2B Software Recorded: Aug 11 2021 51 mins
    Will Doolittle
    In enterprise software, there's a constant tension about which personas to prioritize solving problems for, be they end-users, admin users, buyers, executives, or variations of each. How can product leaders develop software products that meet the needs of all these personas, without multiplying the surface area or complexity of the product? Humu Product VP and Google Fmr Product Lead Will Doolittle speaks on developing and measuring successful B2B software products that serve multiple personas.
  • Curology Fmr Head of Product on Stakeholder Management and Product Strategy Recorded: Aug 11 2021 69 mins
    Bani Malhotra
    Product Management is a cross-functional, creative, and strategic discipline and being a great product manager requires one to possess a swiss army knife of skills. What are some well-documented challenges that occur daily in the life of a product manager and how does one smoothly overcome them? Curoloy Fmr Head of Product Harbani Malhotra shares frameworks, tips, and tricks to help product leaders navigate common product management challenges such as stakeholder management and product strategy.
  • Arkadium Fmr Product VP on Product Management for Gaming Products Recorded: Aug 11 2021 44 mins
    Tanya Zuger
    Gaming is a billion-dollar industry that is growing every year with games becoming an essential part of our lives. Many young professionals in Product Management dream about landing a job in games but are unsure if their skills don't fit. What does it mean to be a Product Manager in Games and what are the key industry differences? Arkadium former Product VP Tanya Zuger shares critical skills that PMs need to develop for a career in games and provides advice for anyone wanting to transition to the gaming industry.
  • ClearDATA CPO on the Post-Pandemic Impact to Healthcare Recorded: Aug 11 2021 49 mins
    Suhas Kelkar
    There's no doubt that 2020 changed the world forever, but the impact on business, and healthcare in particular, is only now coming to light. Looking forward, what role do cloud, data, and apps play in helping to make healthcare better every single day? ClearDATA CPO Suhas Kelkar shares enlightening healthcare use cases that demonstrate industry resilience and will analyze the innovation evolution occurring now in healthcare through a post-pandemic lens.
  • Indeed Fmr Product Director on Balancing Product Tradeoffs Recorded: Aug 11 2021 44 mins
    Matthew Bostwick
    Every day a product manager has to make the hard, mission-driven decisions that keep a product steering toward its North Star. That means being able to say no, make fine adjustments, and know when to pivot. What are some techniques to help recognize and call out needed changes while keeping a product lifecycle balanced? Indeed Fmr Product Director Matthew Bostwick shares ways that product leaders can both stay true to a mission objective, and balance the product tradeoffs that occur along the way.
  • GameClub COO & Head of Product on Discovering Value Recorded: Aug 11 2021 41 mins
    Britt Myers
    Every part of the product lifecycle begins with value, be it for the user or the business. Before transferring ownership to other teams it's important to have value ideation locked in place, so how do product leaders go about discovering value before bringing in other stakeholders? GameClub COO and Head of Product Britt Myers will walk you through his career and how he has used various strategies and tools to discover value before team handoffs.
  • Fairmarkit Head of Product on Managing People Who Manage Products Recorded: Aug 11 2021 69 mins
    Kelly McStay
    Product management can be vastly different depending on the organization, and setting a team up for success can mean very different things. It's clear, though, that the influence of product leaders shapes teams' career trajectories. How can leaders empower their teams with the skills and context needed to navigate product both in the company and beyond? Join Fairmarkit Head of Product Kelly McStay to discover ways to accelerate team development and create great product leaders.
  • DFINITY Product VP on the Key Product Trends of the Future Recorded: Aug 10 2021 65 mins
    Brendan Foley
    There has never been a better time to make the future happen than right now. Interconnected technology trends like cloud and quantum computing, 5G and 6G wireless, IoT, AI, VR, and blockchain will transform our lives. How can product managers play a critical role in ensuring that their products make the future happen vs. missing the mark? DFINITY Product VP Brendan Foley gives an overview of the key trends driving the future and how your product can succeed through a systematic, never-ending focus on value.
  • IdeaCloud Product VP on Escaping the Feature Factory Recorded: Aug 10 2021 55 mins
    Deedee Olsen
    As product leaders, we face a seemingly bottomless pool of disjointed feature requests, unscaleable customer ideas, and conflicting internal pet projects. What strategic frameworks can product managers use to avoid technical debt, features that fall flat, and diminished team motivation? IdeaCloud Product VP Deedee Olsen joins Products That Count to share ways to examine your product strategies, introduce data-driven frameworks into your workflow, and close the door on that Feature Factory for good.
  • Microsoft Product Director shares Enduring Frameworks For Product Leaders Recorded: Aug 10 2021 58 mins
    Joe Cepollina
    The landscape of digital products is changing at a breakneck pace. Bounding from "V-Model" hardware and software development to Machine Learning in just a few short years, what are the evergreen frameworks that will help product leaders keep up and build digital products that solve problems that range from putting satellites in space to combatting fake news? Microsoft Product Director Joe Cepollina shares lessons that transcend industry change, and focus on building products that matter for people.
  • OneClass Product Director on Frameworks to Solve User Roadblocks Recorded: Aug 10 2021 43 mins
    Katherine Chong
    Habit-forming is a big challenge for many products, but when it's in education, the challenge increases tremendously. How can product managers use emotions to better acquire and retain their users through funnels which can be a struggle for users to go through? OneClass Director of Products, Katherine Chong will walk attendees through a framework to better identify user roadblocks and present exercises to find a solution that alleviates them.
  • NCR Corp. Product Director on The Key Drivers of Product Market Fit Recorded: Aug 10 2021 43 mins
    Amit Acharya
    Driving the product-market fit is one of the most fundamental pillars of building successful products - be it in an early-stage startup or within an established enterprise. It’s the proverbial holy grail - but how do you drive it? What are the key elements to consider, measure and pivot on? In this session, NCR Corp. Head of Product Amit Acharya speaks on driving the product-market fit through the lens of a startup as well as an enterprise.
  • Google Product Lead on Getting Executive Buy-In Recorded: Aug 10 2021 54 mins
    Ravi Gampala
    In order to successfully drive product strategy and execution, product leaders need buy-in from key players on the executive teams. Getting that support takes data, finesse, and no small amount of gumption. What mistakes can product managers avoid when presenting to executives? Google Product Lead Ravi Gampala shares his executive preparation checklist and the pitfalls product leaders can sidestep when presenting to the executive team.
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  • Title: Blink UX Chief Creative Officer on Inspiring Teams and Aligning Stakeholders
  • Live at: Aug 10 2021 8:56 pm
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