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Real-Time Vulnerability Assessment for Rapid Response to Security Threats

State Garden, a top producer of salad greens in the northeastern U.S., had two serious cybersecurity issues that needed to be addressed:

1.) Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints on the company’s network were undetectable.
2.) Vulnerability Assessment (VA) scans were missing mobile Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) systems that come and go from the network.

Both issues were creating an attack surface that was increasingly harder to monitor and protect.

Billy Lewis, State Garden Director of IT, will share the challenges he faced to:
•Maximize efficiency of limited IT security resources and personnel
•Protect company assets from unauthorized or non-compliant devices connecting to the network
•Automate endpoint compliance and remediation
•Orchestrate multisystem security

In addition, Lewis will explain the role the ForeScout-Rapid7 solution played in reducing the attack surface and accelerating remediation on State Garden’s network.
Recorded Sep 28 2016 40 mins
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Presented by
Bill Lewis, Dir. of IT, State Garden, Erick Ingleby, PM. Forescout & Jorhn Schimelpfenig, Sr. Business Dev. Manager, Rapid7
Presentation preview: Real-Time Vulnerability Assessment for Rapid Response to Security Threats

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  • Let Us Re-Introduce You to Your VPN: A Rapid Response Discussion Apr 9 2020 3:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Ted Lee, Senior Systems Engineer II, Forescout Technologies
    With a 112% increase in VPN usage in a matter of days, many teams are challenged with ensuring they continue to enforce mature device hygiene practices that support the world’s “new normal”. A normal that includes entire workforces connecting to corporate networks from home. Join this discussion to hear five key areas of focus to ensure your VPN connectivity and control is secure end-to-end, including:

    · Visibility of Endpoints
    · Manageability of Endpoints
    · Assessment of Risk (Compliance) of VPN Endpoints
    · Binary Control of VPN Endpoints
    · Granular (Role Access) of VPN Endpoints
  • Spotlight on OT Cybersecurity: Emerging Trends in Oil & Gas Apr 8 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Matt Fleharty, Systems Engineer, Forescout & Eric Smith, OT Account Manager, Forescout
    Cybersecurity in the oil & gas industry has skyrocketed to the top of everyone’s mind this year as stakeholders face new, advanced cyberthreats targeting their operational technology (OT) networks. Examples of these threats becoming a reality have played out with increasing frequency over the past three years, ranging from the TRITON attack that disabled safety controllers to the recent ransomware attack on a natural gas facility that shut down a pipeline for 2 days.
    To truly mitigate operational and safety risks from disruptionware, oil & gas producers need the complete picture of what’s on their OT network, the threats its most vulnerable to, and how to mature their security program to a proactive, rather than reactive, position.

    Join us during this webinar to learn:

    - The nuances of IT-OT convergence within the oil & gas sector
    - Common challenges and threats across the industry
    - What risk management techniques forward-thinking companies are implementing
    - Recommendations to future-proof OT security strategy for oil & gas producers
  • Move Beyond VPN to Secure your Remote Workforce Apr 2 2020 3:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Forescout Product Marketing Team
    We’re all juggling numerous challenges from the rapid shift to remote working. The priority for most teams is maintaining productivity. Many organizations looked first to VPNs and quickly scaled their infrastructure to allow remote access to on-site corporate resources. Meanwhile, security teams continue to wrestle with how to ensure security without disrupting the business. To minimize risk, every organization needs complete visibility into the security of remotely connected corporate and BYOD assets.
    Join Forescout to learn how to quickly:

    •Discover all remote devices connecting to your network, including BYOD systems
    •Identify which remotely connected devices meet your security policies, and which don’t
    •Automate policy-based controls to protect your network, even with a remote team
  • Identify and Act Faster – Forescout 8.2 Accelerates Risk Mitigation. Recorded: Mar 17 2020 46 mins
    Jeni Lloyd, Product Marketing & Mitesh Shah, Technical Marketing, Forescout Technologies
    Building a complete picture of your device landscape, including all device types, across siloed tools and teams, can be expensive and often impossible to achieve. However, complete situational accuracy of your device landscape is critical to accurately identifying and proactively responding to risk. CIOs, CISOs, network and security teams need a shared understanding of device insights to increase security collaboration.

    Join us to learn how Forescout 8.2 can help you identify and act – faster, by providing actionable device context to pinpoint, prioritize and quickly mitigate risk across campus, data center, cloud and OT networks.

    Session highlights:

    • Demo: Watch firsthand how Forescout 8.2 helps mitigate risk during a global outbreak
    • eyeExtend App Ecosystem: Learn how to build an integrated security strategy by leveraging community-built apps
    • Cloud-first deployments: Gain flexibility and faster time-to-value with AWS and Azure deployment options
  • Drinking the ICS Jolt Cola: Jumpstart Your NIST CSF Maturity for OT Networks Recorded: Feb 19 2020 31 mins
    Brian Proctor, Director of Strategic Accounts & Sandeep Lota, Sr. Systems Engineer, Forescout Technologies
    Asset owners today want to understand how investments made in people, process, or technology are progressing the maturity of their ICS security programs to validate those investments. Whether asset owners are spending one dollar, one million dollars, or one hour of their time, understanding which investments are actually improving the overall ICS security program and reducing risk is essential to determine where to spend resources.

    The NIST Cybersecurity Framework helps asset owners measure security control maturity in both IT and OT domains, and can be useful to understand if ICS security investments are working or not. This talk will breakdown all five NIST CSF functions and focus on specific use cases for each to help jumpstart any ICS security program.
  • Accelerate Enterprise-Wide Network Segmentation with eyeSegment Recorded: Dec 11 2019 60 mins
    Sandeep Kumar, Sr. Director of Product Marketing & Abdi Saee, Principal Product Marketing Manager
    Accelerate network segmentation projects while reducing operational complexity and minimizing business disruption.

    Forescout eyeSegment extends the capabilities of the Forescout platform to address segmentation challenges across multiple network domains and multiple enforcement technologies. It enables organizations to embrace zero trust principles for all connected devices, including IoT and OT.

    Join us to learn how Forescout eyeSegment:
    • Accelerates the design, planning and deployment of dynamic network segmentation across the extended enterprise to reduce your attack surface and regulatory risk.
    • Simplifies the process of creating context-aware segmentation policies and simulating them prior to enforcement to minimize business disruption.
    • Orchestrates segmentation controls across diverse enforcement technologies and network domains.
  • Zero Trust Security in the Age of IoT and OT Recorded: Dec 3 2019 56 mins
    Sandeep Kumar, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Forescout Feat. Chase Cunningham, Principal Analyst, Forrester
    In its October 2019 Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Wave Report, Forrester calls IoT and OT device security, “one of the hardest problems to solve within the enterprise."* As unmanaged devices become commonplace on networks, security and risk professionals must rethink the concept of identity and expand their Zero Trust initiatives to include such devices.

    Watch this live webinar hosted by Forescout Senior Director of Product Marketing Sandeep Kumar, featuring Chase Cunningham of Forrester Research to learn why it’s essential to:

    • Embrace Zero Trust holistically across all types of users, devices and connected things
    • Expand the concept of identity to include IoT and OT
    • Use a context-based approach to enterprise-wide network segmentation

    *Source: The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q4 2019
  • IT, OT, and IoT — Oh, my! Learn to see and secure it all with Forescout + Ixia Recorded: Nov 21 2019 42 mins
    Tim Jones, Sr. Dir of Sys Engr of Forescout; Scott Register, VP Product Mgt & Dennis Carpio, Sr. Dir , Bus. Dev. of Ixia
    The Internet of Things (IoT) means a relentless stream of devices connecting to your network at all times. Together, ForeScout and Ixia have developed a proven approach to achieving constant visibility and control — and in turn, security.

    Attend this webinar to learn about emerging challenges at the edge of your network where new users and operational technology (OT) devices may be connecting without alerting your IT team.
    You will learn to:

    • Continuously secure and manage your network across IT, IoT, and OT devices
    • Bridge new visibility gaps from the data center to the network edge
    • Streamline and accelerate migration to SD-WAN—without adding risk

    Join us to secure devices the moment they connect — and maintain control for as long as they stay connected.
  • Best Practices for Healthcare Digital Transformation Recorded: Nov 21 2019 43 mins
    John Lehane, Product Marketing & Danny Akacki, Technical Manager, Gigamon; Lyle Kelly, Sr. Systems Engineer, Forescout
    Are you ready for digital transformation? Transformation begins with visibility – looking inside the network “black box” and understanding exactly what’s running. But we know that can be easier said than done, especially in the healthcare industry where privacy, security and compliance are paramount.

    Join our webinar to hear experts from Gigamon and Forescout delve into the network and security challenges they’ve observed in healthcare. Participants will learn how to surmount the challenges in:

    • Achieving visibility of digital app usage across distributed, dynamic environments
    • Ensuring the most relevant application traffic is delivered to the right security tool
    • Pinpointing lateral movement of malware and shadow IT for faster time to detection and remediation
    • Monitoring, tracking and securing Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices
    • Integrating new sites and locations into your network
  • Yes, IT and OT Are Converging. So How Does This Affect Compliance? Recorded: Nov 12 2019 59 mins
    Thomas Nuth, Sr. Director of Solution Marketing Don Weber, SANS Instructor
    Refreshing compliance strategy for the age of IT-OT convergence challenges cybersecurity stakeholders across the functional spectrum, from CISOs to plant managers. In this webinar, we will explore popular frameworks that help reduce cyber risk, as well as how organizations can streamline regulatory and compliance efforts with better processes and the right technology.

    Attendees will walk away with an understanding of key frameworks and standards, and the best practices for implementing them, including:

    - The NIST Cybersecurity Framework
    - NIST 800-53
    - The NERC CIP Regulations
  • Device Visibility and Control: Streamlining IT and OT Security Recorded: Nov 5 2019 60 mins
    Don Murdoch is a SANS community instructor & Sandeep Kumar, Senior Director of Product and Technical Marketing Forescout
    Recently Forescout updated its multifaceted IT/OT network device visibility and control platform to enhance the product's long-standing reputation for handling network admission controls. In this review, SANS analyst and instructor Don Murdoch digs into the product's capabilities and explores these key areas:

    - Device discovery
    - Auto classification
    - Risk assessment
    - Automating security controls
    - Scalability/flexibility

    Register today to be among the first to receive the associated whitepaper written by security expert Don Murdoch.
  • CEO Speaks: Top 5 Risks That CISOs Need to Quantify Recorded: Oct 29 2019 59 mins
    Jack Jones, Chairman of The FAIR Institute & Gaurav Pal, CEO and Founder of stackArmor
    As breaches continue to make headlines, CEOs are now being held personally accountable, often resulting in loss of job and reputation. This accountability extends to both public sector and commercial entities, especially those involved in critical infrastructure. Forescout is pleased to host a frank discussion with two experienced executives in the risk and information security industry who not only run these organizations, but also evangelize the importance of prioritizing risk from third-party and other sources.

    They will provide insight on:
    • Top risks and exposure, especially from the convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) infrastructures.
    • How frameworks like NIST RMF and CSF play a role in establishing good risk hygiene.
    • Actionable playbook to consider when creating and presenting a risk plan to the CEO and board.
  • 7 Questions Risk Stakeholders Should Be Asking OT Security Providers Recorded: Oct 21 2019 16 mins
    Sandeep Lota, Sr. Systems Engineer
    Webinar: Gartner - How We Answer the 7 Questions Risk Stakeholders Should Be Asking OT Security Providers.

    The diverse and complex nature of IIoT and OT security use cases can make the technology selection difficult, and unfortunately, copying IT security practices and technology will not result in a secure OT environment.To achieve lasting success with OT cybersecurity investments, managers must ask prescriptive questions during the technology procurement process. In this webinar, we discuss the seven questions recommended by Gartner for risk management leaders to ask during their OT security technology selection and how Forescout answers them.
  • Protecting Today’s Smart City Through Device Visibility & Control Recorded: Oct 17 2019 27 mins
    Jonathan Jesse is a Senior Systems Engineer, State & Local, Forescout Technologies
    The vision of smart cities is bright—automating critical public services, improving community interactions and achieving untold levels of efficiency in a connected, technology-driven society. But along with all of this boundless potential comes untold risk of a cybersecurity breach.

    Join us for this insightful webinar to hear how Forescout Technologies is playing a critical role in securing these technologically advanced communities to mitigate risk, increase visibility across the extended enterprise, and provide the necessary controls needed to secure these smart environments.

    Webinar topics include:

    ·Protecting our Law Enforcement technology – from vehicles to dispatch, and all devices in between
    ·Risks and challenges of new technologies with Smart Transportation and Digital Services
    ·Real case studies of Smart Cities and how they manage the risk of IoT and the connected reality

    Sponsored By Forescout Technologies + ISA Cybersecurity
  • Tearing Down a Building Network Using IoT Devices: A Forescout Labs Case Study Recorded: Sep 5 2019 46 mins
    Daniel dos Santos, Forescout Labs Researcher
    With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), devices like surveillance cameras and smart lighting systems are now widely available and rapidly being integrated into new and existing smart buildings. These devices are much cheaper than industrial controllers and far easier to install, but they often lack security features, and vulnerabilities are being discovered with increasing frequency. As the scale of IoT devices grows, so does the need to keep them in check.

    Using a smart building as their case study, Forescout Labs investigated how IoT devices can be leveraged as an entry point to a building’s network, where legacy OT assets, IT systems and IoT devices all intersect. In this webinar, we discuss the key findings from our research, including:

    - How the IoT is impacting the organizational threat landscape
    - The additional risks that IoT devices introduce
    - How to evolve your cybersecurity strategy for the age of IoT
  • BLUEKEEP and Deja Blue: Havoc on the horizon for healthcare Recorded: Aug 28 2019 30 mins
    Liran Chen, Senior Director, System Engineering Forescout
    Despite dire warnings from Microsoft, industry and government agencies, the BlueKeep vulnerability still looms large on the networks of many enterprises with as many as 800,000 Windows devices still remain vulnerable to attackers using Remote Desktop Services in Windows.
    To help mitigate the risk of this potential vulnerability, join Liran Chen, Senior Director, System Engineering Forescout to learn how organizations can take the following actions:

    *Investigate the scope of BlueKeep risk, by identifying the quantity of vulnerable devices
    *Isolate non-compliant devices, and initiate remediation actions on actionable areas
    *Improve overall security posture and patching routines to maintain security compliance
  • Lessons Learned Fighting Modern Cyberthreats in ICS Networks Recorded: Jul 30 2019 57 mins
    Sandeep Lota, Senior Systems Engineer OT at Forescout
    Critical infrastructure organizations are increasingly becoming targets of malware campaigns. This rising tide of cyberthreats, coupled with the increased exposure of OT networks to the Internet is making ICS network protection a strategically important issue. To stay cyber resilient in today’s environment, asset owners need a fresh approach to cybersecurity.
    During this webinar, we will discuss an anonymized investigation conducted by our team to identify a real malware infection on a production network, the tools and techniques used to contain this threat and how to use threat intelligence and visibility to stay ahead of cyber adversaries.

    We will focus on improving security strategy in four key areas, in the context of the SANS Top 20 CIS Controls:
    - Asset visibility and network baselining
    - Continuous network monitoring
    - Threat intelligence ingestion
    - Thorough incident response plans
  • IT Centralization Challenges: M&A within the University Recorded: Jul 30 2019 55 mins
    Shawn Taylor, Sr. Systems Engineer, Forescout Technologies & Mark Runals, Sr. Solutions Architect, Blackwood Associates, Inc
    IT consolidation towards a single infrastructure management organization is an increasing trend within the Higher Education space. As Colleges and Universities move to undertake these centralization activities, concerns are raised by the central IT Operations, Networking, and Security teams over the lack of insight into the systems and environments to be "acquired." With partial asset lists and little to no visibility there is incomplete understanding of how the risk profile of Central IT will change or the lift associated with bringing the onboarded unit to existing organizational or regulatory compliance standards. This webinar will explore various challenges associated with centralization within Higher Ed and how Forescout helps centralized IT organizations achieve complete visibility and a contextual understanding of all assets and devices, ensuring they get a handle on the environments they’ll be onboarding; ultimately mitigating risks they instantly face when they take over operational responsibility.
  • Healthcare Under A Microscope – Understanding and Overcoming Cybersecurity Recorded: Jun 24 2019 28 mins
    LYLE KELLY, Sr. Solutions Engineer – Healthcare Forescout
    The device landscape in the healthcare sector is growing exponentially, adding to the complexity of the network, and making it challenging for IT and security personnel to remain compliant and enforce patient safety and privacy. To better understand the complexity of healthcare networks and potential vulnerabilities, Forescout research analyzed 75 healthcare deployments with over 1.5 million devices.

    Join Lyle Kelly, Sr. Solutions Engineer, to review the research findings and for an interactive discussion on overcoming common cybersecurity challenges by:

    Building a security foundation based on a complete and accurate asset inventory
    Minimizing downtime by containing risk with zone-based segmentation
    Improving security productivity and responsiveness by automating security controls
  • 2019 SANS OT/ICS Cybersecurity Survey Webcast Recorded: Jun 17 2019 61 mins
    SANS experts Doug Wylie and Barb Filkins, with advisor and SANS instructor Jason Dely
    Critical infrastructure organizations are increasingly becoming targets of malware campaigns. This rising tide of cyberthreats, coupled with the increased exposure of OT networks to the Internet is making ICS network protection a strategically important issue. To stay cyber resilient in todays environment, asset owners need a fresh approach to cybersecurity.

    During this webinar, we will discuss an anonymized investigation conducted by our team to identify a real malware infection on a production network, the tools and techniques used to contain this threat and how to use threat intelligence and visibility to stay ahead of cyber adversaries.

    We will focus on improving security strategy in four key areas, in the context of the SANS Top 20 CIS Controls:

    - Asset visibility and network baselining
    - Continuous network monitoring
    - Threat intelligence ingestion
    - Thorough incident response plans
Device Visibility & Control across the extended enterprise
Forescout Technologies is the leader in device visibility and control. Our unified security platform enables enterprises and government agencies to gain complete situational awareness of their extended enterprise environments and orchestrate actions to reduce cyber and operational risk.

Learn more about our products, hear about new cybersecurity trends and see how Forescout helps you address these.

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  • Title: Real-Time Vulnerability Assessment for Rapid Response to Security Threats
  • Live at: Sep 28 2016 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Bill Lewis, Dir. of IT, State Garden, Erick Ingleby, PM. Forescout & Jorhn Schimelpfenig, Sr. Business Dev. Manager, Rapid7
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