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RWJBarnabas on Automation and Compliance in the Age of Connected Healthcare

As New Jersey’s largest integrated healthcare delivery system and one of the country’s fastest-growing health organizations, RWJBarnabas Health has dealt with formidable cybersecurity and data privacy challenges, such as:

•Discovering and securing agentless clinical devices while maintaining availability
•Supporting compliance with regulatory mandates such as HIPAA and HITECH
•Merging highly mixed environments due to merger and acquisition activity
•Securing guest-, vendor-owned and IoT devices through network segmentation

During this webinar, RWJBarnabas Health’s Hussein Syed, Chief Information Security Officer, and Dominic Hart, Manager Information Security Architecture and Security, will discuss why agentless visibility and control are essential for securing healthcare environments.
Recorded May 3 2017 49 mins
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Presented by
Hussein Syed, Chief Information Security Officer & Dominic Hart, Manager Information Security Architecture, RWJBarnabas
Presentation preview: RWJBarnabas on Automation and Compliance in the Age of Connected Healthcare

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  • Proactive Cyber Security for Converged IT/OT Networks Recorded: Jun 24 2021 48 mins
    Tamer Baker, Forescout Chief Technology Officer, Regional
    High-profile cyberattacks continue to shut down critical infrastructure across a wide range of sectors. As a result, leaders depending on those systems are asking “Are we prepared? How do we avoid being a target of ransomware? When we’re attacked, can we contain damage without massive system shutdowns? Can segmentation prevent IT risks from affecting our OT systems?”

    A proactive Zero Trust approach can help you confidently answer these questions. This includes actively defending your IT and Operational Technology (OT) networks as a converged set of systems. After all, it is through IP-connected IT systems that an increasing number of sophisticated cyber threats are crippling the OT systems running critical infrastructure.

    In this 45-minute session you’ll learn:
    - Attributes of the recent attacks on critical infrastructure
    - Zero trust concepts and best practices for securing your converged IT/OT networks
    - How to proactively identify, segment, and enforce compliance on every connected device

    Tamer Baker, Forescout CTO-Regional
    Jonathan Jesse, Forescout Sr. Systems Engineer
    Brian Proctor, Forescout Sr. OT Strategist
  • Forrester and Forescout: Zero Trust Strategies for Returning to the Office Recorded: Jun 8 2021 48 mins
    Steve Turner, Analyst, Security & Risk – Forrester; Tamer Baker, CTO - Forescout
    Join Forescout and guest speaker, Forrester’s Steve Turner in a discussion on the unseen risks of returning to office, adapting to the new normal and security strategies you can implement today to mitigate risk. During this interactive live event, you’ll learn more around:
    • Why device posture decay is a huge concern and how to combat this as your security tools were forced to operate at home under reduced IT oversight when COVID-19 hit.
    • The need for a complete foundational solution as organizations prepare to bring these polluted devices back to the office and how to gain 100% visibility of all returning and new IP-connected devices.
    • How you can maintain constant vigilance by continuously monitoring all devices for new threats and re-assess their hygiene after extended absences.
    • The importance of a Zero Trust strategy to helping you secure your hybrid workforce.


    Steve Turner, Analyst, Security & Risk – Forrester
    Tamer Baker, CTO - Forescout Technologies, Inc.
    Sandeep Kumar, Sr. Director Product Marketing Forescout Technologies, Inc.
  • The Zero Trust Journey – A NIST Standard Recorded: May 24 2021 29 mins
    Tamer Baker, Forescout Chief Technology Officer, Regional
    The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) develops standards that allow technology and businesses to operate smoothly. In August of 2020, NIST published a Zero Trust Architecture standard (the 800-207) for a multivendor approach and implementation across the entire extended enterprise. Learn more about the NIST standard and how you can effectively approach your Zero Trust project.
  • Forescout, Arista and a new approach to identity-based network segmentation Recorded: May 24 2021 33 mins
    Rob McNutt, CTO Forescout Technologies
    New IoT device vulnerabilities pose a growing threat to modern networks. Countering this threat requires continuous, detailed visibility into every endpoint – and all endpoint traffic. Learn about a unique approach to dynamic network segmentation that helps enterprises implement policy based on device identity, behavior and expected communication patterns – without compromising speed or scale.

    • Rob McNutt, CTO Forescout Technologies
    • Elisa Costante, VP Research Engineering
    • Ken Duda, CTO Arista
  • Enhance Your OT/ICS Security Intelligence Recorded: May 19 2021 57 mins
    Chris Duffey, Splunk OT Solution Strategist; Brian Proctor, Forescout Principal OT Strategist
    Arm your SOC with greater visibility of threats across the Enterprise.

    Industrial organizations are under pressure to monitor and secure their operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) networks as illustrated by the U.S. Department of Energy’s recent 100-Day Plan announcement which includes concrete milestones for electric utility owners and operators to identify and deploy technology and systems to provide enhanced ICS cybersecurity visibility detection, mitigation, and forensic capabilities.

    To meet the increased pressure and milestones of the 100-Day Plan, asset owners must gain complete visibility into devices and network operations in a manageable way.

    Forescout and Splunk enhances security operations and asset management practices with comprehensive device intelligence, threat detection and context-aware workflows for faster and more effective cyber and operational risk mitigation.

    Join Forescout and Splunk to learn how this combined solution can help you meet these rigorous milestones including:
    - Capturing and maintaining an accurate OT asset inventory
    - Accurately detect OT threats within Splunk
    - Prioritizing risks and vulnerabilities according to urgency and risk level
    - Reducing MTTR to cyber and operational threats
    - Easily generating reports for internal and regulatory compliance

    Chris Duffey, Splunk OT Solutions Strategist
    Brian Proctor, Forescout Principal OT Strategist – Americas
    Chad Elmendorf, moderator, Forescout Sr. Product Marketing Manager
  • Underlying Risks Found in Healthcare Devices Recorded: May 10 2021 48 mins
    Elisa Costante, Forescout VP Research Engineering; Tony Douglas, Forescout Healthcare Director
    Vulnerabilities in TCP/ IP stacks represent an emerging threat for Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs). Forescout Research Labs recently released a report on the latest TCP/IP vulnerabilities, after analyzing the data from the Forescout Device Cloud. The research found HDOs are likely to have five times the number of affected devices on their networks. These and other vulnerable devices often share the same segments of an organization’s network, which increases the potential likelihood and impact of cyberattacks.

    Join Elisa Costante, Vice President Research Engineering, Tony Douglas, Healthcare Director, Tamer Baker, Regional CTO and Robert Slocum, Senior Product Marketing Manager, for an interactive roundtable discussion on:
    • Newly disclosed TCP/IP vulnerabilities that impact health delivery organizations (HDOs)
    • The most common IoT, IoMT and medical devices impacted by these vulnerabilities
    • Effective Zero Trust architecture and continuous visibility to identify, segment and enforce compliance
  • NAME: WRECK – Mitigate Risks of the Latest TCP/IP Vulnerabilities Recorded: Apr 22 2021 49 mins
    Daniel dos Santos, Research Engr Mgr, Tamer Baker, CTO, Robert Slocum, PMM
    Forescout Research Labs, in collaboration with JSOF Research, recently released the third study from Project Memoria - the industry’s most comprehensive study of TCP/IP vulnerabilities. NAME: WRECK covers nine vulnerabilities affecting four popular TCP/IP stacks. These vulnerabilities relate to DNS implementations and can cause Denial of Service or Remote Code Execution, allowing attackers to take targeted IT, IoT or OT devices offline or take control of them.

    Join this roundtable discussion to learn about:

    • The most recently discovered vulnerabilities and how they impact FreeBSD, IPnet, Nucleus NET and NetX TCP/IP stacks
    • The types of organizations and devices these vulnerabilities are most likely to affect
    • How Forescout can help assess risk and protect enterprise networks
    • Mitigation strategies, tips & tricks and more

    Daniel dos Santos, Research Manager, Forescout Research Labs
    Tamer Baker, Forescout CTO, Regional
    Robert Slocum, Forescout Sr. Product Marketing Manager
  • Lessons from the Trenches: An Electric Utility Discovers the Power of Zero Trust Recorded: Apr 14 2021 50 mins
    Jeff Haidet, Director of Application Development and Architecture, South Central Power Co.
    Ohio’s South Central Power Company (SCP) had invested considerable time and money in a multilayered, multivendor security stack. However, SCP officials still had no idea how many devices were on its network or whether their portfolio provided accurate information. They knew a Zero Trust solution could help but weren’t interested in adding another point solution.

    In this Lessons from the Trenches webinar, SCP’s Jeff Haidet discusses how he and his team searched for and found the platform that brought complete visibility and effective Zero Trust policy enforcement to South Central Power.

    Discussion highlights include:
    · The benefits of complete device visibility and effective Zero Trust policy enforcement
    · Applying continuous enforcement and monitoring of least-privileged NAC
    · Simplifying and accelerating design and deployment of network segmentation
    · Enhancing the overall effectiveness and value of SPC’s security stack
  • Using Research and Best Practices to Secure IoT Devices Recorded: Mar 31 2021 61 mins
    Robert S, PMM, Daniel S, Research Engr Mgr, T Baker, Principle Systems Engr, Robert L, Sr Systems Engineer
    The recent Verkada security camera breach impacted 150,000 IP cameras. This massive breach dominated headlines and spurred conversations among enterprise security teams and Board members who want answers to one critical question: Are our IoT devices secure?

    What can we learn from this breach in light of increasingly frequent attacks on IoT devices? Please join us as members of Forescout Research Labs, our system engineers and a featured Forescout customer discuss:
    • The recent attack landscape
    • Newly discovered IoT device vulnerabilities
    • Trends and best practices to mitigate these IoT risks
  • How to Avoid OT Downtime with Optimized Security Recorded: Mar 17 2021 48 mins
    Keith Gilbert, Systems Engineer, Forescout Technologies
    Are you actively protecting your networks from unexpected downtime?

    Have you been making trade-offs between OT security and uptime for the sake of business continuity? What if you don’t have to?

    Now you can prevent unplanned operational downtime and inefficiencies with an optimized OT cybersecurity strategy that includes:
    •ICS/OT threat detection and baselining
    •Optimized risk analysis
    •Network and device group probing

    Join this webinar to learn more about four key principles for minimizing cybersecurity risks across your OT devices:
    •Know what’s on your network
    •Introduce an Asset Risk Framework
    •Organize network devices according to the Purdue Model
    •Selectively probe networks and regulate device access

    Register now to learn how you can reduce business risk with cyber and operational incident prevention.
  • A New Era in DODIN Security: What C2C Brings to the Cyber Fight Recorded: Jan 26 2021 52 mins
    Edward Tuorinsky, Principal DTS, Carmen Santos-Logan, Deputy Director, DoD CIO, Cpt. David Tan, C2C Project Officer, USMC
    Comply-to-Connect is a framework that restricts unauthorized device access; reduces known vulnerabilities; takes actions to detect, identify, characterize, report and deter anomalous behaviors; and maintains the secure configuration of the network and its information resources. C2C capabilities secure all endpoints connected to the DODIN including IT, OT, PIT, ICS, IoT, Cloud and Datacenter devices. Watch now to learn from DoD leaders how C2C is rolling out across the DoD Enterprise to make cybersecurity move effectively and efficiently.
  • AMNESIA:33: Understand & mitigate the impact on millions of IoT, OT & IT devices Recorded: Dec 4 2020 45 mins
    Daniel dos Santos – Research Engineer, Forescout & AJ Dunham – Principal Systems Engineer, Forescout
    Forescout Research Labs discovered 33 vulnerabilities, four that are critical, lurking in millions of enterprise IoT, OT and IT devices. These vulnerabilities can cause memory corruption and affect four open-source TCP/IP stacks in widespread use across devices from over 150 vendors. Cybercriminals can target these vulnerabilities to perform remote code execution, cause denial of service and expose sensitive information.

    Watch this webinar to learn more about:
    • The AMNESIA:33 vulnerabilities and how they impact the uIP, picoTCP, FNET and Nut/Net open-source TCP/IP stacks
    • The widespread use and proliferation of these stacks in embedded components, IoT, OT systems, network equipment and IT devices
    • How these vulnerabilities can be used to target organizations worldwide, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare and critical infrastructure
    • Best practices for organizations that are at risk of being targeted by cyberattacks exploiting these vulnerabilities
    • How Forescout can help identify and mitigate the risk from these vulnerabilities to protect enterprise networks
  • Automatically and Continuously Secure IoT at Global Scale Recorded: Nov 18 2020 47 mins
    Andrew Silberman, CyberArk, Constantine Kipnis, Forescout, Chris Rouland, Phosphorus, and Earle Ady, Phosphorus
    Nearly every device these days can be used to connect to the internet – and to your network. A high percentage of IoT devices still use default credentials and have firmware that’s many years old, providing easy pathways for attackers to breach the network and exfiltrate data.

    Until now, staying on top of the number of networked IoT devices used by humans and applications has been a tall order requiring vigilance and a LOT of manual work. CyberArk, Forescout and Phosphorus are changing that. During this webinar, these security leaders will show you how to:

    • Continuously discover and assess all IoT devices connecting to your network
    • Automatically onboard IoT devices and credentials for centralized lifecycle management and security
    • Rapidly detect and respond to IoT risk and credential threats
    • Continuously control network and system access for all devices and users
  • Maximize Return on Your Security Investments With Security Orchestration Apps Recorded: Oct 28 2020 58 mins
    Gitesh Shah, Senior Product Manager, Forescout Technologies Inc.
    Unlock the potential of your existing security solutions with eyeExtend Connect Apps – Forescout’s recent product offering. eyeExtend Connect Apps helps you easily integrate your IT and security management technologies with the Forescout platform to gain superior device intelligence on Enterprise of Things (EoT) assets and accelerate threat response by orchestrating security workflows.

    Attend this webinar to learn more on:
    • The evolution of Forescout’s OIM product
    • Easy-to-build, consume and sharable apps
    • How to build orchestration apps for any custom- or home-grown applications, security tools and management systems with open APIs
    • Leveraging the available app ecosystem
  • Reduce Risk w/Automated Enterprise Asset Intel & Context-Aware Incident Response Recorded: Sep 16 2020 56 mins
    Karl Klaessig, Dir. Product Mktg, Security Operations, ServiceNow and Shawn Taylor, Sr. SE, Forescout Technologies
    In today’s era of aggressive digital transformation, how can you maintain continuous asset accountability and streamline security workflows as the IT, IoT and OT connected device landscape rapidly grows and changes? Environments like healthcare, industrial, utilities, manufacturing and critical infrastructure must always address this need while also ensuring the integrity of business and security operations, otherwise risk significant financial losses or more dangerous perils. In this webinar, we will discuss how to achieve the following without operational disruption or re-designing your network.
    • Maintain continuous IT, IoT & OT asset accuracy
    • Automate policy/compliance enforcement and incident response
    • Dynamically control network access and segmentation
  • Unlock the Potential of Your Security Investments with Forescout Recorded: Sep 9 2020 19 mins
    Minakshi Sehgal – Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Mike Lindsay – Sr. Director Product Management
    Most security products are working on partial device insight, don’t work together and cannot take quick, unified action when a threat is identified. The result is unrealized potential of your current security investments, operational inefficiencies and increased mean time to respond to threats.

    Learn how you can leverage your current investment in Forescout and elevate your security posture by:
    • Making your IT and security solutions work better together
    • Empowering personnel with actionable device insights
    • Responding faster to risks and threats
  • Advance Your Healthcare Delivery Organization’s Network Segmentation Practices Recorded: Sep 4 2020 59 mins
    Lyle Kelly, Sr. SE, Forescout; Tom Finn, Dir. Bus Dev, & Chris Thompson, SE Dir., Medigate
    In order to successfully implement segmentation controls for healthcare delivery organizations, it is key to leverage real-time, rich contextual device and risk intelligence, particularly for medical devices, that also drives automation of dynamic context-aware segmentation and network access policy enforcement without compromising critical operations or patient safety. Learn how the Forescout and Medigate integrated solution helps you proactively and safely defend against cyberattacks or breaches through advanced device intelligence and segmentation controls.

    Watch this webinar to witness advancements such as:
    • Comprehensive depth and breadth of enterprise-wide device discovery, identification and profiling, particularly for medical devices
    • Passive device profiling and dynamic controls for heterogeneous networks that address long-standing obstacles to successful segmentation practices,
    • Why a confident, "no-regrets" approach can now be taken and how implementation timelines are being cut by 10x
  • RECORDED AT 2020 HMG Live! Silicon Valley CISO Executive Leadership Summit Recorded: Sep 2 2020 11 mins
    Ellen Sundra, VP Global Systems Engineering, Forescout Technologies and Hunter Mueller, President & CEO, HMG Strategy
    EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Measuring Risk in 2020 - The Enterprise of Things Security Report

    While cybersecurity teams work to address operational and functional security gaps, cybercriminals develop attacks that target the top areas of vulnerability they’re able to exploit. Join Hunter Muller and Ellen Sundra as they discuss recent findings from the Forescout Device Cloud, the world’s largest repository of connected device data which analyzed the risk posture of more than 8 million devices to uncover detailed information about the Top 10 riskiest device types in enterprise networks, the riskiest devices by vertical industry along with recommendations to mitigate ad remediate identified points of risk.

    Download The Enterprise of Things Security Report: State of IoT Security in 2020 here: https://www.forescout.com/the-enterprise-of-things-security-report-state-of-iot-security-in-2020/

    Visit HMG Strategy at https://hmgstrategy.com/ to learn more about their community of events.
  • SilentDefense™ is now eyeInspect: Learn what’s new in eyeInspect 4.2 Recorded: Sep 2 2020 61 mins
    Daniel Trivellato, Senior Director of Product Management at Forescout Technologies Inc.
    It’s much more than just a name change. With the release of eyeInspect 4.2 (formerly SilentDefense™), Forescout marks a significant advancement in cybersecurity and network monitoring for operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) asset owners.

    Join Daniel Trivellato, Sr. Product Director for eyeInspect, as he covers recent innovations in eyeInspect 4.2 and demonstrates how you can streamline analyst operations, optimize threat analysis and response and automate compliance tasks.

    eyeInspect 4.2 is destined to become the gold standard for OT and ICS cybersecurity. Register for the webinar to see why.
  • Active Defense Across the Enterprise of Things Recorded: Aug 20 2020 47 mins
    Geoffrey Moore, Michael DeCesare, Greg Clark, Dave DeWalt, and Enrique Salem
    It was only a few years ago that organizations began to recognize the rising threat posed by billions of newly connected Internet of Things devices. Today, this device explosion has become a massive challenge, with managed systems, unmanaged IoT devices and operational technologies all connecting to corporate networks. The modern enterprise has become an Enterprise of Things with a continually expanding risk surface that creates new openings for cyberattacks if not properly secured.

    Join a discussion hosted by Geoffrey Moore, advisor and author of Zone to Win, with top industry experts as they discuss the latest threats targeting the Enterprise of Things and the critical need to secure it.
    Discussion topics include:
    • Active defense for securing the Enterprise of Things
    • Cybersecurity resilience strategies for protecting organizations and people
    • Where CISOs and CIOs should focus resources to improve their security strategy
Device Visibility & Control across the extended enterprise
Forescout Technologies is the leader in device visibility and control. Our unified security platform enables enterprises and government agencies to gain complete situational awareness of their extended enterprise environments and orchestrate actions to reduce cyber and operational risk.

Learn more about our products, hear about new cybersecurity trends and see how Forescout helps you address these.

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  • Title: RWJBarnabas on Automation and Compliance in the Age of Connected Healthcare
  • Live at: May 3 2017 3:00 pm
  • Presented by: Hussein Syed, Chief Information Security Officer & Dominic Hart, Manager Information Security Architecture, RWJBarnabas
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