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ForeScout's approach to becoming GDPR-compliant

More than 92 percent of multinational companies are focused on GDPR as a top priority1. ForeScout Technologies is one of them. Tony Miller, Sr. Director of Legal Affairs at ForeScout shares lessons learned in ForeScout's quest to assure data privacy and become GDPR compliant. This informal event will be in the form of questions and answers.
Recorded Mar 22 2018 43 mins
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Presented by
Tony Miller, Sr. Director of Legal Affairs & Jannine Mahone, Sr. Solutions Marketing Compliance, ForeScout Technologies Inc.
Presentation preview: ForeScout's approach to becoming GDPR-compliant

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  • Lessons from the Trenches: Serving Justice Remotely During COVID-19 Jun 11 2020 3:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sajed Naseem, CISO, NJ State Courts, Jack McCarthy, CIO, NJ State Courts & Ellen Sundra, VP of Systems Engineering, Forescout
    When the pandemic hit in early March, the New Jersey Judiciary was faced with a monumental task to transform the court systems to operate virtually, while remaining secure. Join this session to hear firsthand from New Jersey Judiciary’s CIO, Jack McCarthy, and CISO, Sajed Naseem, as they bring you along in their leadership journey toward digital transformation.

    Discussion highlights include:
    • Expanding technological infrastructure to support triple the amount of people working remotely while staying secure with VPN
    • Building ten times the number of existing virtual courtrooms within two weeks while enforcing network access controls that ensure only the right people get in
    • Achieving full visibility and governance of 50,000 devices within two weeks
    • Applying network security strategy and tactics to ensure the health and security of employees and the public are protected while keeping the judiciary system uninterrupted
  • The Future of Network Performance, Security and Management Efficiency May 28 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jai Prakash Shukla, Product Line Manag. Lead, Ed Chapman, VP Bus. Dev, Arista, Howie Koh, Princ. Systems Engineer, Forescout
    Join Arista and Forescout to learn how to reduce cyber risk and increase operational efficiency by providing policy driven network access control (NAC), cognitive network management and dynamic segmentation across campus, data center and cloud environments. Achieve benefits such as boost network performance, increase compliance and better secure heterogeneous networks by:

    • Improving visibility and control of devices on wired, wireless and VPN networks
    • Increasing security and reducing operating expense
    • Accelerating incident response and Zero Trust enforcement
  • Lessons from the Trenches: Protecting the Mothership by Knowing Who’s On Board May 27 2020 3:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    Joe Cardamone, NA Privacy Officer & Sr. InfoSec Analyst, Haworth, Shane Coleman, Sr. Director of Sys Engineering, Forescout
    Like so many in recent months, the teams at Haworth went virtual practically overnight, creating the need to batten down the hatches on VPN access. In this session, Joe Cardamone shares how they securely kept the business moving forward while creating an opportunity to evaluate and strengthen their orchestration policies.

    Discussion highlights include:
    • The time is ripe for gaining a clearer picture of your network segments
    • Getting more information from VPN-connected devices
    • Why information security should have a seat at the table for crisis planning and business agility
  • Accelerate Enterprise-Wide Network Segmentation with eyeSegment (in Hebrew) Recorded: May 21 2020 55 mins
    Eli Fainberg, Senior Director, Product Management at Forescout Technologies & Meni Bondarkar, CTO at 10Secure
    Accelerate network segmentation projects while reducing operational complexity and minimizing business disruption.

    Forescout eyeSegment extends the capabilities of the Forescout platform to address segmentation challenges across multiple network domains and multiple enforcement technologies. It enables organizations to embrace zero trust principles for all connected devices, including IoT and OT.

    Join Forescout and 10Secure to learn how Forescout eyeSegment:
    • Accelerates the design, planning and deployment of dynamic network segmentation across the extended enterprise to reduce your attack surface and regulatory risk.
    • Simplifies the process of creating context-aware segmentation policies and simulating them prior to enforcement to minimize business disruption.
    • Orchestrates segmentation controls across diverse enforcement technologies and network domains.
  • Increase Reliability & Reduce Risk with a Healthy Hospital Infrastructure Recorded: May 20 2020 51 mins
    Mark Farrow, HC VP & CIO; Andy Brown, Arista; Lyle Kelly & Scott Barrett, Forescout; Tom Finn, Medigate
    Join Mark Farrow, an industry renowned Healthcare VP & CIO with 35+ years experience leading IT & Clinical Informatics teams, as he discusses with Arista Networks, Forescout and Medigate healthcare experts the many issues facing hospital networks and connected medical devices in today’s world and how to overcome them by building a Healthy Hospital infrastructure that is:

    - Reliable
    - Cybersecure
    - Actionable
    - Automated
    - Compliant

    In this webinar you will learn how to build a Healthy Hospital infrastructure that is founded on 5 key principles that help reduce the risk of cyberattacks, increase operational and asset management efficiency, reduce costs, improve application performance and protect digital patient services and data.

    Thanks for joining. See you there.
  • Lessons from the Trenches: CMMC Risk & Reality Recorded: May 14 2020 40 mins
    Leo Sheridan, Global Sys. Integrator, Dave Olschewske, Sys. Engineer & Dean Hullings, Global Defense Solutions, Forescout
    In June 2020, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) will begin including requirements for contractors to meet specified levels of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). Published in January 2020, CMMC Version 1.0 is a new set of cybersecurity standards that may impact up to 300,000 companies—including being subject to audits by third-party assessors. Do you contract or subcontract with the DoD? Join this session to learn who will be impacted, how, and what steps you can take to prepare.
  • Protección de los teletrabajadores más allá de la VPN Recorded: May 7 2020 29 mins
    Arturo Guillén, Systems Engineer, Forescout Technologies
    Cuando asistimos a un rápido cambio al trabajo a distancia son muchos los factores que hay que tener en cuenta. La prioridad para la mayoría de los equipos es mantener la productividad. Muchas empresas se han planteado en primer lugar las VPN y han escalado rápidamente su infraestructura para permitir a los empleados acceder a distancia a los recursos locales de la empresa.

    Mientras tanto, los equipos de seguridad siguen luchando para garantizar la seguridad sin interrumpir la actividad de la empresa. Para minimizar el riesgo, las empresas necesitan una visibilidad total de la seguridad de los recursos propiedad de los empleados y corporativos que se conectan a distancia.
    Únase a Forescout para descubrir cómo puede hacer lo siguiente rápidamente:

    • Descubrir todos los dispositivos remotos que hay conectados a su red, incluidos los sistemas personales usados en la empresa (BYOD).
    • Identificar qué dispositivos remotos cumplen sus directivas de seguridad y cuáles no.
    • Automatizar los controles basados en directivas para proteger su red, incluso con un equipo de teletrabajadores.
  • Implementing Enterprise-Wide Network Segmentation Recorded: May 6 2020 38 mins
    Abdi Saee, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Doug Card, eyeSegment Product Manager Forescout Technologies
    Successfully implement enterprise-wide network segmentation while reducing operational complexity and minimizing business disruption. The Forescout platform and its eyeSegment product address organizations’ cross-domain, multi-use-case segmentation challenges across extended enterprises. Through context-aware policies, real-time visualizations, business-structured groups and proactive policy simulations, the Forescout platform enables segmentation controls that span diverse enforcement technologies and validate expected outcomes.

    Join us to:
    - Explore different approaches and best practices around dynamic network segmentation across the extended enterprise
    - Learn about the latest enhancements and capabilities in Forescout eyeSegment, which helps you simplify the process of creating and simulating context-aware segmentation policies to minimize business disruption.
    - See eyeSegment in action with a live demo highlighting some of the enterprise-wide network segmentation use cases
  • Identify and Act on High-Risk Devices – Faster (in Arabic) Recorded: May 5 2020 43 mins
    Ahmed Abdelmotaleb, Systems Engineer, METAR, Forescout Technologies
    The mass expansion and proliferation of IT, IoT and OT devices pose new questions to network security: Legacy and vulnerable devices, noncompliant and misconfigured endpoints, and IoT and OT devices must all be identified and reported back to the board.

    Without a complete picture of connected devices across network domains, the ability to act quickly to mitigate risks is all but lost.

    Imagine you can access the right data about devices connecting to your network in real time to quickly identify and take action against high-risk devices that may pose threats to your organization. See how quickly you can identify IoT devices, segment them and show the board how you mitigated risks during a global outbreak.

    Join this webinar in Arabic to learn about ways to help you:

    - Identify and mitigate risk across the extended enterprise – Faster
    - Deploy enterprise-wide network segmentation – Easier
    - Demo: Control a real-life outbreak scenario – Better
  • Getting Richer Visibility and Classification of Remote Devices Recorded: Apr 30 2020 37 mins
    Nick Duda, Principal Security Engineer, HubSpot & Howie Koh, Principal System Engineer, Forescout
    Organization are quickly adapting to support a global remote workforce and preparing for this to become the new norm. This shift has left IT security teams scrambling to sustain cyber hygiene and bolster cybersecurity to address escalated risk.
    Nick Duda, Principal Security Engineer of HubSpot, shares what he and his peers have learned during this time and what actionable steps you can take to improve visibility and control of VPN-connected devices.
    In this webinar, you will learn how to:
    •Increase network admission data to better secure remote devices
    •Update device classification policies to improve controls
    •Leverage third-party technology integrations to strengthen endpoint defenses
  • Vai oltre la VPN per garantire la sicurezza della forza lavoro remota Recorded: Apr 29 2020 58 mins
    Stefano Innocenti, Channel Systems Engineer - Southern Europe, Forescout Technologies
    La brusca transizione allo smart working non è stata priva di sfide per le aziende. Per la maggior parte dei team, la priorità resta preservare la produttività. Tantissime aziende hanno prima di tutto attivato una VPN e quindi rapidamente ridimensionato l'infrastruttura per consentire ai dipendenti che lavorano da remoto di accedere alle risorse aziendali. Nel frattempo, i responsabili della sicurezza continuano a scontrarsi con la necessità di garantire la sicurezza senza interrompere l’attività lavorativa. Per contenere al massimo i rischi, le aziende devono avere visibilità completa sullo stato di sicurezza sia delle risorse aziendali sia di quelle di proprietà dei dipendenti che si connettono da remoto.

    Scopri insieme a Forescout come:

    • Rilevare rapidamente tutti i dispositivi remoti connessi alla tua rete, sistemi personali (BYOD) compresi
    • Individuare rapidamente quali dispositivi connessi da remoto soddisfano i tuoi requisiti di sicurezza e quali no
    • Attivare rapidamente e automaticamente controlli basati su policy per proteggere la tua rete, anche in presenza di una forza lavoro remota.
  • Securing Your Remote Workforce with Forescout Recorded: Apr 22 2020 34 mins
    Eduard Serkowitsch, Principal Systems Engineer & Jan Hof, EMEA Marketing Director, Forescout Technologies
    Safeguarding your network during COVID-19 is probably the next topic on your agenda as your company has transitioned to working remotely. We have been getting many questions from our customers on how to make this shift happen securely. With your current Forescout solution, you can easily secure remote workers connected over the VPN in 3 easy steps.
    Join this Forescout webinar to learn how we can help you manage through this transition.
  • Banking on Security: Malware and the Financial Sector Recorded: Apr 20 2020 40 mins
    Thomas Nuth, Sr Director, Product and Solutions Marketing & David Wolf, Principal Security Researcher, Forescout Technologies
    Financial service organizations have experienced massive growth of new IoT, OT and remote devices within their network over the last five years. While device growth has optimized much of the financial services industry, it has also expanded the attack service of networks and exposed the financial services sector to new risk. Forescout Research Labs recently conducted deep analysis of 100 large financial service networks with over 8,500 virtual local area networks (VLANs) and nearly 900,000 devices with the aim of better understanding this topic.
  • Compliance in FinServ… Cloudy with a chance of uncertainty Recorded: Apr 17 2020 35 mins
    Thomas Nuth and Jannine Mahone
    As the world fights a pandemic, we all agree there is no such thing as ”business as usual”. World economies continue to spiral towards a recession. Businesses must adapt and respond to the rapidly changing social and economic climate while continuing to address regulatory compliance mandates. This environment creates the perfect storm for bad actors who continue to relentlessly exploit vulnerabilities with the intent to exfiltrate, expose and exploit sensitive financial data. Join our solutions team of Thomas Nuth and Jannine Mahone as they discuss:
    • Forces that create the perfect storm for escalated cyber attacks
    •Three steps to improving cyber security and compliance
    •Building a cyber resilient library of resources to help weather the storm
  • Lessons from the Trenches: Ransomware First-Hand Recorded: Apr 16 2020 49 mins
    Shawn Taylor, Customer Evangelist, Senior Systems Engineer, Forescout Technologies
    Ransomware has been top of mind for Cybersecurity practitioners for years, but with COVID-19 driving such significant and rapid changes in the connectivity of the workforce, the threats not only continue, but are possibly becoming more prevalent. During this first session in our webinar series we will discuss insights and lessons learned based on first-hand experience responding to recent Ransomware events.
  • Let Us Re-Introduce You to Your VPN: A Rapid Response Discussion Recorded: Apr 9 2020 39 mins
    Ted Lee, Senior Systems Engineer II, Forescout Technologies
    With a 112% increase in VPN usage in a matter of days, many teams are challenged with ensuring they continue to enforce mature device hygiene practices that support the world’s “new normal”. A normal that includes entire workforces connecting to corporate networks from home. Join this discussion to hear five key areas of focus to ensure your VPN connectivity and control is secure end-to-end, including:

    · Visibility of Endpoints
    · Manageability of Endpoints
    · Assessment of Risk (Compliance) of VPN Endpoints
    · Binary Control of VPN Endpoints
    · Granular (Role Access) of VPN Endpoints
  • Spotlight on OT Cybersecurity: Emerging Trends in Oil & Gas Recorded: Apr 8 2020 52 mins
    Matt Fleharty, Systems Engineer, Forescout & Eric Smith, OT Account Manager, Forescout
    Cybersecurity in the oil & gas industry has skyrocketed to the top of everyone’s mind this year as stakeholders face new, advanced cyberthreats targeting their operational technology (OT) networks. Examples of these threats becoming a reality have played out with increasing frequency over the past three years, ranging from the TRITON attack that disabled safety controllers to the recent ransomware attack on a natural gas facility that shut down a pipeline for 2 days.
    To truly mitigate operational and safety risks from disruptionware, oil & gas producers need the complete picture of what’s on their OT network, the threats its most vulnerable to, and how to mature their security program to a proactive, rather than reactive, position.

    Join us during this webinar to learn:

    - The nuances of IT-OT convergence within the oil & gas sector
    - Common challenges and threats across the industry
    - What risk management techniques forward-thinking companies are implementing
    - Recommendations to future-proof OT security strategy for oil & gas producers
  • Move Beyond VPN to Secure your Remote Workforce Recorded: Apr 2 2020 54 mins
    Jeni Lloyd, Product Marketing; David Wolf, Research; Mitesh Shah, Technical Marketing and Bob Reny, Systems Engineering
    We’re all juggling numerous challenges from the rapid shift to remote working. The priority for most teams is maintaining productivity. Many organizations looked first to VPNs and quickly scaled their infrastructure to allow remote access to on-site corporate resources. Meanwhile, security teams continue to wrestle with how to ensure security without disrupting the business. To minimize risk, every organization needs complete visibility into the security of remotely connected corporate and BYOD assets.
    Join Forescout to learn how to quickly:

    •Discover all remote devices connecting to your network, including BYOD systems
    •Identify which remotely connected devices meet your security policies, and which don’t
    •Automate policy-based controls to protect your network, even with a remote team
  • Identificar y actuar en los dispositivos de alto riesgo más rápidamente Recorded: Mar 31 2020 40 mins
    Daniel Vaquero, Systems Engineer
    La masiva expansión y proliferación de dispositivos IT, IoT y OT plantea nuevas cuestiones sobre la seguridad de la red: Es necesario identificar (e informar sobre ellos a la dirección) todos los dispositivos antiguos y vulnerables, los endpoints no conformes y mal configurados, y los dispositivos IoT y OT.

    Sin una visión completa de los dispositivos conectados en todos los dominios de red, la capacidad de actuar rápidamente para mitigar los riesgos es prácticamente nula.

    Imagine poder acceder en tiempo real a información precisa sobre los dispositivos que se conectan a su red, para identificar y actuar rápidamente respecto a los que presenten un alto riesgo y que pudieran suponer una amenaza para su organización. Vea con qué rapidez puede identificar los dispositivos IoT, segmentarlos y demostrar a la dirección cómo mitigó los riesgos durante un brote global.

    Únase a este seminario web para descubrir qué puede ayudarle a:
    • Identificar y mitigar el riesgo en la empresa ampliada, más rápidamente
    • Desplegar segmentación de red en toda la empresa, más fácilmente
    • Demo: Controlar mejor un caso de brote real
  • Maggiore rapidità di rilevamento e intervento sui dispositivi ad alto rischio Recorded: Mar 31 2020 60 mins
    Stefano Innocenti, Channel Systems Engineer - Southern Europe, Forescout Technologies
    La massiccia espansione e proliferazione dei dispositivi IT, IoT e OT impone nuove sfide alla sicurezza delle reti. Diventa imprescindibile identificare e quindi segnalare al CdA tutti i dispositivi legacy e vulnerabili, IoT e OT, così come gli endpoint non conformi e non configurati correttamente.
    Senza un quadro completo dei dispositivi connessi ai domini di rete, le possibilità di intervenire in tempi brevi per mitigare i rischi si riducono drasticamente.
    Immagina di poter accedere in tempo reale a informazioni accurate sui dispositivi che si connettono alla tua rete, per identificare e contrastare rapidamente quelli ad alto rischio che costituiscono una minaccia per la tua azienda. Scopri in quanto tempo riesci a identificare i dispositivi IoT, a segmentarli e a dimostrare al CdA la tua capacità di mitigare i rischi durante un attacco globale.
    Partecipa a questo webinar per scoprire nuovi metodi per:
    • Identificare e mitigare rapidamente i rischi nell'azienda estesa
    • Implementare facilmente la segmentazione della rete in tutta l'azienda
    • Demo: Contenere più efficacemente un attacco nel mondo reale
Device Visibility & Control across the extended enterprise
The Forescout platform provides organisations with complete situational awareness of their extended enterprise and the ability to orchestrate actions to reduce cyber risk.

Learn more about our products, hear about new cybersecurity trends and see how Forescout helps you address these.

Webinar languages include English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

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  • Title: ForeScout's approach to becoming GDPR-compliant
  • Live at: Mar 22 2018 3:30 pm
  • Presented by: Tony Miller, Sr. Director of Legal Affairs & Jannine Mahone, Sr. Solutions Marketing Compliance, ForeScout Technologies Inc.
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