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ForeScout's approach to becoming GDPR-compliant

More than 92 percent of multinational companies are focused on GDPR as a top priority1. ForeScout Technologies is one of them. Tony Miller, Sr. Director of Legal Affairs at ForeScout shares lessons learned in ForeScout's quest to assure data privacy and become GDPR compliant. This informal event will be in the form of questions and answers.
Recorded Mar 22 2018 43 mins
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Presented by
Tony Miller, Sr. Director of Legal Affairs & Jannine Mahone, Sr. Solutions Marketing Compliance, ForeScout Technologies Inc.
Presentation preview: ForeScout's approach to becoming GDPR-compliant

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  • Accelerate Enterprise-Wide Network Segmentation with eyeSegment Recorded: Dec 11 2019 60 mins
    Sandeep Kumar, Sr. Director of Product Marketing & Abdi Saee, Principal Product Marketing Manager
    Accelerate network segmentation projects while reducing operational complexity and minimizing business disruption.

    Forescout eyeSegment extends the capabilities of the Forescout platform to address segmentation challenges across multiple network domains and multiple enforcement technologies. It enables organizations to embrace zero trust principles for all connected devices, including IoT and OT.

    Join us to learn how Forescout eyeSegment:
    • Accelerates the design, planning and deployment of dynamic network segmentation across the extended enterprise to reduce your attack surface and regulatory risk.
    • Simplifies the process of creating context-aware segmentation policies and simulating them prior to enforcement to minimize business disruption.
    • Orchestrates segmentation controls across diverse enforcement technologies and network domains.
  • Zero Trust Security in the Age of IoT and OT Recorded: Dec 3 2019 56 mins
    Sandeep Kumar, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Forescout Feat. Chase Cunningham, Principal Analyst, Forrester
    In its October 2019 Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Wave Report, Forrester calls IoT and OT device security, “one of the hardest problems to solve within the enterprise."* As unmanaged devices become commonplace on networks, security and risk professionals must rethink the concept of identity and expand their Zero Trust initiatives to include such devices.

    Watch this live webinar hosted by Forescout Senior Director of Product Marketing Sandeep Kumar, featuring Chase Cunningham of Forrester Research to learn why it’s essential to:

    • Embrace Zero Trust holistically across all types of users, devices and connected things
    • Expand the concept of identity to include IoT and OT
    • Use a context-based approach to enterprise-wide network segmentation

    *Source: The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q4 2019
  • CEO Speaks: Top 5 Risks That CISOs Need to Quantify Recorded: Aug 8 2019 60 mins
    Jack Jones, Chairman of The FAIR Institute & Gaurav Pal, CEO and Founder of stackArmor
    As breaches continue to make headlines, CEOs are now being held personally accountable, often resulting in loss of job and reputation. This accountability extends to both public sector and commercial entities, especially those involved in critical infrastructure. Forescout is pleased to host a frank discussion with two experienced executives in the risk and information security industry who not only run these organizations, but also evangelize the importance of prioritizing risk from third-party and other sources.

    They will provide insight on:
    • Top risks and exposure, especially from the convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) infrastructures.
    • How frameworks like NIST RMF and CSF play a role in establishing good risk hygiene.
    • Actionable playbook to consider when creating and presenting a risk plan to the CEO and board.
  • Reducing Cyber Risks and Complexity Through Increased Visibility Recorded: Jul 18 2019 64 mins
    Moderator: Dan Raywood Speaker: Rich Agar, Dan Lohrmann, Raef Meeuwisse
    It’s a basic truth: You can’t secure what you can’t see.™ The more you know about your network, assets and risk posture, the less likely you are to be attacked. Each unknown device extends the attack surface and can leave your converged network vulnerable. Are you ready to mitigate this risk with 100% device visibility?

    Join us on this webinar to learn how to achieve visibility of assets and devices, mitigate common risks in increasingly complex environments and operate efficiently and securely in the “security 4.0” era.

    Key takeaways:
    •Reduce business risk and disruption from security incidents and breaches
    •Improve the accuracy of your risk assessments through accurate device intelligence
    •Increase IT and OT security operations productivity
  • Livestream Video - Securing the IoT in the Age of Threats Recorded: Jun 4 2019 43 mins
    Wallace Sann, Forescout | Nigel Stanley, TÜV Rheinland Group | Andrew Hollister, LogRhythm | Jason Soroko, Sectigo
    The ever-growing Internet of Things continues to pose security and privacy threats. How are businesses managing the risks associated with IoT devices on their networks? What are the best strategies for achieving basic security and cyber hygiene?

    Join this interactive panel with IoT and security experts to learn more about:
    - Impact of IoT on enterprise security
    - How to assess the IoT risk
    - Most common IoT vulnerabilities and how to address them
    - Recommendations for improving IoT security

    Jason Soroko, CTO of IoT, Sectigo
    Andrew Hollister, Chief Architect & Product Manager, LogRhythm
    Wallace Sann, VP Global Systems Engineering, Forescout Technologies
    Nigel Stanley, CTO - Global OT & Industrial Cyber Security CoE, TÜV Rheinland Group

    Moderated by Yotam Gutman, Founder & Community Manager, Cybersecurity Marketing Community
  • Ask the Cyber Risk Expert: How to Minimise Cybersecurity Risk Factor in M&A Recorded: Jun 4 2019 8 mins
    Wallace Sann, VP Global Systems Engineering, Forescout Technologies
    Any merger or acquisition poses daunting challenges to IT leaders. Not only are they tasked with integrating people, processes and technology in the shortest possible time frame, they must also remain vigilant about addressing the added cybersecurity risks.

    Join this interactive 1-2-1 discussion where systems engineering expert, Wallace Sann will share how to minimise the cybersecurity risk factor in M&A including;

    Who are the key decision makers in the M&A process and what are the different/new challenges they’re facing?
    What has historically been the risk focus for acquiring companies, and how is that focus changing?
    How can companies as a whole minimize cyber risk and protect themselves during the M&A process?
    Are there any opportunities for IT teams to reduce cyber risk during an M&A?
    What does Forescout recommend companies do in order to enhance their cybersecurity posture when preparing for an acquisition?
    With the explosion of IoT devices across industries, should there be more concern around connected devices during an acquisition?
  • Using Zero Trust to Protect Financial Services Networks Recorded: Apr 15 2019 51 mins
    Tom Dolan VP, Global Financial Services Forescout & John Kindervag Founder of Zero Trust and CTO Palo Alto Networks
    Is Zero Trust really achievable given the complexity in financial service organizations, especially considering limited staff, mergers and acquisitions and compliance pressures?

    With Phil Packman, a CISO at BT, as your host, learn from the founder of Zero Trust & Field CTO at Palo Alto Networks, John Kindervag, and the VP of Global Financial Services at Forescout, Tom Dolan, how your company can more easily embrace Zero Trust to proactively combat today’s high frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks.

    Join us to learn how to:
    - Proactively combat today’s high frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks
    - Gain unparalleled situational awareness of malicious activity
    - Prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data and money
    - Simplify adherence to compliance regulations
  • Automating Security Controls with Confidence Recorded: Apr 10 2019 58 mins
    Forescout Product Team
    IT security teams are inundated with increasing numbers of security and compliance issues reported by security tools that either lack sufficient device context for prioritization or automation capabilities to enforce risk mitigation controls. As a result, highly skilled security teams waste time manually troubleshooting low-impact issues, unable to focus on proactive risk reduction or rapid threat response.

Join us to learn how Forescout 8.1 enables organizations to orchestrate actions and automate controls while minimizing business disruption. Topics include:

    • Orchestration of segmentation controls across Fortinet®, Palo Alto Networks® and Check Point® firewalls
• Incident response automation with ServiceNow® ITSM and Security Operations

    • Automation of controls for network access and device compliance initiatives
  • Achieving improved cybersecurity posture across IT and OT Infrastructures Recorded: Apr 2 2019 62 mins
    Moderator - Dan Raywood, Speakers - Andrew Noonan, Torry Crass
    In this webinar, we will look at the concept of why device visibility poses such a challenge for business, what is getting in the way and why OT and IT convergence has added an extra consideration.

    Key takeaways:
    •How your security strategy benefits from better device visibility
    •How compliance and risk management can be optimised
    •Unifying device visibility and control for IT and OT environments
    •Ways to improve the effectiveness of existing tools
  • Unified Device Visibility for IT and OT Environments Recorded: Mar 27 2019 48 mins
    Forescout Product Team
    As digital transformation continues, organizations are using increasing numbers of smart devices on their networks. They are connecting previously separated IT and OT networks to automate business operations and boost efficiency. This convergence of IT and OT is putting new demands on CIOs and CISOs as they are being tasked with protecting the entire business ecosystem, well beyond enterprise IT systems. 

Join us to learn how Forescout 8.1 enables organizations to gain complete situational awareness of all devices in their interconnected environment to understand both their cyber and operational risk. Topics include:
• Visibility and continuous monitoring of all layers of the OT network stack 

    • Auto-classification of medical, industrial, networking and IoT devices
• Multi-cloud and data center visibility into Azure, AWS, VMware and Cisco ACI environments
  • Ensuring Healthcare Delivery through Complete Visibility & Threat Defense Recorded: Dec 11 2018 61 mins
    Curt Aubley, VP WW Solution Architecture, CrowdStrike and Matt Hartley, VP Federal Solutions, ForeScout
    The Healthcare industry continues to be targeted by cyber threat actors. In 2018, large scale cybersecurity attacks caused disruptions in healthcare delivery, driving patient care operations to a grinding halt in several hospitals. Multiple breaches also exposed sensitive customer data for many thousands of individuals. Damages like these not only cost healthcare organizations billions of dollars, they can also hurt patient trust in the healthcare system and even risk lives.

    With limited security resources and budget, how should hospitals and healthcare providers approach cybersecurity to protect against current and future cyber threats?

    Join us to learn from Curt Aubley, VP Worldwide Solution Architecture at CrowdStrike and Matt Hartley, VP Commercial East & Federal Civilian at ForeScout as we discuss:

    •The current threat landscape and unique security challenges healthcare organizations face
    •Best practices on mitigating risk by streamlining network and endpoint security while maintaining systems and medical device reliability
    •How to maximize your security investments to provide your organization the greatest protection, security efficacy and operational efficiency
  • Secure Digital Innovation of Critical Infrastructure w/o Affecting Reliability Recorded: Sep 19 2018 49 mins
    Ryan Brichant, CTO, OT Security, Wayne Dixon, Dir. OT Tech, ForeScout & Jamison Utter, Head of IoT & OT at Palo Alto Networks
    Digital innovations are aggressively being introduced into public utilities and smart city operational technology (OT) infrastructure. This creates expanded attack surfaces that introduce enormous risk across a wide array of threat vectors. Yet, since OT environments were traditionally air-gapped, there has been less emphasis on cyber security.
    It is critical to discover and protect all device connections and profiles to defend against threats that can negatively affect business operations, data, and even citizen safety. Security best practices suggest the need to continually assess connected assets and enforce the right policies for controlled access, more granular network segmentation and immediate threat response.

    Watch this Carahsoft sponsored webcast to learn from ForeScout and Palo Alto Networks how you can use non-disruptive security techniques that achieve these core security principals while prioritizing uptime of operational networks and the safety of those involved.
  • Securing the Internet of Things Recorded: Jun 5 2018 53 mins
    Joseph Carson (Thycotic) | Chris Morales (Vectra Networks) | Simon Crocker (Palo Alto Networks) | Matt Butler (ForeScout)
    The Internet of Things is everywhere - and it's an easy and frequent target of cyber attackers, as evidenced by the recent attacks on cities, industrial control systems, transportation systems, utilities and other infrastructure.

    IoT devices are built for convenience, efficiency and cost, and are riddled with vulnerabilities attackers are eager to exploit. So, who is in charge of securing the IoT? Does the responsibility lie with the manufacturer, seller, app developer, security team, or end user?

    Join the industry experts for this interactive Q&A discussion on:
    - The top IoT trends in 2018
    - Threats targeting the IoT
    - What's needed to secure connected devices
    - How to better defend our critical infrastructure from cyber warfare

    - Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist, Thycotic
    - Matt Buller, CTO – Financial Services, ForeScout Technologies
    - Simon Crocker, Systems Engineering Director, Palo Alto Networks
    - Christopher Morales, Head of Security Analytics, Vectra Networks

    The session will be streamed LIVE from London from the Infosecurity Europe conference.
  • ForeScout's approach to becoming GDPR-compliant Recorded: Mar 22 2018 43 mins
    Tony Miller, Sr. Director of Legal Affairs & Jannine Mahone, Sr. Solutions Marketing Compliance, ForeScout Technologies Inc.
    More than 92 percent of multinational companies are focused on GDPR as a top priority1. ForeScout Technologies is one of them. Tony Miller, Sr. Director of Legal Affairs at ForeScout shares lessons learned in ForeScout's quest to assure data privacy and become GDPR compliant. This informal event will be in the form of questions and answers.
  • Improve Attack Responses Through Real-Time Network Visibility Recorded: Mar 15 2018 52 mins
    Rich Agar, Systems Engineer, ForeScout Technologies & Jon Wood, Systems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks
    The proliferation of IoT and agentless devices leaves IT security teams challenged with discovering these devices, monitoring their security posture and remediating threats. How can you achieve visibility and speed up the time from malware detection to remediation?

    No longer can organisations rely on guarding their perimeter and trusting they know everyone and everything accessing their networks. Proactive threat prevention in today’s BYOD and IoT era requires continuous network access visibility and real-time intelligence. It also requires automatically applying context-aware security policies such as segmenting or quarantining devices and users without having to re-build networks or know the devices up front.

    Webinar topics include:

    - Network security trends and challenges, including the more destructive ransomware, wipers, etc.
    - The importance of identifying and classifying managed and unmanaged devices
    - Ways of limiting data breaches by detecting advanced threats and taking automated remediation actions

    This webinar is jointly presented by Jon Wood, Systems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks®, and Rich Agar, Systems Engineer, ForeScout Technologies. It will provide you with an overview and applied use cases of the integration between Palo Alto Networks and ForeScout solutions.
  • IoT Security Considerations from Campus to Cloud Recorded: Oct 5 2017 31 mins
    Andrew Noonan, UK Systems Engineer
    Multicloud environments can help organizations avoid vendor lock-in and leverage best-of-breed services from various vendors. However, to ensure security across disparate public and private clouds, as well as campus and branch assets, organizations face security silos and challenges around IoT device security.

    This webinar looks at the recommendations for IoT security laid out in IDC’s Perspective report and outlines options for adopting an agentless and integrated multivendor security approach. Join us to hear how this approach can increase the business value of your security investments.
  • ForeScout Forward Partner Program: Building Your ForeScout Business Recorded: Sep 11 2017 38 mins
    John Hagerty, Director of EMEA Channel Sales, ForeScout Technologies
    Join John Hagerty, Director of EMEA Channel Sales, for a review of our new ForeScout Forward Partner Program. John will share key highlights of the new program, including requirements, incentives, sales and pre-sales technical enablement and more. This session is relevant to ForeScout Value Added Resellers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Visibilität und Verwaltung von IoT-Geräten! Recorded: Mar 1 2017 48 mins
    Bob Tarzey, Quocirca, Dir & Analyst Quocirca, & Stephen von Guendel Krone, Named Account Manager, ForeScout
    Das Internet der Dinge (IoT) optimiert Unternehmensprozesse und ermöglicht neue Arten der Kommunikation. Zudem ergeben sich für Organisationen neue Wege zur Kundeninteraktion. Im Jahr 2017 werden IoT-Devices die Anzahl der klassischen Endgeräte weltweit zum ersten Mal übertreffen. Im Jahr 2020 schätzt man das insgesamt 30 Milliarden Endgeräte online sein werden – dies entspricht einer Verdreifachung, hauptsächlich verursacht durch IoT. Dieser unglaubliche Anstieg vergrößert die Angriffsfläche von Netzwerken, daher müssen bestehende Sicherheitsmechanismen angepasst werden.

    Besuchen Sie das Webinar Visibilität und Verwaltung von IoT-Geräten und sehen Sie Auswirkung von IoT auf deutsche Unternehmen. Mit Hilfe neuester Untersuchungen zeigen wir Ihnen, welche Sicherheitsbedenken entstehen und wie mit Sie ForeScout IoT Best-Practices umsetzen können.
  • Transformation für mehr Sicherheit durch Sichtbarkeit Recorded: Feb 16 2017 42 mins
    Kristian von Mejer, Strategic Account Director – Germany
    Kommt es Ihnen so vor, als hätten die Angreifer den Vorteil zunehmend auf ihrer Seite? Es gibt immer öfter Berichte über erfolgreiche Cyberattacken und Datenverluste, obwohl die Ausgaben für Sicherheitsmechanismen ebenfalls steigen. Der Schutz muss verbessert werden und dabei ist der erste Schritt mehr Visibilität.
    In unserem Webinar zum Thema Transformation für mehr Sicherheit durch Sichtbarkeit zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie in drei Schritten Ihr Netzwerk sicherer machen:

    • See: Erkennen Sie jedes Endgerät, sobald es sich mit dem Netzwerk verbindet. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob Firmengerät, BYOD oder Endpunkte aus dem Internet der Dinge (IoT) – alle Devices werden ohne den Einsatz von Agenten erkannt
    • Control: Verwalten Sie Netzwerkzugriffsrechte für Gerätegruppen auf Basis von festgelegten Sicherheitsrichtlinien. Zudem können kritische Endpunkte automatisch bewertet und gesichert werden
    • Orchestrate: Teilen Sie Informationen mit bestehenden Sicherheitslösungen und automatisieren Sie Arbeitsprozesse durch die Extended Modules von ForeScout
ForeScout EMEA
ForeScout EMEA

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  • Title: ForeScout's approach to becoming GDPR-compliant
  • Live at: Mar 22 2018 3:30 pm
  • Presented by: Tony Miller, Sr. Director of Legal Affairs & Jannine Mahone, Sr. Solutions Marketing Compliance, ForeScout Technologies Inc.
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