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Getting Richer Visibility and Classification of Remote Devices

Organization are quickly adapting to support a global remote workforce and preparing for this to become the new norm. This shift has left IT security teams scrambling to sustain cyber hygiene and bolster cybersecurity to address escalated risk.
Nick Duda, Principal Security Engineer of HubSpot, shares what he and his peers have learned during this time and what actionable steps you can take to improve visibility and control of VPN-connected devices.
In this webinar, you will learn how to:
•Increase network admission data to better secure remote devices
•Update device classification policies to improve controls
•Leverage third-party technology integrations to strengthen endpoint defenses
Recorded Apr 30 2020 37 mins
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Presented by
Nick Duda, Principal Security Engineer, HubSpot & Howie Koh, Principal System Engineer, Forescout
Presentation preview: Getting Richer Visibility and Classification of Remote Devices

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  • Securing your Enterprise during and post-Covid19 Recorded: Jul 9 2020 21 mins
    Ahmed Abdelmotaleb, System Engineer - METAR at Forescout Technologies
    With the new security challenges of the increasing connected devices, enterprises have been facing a seismic shift in the remote workforce during and after COVID-19. Unmanaged device growth is vastly outpacing managed devices. These devices do not authenticate using traditional methods when they connect to the network. Hence, they cannot be identified via the authentication process.

    Modern NAC spans a range of essential capabilities – from identification, posture and compliance assessments, and monitoring of connected devices all the way to automated responses. A modern NAC approach can improve your security hygiene by preventing unauthorized, rogue and impersonating devices from connecting to your network.

    Join this webinar to learn about ways to help you:
    • Discover, classify and inventory all devices
    • Assess security posture and enforce compliance
    • Control access across heterogeneous networks
  • NAC moderno vs. tradicional Recorded: Jul 8 2020 51 mins
    Ricardo Hernández, Forescout Technologies
    El número de dispositivos no gestionados supera ampliamente al de dispositivos gestionados. Estos dispositivos no se autentican mediante los métodos tradicionales cuando se conectan a la red. Por lo tanto, no pueden identificarse con el proceso de autenticación.

    El control de acceso a la red (NAC) moderno ofrece una amplia variedad de funciones esenciales que van desde la identificación, las evaluaciones de estado y el cumplimiento, hasta la supervisión de los dispositivos conectados y las respuestas automatizadas. Un enfoque moderno del control de acceso a la red (NAC) puede mejorar su higiene de seguridad, impidiendo que se conecten a su red dispositivos no autorizados, no fiables o que suplantan a otros. Además, en su Guía de mercado NAC de 2020, Gartner recomienda que las organizaciones "adapten los proyectos de NAC a cualquier iniciativa de seguridad Zero Trust".

    Únase a este seminario web para descubrir cómo:
    • Identificar, clasificar e inventariar todos los dispositivos
    • Evaluar el estado de seguridad y cumplimiento de normativas
    • Controlar el acceso entre redes heterogéneas
  • Modern vs. Traditional NAC Recorded: Jul 8 2020 36 mins
    Keith Gilbert, Systems Engineer, Forescout Technologies
    Unmanaged device growth is vastly outpacing managed devices. These devices do not authenticate using traditional methods when they connect to the network. Hence, they cannot be identified via the authentication process.

    Modern NAC spans a range of essential capabilities – from identification, posture and compliance assessments, and monitoring of connected devices all the way to automated responses. A modern NAC approach can improve your security hygiene by preventing unauthorized, rogue and impersonating devices from connecting to your network. In addition, in its 2020 NAC Market Guide, Gartner recommends that organisations, “align NAC projects with any Zero Trust security initiative”.

    Join this webinar to learn about ways to help you:
    • Discover, classify and inventory all devices
    • Assess security posture and enforce compliance
    • Control access across heterogeneous networks
  • Soluzioni NAC tradizionali e moderne a confronto Recorded: Jul 8 2020 57 mins
    Stefano Innocenti, Channel Systems Engineer, Forescout Technologies
    Il numero di dispositivi non gestiti sta superando abbondantemente il numero di quelli gestiti. Quando si connettono alla rete, i dispositivi non gestiti non possono essere autenticati con metodi tradizionali pertanto, sfuggono al tradizionale processo di autenticazione.

    La moderna tecnologia NAC, cioè di controllo degli accessi alla rete, copre un'ampia gamma di funzionalità essenziali rivolte ai dispositivi, come l'identificazione, la valutazione dello stato di sicurezza e conformità, il monitoraggio dei dispositivi connessi fino alle risposte automatizzate. Una moderna strategia di controllo degli accessi alla rete concorre a migliorare lo stato di sicurezza globale impedendo l'ingresso in rete di dispositivi non autorizzati, inaffidabili o che si spacciano per legittimi. Tra l'altro, nella sua guida al Mercato NAC per il 2020 Gartner raccomanda alle aziende di "allineare i progetti NAC a qualsiasi iniziativa di sicurezza Zero Trust".

    Partecipa a questo webinar per scoprire nuovi metodi per:
    • Scoprire, classificare e inserire in un inventario tutti i dispositivi connessi
    • Valutare lo stato di sicurezza e imporre la conformità
    • Controllare gli accessi in reti eterogenee
  • NAC neu überdacht Recorded: Jul 8 2020 40 mins
    Christian Rippel, Presales Engineer, Forescout Technologies
    Die Anzahl nicht verwalteter Geräte wächst exponentiell. Diese Geräte authentifizieren sich beim Verbinden mit dem Netzwerk nicht mithilfe herkömmlicher Methoden und können daher beim Authentifizierungsprozess nicht identifiziert werden.

    Moderne NAC-Lösungen bieten unverzichtbare Funktionen wie Identifizierung, Einstufung der Sicherheitslage und Konformität sowie Überwachung aller verbundener Geräte bis hin zu automatisierten Problembehebungsmaßnahmen.

    Ein moderner NAC-Ansatz kann Ihre Sicherheitsmaßnahmen verbessern, indem er unberechtigten, nicht autorisierten Geräten die Verbindung mit dem Netzwerk verweigert. Im Sinne der Empfehlung des NAC-Marktleitfadens für 2020 von Gartner empfiehlt es sich, NAC-Projekte mit allen Zero-Trust-Sicherheitsinitiativen abzustimmen.

    Erfahren Sie in diesem Webinar, wie Sie diese Vorteile für sich nutzen können:
    • Erkennung, Klassifizierung und Bestandserfassung aller per IP-Adresse verbundener Geräte
    • Einstufung der Sicherheitslage und Einhaltung von Konformitätsrichtlinien
    • Zugriffskontrolle in heterogenen Unternehmensnetzwerken
  • NAC moderne contre NAC traditionnel Recorded: Jul 8 2020 42 mins
    Cédric Antoine, Systems Engineer, Forescout Technologies
    Le nombre d’appareils non gérés dépasse largement celui des appareils gérés. Ces appareils, lorsqu’ils se connectent au réseau, ne s’authentifient pas à l’aide des méthodes traditionnelles. Par conséquent, ils échappent à l’identification du processus d’authentification.

    Les solutions NAC modernes offrent un large éventail de fonctionnalités essentielles : identification, évaluation du niveau de sécurité et de conformité, surveillance des appareils connectés, automatisation des actions d’intervention. Une stratégie basée sur un NAC moderne peut améliorer vos pratiques de sécurité en empêchant les appareils non autorisés, non approuvés et faussement légitimes de se connecter à votre réseau. En outre, dans son Guide 2020 du marché des solutions de contrôle d’accès au réseau, Gartner recommande aux entreprises « d’aligner leurs projets NAC sur leurs éventuelles initiatives de sécurité Zero Trust ».

    Rejoignez ce webinaire pour apprendre comment vous pouvez :
    • découvrir, classifier et répertorier tous les appareils ;
    • évaluer leur niveau de sécurité et vous assurer qu’ils sont conformes ;
    • contrôler l’accès aux réseaux hétérogènes.
  • Cybersecurity Round Table – How to Secure Networks in 2020 and Beyond Recorded: Jun 29 2020 46 mins
    Experts from around the world, moderated by Dr. Jessica Barker
    In this multidisciplinary panel cyber experts from the industry and large organizations will discuss the main security challenges of today and share best-practices to cope with these in 2020 and beyond. Topics to be addressed are Zero Trust Networking, Impact of New Technologies, Security Challenges in a Post COVID-19 Era.

    Watch the recording of this roundtable broadcasted during our virtual Cybersecurity Vision event in May 2020.

    The keynote referenced in the panel can be found here: https://www.forescout.com/company/events/emea-webinars/?commid=423371
  • Cybersecurity Trends and Vision in a Fast-Changing Society Recorded: Jun 29 2020 41 mins
    Myles Bray, Vice President EMEA – Forescout Technologies
    To say that we live in “challenging” times is a large understatement – as the COVID-19 outbreak showed us how quickly we need to be able to adapt to changes, both private and business wise.

    The last years have been characterized by explosive proliferation of devices that reside on corporate networks. IoT- and OT-devices join networks by the millions or billions every year. All kinds of endpoint applications, operating systems and virtual instances must be monitored to make sure they don’t go rogue. New technologies like 5G and Wi-Fi 6, that will facilitate the adoption of IoT and OT even faster, are around the corner. And one can expect that Post COVID-19, these trends will further accelerate.

    What’s more, all this activity is happening on greatly expanded, tremendously complex extended networks and your corporate network has transitioned from a single entity to become a network of networks.

    Watch the recording of this presentation broadcasted during our virtual Cybersecurity Vision event in May 2020.
  • Security in the IT-OT Era, Device Visibility and Control Recorded: Jun 29 2020 26 mins
    Bob Reny, EMEA CTO – Forescout Technologies
    It’s a basic truth: You can’t secure what you can’t see.

    Attackers are continuously searching for unmanaged and unsecured devices, and they will eventually find and exploit your blind spots. Visibility and control are the cornerstones of security and compliance. Organizations everywhere are realizing that they have a massive and growing visibility gap. With billions of IoT and OT devices coming and going from enterprise networks, agentless device visibility is essential.

    Through a live demo we will show how you can identify and manage IT- and OT-devices as soon as they connect to the network.

    Watch the recording of this presentation broadcasted during our virtual Cybersecurity Vision event in May 2020.
  • Arista & Forescout: Network Security Redefined Recorded: Jun 29 2020 37 mins
    Andrew Noonan, Manager Central SE team – Forescout Technologies
    Arista and Forescout have joined forces to reduce risk by providing policy-driven access control and segmentation across campus, datacenter, cloud and OT networks. Arista is leveraging its cloud networking principles to bring resiliency, consistency and automation to campus networks.

    With the combination of Arista and Forescout, customers can enhance network operations with Arista capabilities while also leveraging Forescout’s enterprise-wide device visibility and policy management. This enables you to boost network performance, increase compliance and secure heterogenous networks.

    Watch the recording of this presentation broadcasted during our virtual Cybersecurity Vision event in May 2020.
  • Transforming Enterprise-Wide Network Segmentation Recorded: Jun 29 2020 43 mins
    Doug Card, Senior Product Manager eyeSegment – Forescout Technologies
    CISOs are faced with the challenges of a growing number of threats while meeting more and more compliance directives. The new era of network segmentation has been designed to allow businesses to automate the identification and isolation of threats, without impacting operations. Despite network segmentation not being a new concept, adoption across the enterprise has been slow and when undertaken, often tedious – as typically organizations layer network segmentation on top of an existing network.
    Advanced network segmentation requires traffic context. Having insight into what devices are communicating between each other and what counts as legitimate or illegitimate traffic is paramount for CISOs today. Forescout’s eyeSegment allows organizations to create a baseline of what is communicating with what and helps make sense of the network chaos associated with the volume and diversity of connected devices, matching the demand from businesses to secure critical applications, mitigate increased exposure due to IoT devices and block the lateral movement of threats across flat networks.
  • What You Need to Know about Ripple20 Recorded: Jun 25 2020 38 mins
    Shlomi Oberman, CEO & Researcher, JSOF & Daniel dos Santos, Security Researcher, Forescout Technologies
    A Conversation with Shlomi Oberman from JSOF

    According to Gartner, “over 80% of organizations currently use IoT to solve business use cases, and almost 20% of organizations have already detected an IoT-based attack in the past three years.” By now, you’ve heard about Ripple20 – the collective group of vulnerabilities in a widely used Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) software library developed by Treck Inc., and discovered by a team at JSOF.

    JSOF partnered with Forescout Research Labs to use Forescout’s Device Cloud, a unique data lake with information from more than 12 million devices categorized in more than 150 device types, to identify potentially impacted vendors and devices. Tens of millions of devices across over 50 vendors may be affected, exposing a complex supply chain for IoT devices. Additionally, threat actors could execute remote commands against devices connected to the internet, compromise them and move laterally within the network to access or infect other devices.

    How do security teams respond swiftly to identify and mitigate these vulnerable devices?

    Join us for a lively conversation with Shlomi Oberman (JSOF) and Daniel dos Santos (Forescout) as they explain:
    • What really is Ripple20? – a deep dive into discovered vulnerabilities
    • The impact on the supply chain and the impacted vendors
    • How to mitigate the risks – even in environments where these devices cannot be patched
    • What vendors and security teams must do next to limit their exposure
  • Which device will be YOUR weakest link? Recorded: Jun 22 2020 32 mins
    Daniel dos Santos, Security Researcher, Forescout Technologies
    While companies rush to deploy IoT devices to address operational and functional gaps, cybercriminals match or exceed that pace with attacks targeting these devices. Forescout’s research team analyzed data on over 8 million devices to come up with an eagle-eye view of the risks IoT devices pose.

    Join our research analyst to learn:
    • What devices introduce the greatest risk to an organization
    • Which industries appear to have greater control of their devices
    • An expert’s advice on an effective path forward for securing IoT devices
  • Lessons from the Trenches: Serving Justice Remotely During COVID-19 Recorded: Jun 11 2020 40 mins
    Sajed Naseem, CISO, NJ State Courts, Jack McCarthy, CIO, NJ State Courts & Ellen Sundra, VP of Systems Engineering, Forescout
    When the pandemic hit in early March, the New Jersey Judiciary was faced with a monumental task to transform the court systems to operate virtually, while remaining secure. Join this session to hear firsthand from New Jersey Judiciary’s CIO, Jack McCarthy, and CISO, Sajed Naseem, as they bring you along in their leadership journey toward digital transformation.

    Discussion highlights include:
    • Expanding technological infrastructure to support triple the amount of people working remotely while staying secure with VPN
    • Building ten times the number of existing virtual courtrooms within two weeks while enforcing network access controls that ensure only the right people get in
    • Achieving full visibility and governance of 50,000 devices within two weeks
    • Applying network security strategy and tactics to ensure the health and security of employees and the public are protected while keeping the judiciary system uninterrupted
  • Return to the Workplace without Introducing Risk Recorded: Jun 5 2020 41 mins
    Bob Reny, EMEA CTO and Principal Engineer, Forescout & Shawn Taylor, Senior Systems Engineer, Forescout
    Events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the migration to a remote workforce. Unfortunately, this rapid migration may have also adversely impacted the risk profile of your environment. This webinar covers Forescout best practices that can help you double-check your Forescout deployment—including your remote users’ asset software profile and compliance state—before employees and contractors begin returning to the workplace. Forescout presenters Bob Reny and Shawn Taylor address common components, policy interaction and best practices for streamlined compliance and enforcement, including:

    • Integration/polling
    • Policy workflow with classification, ownership and BYOD
    • Dashboards and upstream reporting
    • Segmentation and NAC impacts
  • The Future of Network Performance, Security and Management Efficiency Recorded: May 28 2020 58 mins
    Jai Prakash Shukla, Product Line Manag. Lead, Ed Chapman, VP Bus. Dev, Arista, Howie Koh, Princ. Systems Engineer, Forescout
    Join Arista and Forescout to learn how to reduce cyber risk and increase operational efficiency by providing policy driven network access control (NAC), cognitive network management and dynamic segmentation across campus, data center and cloud environments. Achieve benefits such as boost network performance, increase compliance and better secure heterogeneous networks by:

    • Improving visibility and control of devices on wired, wireless and VPN networks
    • Increasing security and reducing operating expense
    • Accelerating incident response and Zero Trust enforcement
  • Lessons from the Trenches: Protecting the Mothership by Knowing Who’s On Board Recorded: May 27 2020 42 mins
    Joe Cardamone, NA Privacy Officer & Sr. InfoSec Analyst, Haworth, Shane Coleman, Sr. Director of Sys Engineering, Forescout
    Like so many in recent months, the teams at Haworth went virtual practically overnight, creating the need to batten down the hatches on VPN access. In this session, Joe Cardamone shares how they securely kept the business moving forward while creating an opportunity to evaluate and strengthen their orchestration policies.

    Discussion highlights include:
    • The time is ripe for gaining a clearer picture of your network segments
    • Getting more information from VPN-connected devices
    • Why information security should have a seat at the table for crisis planning and business agility
  • Accelerate Enterprise-Wide Network Segmentation with eyeSegment (in Hebrew) Recorded: May 21 2020 55 mins
    Eli Fainberg, Senior Director, Product Management at Forescout Technologies & Meni Bondarkar, CTO at 10Secure
    Accelerate network segmentation projects while reducing operational complexity and minimizing business disruption.

    Forescout eyeSegment extends the capabilities of the Forescout platform to address segmentation challenges across multiple network domains and multiple enforcement technologies. It enables organizations to embrace zero trust principles for all connected devices, including IoT and OT.

    Join Forescout and 10Secure to learn how Forescout eyeSegment:
    • Accelerates the design, planning and deployment of dynamic network segmentation across the extended enterprise to reduce your attack surface and regulatory risk.
    • Simplifies the process of creating context-aware segmentation policies and simulating them prior to enforcement to minimize business disruption.
    • Orchestrates segmentation controls across diverse enforcement technologies and network domains.
  • Increase Reliability & Reduce Risk with a Healthy Hospital Infrastructure Recorded: May 20 2020 51 mins
    Mark Farrow, HC VP & CIO; Andy Brown, Arista; Lyle Kelly & Scott Barrett, Forescout; Tom Finn, Medigate
    Join Mark Farrow, an industry renowned Healthcare VP & CIO with 35+ years experience leading IT & Clinical Informatics teams, as he discusses with Arista Networks, Forescout and Medigate healthcare experts the many issues facing hospital networks and connected medical devices in today’s world and how to overcome them by building a Healthy Hospital infrastructure that is:

    - Reliable
    - Cybersecure
    - Actionable
    - Automated
    - Compliant

    In this webinar you will learn how to build a Healthy Hospital infrastructure that is founded on 5 key principles that help reduce the risk of cyberattacks, increase operational and asset management efficiency, reduce costs, improve application performance and protect digital patient services and data.

    Thanks for joining. See you there.
  • Lessons from the Trenches: CMMC Risk & Reality Recorded: May 14 2020 40 mins
    Leo Sheridan, Global Sys. Integrator, Dave Olschewske, Sys. Engineer & Dean Hullings, Global Defense Solutions, Forescout
    In June 2020, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) will begin including requirements for contractors to meet specified levels of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). Published in January 2020, CMMC Version 1.0 is a new set of cybersecurity standards that may impact up to 300,000 companies—including being subject to audits by third-party assessors. Do you contract or subcontract with the DoD? Join this session to learn who will be impacted, how, and what steps you can take to prepare.
Device Visibility & Control across the extended enterprise
The Forescout platform provides organisations with complete situational awareness of their extended enterprise and the ability to orchestrate actions to reduce cyber risk.

Learn more about our products, hear about new cybersecurity trends and see how Forescout helps you address these.

Webinar languages include English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

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  • Title: Getting Richer Visibility and Classification of Remote Devices
  • Live at: Apr 30 2020 3:30 pm
  • Presented by: Nick Duda, Principal Security Engineer, HubSpot & Howie Koh, Principal System Engineer, Forescout
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