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LinkedIn 101 Overview Video

This is a video that I created for my students at UCSC Silicon Valley for a Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing Course. It gives a guided live demo of using LinkedIn. I hope you find it useful. Comments welcome.
Recorded Nov 16 2016 32 mins
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Presented by
Natascha Thomson
Presentation preview: LinkedIn 101 Overview Video

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  • What You Need To Know to Successfully Market Yourself on LinkedIn Recorded: Jan 5 2017 60 mins
    Natascha Thomson, CEO, MarketingXLerator
    Everybody is talking about LinkedIn as the best tool for B2B marketing. Is it?

    You have a profile and company page, but for some reason you see no results. Why?

    This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of all of LinkedIn’s marketing tools and products.

    Learn how to:
    • Have a LinkedIn profile that helps you find that new job, grow your career, and attract new business.

    • Make your LinkedIn Company page a real asset and use it to drive traffic to your website via advertising and then convert via retargeting.

    • Write InMails that get responses.

    • Position yourself as a thought leader so you don’t have to sell but can be a trusted advisor.

    In addition, you’ll gain insights into LinkedIn’s demographics around the world and the future vision for LinkedIn as part of Microsoft.
  • LinkedIn 101 Overview Video Recorded: Nov 16 2016 32 mins
    Natascha Thomson
    This is a video that I created for my students at UCSC Silicon Valley for a Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing Course. It gives a guided live demo of using LinkedIn. I hope you find it useful. Comments welcome.
  • Business Disruptions with Internet of Things Recorded: Apr 6 2016 60 mins
    Sudha Jamthe, Mobile Business Leader & Stanford Instructor, IoT Author; Interviewer: Natascha Thomson, MarketingXLerator
    All things around us are coming to life with sensors and Internet connectivity. As a result there is the opportunity in this new world to create disruptive innovations to enhance your customer value. Plenty of questions arise as a result.

    Where do you create value and how can you make technology the enabler of your connected customers journey?

    What role does data play and help autonomous machines make decisions to change our lives, industries and future.

    How can you tap into this to build customer intimacy and understand customer intent to serve them better?

    Sudha Jamthe is a technology futurist, CEO of IoT Disruptions, an instructor at Stanford Continuing Studies and author of "IoT Business Primer Book" and "IoT Disruption 2020." She is a thought leader in IoT space, focusing on guiding companies with innovation to adopt IoT and to build ecosystems for Digital Business Transformations. She shares her research on IoT with her weekly "The IoT Show" on YouTube.

    Sudha serves on the advisory board of Blockchain university and Barcelona Technology School.
  • Your Brand Reputation is under Cyber Threat. Are you Prepared? Recorded: Apr 5 2016 62 mins
    Joe Schramm (Beyond Trust), Evan Blair (ZeroFox), Rich Kahn (eZanga), James Carnall (LookingGlass), Natascha Thomson (MXL)
    Did you know that social media exploitation is the most commonly used technique to gain unauthorized access to an organization?

    This was a finding of Cisco’s 2015 Midyear Security Report.

    This means that - as the guardian of the corporate brand and owner of many external communication channels - marketing needs to play an active role in protecting the business from cyber threats.

    In the age of data-driven marketing, companies are collecting and storing more customer information than ever before, while – at the same time – marketing tactics like online advertising and social media outreach have increased organizations’ attack surface.

    Phishing, hacking, mimicking, click and ad fraud, malware distribution, impersonation, social engineering…the list of possible malicious actions goes on and on and new ones keep emerging. Corporate ransomware cases are grabbing the headlines, where “hostage takers” have the power to destroy trust and potentially a whole business.


    In this webinar, a panel of industry experts will:

    •Outline the most common cyber threats to brands, including
    phishing, social engineering, website defacement and compromise,
    corporate impersonation, hacking, click fraud, and insider threats
    •Provide solutions to detect and mitigate threats
    •Offer best practices for threat prevention

    If you are in a marketing role and want to educate yourself about cyber security, this webinar is for you.

    Learn what you can do to protect your brand from malicious actors. You can’t afford not to.
  • Social Selling in 2016: A Virtual Roundtable Expert Discussion Recorded: Mar 8 2016 65 mins
    Chris Raulf, Jasmine Sandler, Julio Viskovich, Natascha Thomson
    The Internet and social media have dramatically changed the sales process.

    A GE Capital Retail Bank study revealed that 81% of consumers go online before making a purchase decision, spending an average of 79 days gathering information before making a major purchase. Conventional sales brochures have long been replaced by websites, blogs, and social media platforms.

    Social media and search engines allow potential buyers to educate themselves without the need to talk to a sales rep. or to answer unsolicited phone calls before making a purchase.

    Social selling experts Jasmine Sandler, Julio Viskovich, Natascha Thomson and Chris Raulf discuss tips and best practices that allow sales teams to:

    * Connect with the right prospects online
    * Use social selling to shorten the sales cycle
    * Retain customers for a longer period of time
    * Meet and exceed sales quotas

    View the recording of this session and learn what social selling is REALLY all about:

    ** The difference between social selling and social branding/marketing
    ** How to effectively execute social selling
    ** Why tools can’t replace the human touch

    This event targets sales and marketing professionals interested in learning how to boost their companies’ bottom lines through the use of social and digital selling.
  • If you want to succeed with email, send less Recorded: Feb 16 2016 61 mins
    Natascha Thomson with Paula Morris, Polycom; Cindy Garcia, Oracle; Shino Tanaka, Madison Reed; Peter Tait, Customer Engines
    Moderator: Natascha Thomson, CEO, MarketingXLerator

    Presenters: Paula Morris, Head of Campaign Management EMEA, Polycom; Cindy Garcia, Director Modern Marketing Best Practices, Oracle; Shino Tanaka, Director of Communications & Community Engagement, Madison Reed; Peter Tait, Founder, Customer Engines

    If you listen to people talk, it seems pretty obvious that everybody hates email.

    But do they really?

    Turns out that recent statistics do not support this myth. People hate bad email. But they like (and respond to) email that is timely, relevant and valuable.

    According to eConsultancy’s Email Marketing Industry Census 2015, 74% of companies surveyed consider email one of the best channels to deliver ROI.

    But shouldn’t modern marketers focus on social media and mobile marketing?

    According to McKinsey it’s a mistake to ignore email:

    “Email remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined".

    So how do you get most out of your email marketing efforts?

    This webinar brings together a panel of Silicon Valley marketing veterans who will share strategies and best practices to make you a better email marketer in B2B and B2C.

    Learn how you can improve your own email marketing programs by sending the smallest number of emails, with the greatest impact.

    At the end of the webinar, you will understand how to:

    • Send emails that your customers anticipate and value
    • Achieve high email open rates and conversions
    • Successfully integrate email and social media
    • Build long-term customer relationships
    • Have your customers seek your guidance on their journey through the buyer cycle
Social Media Marketing Insights
MarketingXLerator is a boutique Silicon Valley (social media) marketing consultancy. Whether you are new to social media or want to optimize your presence, we can help you build trusted and mutually beneficial relationships with your targets and influencers. Our clients include large companies like SAP, startups like LookingGlass Cyber Solutions and individuals like author Stan Slap and musician George Cole. MarketingXLerator offers consulting and training services. We teach you to "fish where the fish are".

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  • Presented by: Natascha Thomson
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