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How Energy Efficiency Can Lead Your Business' Growth

This is the first ICTFOOTPRINT.eu's webinar. It explains how ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services work and the principal benefits for small & medium organisations to engage with low carbon footprint solutions.
Recorded Jul 12 2016 32 mins
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Presented by
Silvana Muscella, Frédéric Croison
Presentation preview: How Energy Efficiency Can Lead Your Business' Growth

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  • Low Carbon ICT: Green Rating Investment Tool, Carbon Fee Report & Data Centers Recorded: Nov 21 2017 60 mins
    Jakub Bartnicki, Adina Braha-Honciuc and Derek Webster
    Today the services, or tertiary sector, is driving the European economy, generating around 70 % of EU GDP and employment . It’s Energy Consumption has been growing continuously since 2008, with just trade premises and offices clocking up over 50%. Hence the importance of making this sector more energy efficient and reducing its carbon footprint.

    Energy efficiency has become a new resource itself: it’s competitive, cost effective, and widely available. But, it seems that 74% of people think that organisations are still not doing enough to cut their carbon emission and tackle climate change . Lack of knowledge and financial constraints are two of the main reasons behind this.

    Being aware of your organisation’s footprint will allow you to reduce sources of carbon from your company’s operations and start planning a carbon neutral journey. So how do you get started?
    The ICTFOOTPRINT.eu webinar will ensure you’re on the ball in low carbon footprint.

    Who are our speakers?

    Jakub Bartnicki: Energy & Built Environment Services Manager at Bureau Veritas, will introduce the Green Rating for Energy Performance Contracts, a technical and financial assessment methodology developed through the Horizon2020-funded Trust EPC South project.

    Adina Braha-Honciuc: Government Affairs Manager – EU Policy at Microsoft, will showcase the Microsoft Carbon Fee report. The company reduced energy and emissions, bought clean energy to cover what it could not reduce and invested in offset projects for the carbon Microsoft cannot reduce or replace. These efforts are funded by Microsoft internal carbon fee, which charges all Microsoft’s business groups for their carbon footprint.

    Derek Webster is the Yahoo! EMEA Head of Data Center Development, CEO at Data Center Consultancy Andget. Derek will demonstrate how formula one (F1 DC) Designs can reach the Enterprise Site with Macro Green to ROI benefits.
  • New GHG ICT Sector Guidance, SAT-S Ready to Use & Data Centres Standards Recorded: Jun 27 2017 61 mins
    Alex Bardell, Silvana Muscella, Andie Stephens
    27 June 2017, 12:00 CEST webinar on how to improve ICT energy efficiency in your business. Want to become more sustainable in ICT?

    Great line-up of experts on ICT sustainability

    Alex Bardell, Member of Executive Board at Sustainability for London, will focus his presentation on Data Centres standards, reviewing them in relation to energy efficiency and sustainability. His insights will help you understand what standards are and how they can help you reduce energy and carbon consumption.

    Silvana Muscella, founder/CEO of Trust-IT Services and Project Coordinator of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu, will introduce the Self-Assessment Tool for ICT Services (SAT-S). SAT-S is a useful, free, quick and easy-to-use tool to calculate the carbon footprint of ICT services. It is a practical tool for ICT-intensive organisations to position their ICT services footprint. Silvana is the driver behind the development of useful digital tools and services for smaller companies, in several ICT areas, such as energy efficiency, and especially useful for helping novices make their ICT more sustainable. The final version of SAT-S is planned for June 2017.

    Andie Stephens, Senior Customer/Project Manager at Carbon Trust and member of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu External Advisory Group, will share insights from ICT Sector Guidance for the GHG Protocol Product Standard, which provides detailed guidance for the foot-printing of ICT products and services in the following areas: Telecommunications Network Services, Desktop Managed Services, Cloud and Data Center Services, Hardware, and Software. Andie’s presentation will provide an overview of the structure and applicability of the ICT Sector Guidance.
  • Using e-Infrastructures for Biodiversity Conservation Recorded: May 30 2017 68 mins
    Gianpaolo Coro, CNR-ISTI & BlueBRIDGE consortium
    An e-Infrastructure is a distributed network of service nodes, residing on multiple sites and managed by one or more organizations. E-Infrastructures allow scientists residing at distant places to collaborate. They offer a multiplicity of facilities as-a-service, supporting data sharing and usage at different levels of abstraction, e.g. data transfer, data harmonization, data processing workflows etc. e-Infrastructures are gaining an important place in the field of biodiversity conservation. Their computational capabilities help scientists to reuse models, obtain results in shorter time and share these results with other colleagues. They are also used to access several and heterogeneous biodiversity catalogues. This webinar will focus on how the BlueBRIDGE e-Infrastructure and Virtual Research Environments can enable data sharing and experiments reproducibility and repeatability in the biodiverisity conservation field. Examples of tools that can be adopted by the audience will be also showcased. Webinar contents in brief:

    e-Infrastructures and Virtual Research Environments
    Geospatial data visualization and representation
    Statistical models for species distribution modelling
    Accessing large heterogeneous biodiversity data catalogues
    Signal processing of biodiversity-related observations
    Machine Learning applied to species observation records
    Lexical search in large taxonomic trees
    Cloud computing applied to biodiversity analyses
  • Solutions for Energy Management and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in the ICT field Recorded: Apr 27 2017 61 mins
    Jean-Marc Alberola, Fadri Casty & Tereza Lévová, Berina Delalic
    ICTFOOTPRINT.eu is organising its 5th webinar on 27th April 2017, 12:00 CEST to help you manage the energy consumed by ICT and know how Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can guide you to make your ICT more sustainable. All those who want to become more sustainable in ICT are welcome to join us in this exciting webinar.

    Jean-Marc Alberola, Group Energy Strategy leader at Airbus & Vice Chairman of ETSI ISG OEU (Industry Specification Group Operational Energy Efficiency For Users). Jean-Marc will speak about the work developed by ETSI ISG-OEU, operative KPIs that enable the monitoring of the energy management performance in data centres and ICT sites. After a short description of the global KPI DCEM, the presentation will focus on the implementation of these KPI’s in an industrial area of corporate ICT sites.

    Fadri Casty & Tereza Lévová, both from EcoInvent, , the world's most consistent & transparent Life Cycle Inventory database. The ecoinvent database provides well documented process data for thousands of products, helping you make truly informed decisions about their environmental impact. Fadri and Tereza will demonstrate the value of doing LCA on ICT equipment.

    Berina Delalic, from multEE will introduce the Monitoring & Verification Platform (MVP), a web based tool developed to calculate and store data about energy and CO2 savings resulting from implemented energy efficiency measures. Having in mind central role of ICT especially in the commercial sector, some methods are developed for improving ICT’s energy efficiency, and therefore achieving CO2 emission reduction. The presentation will show how MVP can be used for measuring results from the activities that enable more efficient use of energy for ICT in commercial buildings.

    The webinar will be moderated by Silvana Muscella (Project Coordinator of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu and CEO of Trust-IT Services) who has broad experience in stimulating topics in the ICT sector.
  • Calculation Tools & ICT Insights on energy saving:SAT-S, Save@work, GreenSpector Recorded: Feb 23 2017 64 mins
    Thomas Corvaisier (Greenspector), Frédéric Croisson (Deloitte), Karen Robinson (Save@Work)
    The 4th ICTFOOTPRINT free webinar has crucial information on ICT Calculation tools and Sustainable ICT insights on energy savings, on 23rd February 2017, 15:00 CET.

    Thomas Corvaisier (CEO of GREENSPECTOR) will introduce the concept of software eco-design, and tell us how it may help lowering the consumption of IT resources while preserving performance and user experience.

    Frédéric Croisson, from Deloitte Sustainability, will showcase the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Self-Assessment Tool for Services (SAT-S), a useful, quick and easy-to-use tool that calculates the carbon footprint of your ICT services. The tool helps users not only to make informed decisions about how to make an ICT service sustainable, but also discover the impact of ICT devices & activities in terms of Green House Gas emissions and primary energy consumption. (SAT-S will be launched very soon).

    Karen Robinson will share some sustainable ICT practices and introduce the save@work initiative, which encourages public sector employee’s to come together in teams to reduce the energy consumption of their building by making small changes to their everyday energy consuming behaviours. Adding an element of competition to the project has been a significant driver in encouraging teams to really examine and challenge those unconscious energy consuming behaviours. The scale of working in a large office has also highlighted those practices that on their own seem to make almost insignificant savings but when applied across an office of over 300 people, have a very different impact.

    The webinar will be moderated by Silvana Muscella, Project Coordinator of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu and CEO of Trust-IT Services. Silvana has a broad experience in ICT sector, focusing on high-level strategy building, the delivery of multichannel platforms, business acquisition & development & strategic marketing for international clients.
  • Industrial approach & support from standards in minimising ICT carbon footprint Recorded: Dec 20 2016 61 mins
    Lance Ruetimann, Joe Baguley & Jean Manuel Canet
    ICTFOOTPRINT will hold a free webinar about ICT Standards for Data Centres and ICT Sustainability on 20th December 2016, 15:00 CET, open to all those with an interest in becoming more sustainable in their ICT.

    During the 1-hour webinar, Lance Rϋtimann (Vice President of The Green Grid) will share his views and tips, on how the European EN 50600 Series of Standards came about as a motivation to deliver a comprehensive EN standard for Data centres to help rise to the challenge of various situations such as one room to multiple building facilities and diverse business models with individual complexities.

    Moreover, Joe Baguley (Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, EMEA at VMware) will provide us with stimulating insights on some major recommendations that VMWare works on whilst minimising its ICT corporate footprint, described in VMware's Global Impact Report 2015 - Force for Good.

    Plus, Jean Manuel Canet (Vice-Chairman Working Party “ICT and climate change” at International Telecommunication Union) will explain some ITU-T methodologies for a sustainable ICT.

    Follow the webinar about the EN 50600 Series of Standards, with Lance Ruetimann (Siemens) illustrating the EN 50600 motivations, key aspects and main impact
  • Tools and Services for Energy Management - ICTFOOTPRINT.eu Recorded: Oct 20 2016 61 mins
    Jaak Vlasveld (Director of GreenIT Amsterdam) and Rahib Bashroush (Coordinator of Eureca project)
    “Tools and Services for energy management”, with crucial information about tools to all those who want to improve ICT energy efficiency in their business.

    In less than an hour, Jaak Vlasveld (Director of GreenIT Amsterdam) and Rahib Bashroush (Coordinator of Eureca project) - will provide their valuable insights regarding energy efficiency in ICT.

    Jaak Vlasveld will explain how to achieve energy efficiency gains without impacting the performance and stability of ICT and the potential impact of Life Cycle Assessment on buying new IT equipment.

    Rahib Bashroush will provide his expert advice on the sustainability of data centres, which will explain how to identify and procure environmentally sustainable data centres.
  • Cyberwiser.eu: Democratising cybersecurity. Recorded: Jul 14 2016 32 mins
    S. Parker (Trust-IT Services)
    Learn about how WISER is making cyber security accessible and affordable for SMEs, making sure it becomes part of the business process with regular cyber risk profiling and vulnerability testing to stop attacks before they happen. Learn also about the full suite of WISER services going to market in 2017 and how we are guiding companies on new EU regulations and countries in improving their cyber security strategies
  • How Energy Efficiency Can Lead Your Business' Growth Recorded: Jul 12 2016 32 mins
    Silvana Muscella, Frédéric Croison
    This is the first ICTFOOTPRINT.eu's webinar. It explains how ICTFOOTPRINT.eu services work and the principal benefits for small & medium organisations to engage with low carbon footprint solutions.

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  • Title: How Energy Efficiency Can Lead Your Business' Growth
  • Live at: Jul 12 2016 12:30 pm
  • Presented by: Silvana Muscella, Frédéric Croison
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