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Sky Betting Operations with Pagerduty

Sky Betting serves over 1.7 million consumers, and with 50+ million daily content updates, meeting massive demands for scale is mission-critical to the success of its business. Hear from Sky Betting's Head of Service Operations on how they employed a tribe model and implemented technologies like PagerDuty to ensure 24x7 availability and performance of all their services, while optimising team autonomy and agility.
Recorded Jan 23 2018 11 mins
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Presented by
Rachel Watson, Head of Service Operations, Sky Betting & Gaming
Presentation preview: Sky Betting Operations with Pagerduty

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  • Best Practices in Driving DevOps Transformation Recorded: Jul 17 2018 21 mins
    Paul Rechsteiner, Principal Product Manager, Incident Response
    The benefits of DevOps transformation are significant and well-understood, with over 70% of organizations having already implemented or planning to implement DevOps within the next 12 months according to Forrester. But it’s not a change that happens overnight. After empowering tens of thousands of operations teams to effectively manage their services in production, we’ve distilled what we’ve learned from them into a few best practices that have been foundational to driving change and transforming to be more agile.

    In this session, we’ll go over a few topics:

    - Common operational challenges across the organizational spectrum
    - The top best practices that organizations use to empower distributed teams
    - How to enable both central and distributed teams to gain comprehensive visibility, take action on issues fast, and be more productive
    - A couple of case studies of real organizations who have achieved successes in the journey toward DevOps transformation, and how they’re getting there
  • What's the Future of DevOps? Recorded: Jul 10 2018 40 mins
    Tori Wieldt, New Relic, Tony Hansmann, Pivotal, Matt Stratton, PagerDuty, and Vera Chen, PagerDuty
    The adoption of DevOps fundamentals has changed the game of software delivery. And DevOps has come a long way from being a methodology that was considered, “for startups only” to what it is today—a culture and people first approach to engineering that enables teams to deploy faster, eliminate silos, and iteratively improve no matter your size. Do it right, and your team stands to release much faster, predictively, and safely, while mitigating unplanned work and making it easier to get ahead of customer experience.

    Join us as we discuss the future of DevOps with leaders from Pivotal, New Relic, and PagerDuty. We’ll look back at where DevOps has been, what it’s brought to the table, and where it’s going.

    • What are the biggest challenges organizations face when cultivating DevOps adoption?
    • What key fundamentals of DevOps are here to stay?
    • Can DevOps best practices and fundamentals be adopted beyond the engineering team?
    • Is it time for the enterprise to finally embrace DevOps?
    • What’s the next big thing for DevOps?

    Tori Wieldt, Developer Advocate, New Relic
    Tony Hansmann, Field CTO, Pivotal
    Matt Stratton, DevOps Evangelist, PagerDuty
    Vera Chen, Technical Marketing Manager, PagerDuty
  • Improving Your Employee Retention With Real-Time Ops Data Recorded: Jul 3 2018 32 mins
    Ophir Ronen, PagerDuty, Stephen O’Grady, RedMonk, and Mary Moore-Simmons, SendGrid
    Employee attrition is a challenge that every organization, regardless of industry, faces. People change jobs and move companies for many different reasons. This got us thinking—is on-call health a factor that can significantly affect employee attrition rates? If the health factors of on-call pain are bad enough, could it cause your employees to leave your company prematurely?

    Join us for our upcoming webinar, where we’ll address these questions and share results from a global survey of IT managers and practitioners on employee attrition.

    We’ll also show you how to tackle employee dissatisfaction with real-time operations health data so you can effectively build and retain teams responsible for your digital transformation. You’ll gain insight into the most impactful operations health indicators as they relate to average employee tenure length across your organization, including:

    • Notifications that interrupt work and life.
    • Notifications that wake up responders at night.
    • Notifications that interrupt weekends.
    • Notifications that interrupt consecutive weekend days.
  • Selecting the Right Data Science Approach for Your Operations Recorded: May 16 2018 16 mins
    Lilia Gutnik, Product Manager, PagerDuty
    Organizations want to modernize their IT Operations with the promise of data science and machine learning. The potential results from harnessing data is awesome: automate repetitive tasks, focus on innovation instead of maintenance, and profit from actionable insights that grows the business.

    However,  many teams struggle with the challenge of applying data science to their operations in a way that is suited to their business, their resources, and their goals.

    In this webinar, we’ll answer key questions such as:

    • Which operations challenges can be improved with Data Science?
    • How can data science help your business?
    • How do you evaluate what data science is right for you?
  • 52% of Companies Sacrifice Cybersecurity for Speed Recorded: Apr 24 2018 47 mins
    Pete Cheslock, Head of Ops, Threat Stack and Franklin Mosley, Senior Application Security Engineer, PagerDuty
    A recent Threat Stack survey finds that over 50% of companies admit to cutting back on security measures to meet a business deadline or objective. As long as companies are willing to sacrifice security at the altar of speed, the long-held dream of marrying DevOps and security simply won’t come true.
    Join this webinar to hear Pete Cheslock, Threat Stack head of Ops, and Franklin Mosley, PagerDuty Senior Application Security Engineer discuss the current status, gaps, and obstacles of DevSecOps. Here are just a few of the survey findings:

    • 68% of companies say that their CEO demands DevOps and security teams not do anything that slows the business down
    • 57% percent of companies say their operations team pushes back on security best practices
    • 44% of developers are not trained to code securely
  • Incident Response Best Practices Recorded: Jan 24 2018 30 mins
    Susan Fowler, Editor-in-Chief of Increment, Stripe, Sweta Ackerman, Engineering Manager, PagerDuty,
    Hear from Susan Fowler about the current state of incident response. After surveying over 30 leading Bay Area companies about their incident response practices for their first issue, she’ll share insight into the trends found and tips and tricks for how to implement change at your company, as well as what the future of incident response holds.
  • Panel: Reimagining Customer Support Recorded: Jan 24 2018 40 mins
    Disha Gosalia, GE Digital; Allison Pickens,Gainsight; Larry Aronovitz, Okta; Howard Wilson, CCO, PagerDuty
    Consumers are on the hunt for the ultimate customer experience, regardless of if you are a consumer facing brand or an enterprise company. Discover how brands like GE Digital, Gainsight, and Okta use PagerDuty to coordinate response to customer issues of all sizes — delivering the best possible responses 24×7, every time.
  • Panel: The Business Case for DevOps Recorded: Jan 24 2018 42 mins
    Andrew Fong, Director of Engineering, Dropbox, Matthew Sokol – Principal Software Engineer, Staples Digital Solutions
    What is the real value that organizations get from undergoing a DevOps transformation? Join us as industry experts and IT leaders discuss actual DevOps implementations, and their value to the customer, the business, and the team, in dollars, time, and satisfaction. We’ll explore the key metrics that you should use to measure for building a strong case for DevOps.
  • The Future of DevOps Recorded: Jan 24 2018 39 mins
    Adam Jacob, Co-Founder & CTO, Chef
    What does the future hold for the world of DevOps? Implementing DevOps means changing the technology system as well as the cultural system. Both are intertwined and, to be successful, both systems must evolve to drive velocity. Learning how to manage and lead by giving people context and information to make better decisions—versus giving them tickets or briefs—is how leaders and teams will thrive.
  • Fireside Chat: Deliveroo Recorded: Jan 24 2018 13 mins
    Amy Harms, Engineering Manager, Deliveroo, Jennifer Tejada, CEO, PagerDuty
    London-based global company Deliveroo brings world’s local restaurants into everyone’s home or office - fast. The organization and all its people operate and work passionately to enable its customers to order amazing food from the best loved local restaurants, as well as work with hundreds of restaurant chains and top quality independents to deliver food to homes or offices. While servicing 12 countries across 150 cities and placing customers at the forefront of what they do, Deliveroo operates fully in the cloud, 24x7, and with DevOps built into its operational DNA.

    Discover how Amy Harms and her Platform Engineering team embrace challenges as they relate to digital operations including the importance of orchestrating people across the entire business and numerous functions to handle major business-impacting incidents. Explore how to take good incident management to another level and learn more about a company that has evolved two parallel sides of the business while keeping them tightly integrated. Learn how you can communicate more effectively where it matters to improve your digital operations, as well as, broaden your assessment of business implications to improve overall business health.
  • The Investment in Digital Insight and the Power of PagerDuty Recorded: Jan 24 2018 47 mins
    Jennifer Tejada, CEO, PagerDuty, Mary Moore-Simmons, Engineering Operations Manager, SendGrid
    PagerDuty loves DevOps. We support a culture of empowerment and enablement. As such, our newly announced capabilities integrate applied machine learning, end-to-end response automation, and the mobilization of people in real-time across the entire business, to help teams eliminate inefficiencies when it matters most and get back to innovation.
  • How to be a Game-changer in a Digital World Recorded: Jan 23 2018 31 mins
    Firaas Rashid, Director & Head of Production of International Wealth Management, Credit Suisse
    How does one effectively drive IT and DevOps transformation at a large, established company? In this session, we explore key best practices, challenges, and organizational changes that established enterprises need to drive in order be successful as they become more digital. Learn about the evolving role of IT and Ops, from a tactical function to a key strategic organization for the business.
  • Apprentices of Scale: The Slack Operations Story Recorded: Jan 23 2018 29 mins
    Richard Crowley, Operations Architect, Slack
    Growing up is hard to do. Learn from the story of Slack’s Operations team as they share how they learned to cope, scale, and thrive at the intersection of growing traffic, infrastructure, company, and market.
  • Sky Betting Operations with Pagerduty Recorded: Jan 23 2018 11 mins
    Rachel Watson, Head of Service Operations, Sky Betting & Gaming
    Sky Betting serves over 1.7 million consumers, and with 50+ million daily content updates, meeting massive demands for scale is mission-critical to the success of its business. Hear from Sky Betting's Head of Service Operations on how they employed a tribe model and implemented technologies like PagerDuty to ensure 24x7 availability and performance of all their services, while optimising team autonomy and agility.
  • Panel: Leading Transformation in a Digital World Recorded: Jan 23 2018 44 mins
    Merline Saintil, Head of Ops, Product & Technology, Intuit; Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight, Sheila Jordan, CIO, Symantec
    Join us as we sit down with leaders from Intuit, Gainsight, and Symantec as they each share their digital transformation stories and lessons learned.
  • AI and Machine Learning Get Real Recorded: Jan 23 2018 30 mins
    Dominic Marion, Operations Support and Release Management Manager, NBC News, Lilia Gutnik, Product Manager, PagerDuty
    The terms machine learning and AI are often associated with complex black box algorithms and models that no one seems to understand. We’re taking a more applied approach to machine learning – focusing on real-life problems. Hear how PagerDuty has delivered real, tangible value to some of our early customers using machine learning and advanced statistics. No magic black boxes or unicorns and rainbows allowed.
  • SoA Observability and Control: Present and Future with Lyft Recorded: Jan 23 2018 30 mins
    Matt Klein, Software Engineer, Lyft
    State of the art (SoA) observability currently primarily relies disparate systems to get the job done, which yield a huge amount of cognitive overload for operators who are continuously trying to stitch together all of the different threads. Join us as we discuss the current state and look forward towards the power of a unified observability and control plane for SoA primarily driven by the burgeoning “service mesh” paradigm.
  • The PagerDuty Community & Product Updates Recorded: Jan 23 2018 29 mins
    Alex Solomon, CTO and Co-Founder, Tim Armandpour, SVP, Product Development, Rachel Obstler, VP Product, PagerDuty
    As software becomes the de facto medium through which business is conducted, the quality of the digital experience defines an organization’s success. That’s why we’ve introduced new capabilities that integrate applied machine learning, end-to-end response automation, and the mobilization of people in real-time across the entire business. Our latest features help you eliminate inefficiencies when it matters most and get back to innovation.
  • Fireside Chat with Adrian Cockcroft Recorded: Jan 23 2018 27 mins
    Adrian Cockcroft, VP of Architecture, AWS, Jennifer Tejada, CEO, PagerDuty
    We sit down down with Adrian Cockcroft and chat about everything from working better in a developer driven culture to chaos engineering. He shares insight into how AWS and Netflix instill DevOps best practices that enable teams to write better code, bring tools and ideas together, go on-call for code they own, influence organizational change, and so much more.
  • Empowering Developers & Ops in a Digital World Recorded: Jan 23 2018 40 mins
    Jennifer Tejada, CEO, PagerDuty
    In this digital world, where brands must deliver on the ultimate customer experience, the role of developers is changing rapidly. Everything must work perfectly. As a result, digital operations is not only critical to developers and engineers, it’s becoming business critical. Join us as we discuss the idea of implementing DevOps across the business. Should you put everyone on-call?
Your Fastest Path to Incident Resolution
PagerDuty is helping IT Operations and DevOps professionals deliver on the promise of agility, performance and uptime. Our enterprise-grade incident management helps you orchestrate the ideal response to create better customer, employee, and business value.

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  • Presented by: Rachel Watson, Head of Service Operations, Sky Betting & Gaming
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