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Who’s on First? Do You Know Who has the Ball in Cloud Security?

You provision the VMs. They rack and stack. You manage the application. They manage the hypervisor. You pay the bill – and they send it to you. But, who is managing cloud security? Are you the one:

-Installing and maintaining all the security software (or neglecting to?)
-Identifying encryption options?
-Scrambling to collect audit materials?
-Bending to their legal conditions?
-Hoping they’ve done their part?

A great deal of cloud security can ONLY be done by your cloud provider. Much of the compliance paperwork requires their initiative. And, the rest can be time consuming, difficult or tedious for you.

Are you assuming your cloud has security covered? Join the webinar to learn who should own what and make sure no one is dropping the ball.
Recorded Apr 20 2016 48 mins
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Presented by
Frank Krieger, Director of Compliance; Lilac Schoenbeck VP, Product Management and Marketing
Presentation preview: Who’s on First? Do You Know Who has the Ball in Cloud Security?

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  • The A-Z of Cloud Compliance: Privacy Shield. EU GDPR. HIPAA. ISO 27001 & SOC2 Recorded: Jan 26 2017 54 mins
    Frank Krieger, Director of Compliance, & Dante Orsini, SVP of Business Development
    Safe Harbour. EU GDPR, Privacy Shield. Brexit. Model Contract Clauses. And that’s just the international data. HIPAA, SOC2, ISO 270001, PCI.

    You’re just trying to keep the systems running and it seems like regulations are changing every day. And, if you’re like 60% of businesses, conservatively, that get audited each year, this may be your lucky year to open those IT books and prove you’ve been compliant all along.

    Quickly, your cloud footprint becomes critical. Whether running workloads on the cloud or ensuring your DRaaS meets compliance needs, this extension to your operating environment could land you in trouble if you’re not prepared.

    How can you set yourself up for success?
    Understand the rules up front – and the ways you can operate within them
    Set yourself up with the right documentation to address auditor questions
    Arm yourself with a team that has your back

    Don’t be the one caught in the audit net. iland’s Director of Compliance, Frank Krieger, has done everything from HIPAA attestations, international Privacy Shield structuring to Model Contract clauses and works with customers every day to ensure their cloud is always audit-ready. He’s joining us in a webinar!
  • Don't Pay the Ransom! Protect Yourself from Ransomware with Cloud Recorded: Dec 13 2016 52 mins
    Ed Cabrera, Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Trend Micro and Justin Giardina, CTO, iland
    Ransomware has become the Number 1 threat facing organizations in 2016; and it is of particular threat to any company that relies heavily on documents to run their business. With adoption of cloud computing for more mission-critical use cases growing, IT leaders are naturally concerned about protecting against ransomware in the cloud as well as on-premise.

    Join the Chief Cybersecurity Officer of Trend Micro and the CTO of iland for this webinar where they'll delve into the significant threat that Ransomware poses to enterprise IT organisations - and discuss how to protect and remediate your business from ransomware attacks in the cloud.

    This webinar will look into how Ransomware has changed; and how it’s becoming more targeted and harder to identify. With email still being the number 1 attack vector and a reported 70% of spam now delivering Ransomware, we will look at how advanced sandboxing technology can be used to identify new and unknown threats, like Ransomware, and why you need a robust disaster recovery and back-up plan.

    What will be covered:
    · Insight into Trend Micro’s ransomware and 2017 threat predictions
    · Threat detection techniques to identify new and unknown threats
    · How Trend Micro threat intelligence is integrated in the iland cloud platform
    · How a cloud-based disaster recovery and back-up plan helps remediate ransomware attacks
  • Keeping Disaster Recovery in the Budget: Overcoming Objections & Making the Case Recorded: Nov 17 2016 52 mins
    Dante Orsini, SVP of Business Development, & Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of Marketing
    It’s that time of year – when fiscal budgets are allocated and the age old question “Do we really need that item?” pops up. That item is very often Disaster Recovery.

    We aren’t in a hurricane zone. There are no earthquakes here. Why would someone target our business? We test all our patches.

    The reasons are endless. But, since you’re the one with the threat of downtime hanging over your heard – you’re motivated to get this finally budgeted. But, you’ll need a counter-arguments for every objection – so this is the webinar for you! We’ll cover the best responses to:

    · It’s going to cost a fortune!
    · We have another backup system down the hall!
    · We don’t live in a weather-y place!
    · When was the last time we had an outage?
    · We can handle a little downtime… really.

    Join this webinar with iland’s Dante Orsini, SVP of Business Development, and Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of Marketing, to learn how you can keep DR in you 2016 budget.
  • Assertions and Attestations - Nailing Your Next Cloud Audit Recorded: Sep 29 2016 51 mins
    Frank Krieger, Director of Compliance and Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of Marketing
    The call from the auditor, like your dental cleaning and tax day, comes with dizzying regularity. For more than a decade, companies have been avoiding, eschewing or explicitly fibbing about their cloud use to step around the murky area of cloud compliance.

    Why? Because the rules are ambiguous. Because the paperwork is unreal. Because cloud vendors are cagey. Because it was just easier.

    And business continues to use the cloud, because it’s critical to growth, IT operations, agility and disaster protection. But you no longer have to pull a fast one on your audit team. Join iland's Director of Compliance to learn:

    - What to look for in cloud reporting – in particular for HIPAA, SOC2 and ISO27001
    - How your cloud vendor can support you
    - What questions auditors typically ask
    - How all this impacts your disaster recovery plans as well as your public cloud use
  • Benchmark Your Disaster Recovery Strategy Recorded: Sep 28 2016 59 mins
    Taylor Deakyne, EMEA Cloud Manager, Zerto; Sam Woodcock, Solutions Architect, iland; Monica Brink, Dir. EMEA Marketing, iland
    58% experienced issues when failing over IT systems! - The State of IT Disaster Recovery in the UK – 2016 Survey

    Find out if you’re ahead or behind on IT Disaster Recovery. In a survey commissioned by iland and conducted by Opinion Matters, 250 IT decision makers in the UK were asked about their DR experiences, challenges and strategies. And, we’re sharing the results!

    Learn from your peers:

    - The frequency of DR testing – how much is enough?
    - The impact of IT outages – how disruptive would it be to your business?
    - The trade-offs IT leaders make between downtime, cost and security – what trade-offs make sense for you?

    Join iland and Zerto as we dig into the survey findings which will be a useful benchmark for your own DR strategies. Don’t miss it.
  • Is IT feeling the heat? Try iland’s cool summer console release Recorded: Jul 21 2016 60 mins
    Jeff Polczynski, Solutions Architect at iland and Lilac Schoenbeck, VP Product Management & Marketing at iland
    It may be summer, but IT never takes a vacation. As business projects slow, IT takes advantage of the downtime to shore up the infrastructure and overhaul systems. With all eyes on technology these days, everything from security breaches to system outages get outsized attention. It’s a lot to contend with.

    While any old cloud can provide a bit of shade, the iland cloud can do more. Our purpose built – and consistently enhanced – iland cloud console provides a welcome reprieve from the pain of managing cloud workloads, ensuring their security – and even answer questions from the executive suite.

    Join a webinar from our product experts, showing how the iland cloud console integrates:
    - A full complement of proactive security technologies
    - Tools to provision and manage VMs, vApps, network and more
    - 12 months of performance and capacity data
    - On-demand reporting for your executives and auditors
    - A host of “bonus features” to make your life easier

    Join this webinar to see how the iland cloud, with it’s innovative console, does more than outsource infrastructure. We’ll pour you a tall glass of virtual ice water, turn on the A/C, and make sure that your cloud operation is cool as a cucumber.
  • Achieving & Maintaining ISO 27001 Compliance in the Cloud Recorded: Jun 29 2016 56 mins
    Frank Krieger, Director of Compliance; Sam Woodcock, Principal Solutions Architect; Monica Brink, Director of EMEA Marketing
    Do you know what it takes?

    Cloud adoption amongst European enterprises is rising - while IT compliance requirements are also increasing. These 2 trends can seem like opposing forces - but don't need to be. With the right people, processes and technology in place, IT leaders can leverage the cloud to help achieve ISO 27001 compliance - even more easily than they could achieve it with on-premise infrastructure.

    Join this webinar to learn what it takes to achieve and maintain ISO 27001 compliance while using cloud services to drive agility and reduce costs across your enterprise. We'll cover key focus areas for ISO 27001 compliance including:

    · Achieving organizational alignment
    · Ensuring cloud platform security requirements
    · Reporting essentials for auditing success

    Don't miss this opportunity to learn what it takes to confidently move forward with cloud initiatives while achieving ISO 270001 compliance.
  • Survey says: Cloud security strategies rest too heavily on blind trust Recorded: Jun 8 2016 47 mins
    David Monahan, Research Director at EMA and Lilac Schoenbeck, VP Product Management & Marketing at iland
    In a recent EMA survey, it was found that many IT leaders know the cloud is more secure than their on-premise environment. More security technologies are deployed more consistently in the cloud. Are you throwing a ton of tooling at your cloud security problem?

    If so, you may be surprised to learn that the gap has shifted – away from adequate tech and towards straightforward management and easy reporting. Join this webinar to learn:
    - What technologies are typically deployed in the cloud
    - How most IT leaders are validating cloud security
    - Why your security team me be your ally in cloud compliance
    - What IT leaders are now demanding from cloud providers – beyond just features

    Join iland’s own Lilac Schoenbeck, VP Product Management & Marketing, and Enterprise Management Associates’ David Monahan, Research Director, Security and Management, for this engaging conversation – complete with lessons learned, recommendations, and a chance to get your own questions answered.
  • Playing a Dangerous DR Game? Take Your DR and Backup Plan to the Next Level Recorded: May 18 2016 54 mins
    Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of Product Management & Marketing and Dante Orsini, SVP of Business Development
    Whether your nemesis is a malicious attack, a hurricane or (more likely) human error, have you collected all the tools you need to triumph and save the day?

    There are a host of technologies available to those prepping for potential business disruptions: backups on-premise, backups in the cloud, on-premise failovers, Disaster Recovery as a Service, and, of course, delivering an offering of cable and silicon to your mainframe every Tuesday at noon.

    Obviously, you don’t need all of these options – but which do you need? And why would you choose one over the other? Join this webinar to learn:
    - What has changed since your tried-and-true backup plan was hatched in 2010
    - How to evaluate on-premise vs. cloud-based options
    - How to marry different technologies to create a complete solution
    - What to consider when selecting a technology or cloud partner

    With 10 years of experience leading the DRaaS and Backup market around the world, we’ve seen a lot of technologies come and go – and have some strong opinions and solid guidance for our customers on how best to evaluate options.
  • Who’s on First? Do You Know Who has the Ball in Cloud Security? Recorded: Apr 20 2016 48 mins
    Frank Krieger, Director of Compliance; Lilac Schoenbeck VP, Product Management and Marketing
    You provision the VMs. They rack and stack. You manage the application. They manage the hypervisor. You pay the bill – and they send it to you. But, who is managing cloud security? Are you the one:

    -Installing and maintaining all the security software (or neglecting to?)
    -Identifying encryption options?
    -Scrambling to collect audit materials?
    -Bending to their legal conditions?
    -Hoping they’ve done their part?

    A great deal of cloud security can ONLY be done by your cloud provider. Much of the compliance paperwork requires their initiative. And, the rest can be time consuming, difficult or tedious for you.

    Are you assuming your cloud has security covered? Join the webinar to learn who should own what and make sure no one is dropping the ball.
  • Hackers and Hurricanes: How to Plan for REAL Disasters Recorded: Mar 31 2016 48 mins
    Jennifer Gill, Director, Global Product Marketing at Zerto; Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of Product Marketing & Development at iland
    Join iland and Zerto to discuss business continuity planning and:
    - How you can be confident in your DR plan – and avoid downtime
    - What factors should impact selection of a DR-as-a-Service partner
    - How you can secure your systems during the disaster
    - And how your team can be prepared for IT bumps

    "Disaster Recovery" conjures images of superstorms, earthquakes and “Acts of God." But, dozens of mundane things can make IT go bump in the day or night. In a recent Zerto survey, 76% of customers had an outage in the past year and only 13% of those were natural disasters. The rest were power failures, hardware failures, and user errors and other nefarious scenarios. Gartner’s recent 2015 Business Continuity Management survey echoed these figures.

    We’re all horrified when news of a hack, a bug, or an IT ransom makes the headlines. But, preparation can help prevent outages – and iland and Zerto lead the pack in DR-as-a-Service.
  • Got Veeam? How to Pick a Provider to Complete Your Disaster Recovery Plan Recorded: Feb 24 2016 53 mins
    Jeff Polczynski, Enterprise Solutions Architect and Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of Product Marketing and Development
    As you probably know, Veeam recently released v9 of its Veeam Availability Suite – and with it comes the option to do remote Disaster Recovery as a Service. Beyond just backup, this solution enables you to fail over if disaster strikes, keeping your business running all the while.

    Whether the disaster is a system outage, a natural disaster, or a malicious attack, having the option to fail over and be up-and-running minutes later can mean millions of dollars/pounds to your business – and a crisis averted.


    - How long have you been a Veeam Partner?
    - Is the pricing straightforward? Cost effective?
    - How difficult is it to configure?
    - What level of support is provided?
    - What is your experience as a DRaaS provider?

    Watch Lilac and Jeff for an overview of the solution and a demo of how easy it is to configure and operate in the iland cloud.
  • EU Safe Harbor Ruling – Implications for Cloud Compliance Recorded: Nov 10 2015 66 mins
    Frank Krieger, Director of Compliance at iland; Fred Kost, SVP Marketing at HyTrust; Darren Quinn, Cloud Engineer at iland
    What to do after Safe Harbor?

    Navigating constantly changing compliance requirements can be challenging for IT organizations – and cloud computing brings another level of complexity. Join iland and HyTrust in this webinar where we’ll take a look at the regulatory landscape faced by IT today; including implications for the recently nullified EU Safe Harbor regulation.


    - How IT operations for US and UK companies are impacted
    - What’s required to build a foundation for compliance using industry frameworks
    - How to verify that your cloud services provider can support the compliance you need

    For Safe Harbor and beyond, this webinar will give you the insight you need to meet IT compliance requirements in the cloud.
  • Want the Cloud, but Fear the Migration? The Keys to a Pain-Free Cloud Migration Recorded: Feb 18 2015 40 mins
    Lilac Schoenbeck VP, Product Management and Marketing; Mark Broghammer Director, Solutions Engineering
    You’ve considered moving to cloud. You may even have dabbled in it. But, to move a sizeable portion of your existing workloads – or even the new ones that are coming down the pike – well, that feels insurmountable. You may have open questions on:
    - Technology barriers – what compatibility issues may arise?
    - Seeding of the data – your applications aren’t small.
    - Pricing – in the past, cloud bills were shocking.
    - Operational concerns – how do you manage your workloads once they are in the cloud?
    The alternative may be buying more gear – but that’s expensive, and increasingly hard to manage. Besides, who has the space.

    Watch this webinar to get your questions answered about moving your workloads – or new workloads – into the cloud. Learn the keys to success, what to look for in service providers, and how to overcome organizational inertia.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Veeam Cloud Connect Recorded: Jan 7 2015 46 mins
    Luca Dell'Oca, Veeam and Dante Orsini, iland
    Are you a Veeam customer? With the Veeam Cloud Connect capability, you can store your backups somewhere further afield than your own server room with the click of a button.

    iland is partnering with Veeam to provide remote storage of backups in our secure, global cloud. Pick a location from around the USA, EMEA or even Singapore – and we can quickly and cost effectively store those backups, giving you rapid access when you need it.

    With straight-forward pricing, simple setup, 24x7 expert support and bandwidth efficiency, iland and Veeam will make you a cloud backup hero in no time.


    -How it differs from traditional backup
    -How simple it is to back up to iland’s cloud
    -How customers in Europe and the USA are already leveraging this new capability

    We cover technical details, costs, and even a live demo – you’ll be amazed how simple it is!
The cloud with innovation, management, and advanced security built in
Delivering the only cloud with true innovation and intelligent management built in, iland draws on 20 years of IT experience serving global customers and hosting critical workloads to provide private and public cloud, disaster recovery as-a-service and cloud backup services from data centers in the U.S., U.K. and Singapore. With iland Enterprise Cloud Services, our customers can leverage a self-service, enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure built on VMware technology and accessed through our award-winning iland Enterprise Cloud Services Console.

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  • Title: Who’s on First? Do You Know Who has the Ball in Cloud Security?
  • Live at: Apr 20 2016 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Frank Krieger, Director of Compliance; Lilac Schoenbeck VP, Product Management and Marketing
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