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A Safer and Smarter World with Dell EMC PowerScale

A massive transformation is underway in the safety and security world. Increasingly higher pixel resolution, a growing number of cameras, and longer video retention requirements are some of the key challenges many organizations currently face. Learn how Dell EMC PowerScale, a new standard in unstructured data storage, enables organizations to unlock the potential of video data, maintain the integrity of assets and innovate their businesses.
Recorded Jul 9 2020 13 mins
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Presented by
Vince Ricco | Dell Technologies
Presentation preview: A Safer and Smarter World with Dell EMC PowerScale

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  • Production AI from data lake to server: Solving HW challenges in ML environments Aug 19 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Saumya Satish and Michael Boros
    What you will learn:
    Infrastructure is a critical component when enabling AI/ML teams to produce the fastest and most valuable results for high performance computing problems while maximising resource utilisation. Research capabilities can be accelerated to tackle complex workloads by leveraging the purpose-built workstations and servers that solve interrelated hardware problems, from prototyping on the workstation to deploying and scaling on the server.

    We will discuss:
    - Design and practice considerations from workstation to server with practical examples
    - Security, performance and cost prioritizations
    - The role of Kubeflow in making AI work best for business needs

    Who should attend:
    AI/ML data engineers, scientists, research leaders, product managers, developers and ops teams who want to maximize time spent on producing results.
  • Connect to SupportAssist for business PCs Aug 19 2020 3:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Stephen Young | Dell Technologies
    Connect to SupportAssist for business PCs – Learn how to maximize your ProSupport Suite for PCs experience

    This webinar series shows the SupportAssist for business PCs features as part of the ProSupport Suite for PCs. IT Managers can learn how to get connected with a live deployment demonstration and how to manage their Dell fleet in TechDirect, Dell’s online self-service portal. Experience access to insights and tools that deliver best-in-class PC performance and fast issue resolution to your team so they can work anywhere, anytime, without the stress of technology hiccups.
  • Dell EMC PowerStore: File-Based Workloads Aug 18 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dell Technologies
    PowerStore has a robust feature set of native file capabilities so administrators can easily implement a highly scalable, efficient, performant, and flexible solution that is designed for the modern data center. Learn more about how the rich feature set and mature architecture enables support for a wide range of use cases. PowerStore file provides immense value to environments that leverage block, file, or a mixture of both.
  • Simplify and accelerate your journey to cloud with modern compute solutions Aug 18 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dell Technologies
    A total of 92% of organizations have both public and private cloud environments installed.
    The modern data center employs a range of cloud operating models, from public cloud to private cloud, with an almost unlimited number of operating models in between. There is no one size fits all.
    Whether you’ve spun up recent applications to public cloud to support work from home or wondering where to place your next workload, come learn how to implement your multi-cloud strategy with:
    - consistent operations
    - greater control of your environment
    - flexible consumptions models to fit your objectives.
  • Connect to SupportAssist for business PCs Aug 18 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Connect to SupportAssist for business PCs – Learn how to maximize your ProSupport Suite for PCs experience

    This webinar series shows the SupportAssist for business PCs features as part of the ProSupport Suite for PCs. IT Managers can learn how to get connected with a live deployment demonstration and how to manage their Dell fleet in TechDirect, Dell’s online self-service portal. Experience access to insights and tools that deliver best-in-class PC performance and fast issue resolution to your team so they can work anywhere, anytime, without the stress of technology hiccups.
  • Exploring the Role of Monitors in Improving Employee Experience Aug 12 2020 4:00 pm UTC 29 mins
    Dell Technologies and Forrester
    Aug. 12, 2020
    11:00 am CDT/12:00 pm EDT

    Customer Experience (CX) is a vital focus area for businesses because of its direct impact on business growth. Improving CX moves beyond internal enables of employee productivity and extends to the larger scope of improving employee experience (EX). With positive EX, employees are more likely to be engaged and deliver positive CX.

    This Forrester study explores the correlation between CX and EX, and provides insights on the role investment in monitors has in improving EX.

    The study looks at these 3 key areas of monitors and how they improve EX, namely:
    a.Ergonomics of the monitor
    b.Front of Screen performance
  • Workforce Transformation Recorded: Aug 11 2020 48 mins
    Randy Kendzior, Dell Technologies; David Lancaster, Dell Technologies
    The workforce is evolving. Unlike ever before, employees require technology that is easy to use, accommodates their work preferences, adapts to any environment and makes them future-ready in the workforce. It is now more important than ever to attract and retain talent with the right set of technology tools. Through thousands of customer conversations and research investments, Dell Technologies has identified distinct ways that people work, each with unique requirements for keeping them productive throughout the day.

    For all the different ways your employees work, whether it’s from home, their desk, from meeting to meeting, or from city to city, there’s a Dell Technologies solution that works even harder for them. Designed and developed together for each employee type, only Dell Technologies offers the optimal suite of compute devices and accessories, plus services and software to enable personalized productivity. Putting the right devices in people’s hands, laps or offices will help your workforce perform at its best.

    Let’s work together to find a comprehensive future-ready strategy that enables innovation and empowers you to transform the way business gets done.
  • Dell Technologies and VMware Webinar: Succeeding in the New Era of Virtual Care Recorded: Aug 10 2020 60 mins
    David DeAngelis, Suja Chandrasekaran, Scott C. Rissmiller, M.D., Michael Robinson, James Roxburgh
    This webinar, originally hosted by U.S. News and World Report on Thursday, July 30, 2020 features an introduction by David DeAngelis, Dell Technologies Global Healthcare General Manager and discussion with the following:
    * Suja Chandrasekaran - Sr. Executive VP, Chief Information and Digital Officer, CommonSpirit Health
    * Scott C. Rissmiller, M.D. - Executive VP and Chief Physician Executive, Atrium Health
    * Michael D. Robinson - Vice President, North America Healthcare, VMware
    * James Roxburgh - Chief Executive Officer, Telehealth, Banner Health
  • Dell EMC PowerStore: Hardware Overview Recorded: Aug 6 2020 18 mins
    Dell Technologies
    PowerStore is designed to take advantage of the performance and economics of the next wave of storage media. At its core, PowerStore is a highly optimized I/O stack with inline data services including deduplication, compression, as well as QOS. With the advantage of integrated data protection, the flexibility to scale-up/down and scale-out, PowerStore delivers industry leading economics and simplicity, with predictable performance as a result.
  • Best Practices on Implementing Thermal Vision Solutions Recorded: Aug 6 2020 30 mins
    Wayne Arvidson, Director, Dell Technologies and Ken Mills, CEO, Intellisite Corporation
    Welcome back to Dell Technologies Innovation Webinar Series. In this conversation we will have Wayne Arvidson interviewing Ken Mills CEO of Intellisite as he shares some best practices around implementing thermal vision solutions. The next generation of safety and security solutions such as thermal imaging and computer vision are being used in different ways in today’s world, and we believe this is only the beginning.
  • Leverage Automation and Resilience with Data Protection Solutions Recorded: Aug 4 2020 37 mins
    Justin Jordan, Dell Technologies; David King, Dell Technologies
    Are you looking to continue your digital transformation through the adoption of emerging application development technologies, but are questioning how you can protect them? Do you feel you are prepared to recover your critical infrastructure should a cyber event occur? Please join us for our webinar to learn about how Dell Technologies Data Protection solutions will protect you from potential threats while supporting your digital transformation acceleration.
  • Developing a Virtual Health Strategy Recorded: Jul 30 2020 63 mins
    David Houghton, MD, MPH and Dr. Natalie Pageler
    Leading health systems are finding that virtual care has become a necessity rather than a luxury, with new tools and platforms at their disposal, the payer market expanding its coverage guidelines, and the nation moving toward a “new normal.” Providers are developing virtual health strategies that incorporate telehealth and remote patient monitoring to advance value-based care, boost clinical outcomes, and improve provider workflows.

    In this on demand webcast, David Houghton, MD, MPH and Dr. Natalie Pageler discuss the development of enterprise-wide virtual care strategies and the evolution of virtual platforms. Additionally, the speakers delve into the connected health climate before COVID-19, the pandemic's impact on virtual services, and their response to new consumer demands and market forces.
  • Dell EMC PowerFlex Software-defined Storage Recorded: Jul 30 2020 45 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Dell EMC PowerFlex software-defined storage: Harness the power of software to embrace change

    Nimble execution under changing business conditions has become an important attribute for businesses to survive and thrive in a world that is increasingly characterized by constant change. Health and agility of IT plays an important role in a business’ ability to deal with and capitalize on this change. PowerFlex delivers just the right capabilities for organizations who are on a quest to modernize IT and improve business agility in order to operate and thrive in this dynamic environment.

    Join us for this informative webinar where we will discuss how PowerFlex unlocks massive performance, scalability and agility for your IT environment while supercharging workloads ranging from bare-metal databases and virtualized applications to modern cloud-native containerized apps – on all a single platform – with consistent predictable outcomes.

    You will learn:
    • Software-first architecture that delivers massive performance, scalability and infrastructure fluidity
    • Automation, architectural flexibility and broad platform support that unlocks extreme agility
    • Massive performance and operational efficiencies across key enterprise workloads
  • Industrial Digital Transformation: Dell Technologies & Noodle.ai Recorded: Jul 30 2020 51 mins
    Spencer Doyle -VP, Platform & Channels, Noodle Analytics & Mei Zhou - Director, Dell OEM Engineered Solutions
    Noodle.ai is on a mission to create a world without waste. As the leading source of Enterprise AI®, we’re pushing the limits of data science to give business leaders a view into the future, enabling them to achieve radical efficiency within their manufacturing and supply chain operations.
    Noodle.ai in partnership with Intel and Del Technologies has invested in building a market-leading set of applications and platform to enable the creation of the self-driving factory, powered by your data, smart data science and human/operator process knowledge. You will hear how these solutions, running in production today with industrial customers, deliver measurable value and help manufacturers operate in and accelerate out the current downturn.
    •Foundation: The Self-Driving Factory
    •Noodle.ai Product Offering: How it Works/Why it’s Different
    •Artificial Intelligence: Build or Buy
    •Noodle.ai & Dell: Solutions that Drive Value
    •Customer Successes & How to Get Started
  • NAVSEA Storage Briefing Recorded: Jul 29 2020 57 mins
    Sarah Brennan, Data Center, Dell Technologies
    Today we rely on IT more heavily than ever to expand the capabilities of the Navy. Since IT will only continue to gain prominence in the years to come, the IT infrastructure supporting the mission has to evolve to become a tool to drive innovation. At Dell Technologies we are uniquely positioned to align ourselves to NAVSEA’s mission with our #1 industry-leading storage and HCI portfolio. This webinar will focus on Unity XT, VxRail, Isilon, and our latest announcement in the unstructured data family, Power Scale. Join for an overview of each product and a chance to do Q&A with dedicated storage engineers.
  • Dell EMC PowerStore: Data Mobility, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Recorded: Jul 28 2020 31 mins
    Dell Technologies
    PowerStore is a next-generation architecture, but it builds on a broad range of mature services proven across the Dell EMC storage portfolio. Learn how PowerStore extends advanced replication, local and remote data protection, policy-based management and broad ecosystems integrations for business continuity and disaster recovery. The discussion also covers key “Destination PowerStore” capabilities to make migration from other Dell EMC storage platforms simple and quick whenever you decide to add PowerStore to your current environment.
  • The AI Workstation: Why Data Scientists Want to Fail? Recorded: Jul 24 2020 54 mins
    Dell Technologies and NVIDIA
    Presented by:

    Kyle Harper | Dell Technologies
    Allen Bourgoyne | NVIDIA
  • IT Agility to Respond to Unknowns: A VxRail Customer Story Recorded: Jul 24 2020 60 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Don’t take our word for it – come hear directly from VxRail customer – City of Amarillo, TX. Learn about the impact on their IT environment before and after their deployments, understand the technical and business value that they have realized from using VxRail, take home key learnings, insights and best practices. Ideal for attendees who may be considering VxRail, those about to deploy VxRail, or existing customers interested to hear about other VxRail use cases.

    Shannon Champion, Director, HCI & CI Product Marketing, Dell Technologies
    Rich Gagnon, CIO, City of Amarillo, TX
  • Harnessing the power of data in Hyperconverged environments Recorded: Jul 24 2020 24 mins
    Dell Technologies and Boomi
    Unlocking the full potential of data is critical to success of any organization, but many are struggling to ensure the right data is moving to the right place at the right time. Hyperconverged environments are optimized to support some of the most demanding workloads and applications but the key to an organization’s success is ensuring the data is connected and optimized. Join us to discover how Boomi can seamlessly connect your organization to optimize your data.

    Ron Urbanski
    North America Boomi Dell Tech Field Alliances

    Scott DesBles
    Principal Technologist
  • Make Artificial Intelligence Real Recorded: Jul 23 2020 29 mins
    Dell Technologies, Taboola and PRGX
    Last month, Dell Technologies announced exciting solutions that expand our ability to get AI into the hands of businesses of all sizes, and to harness the power of data.

    Join us for this webinar & customer panel, to hear from Taboola and PRGX on how they #MakeAIReal with Dell Technologies.

    You will walk away with real AI stories, advice on how to avoid common AI challenges, and guidance on how you can start deploying AI at scale.

    Guest Panelists:
    Ariel Pisetzky | Taboola
    Vice President, Information Technology and Cyber

    Andy Green | PRGX
    Vice President, Global Infrastructure and IT Operations

    Presented by:
    Natalie Patterson | Dell Technologies
    Product Marketing
Dell Technologies Webinar Channel
Dell Technologies is instrumental in changing the digital landscape the world over, fueled by the desire to drive human progress through technology. Learn directly from industry experts, analysts and customers how to transform your business with Dell Technologies’ portfolio of products and solutions. Webinar presenters will cover a variety of topics to explain how you can leverage Dell Technologies’ portfolio to accelerate your business innovation. Register now for upcoming webinars or view past sessions on-demand.

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