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Connected Retail Solutions

Welcome to Dell Technologies Retail Webinar. In this conversation we will focus on the “Dell Technologies Connected Retail Solutions”. Together with our partner ecosystem, we have developed solutions to help retailers deliver a more personalized experience to their customers and scale with innovative solutions that will help improve your operation.

Join Siobhán Lynch, Retail Lead, Global Industries and Claire O’Keeffe, Solutions Architect, Customer Solution Center, Limerick to learn about retail industry trends and Dell Technologies offerings through an Innovation Lab 360 Degree Virtual Experience.

What’s In It for You
• See how Dell Technologies Innovation Lab Virtual Experience can enable your retail transformation.
• Gain insights into the power of the possible and how to extend your transformation journey into areas you might have not considered before.
• Learn how Dell Technologies engineers solutions with retail needs in mind.
Recorded Oct 14 2020 57 mins
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Presented by
Siobhán Lynch and Claire O’Keeffe
Presentation preview: Connected Retail Solutions

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  • Cloud Native with Tanzu Webinar Jan 21 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Patrick Thomas
    Need to meet ambitious transformation goals? Learn how to apply the cloud consumption model to your datacenter infrastructure.
  • Dell EMC PowerStore: Modern Storage That Will Change Your Business Jan 19 2021 8:00 pm UTC 15 mins
    Dell Technologies
    From the earliest magnetic disk drives to today’s largest enterprise-class arrays, data storage has come a long way in a short time. Each new major generation has provided a quantum leap in the ability of companies to accumulate, access and leverage data, driving the engines of human progress. Learn why Dell’s recently announced PowerStore is the “next big thing” in data storage, forever altering the data center landscape with AI-driven automation, end-to-end virtualization, and cutting-edge technologies like NVMe and SCM.
  • Explore New Possibilities with the Convergence of HPC and AI/ML Jan 19 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Build new revenue streams with emerging AI/Deep Learning use cases and also lower TCO with convergence of architectures for emerging AI/ML and traditional HPC. Business decision makers, data scientists and researchers are developing new approaches for solving problems AI and deep learning, requiring HPC scale compute resources. AI and data analytics workloads benefit from HPC infrastructure that can scale up to improve performance. However they require different techniques to solve the complex problems. Dell will share a unified architecture that supports both types of workloads thereby reducing overall TCO.
  • Connect to SupportAssist for business PCs Jan 19 2021 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Stephen Young | Dell Technologies
    Connect to SupportAssist for business PCs – Learn how to maximize your ProSupport Suite for PCs experience.

    This webinar series shows the SupportAssist for business PCs features as part of the ProSupport Suite for PCs. IT Managers can learn how to get connected with a live deployment demonstration and how to manage their Dell fleet in TechDirect, Dell’s online self-service portal. Experience access to insights and tools that deliver best-in-class PC performance and fast issue resolution to your team so they can work anywhere, anytime, without the stress of technology hiccups.
  • Simplify and Accelerate Your Hybrid Cloud with PowerEdge Jan 12 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Brian Cabana
    The rapid pace of change can be daunting, you can standardize on a hybrid platform that gives you flexibility today and tomorrow. Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with VMware software, accelerates your path forward with greater ease and, more importantly, on your terms.
  • Cloud Subscription Benefits Dec 17 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Patrick Thomas
    Cut costs with subscription-based IT.
    Tap into our fully managed Data Center as-a-Service solution that allows for monthly billing with no CapEx expenditure. It combines the latest VMware Cloud infrastructure software and Dell EMC hardware and allows you to focus on driving innovation throughout your organization.

    Join Dell Technologies to hear about the benefits of our Cloud subscription and if it is the right choice for you.
  • PowerEdge Admins Sleep Soundly – 3 reasons why Dec 15 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    George Warren
    Learn why PowerEdge admins are able to sleep soundly every night, confident in the performance, reliability and security of their infrastructure. PowerEdge offers you a Scalable Business Architecture with Effortless Management and Integrated Security. This webinar will cover our Full Portfolio and what makes our Servers stand above the rest.
  • [Tech Jam Series for Enterprise IT] Dell Big Game Ransomware Dec 15 2020 5:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    Dell Technologies, Bob Williamson and Varonis’s Brian Vecci, Field CTO and Snir Ben Shimol, Director of Cybersecurity
    Join Dell Technologies, Bob Williamson and Varonis’s Brian Vecci, Field CTO and Snir Ben Shimol, Director of Cybersecurity for a discussion on how to protect your data assets from ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks represent one of the biggest threats to your business. Did you now that in just the past 3 months Ransomware attacks are up 50% globally and even more in the US? In this webinar you will learn about how Varonis can protect your enterprise from Ransomware.

    What’s in it for You?
    •Gain knowledge about how to protect your data assets from Ransomware Attacks
    •Learn about attack scenarios and how Varonis can resolve them
    •See how to easy it can be to protect your Enterprise with a comprehensive solution
  • Introducing the ALL NEW Microsoft Azure Stack HCI from Dell Technologies Dec 10 2020 6:00 pm UTC
    Dell Technologies
    Are you looking to enable a hybrid cloud backed by an enterprise-class, mature and marketing leading infrastructure? Or are you looking to consume HCI as a service? Then don’t miss this launch event. At Dell Technologies, modernizing infrastructure is part of our DNA. And unlike the competition that relies on reference architectures, Dell Technologies takes a 100% product approach. We are excited to announce an all new Integrated System that combines the new Microsoft Azure Stack HCI OS with Dell Technologies’ intelligent infrastructure foundation. Come hear how this integrated system, delivered as an Azure Service, will significantly simplify complex tasks through unique full-stack lifecycle management capabilities. Not to be missed, register now.
  • Tame the Explosion of Data for Accelerated Business Insights Dec 10 2020 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Scott McComas
    Dell EMC is pleased to announce the PowerEdge XE7100 server which is an extreme storage dense server to accelerate data insights.
    • Maximized scalability in near edge environments with a 5U form factor and standard rack depth
    • High Reliability: Ease of serviceability and maximize productivity with durable hot-plug architecture that supports up to one hundred 3.5 inch drives
    • End-to-end security: Protect valuable data with a cyber-resilient platform that is built on immutable silicon root of trust

    Join this webinar to learn more from the experts in complex compute and storage intensive workloads.
  • 5G for the U.S. Navy Dec 8 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Thomas, Dell Technologies, Dan Berwitz, Dell Technologies, Pete Schmitz, Intel
    5G low-latency innovations will harness the data explosion and deliver new use cases to government. Join this webinar to learn how Navy might adopt this technology for anything from flight lines of the future to autonomous vehicles to smart warehouses. Many 5G technologies will have immediate applications to operations on U.S. bases and have implications for forward operating units.
  • Client Services – The Inspired Employee Experience Dec 8 2020 6:00 pm UTC
    Dell Technologies
    The Inspired Employee Experience

    Companies that are prioritizing their employee’s experience with the technology that they provide, are finding business value in some very important ways:
    • They are able to stay competitive, attract and retain the best talent, and research shows that companies with scores in the top quartile of employee experience realize twice the innovation as those companies in the bottom quartile
    • With better efficiencies and reduced work complexities, these companies are seeing a 25% increase in profitability compared to competitors and higher customer satisfaction that is shown in their Net Promotor Scores

    Employee experience is more important than ever and IT managers are seeing it as critical business value.
    But the device is just one piece of the puzzle. Beyond the device, the experience matters and services are helping to improve the connection between technology and people. Employees want technology that works like their consumer devices and understand who they are so that they can unleash their full potential and begin contributing immediately without delays from their PCs.

    Join us as we walk you through the overall experience your users will benefit from with Dell Technologies Services.
  • Empower employees with our self-service procurement tool, Dell Premier Solutions Dec 8 2020 5:30 pm UTC 30 mins
    Dell Technologies
    Getting remote employees what they need to do their jobs can be challenging and costly. So how do you keep them operational and, at the same time, maintain control over your IT environment and spending?

    Utilizing Dell's eProcurement platform, Dell Premier Solutions, enables employees to order equipment direct to their homes, all while your business maintains control over costs and products purchased. Find the right systems and accessories to empower, connect and make your employees productive from anywhere, while simplifying the procurement process.

    Join us to learn how your business can leverage Premier Solutions to implement an employee self-service purchasing model or fully integrate with your ERP or ITSM Platform to maintain business productivity.
  • Why Investing in Safety & Security Solutions is a Sound Investment Dec 8 2020 5:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    Vince Ricco - Dell Technologies - Unstructured Data Solutions. Wayne Arvidson - Dell Technologies - Global Alliances.
    Exploring current Vision and IoT technologies that help solve challenges today as well as providing modern insights with a focus on deliverable solutions now and an eye on the future.

    ·Explore available solutions to address the “New Normal” environment from a Vision and Sensor / Application Perspective
    ·Discuss solutions to enhance Life Safety, Asset Protection, Operational Efficiencies while providing greater business intelligence.
    ·Road mapping solution capabilities today and “The Possible” and the importance of infrastructure planning to grow and expand with your Visions!
  • Connect to SupportAssist for business PCs Dec 8 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Stephen Young | Dell Technologies
    Connect to SupportAssist for business PCs – Learn how to maximize your ProSupport Suite for PCs experience.

    This webinar series shows the SupportAssist for business PCs features as part of the ProSupport Suite for PCs. IT Managers can learn how to get connected with a live deployment demonstration and how to manage their Dell fleet in TechDirect, Dell’s online self-service portal. Experience access to insights and tools that deliver best-in-class PC performance and fast issue resolution to your team so they can work anywhere, anytime, without the stress of technology hiccups.
  • Power-up your IT transformation with the latest from Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Dec 3 2020 6:00 pm UTC
    Dell Technologies
    Is your organization looking to accelerate IT transformation to drive better business outcomes – become more competitive, drive new revenue streams or increase operational efficiency? From core to cloud to edge, the new PowerProtect data protection portfolio is a one-stop shop that can deliver what you need to simplify data protection and keep your business safe against data loss from both accidental downtime and malicious cyber attacks.
  • Sheltered Harbor, Data Vaulting and PowerProtect Cyber Recovery Dec 1 2020 6:00 pm UTC
    Dell Technologies and Sheltered Harbor
    The sophistication of cyber criminals threatens businesses in every industry and every geography. But nowhere are the risks more evident than in the U.S. financial sector, where a successful attack on a brokerage, bank, credit union or other institution could undermine consumer confidence and threaten the entire U.S. financial system.

    What can be done to counter these threats? How can financial institutions improve their operational resilience while protecting critical data from cyber attack?

    Join us to learn how Raymond James, Sheltered Harbor and Dell Technologies have partnered to fight back against cybercrime while helping to preserve consumer confidence in the U.S. financial system.

    In our webcast, you will learn:
    • How Sheltered Harbor achieves its mission of addressing and countering cyber risk in the U.S. financial system.
    • Raymond James’ approach to cyber threats, and why it decided to become a Sheltered Harbor participant.
    • A study of why and how Raymond James partnered with Dell Technologies to successfully implement its data vault in compliance with Sheltered Harbor requirements; and
    • Dell Technologies’ role as a technology Solution Provider with Sheltered Harbor.

    Please join our special guests:
    Carlos Recalde—President and COO, Sheltered Harbor
    Jim Shook—Director of the Cybersecurity and Compliance Practice, Dell Technologies
    and our moderator Peter Gerr—Consultant, Solutions Product Marketing, Dell Technologies.

    *This session will be recorded
  • AI deployment and inference: reliable infrastructure and streamlined operations Dec 1 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Rui Vasconcelos, Canonical and Michael Boros, Dell
    As artificial intelligence reshapes traditional and new industries, challenges arise for enterprises looking to innovate. Dell and Canonical address these topics in our upcoming webinar.

    Join us to discuss:

    - What happens after you have trained your AI model? This spans model deployment for inference at the edge, to inference serving, to distributed training and the handling of new data, to the underlying setup and operations.

    - The importance of reliable hardware and software layers in critical applications and the benefits of using specialised data science workstations with Linux.

    - How to streamline your AI operations to shorten your deployment cycles.
  • Innovate and Transform your Business with IT Services Dec 1 2020 5:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    Forrester Guests: Glenn O'Donnell & Abhijit Sunil. Host: Arthur Reindl, VP of Pre-Sales at Dell Technologies Services
    Innovation is a top priority for C-level executives, yet IT teams are often hindered by cultural resistance, and are too consumed with day-to-day activities to focus on high-level innovation. Business transformation is a complex task, and your IT organization needs bandwidth, skills, processes, and tools to facilitate results.

    This webinar shares the highlights from a recent commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dell Technologies that evaluated the impact of IT staffing models and skills needed when deploying and supporting new technology.

    Watch the replay to hear from guest speaker, Forrester Analyst, Abhijit Sunil, and Arthur Reindl, VP of Presales and Strategy at Dell Technologies Services. Together, we’ll review data and insights that will enable you to:

    * Benchmark your IT team’s ability to be agile, and focused on innovation
    * Understand the key benefits organizations are realizing by leveraging IT service providers
    * Hear examples where outsourced IT services has helped to drive digital transformation.
  • Tech Jam - Deploy New Distance Collaboration and Business Continuity Strategies Nov 26 2020 2:00 pm UTC 24 mins
    Bob Williamsen
    In this session, we will cover how to move data faster, improve bandwidth utilization and enhance data security, how this new Isilon solution can help Enterprises can implement distance collaboration and business continuity strategies
    Hear about how one of Isilon’s biggest customers was able to improve throughput by 73% and reduce replication time by 42%
    Presenters: Truls Myklebust Product Management, Brocade Storage Networking and Mark Cincotta, Business Development, Dell Technologies Account Team
Dell Technologies Webinar Channel
Dell Technologies is instrumental in changing the digital landscape the world over, fueled by the desire to drive human progress through technology. Learn directly from industry experts, analysts and customers how to transform your business with Dell Technologies’ portfolio of products and solutions. Webinar presenters will cover a variety of topics to explain how you can leverage Dell Technologies’ portfolio to accelerate your business innovation. Register now for upcoming webinars or view past sessions on-demand.

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