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Taking full advantage of NVMe-oF over an IP Network

NVMe-oF over an IP Network has the potential to provide significant benefits in application environments ranging from the Edge to Data Center. However, to fully unlock its potential, we first need to overcome NVMe over Fabrics' discovery challenges. This discovery challenge, specific to IP based fabrics is due to their de-centralized nature which can add a high degree of complexity to an infrastructure. This session will highlight innovative efforts by Dell and VMware to enable an NVMe-oF IP based fabric to be easily centrally managed - unlocking performance and cost advantages.
Recorded Oct 14 2021 34 mins
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Presented by
Rabeeh Boufaissal, Product Manager | Dell Technologies
Presentation preview: Taking full advantage of NVMe-oF over an IP Network

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  • Getting the Right Data to the Right Tool at the Right Time Dec 16 2021 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cameron Chehreh, CTO and VP, Sales Engineering, Dell Technologies & Ray Jones, Sr Director, Enterprise CTO’s Office, NETSCOUT
    Today’s Enterprises are dealing with massive change and transformation, causing IT to endure blind spots, incomplete information, and poor visibility- not an ideal environment for innovation and keeping customers and employees connected, secure, and productive. NETSCOUT’s Advanced Fabric Visibility, built on powerful Dell PowerSwitch Appliances, enables highly scalable and cost-effective wire data acquisition and intelligent distribution to get the right data to the right tool at the right time.

    Join this webinar to learn:
    1) How NetOps and SecOps teams gain the visibility they need for their mission-critical tools.
    2) How to harness the business benefits from improved efficiency and effectiveness of security, network, and application tools.
    3) How to enhance the digital experience, protect the user experience, and lower costs with more comprehensive and unified visibility.
  • Do Mid-size and Small Companies need Threat Hunting? Dec 8 2021 7:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Chris Mills, Senior Principal Engineer, Cybersecurity Solutions and Benjamin Lim, Principal Engineer, Cybersecurity Solutions
    A solid security strategy generally starts with implementation of access controls and cyber hygiene, such as managing admin privileges and promptly applying patches and updates. Preventive measures are essential, though many attackers are capable of devising ways to get past them. To address this risk, security professionals advise companies to incorporate threat monitoring and detection as an additional layer of protection. Sophisticated threat actors work hard to gain entry into networks, including those of mid-size and small companies, and move laterally to expand their impact. They know that soon after attack types are discovered, they are added to threat databases used in monitoring and detection and their particular methods could be rendered ineffective. So, threat actors modify their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) to evade automated detection technologies. This is where threat hunters make a vital contribution – they seek to uncover these hidden threats before they can be used to execute an attack. In this webinar, Dell Technologies Services security experts will discuss the following topics: • What is threat hunting? • Why should companies consider threat hunting as a part of their security strategy? • What skills, knowledge and attributes are exhibited by successful threat hunters? Then, you’ll get a tour through a real-life threat hunting scenario, including characterizing the TTP profile executing the hunt and reviewing evidence, forensics reporting, and determining whether automated detection can be applied to similar attacks in the future. We’ll close with a short discussion of the threat hunting service included with Dell Technologies Managed Detection and Response.
  • Connect to SupportAssist for Business PCs in TechDirect Dec 7 2021 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Stephen Young | Dell Technologies
    This webinar series shows the SupportAssist for business PCs features as part of the ProSupport Suite for PCs. IT Managers can learn how to get connected with a live deployment demonstration and how to manage their Dell fleet in TechDirect, Dell’s online self-service portal. Experience access to insights and tools that deliver best-in-class PC performance and fast issue resolution to your team so they can work anywhere, anytime, without the stress of technology hiccups.
  • Decrease Your Time to Monetization Recorded: Nov 19 2021 39 mins
    Dell Technologies and NVIDIA
    Learn how collaboration and parallelization of work flows using NVIDIA Omniverse and Dell precision workstations can decrease your time to monetization.
  • Deliver real business value with payment solutions that offer flexibility Recorded: Nov 16 2021 16 mins
    Neil Swoyer, Dell Financial Services | Dell Technologies
    Now, more than ever, it’s vital for businesses to adopt new technology rapidly while maintaining the highest possible performance and security protocols, controlling costs and optimizing resources. Adopting an opex-based Technology Rotation strategy helps organizations address all those challenges, while at the same time contributing to environmental sustainability and the circular economy. Our customers are seeking new ways to consume technology and to access and pay for incremental capacity only when needed. APEX Custom Solutions enable customers to select the technology and services combination that is right for their business, and also enables them to scale capacity up or down and pay for only what they use. We hope you will join us for this insightful session to learn more about a Technology Rotation Strategy and APEX Custom Solutions.
  • Advanced Threat Detection and Investigation Recorded: Nov 16 2021 21 mins
    George Tirado, Dell Technologies Global Cybersecurity Team Lead and Shanté Perrin, Threat Engagement Manager
    Cybersecurity continues to grow more complex as attackers devise new means of gaining access to networks, data and identities. At the same time, the number of disruptive cyber-attacks is increasing at an alarming pace.

    IT executives understand the importance of monitoring their environments to detect and respond to more frequent and ever-evolving security threats. However, many organizations lack sufficient in-house resources with the specialized expertise, knowledge and tools needed to stop advanced threats.

    Join this webinar to learn what it takes to effectively detect and respond to threats with 24x7 security operations that include security monitoring, incident analysis and incident response.

    Dell Technologies security experts will share a real-life security event, and explain how our analysts:

    • Discover an event’s origin and follow the paths spreading outward from the event
    • Then ascertain whether there is malicious intent
    • And determine remediation steps to neutralize the attack

    This webinar will conclude with a review of managed detection and response services and what customer factors make this approach worth considering as well as characteristics that might favor developing internal capabilities.
  • Simplify connectivity adoption for your data center with secure connect gateway Recorded: Nov 15 2021 79 mins
    Lindsay Gustafson, Product Manager | Dell Technologies
    Learn about our next-gen connectivity solution – secure connect gateway 5.0 – with flexible deployment for small and large-scale enterprise environments. We will take you through an overview of our remote IT monitoring and support technology and go into a comprehensive demonstration of a first-time registration thru set up. Then, preview the breadth of capabilities available to you from the on-premise gateway management dashboard. To serve our customers of all sizes, we have included demonstrations of both the virtual appliance and application editions. For your convenience, we’ve provided time stamps so you can jump to the content that best serves your needs. Connect Dell EMC systems with an active warranty, ProSupport Enterprise Suite or ProSupport One for Data Center services contract to put our unique integration of smarter AI, automated support and real-time analytics to work for you. Contents: 1. Next-gen secure connect gateway overview (0:00:00) 2. Enterprise business account creation (0:08:00) 3. Virtual edition: VMware deployment (0:10:38) 4. Virtual edition: Registration (0:16:04) 5. Virtual edition: User interface and features (0:24:31) 6. Application edition: Windows installation (0:51:10) 7. Application edition: Registration (0:53:06) 8. Application edition: User interface and features (0:58:54)
  • Introducing Dell EMC Container Storage Modules Recorded: Nov 12 2021 11 mins
    Cameron Hyde | Dell Technologies
    Dell EMC Container Storage Modules (CSM) is making enterprise storage real for Kubernetes by bringing powerful enterprise storage features and functionality to Kubernetes for easier adoption of cloud native workloads, improved productivity, and scalable operations.
  • Innovating with Unstructured Data Recorded: Nov 12 2021 18 mins
    Mitchell Watts, Consultant, Product Marketing - Unstructured Data Solutions | Dell Technologies
    At Dell Technologies, we’re committed to providing the best storage for all use cases along with modern tools to simplify and automate IT and unlock the potential of your data. This session focuses on our portfolio of Unstructured Data Solutions (UDS)—file and object storage that helps our customers contain, manage, and monetize/maximize the value of unstructured data at any scale.
  • Introducing NVMe/TCP and SmartFabric Storage Software Recorded: Nov 12 2021 17 mins
    Rabeeh Boufaissal, Product Manager | Dell Technologies
    NVMe-oF over an IP Network has the potential to provide significant benefits in application environments ranging from the Edge to Data Center. However, to fully unlock its potential, we first need to overcome NVMe over Fabrics' discovery challenges. This discovery challenge, specific to IP based fabrics is due to their de-centralized nature which can add a high degree of complexity to an infrastructure. This session will highlight innovative efforts by Dell and VMware to enable an NVMe-oF IP based fabric to be easily centrally managed - unlocking performance and cost advantages.
  • Automate your Dell Infrastructure with Red Hat Ansible Recorded: Nov 12 2021 51 mins
    Keith Gienty Open Source Solutions Architect and Lance Alba Senior Solutions Architect
    Times like these have required many organizations to scale up capacity and make changes to accommodate remote workers and other surges in demand that are unprecedented. Join us for a webinar where we will show you how Ansible Automation Platform works seamlessly with Linux all while integrating with your Dell Technologies hardware platforms. You’ll also learn about how to use Ansible to manage, integrate, and support your growing environment – all while using tools you are familiar with to keep up with capacity demands of the shifting world.
  • Next-generation PowerEdge platforms extend across the HCI portfolio Recorded: Nov 11 2021 19 mins
    Nancy Hurley - Senior Manager, Product Marketing | Dell Technologies
    Organizations of all sizes must innovate or risk falling behind the competition.  And that’s why we make it our mission to deliver innovative, marketing leading HCI solutions that facilitate IT modernization and enable digital transformation. 

    In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the benefits of the Dell Technologies next generation HCI platforms, advancements in infrastructure automation, cybersecurity, and how this new generation helps meet the demands of modern applications.
  • Simplifying Next Gen Endpoint Security Recorded: Nov 9 2021 52 mins
    Peter Cretiu, Senior Systems Engineer, Dell Endpoint Security
    The majority of cyber-attacks originate on the endpoint, but many organizations still rely on legacy applications to guard against these evolving threats. Hackers and cyber criminals continue to target businesses and organizations of all sizes with no regard to the damage that is done. With the average ransomware attack causing 21 days of downtime, the cost of a successful attack goes beyond the ransom alone. As organizations move towards a mixed in-person and remote workforce, the ability to understand endpoint activity and automate security measures is key to keeping employees and assets safe.

    Join us to learn how Dell Technologies and VMware Carbon Black can prepare your organization for the threats of today and tomorrow.
  • 451 Research: Transforming Retail with Edge Compute, IoT and 5G Webinar Recorded: Nov 4 2021 43 mins
    Dell Technologies, Intel and 451 Research
    The retail industry has experienced steady disruption over the last decade, with the COVID pandemic accelerating omni-channel digital transformation even further. Connected retail technologies such as edge computing, 5G enable real-time management of outcomes and are key to omnichannel retail success; they are helping to usher in a new era of retail that is customer-centric, data-driven, personalized and dynamic, and providing consumers with seamless physical and digital shopping experiences.

    Presented by
    Richard Karpinski, Senior Research Analyst, 451 Research
    Nick Underwood, Consulting CTO - Retail, Dell Technologies
    David Dobson, Global Industry Director – Retail, Hospitality and Consumer Goods, Intel
  • VMworld 2021: Top innovations for multi-cloud, modern apps and security Recorded: Nov 2 2021 40 mins
    Dell Technologies and VMware
    You joined us on chat from your homes, viewed sessions on multi-cloud, modern apps, and security, and hopefully learned the latest and greatest about Dell Technologies and VMware. Let’s make sure you didn’t miss anything! This webinar will explore highlights from VMworld 2021, joint innovation announcements, real-world benefits and customer stories, and what we are planning for next year.

    • Danielle Coady, Strategic Partner Marketing, Consultant, Dell Technologies
    • Ian Breitner, Consultant, Dell Technologies
    • Teresa Bayer, Content Manager, Dell & VMware Partner Marketing (VMware)
    • Brian Whitman, Cloud and HCI Solutions Lead - VMware’s Dell Synergy Acceleration Team
  • Operationalize your Edge with Dell EMC VxRail Recorded: Nov 2 2021 31 mins
    Justin Jones Dell Technologies VMware HCI Product Marketing
    50% of new IT infrastructure will be deployed at the edge by 2023. Join us as we look at the new VxRail satellite node and how it helps users leverage their VMware ecosystem by extending datacenter consolidation, modernization, and efficiency to the edge with deployment models designed for single node use cases.
  • NVIDIA-Powered Data Science Workstations Recorded: Oct 27 2021 47 mins
    Kyle Harper, AI Strategy Director | Dell Technologies
    Join us discussing and demonstrating real world AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning changing our world right now, not in some distant future, and hear why Dell Data Science Workstation was selected to power those solutions. We’ll show videos of real world, real time facial recognition, object recognition, video de-noising, plus AI combined with Dell’s AR/VR solutions used in hospitals, operating rooms, places of work, smart cities, public safety/first response. We’ll wrap up with the latest details and performance of the Dell Data Science Workstation solutions – they come Ready on Day One to go to work.

    While almost every AI solution will eventually be put into production in the cloud or on a server, many organizations begin the development of their AI solutions on workstations for a wide range of reasons. This session will explore what a workstation is vs a standard PC, and how those workstation characteristics assist with AI solution development. We’ll explore why workstations provide advantages for AI development vs. the Cloud, or servers. We’ll explore mapping workstation characteristics and configurations to a variety of AI workloads

    The Dell Data Science Workstation is ready for AI work the same day it arrives. It shreds through your Data Prep and Model Training iterations orders of magnitude faster. Hours of iteration time reduce to minutes or seconds. Days reduce to hours.
    Imagine the greater insights you’ll now extract from your data, whether you are infusing AI into healthcare, business & finance, security, energy, media & entertainment, or manufacturing & engineering.

    Come join us to hear what Dell, Nvidia and Canonical are collaborating on for Dell Data Science Workstation to get you data scientists and IT managers more productive and stress-free. These are solutions that can still be roll-your-own, but are enterprise-built and enterprise supported.
  • Transform your employee’s IT experience with ProSupport Suite for PCs Recorded: Oct 21 2021 17 mins
    Laura Trammell & Kevin Enders | Dell Technologies
    Customize the way your team does IT to increase the support and productivity you provide your employees

    All good support services should deliver 24/7, priority access to experts, proactive capabilities and even accidental damage protection. With priorities shifting to end-user experience and remote IT teams, it’s time to focus on what’s next for support.

    Remote remediation, actionable intelligence, fleet visibility and health scores at-a-glance are driving the evolution. Adding these AI-driven features change the nature of support and allow IT teams more control over their environment and a bigger vision of what’s happening in their fleet of PCs. With the ability to pinpoint developing issues, customize the way updates are driven to individual devices and the capability to root cause an issue on a single device and apply it remotely to the entire fleet gives IT more control and increases the productivity of the employees they support.

    Dell Technologies is moving the industry light years past traditional support to increase the productivity and experience of IT and employees alike. Learn more about the major changes to our ProSupport Suite for PCs and what you should expect from modern support.
  • The Hidden Infrastructure That Powers Genomic Sequencing Recorded: Oct 21 2021 46 mins
    Dell Technologies, NVIDIA and TGen
    Genomics can now use its groundbreaking insights into complex diseases and employ them into patient treatments. But every diagnosis means the computing equivalent of assembling a 3-billion-piece jigsaw puzzle. It's a job that until recently would take weeks, and now can be done in a few hours.

    For two decades TGen, a nonprofit medical research institute, has been using high-performance computing to conduct groundbreaking research that is already having life-changing results. But the next generation of AI-driven genomic medicine will require exponentially more data, and the speed with which it can be analysed will literally be a matter of life or death for patients. James Lowery, CIO of TGen, George Vacek of NVIDIA, and Ken Berta of Dell tell The Reg's Tim Phillips how they are building the hidden infrastructure (with Clara Parabricks, accelerated compute, and scale-out PowerScale storage) for TGen's HPC applications.

    You will hear:
    • The scale of TGen's challenge today, and in the future
    • Designing and implementing high-performance storage for TGen's HPC solution
    • Meeting the performance challenge
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Recorded: Oct 21 2021 50 mins
    Dell Technologies and Red Hat
    Unlocking the full potential of data is critical to success of any organization, and Microsoft SQL Server combined with Red Hat Enterprise Linux running on top of enterprise infrastructure from Dell Technologies, helps your organization do just that. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is core to the foundation of building a unified data platform on Microsoft SQL Server.

    Presented by Keith Gienty and Robert Sonders
Dell Technologies Webinar Channel
Dell Technologies is instrumental in changing the digital landscape the world over, fueled by the desire to drive human progress through technology. Learn directly from industry experts, analysts and customers how to transform your business with Dell Technologies’ portfolio of products and solutions. Webinar presenters will cover a variety of topics to explain how you can leverage Dell Technologies’ portfolio to accelerate your business innovation. Register now for upcoming webinars or view past sessions on-demand.

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  • Title: Taking full advantage of NVMe-oF over an IP Network
  • Live at: Oct 14 2021 5:16 pm
  • Presented by: Rabeeh Boufaissal, Product Manager | Dell Technologies
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