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NetApp: Building Modern IT at the Speed of Demand

We sat down with NetApp Senior IT Manager Ed Wang to discuss NetApp's journey to a reliable IT ecosystem, including the adoption of new technologies, the balance between open source and enterprise, and the speed and efficiency of service delivery to meet and exceed business goals.
Recorded May 4 2016 16 mins
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Presented by
Ed Wang, Senior IT Manager, NetApp
Presentation preview: NetApp: Building Modern IT at the Speed of Demand

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  • NetApp: Building Modern IT at the Speed of Demand Recorded: May 4 2016 16 mins
    Ed Wang, Senior IT Manager, NetApp
    We sat down with NetApp Senior IT Manager Ed Wang to discuss NetApp's journey to a reliable IT ecosystem, including the adoption of new technologies, the balance between open source and enterprise, and the speed and efficiency of service delivery to meet and exceed business goals.
  • Bringing IT All Together — Modern Monitoring for Hybrid IT Recorded: May 4 2016 46 mins
    Jay Lyman, 451 Research; Kent Erickson, Zenoss
    The cloud is here to stay. However, that also means more and more companies are realizing that they’ve built two separate IT teams and are struggling to deliver quality services without a unified view. A true hybrid monitoring solution is the answer to this common problem.

    Join Jay Lyman, Analyst at 451 Research, and Kent Erickson, Alliance Strategist at Zenoss, as they discuss what is shaping hybrid IT, where it's going, and what to do about it.
  • Lag. Crackle. Pause. Keeping Your Unified Communications in Check. Recorded: Apr 7 2016 46 mins
    Jeff Graham, CEO of LayerX & Alex Lamont, Product Manager at Zenoss
    Unified Communications enables multiple communications options (instant messaging, email, voice and video conferencing) to share a common network, and provides users with a richly integrated ecosystem where contact and content are seamlessly shared. UC is often the center of an IT infrastructure making it essential to have a unified IT monitoring solution in place to reduce outages and predict overloads.

    When problems arise — instant messaging outages, video or desktop sharing freezes, VOIP calls affected by jitter, etc. — organizations often grind to a halt as IT teams seek to restore capabilities.

    UC Insight with Log Analytics provides end-to-end IT monitoring across not only heterogeneous Unified Communications applications and systems, but infrastructure as well, delivering detailed call path analysis and Quality of Service readouts for all UC devices and tools.

    This webinar will dive into unified and progressive techniques for monitoring, streamlining and enhancing the output of your Unified Communications applications and systems.
  • Unified Monitoring for Converged, Virtual and Cloud Infrastructures Recorded: Feb 25 2016 2 mins
    In today’s dynamic IT environment, companies are being overwhelmed by information when trying to monitor their infrastructure through multiple tools. Zenoss offers one unified monitoring platform for traditional, cloud-based, and hybrid infrastructures. Eliminating the need to parse through fragmented data, and allowing IT Operations to provide ongoing performance analysis. To learn more, Call Us Today or visit our website at www.zenoss.com.
  • Solve IT Challenges with Zenoss Recorded: Feb 25 2016 3 mins
    Your IT infrastructure hasn't always been complicated. It used to be as simple as adding a server, or more storage when needed. But IT infrastructure has become more complex. With the introduction of virtualization and moving applications and even services to the cloud, your IT operational challenges are growing, and you've got a difficult puzzle to solve. The challenge isn't figuring out what you need, its how to fit it all together. You have to meet that challenge of delivering mission critical availability.
  • The State of Converged Infrastructure Recorded: Nov 4 2015 34 mins
    Kent Erickson, Adam Bacia
    This year, Zenoss conducted its third annual State of Converged Infrastructure survey with 410 global IT leaders to explore how they are using converged infrastructure to respond to business needs for agility and speed. The survey received responses from 410 global IT professionals. A few highlights from the report:

    What trends are driving adoption of Converged Infrastructure (CI)?
    69% of survey respondents either have or plan to have CI deployed by 2016.
    What commonalities exist between those companies having the greatest success in deploying CI?

    A whopping 65% reported delivering better customer service with CI.
    How are companies structuring their IT workforce to best manage CI deployments?

    33% felt it necessary to create a new team solely for the purpose of managing their new CI implementation.

    Watch this webinar to see the results.
  • How Orbitz Uses ServiceNow and Zenoss to Align IT Ops & ITSM Recorded: Nov 3 2015 59 mins
    Mark Videka, James Regovich, Orbitz
    Every company deals with a dizzying array of "event storms" coming from scattered systems across physical, virtual, converged, and hybrid cloud environments. Add the challenge of triaging events across an ever-changing landscape — the challenge to resolve and avoid incidents in a timely manner is enormous.

    Join Orbitz as they discuss their vision for "smart data and actions" using Zenoss and ServiceNow, as well as what they have accomplished and what they are learning in this journey.
  • Cover Your Apps! Surviving in the Age of the Hyperscale Public Clouds Recorded: Oct 7 2015 57 mins
    Dave Bartoletti, Forrester Analyst; Kent Erickson, Alliance Strategist, Zenoss
    It shouldn't come as a surprise that the major hyperscale public clouds are a threat to the modern data center. The Big 3 cloud providers are transforming every IT organization, and there are two ways to respond: be afraid, very afraid; or leverage these cloud technologies to do a bit of disrupting of your own.

    In this webinar, guest Forrester Research Analyst Dave Bartoletti and Zenoss Alliance Strategist Kent Erickson discuss the age of hybrid IT, what it means for your IT organization, and how you can build an intelligent data center on top of and despite the major players.
  • Unlock the Intelligent Data Center with VMware & Zenoss Recorded: Aug 19 2015 53 mins
    Scott McIntyre, Andy Hart, Chet Luther, Josh Wilmes
    Data centers are dynamic creatures of rapid change. Virtualization, micro-services, containers, software-defined solutions — there are so many IT components being adopted and enhanced every single day.

    Listen to our webinar, Unlock the Intelligent Data Center with VMware & Zenoss, where we’ll show you an abundance of options for agentless network support, faster MTTR, and how to make your data center intelligent.
Own IT
Zenoss’ patented, agentless, and hyperscalable IT monitoring technology is trusted by more than 35,000 organizations worldwide, including Accenture, AT&T, BBC, CenturyLink, Cisco, Cognizant, HBO, Oracle, Rackspace, Salesforce.com, Verizon, VMware, and US Army. Named by Forbes as one of the Top 20 Cloud Companies and CEOs to Work for in 2015, Zenoss customers intelligently manage the complexity of hybrid cloud, converged, and disparate-vendor IT infrastructures.

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  • Title: NetApp: Building Modern IT at the Speed of Demand
  • Live at: May 4 2016 8:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ed Wang, Senior IT Manager, NetApp
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