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How to Avoid 3 Common Stumbling Blocks on Your Way to the C-Suite

HR Managers and Directors (+ those from other functions) often find themselves stalled out and wondering why. Join me as we review 3 common career stallers and how you can avoid them, correct for them, or rebound from them to continue your career progression.
Recorded Jan 24 2017 43 mins
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Presented by
Deb Calvert, Executive Coach & President of People First Productivity Solutions
Presentation preview: How to Avoid 3 Common Stumbling Blocks on Your Way to the C-Suite

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  • Making the Most of 1-to-1 Meetings Dec 12 2022 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, founder of People First Leadership Academy & People First Productivity Solutions
    The 1-to-1 meeting with your boss doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking.

    You don’t have to go into these meetings with butterflies, wondering what’s on the agenda, uncertain about what you should prepare, and anxious about what negative feedback you’re about to be ambushed with.

    Instead, find out how you can influence the topics in your 1-to-1 meetings, how you can use this time to showcase your efforts and achievements, and how you can express your needs and opinions when you meet with your manager. In other words, learn how to assert yourself and make the most of 1-to-1 meetings.

    Part 12 in the video series "Why Wait to Be Great?"
  • Motivation Is Personal: Are You Tapping into It? Nov 14 2022 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, founder of People First Leadership Academy & People First Productivity Solutions
    Every organization wants to hire “self-motivated” individuals.

    Self-motivation shows up in the competency model, the job description, the behavioral interviewing questions, and the expectations for the role. More often than not, people who have demonstrated “self-motivation” are selected for these roles.

    So what happens? Why do these self-motivated individuals seem to lose their motivation? What causes dips in motivation that sweep across an entire organization? And what can you do about it? (Spoiler alert: managing out the people who aren’t motivated and replacing them with “self-motivated” individuals won’t work over the long term!)

    Learn how to personally motivate every member of the team in ways that are self-sustaining and long-term. Learn how to increase and magnify self-motivation. And learn what NOT to do so you won’t diminish self-motivation.

    During this presentation, you may even find some tools you can use for your own boost in motivation.

    Part 11 in the video series "Why Wait to Be Great?"
  • Tackling Team Tensions Oct 11 2022 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, founder of People First Leadership Academy & People First Productivity Solutions
    We said… they said…

    They always, they never….

    It’s not fair.

    If you’re hearing these kinds of finger-pointing statements in your workplace, it’s time for an intervention! Tensions within a team or between two teams have serious detrimental effects on everyone involved, right through to your customers and end users. It’s not sustainable to do business this way!

    At the heart of most team tension is a fundamental misunderstanding about who does what and why things are done that way.

    In this presentation, we’ll offer examples and case studies about teams that needed to get back on track and what it took to get them there. You’ll get practical tips you can use to diagnose and address common issues that interfere with true collaboration and unity.

    Part 10 in the video series "Why Wait to Be Great?"
  • How to Repair Relationships & Restore Trust Sep 12 2022 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, founder of People First Leadership Academy & People First Productivity Solutions
    Bruised egos, misunderstandings, personality clashes, competition for resources, and more can ruin relationships in the workplace.

    Sometimes, neither party can remember why they don’t get along. Sometimes, entire departments are split into an us/them mentality even though no one can articulate why it has to be that way.

    Along the way, it was usually a breach of trust that caused the divide in individual or group relationships. Those breaches are often inadvertent and unintended. People didn’t mean to injure or offend others... they just didn’t know what they didn’t know!

    So what can you do about it? How can you restore relationships and rebuild trust when there’s a lot of baggage, history, and habits that keep people divided? How can you build bridges for people to come back together and work in a collaborative, unified, and trusting way?

    Tune in for this presentation for tips and techniques that really work!

    Part 9 in the video series "Why Wait to Be Great?"
  • Meeting Facilitation 101 Aug 8 2022 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, founder of People First Leadership Academy & People First Productivity Solutions
    Too many meetings offer too little value.

    Most meetings include too much rehash of the same old problems, too many people multitasking and not really paying attention, and too little frank discussion that moves the needle.

    On top of that, the right people aren’t in the room and the action items from last time stalled out (about 10 seconds after the last meeting ended). Nothing seems to be getting done and yet the meetings continue.

    To drastically improve meetings, you need someone with meeting facilitation skills. Someone who can:

    • hold people accountable for attending, participating productively, and following up,
    • get everyone involved and contributing in meaningful ways,
    • mine for conflict,
    • address elephants in the room when they’re impeding progress, and
    • organize meetings so that they’re not a waste of time

    Without meeting facilitation skills, your organization is wasting big money on de rigueur meetings that get you nowhere. Join this presentation to learn how you can turn this around.

    Part 8 in the video series "Why Wait to Be Great?"
  • Avoiding Common Decision Traps Jul 11 2022 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, founder of People First Leadership Academy & People First Productivity Solutions
    Hasty decisions can backfire. Popular-vote decisions can take everyone down the wrong path. Unilateral decisions invite resistance. Decisions that address symptoms instead of root-cause problems are a waste of time. And ill-informed decisions are a gamble, one that can ruin your reputation if the negative outcomes were avoidable.

    That’s a lot of pressure!

    Making quality decisions is a discipline. It includes being aware of knowing how to avoid common decision traps like:

    • Groupthink

    • Confirmation Bias, Familiarity Bias, and other unconscious biases

    • Over-Confidence

    • Fundamental Attribution Errors

    • Anchoring and Framing Errors

    • Sunk-Cost Fallacies

    • Risk Aversion

    In this presentation, we’ll also discuss group decision-making for including all voices, hearing all input, and tapping into team members’ strengths. Your decision quality will improve and you won’t be feeling the pressure once you learn to avoid these common decision traps.

    Part 7 in the video series "Why Wait to Be Great?"
  • Getting Buy-In & Commitment from Others Jun 13 2022 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, founder of People First Leadership Academy & People First Productivity Solutions
    You may not have much authority and control when it comes to other people. Even if you have a title that suggests you can use command-and-control tactics, that’s seldom the best way to get things done.

    With or without a title, influence is a much stronger tool. Influence is available to everyone, and it’s far more effective in getting people to act, think, and commit.

    In this presentation, we’ll cover the basics of influence. And we’ll provide practical, tactical ways you can wield influence without getting a personality transplant or a promotion. After all, influence is grounded in authenticity and connections with others!

    It’s all about getting people to see the benefits, understand the impact on them personally, and become genuinely interested in participating in the efforts that lead you to goal attainment. It’s about building buy-in, gaining consensus, and inspiring commitment.

    You have all the tools you need. All that’s missing is an understanding of how to use them more effectively.

    Part 6 in the video series "Why Wait to Be Great?"
  • Developing a Leadership Philosophy: Why & How May 9 2022 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, founder of People First Leadership Academy & People First Productivity Solutions
    Who needs a Personal Leadership Philosophy? EVERYONE! This is for leaders at every level, including those who want to become better at self-leadership.

    When leaders have a Personal Leadership Philosophy (PLP), they’re much easier to follow! That’s because they have clarity and conviction.

    We willingly choose to follow leaders with a well-developed PLP. What’s more, we find it’s easier to follow them because we know where they are going. We trust their direction and can anticipate how they’ll respond when the going gets tough. Leaders like this inspire us to struggle along with them. Our belief in them is strengthened because they are able to believe in themselves. Having a leadership philosophy gives them that confidence and courage to keep moving forward.

    To craft your own Personal Leadership Philosophy, there are five steps you can take. In this presentation, you’ll learn about those five steps and see examples from others who have done this heady work.

    Participants will also receive bonus resources to guide them through the process of creating a powerful PLP that will guide them in everything they do.

    Part 5 in the video series "Why Wait to Be Great?"
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Other Secret Struggles Apr 11 2022 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, founder of People First Leadership Academy & People First Productivity Solutions
    Fear of exposure. Holding back. Not taking risks – even the little ones – because your confidence is shaky. The uncertainty, the feeling that you’re always skating on thin ice, the little voice in the back of your head… what would you be able to do if you didn’t have to battle these in the background?

    The good news is that you’re not alone and that it doesn’t have to be this way!

    In this presentation, you’ll find out how to recognize and overcome secret struggles like:

    • Imposter Syndrome
    • Self-Sabotage
    • Risk Aversion
    • Perfectionism Paradigm
    • Human Doing vs. Human Being

    We’ll look at the research that explains these struggles, symptoms to help you recognize these tendencies in yourself and others, concrete steps for overcoming these struggles, and success stories from people who have moved past these struggles and closer to realizing their own potential.

    Part 4 in the video series "Why Wait to Be Great?"
  • The 12 Dimensions of Trust Mar 14 2022 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, founder of People First Leadership Academy & People First Productivity Solutions
    There’s more to trust than honesty and integrity.

    In fact, there are 12 Dimensions of Trust. Some may surprise you. But all 12 impact how people perceive and interpret our actions, and all 12 influence how willing and quick others are to put their trust in us.

    The same is true for you. If you’ve ever had a vague sense of mistrust and couldn’t quite pinpoint why, this presentation will help you get that clarity.

    You’ll also get a fresh look at what might cause others to misunderstand something you’re inadvertently doing… sometimes people have a vague sense of mistrust about you, too! It may not be deserved or accurate, but it’s better to know about it and address it than to let it fester.

    Knowing about the 12 Dimensions of Trust is a bonding experience for teams, colleagues, and others who want to work together more closely.

    Part 3 in the video series "Why Wait to Be Great?"
  • Something New Everyone Needs from You Now: Sensemaking Feb 14 2022 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, founder of People First Leadership Academy & People First Productivity Solutions
    Leadership competencies are evolving and people want leadership they can believe in more now than ever before in history.

    In this presentation, we’ll introduce a leadership competency you’ve probably never heard of. In an Age of Infobesity (AKA information overload), this leadership skill is like a breath of fresh air. It will help every member of the team to get clarity, set priorities, make better decisions, and feel more in control even in chaotic times.

    Sensemaking is the competency you need to succeed. It’s what everyone wants from you, stat. Find out what it is, how to develop and apply it, and why it will set you and your organization apart.

    Part 2 in the video series "Why Wait to Be Great?"
  • All New Executive Etiquette Updates Jan 10 2022 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, founder of People First Leadership Academy & People First Productivity Solutions
    Emily Post's etiquette standards are outdated. Social and workplace interactions evolve over time. What worked for your parents isn't likely to work exactly the same for you. When it comes to Executive Etiquette, keeping current matters a lot! After all, executives are setting the standards and representing the organization in everything they do.

    Consider the differences in working from home vs. being in the office. That shift demands new standards of etiquette and “new norm” considerations. Perhaps you’ve inadvertently committed etiquette violations like these:

    - Sending calendar invitations without checking availability first (and expecting people to constantly make adjustments to your last-minute meetings)

    - Not creating clear action items at the end of every meeting

    - Failing to balance screen fatigue with the temptation to cram in more meeting time

    - Oopsies in the background of virtual meetings

    - Too relaxed on the dress code for virtual meetings

    Tune in for insights from the frontlines, input from individual contributors who’ve observed executives behaving badly. We’ll tackle common questions so you can be more mindful of the etiquette standards you’d like to set and see in your workplace.

    Part 1 in the video series "Why Wait to Be Great?"
  • 10 Signs of a Communications Breakdown & How to Get Back on Track Dec 14 2021 9:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, Executive Coach & President of People First Productivity Solutions
    These 10 symptoms are often misdiagnosed inside organizations, and that leads to bigger and longer lasting problems. Why not get straight to the heart of the matter and and fix what's really ailing? When "what we have here is a failure to communicate," it's important to recognize that and get things back on track just as quickly as possible. Join me so we can talk about how to do exactly that.
  • Aligning Your Actions with Your Values in the Workplace Dec 6 2021 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, People First Productivity Solutions
    INTEGRITY: The state of being whole, entire, or undiminished. From the Latin "integratis" for integrated.

    Are there times at work when you feel like you have to tuck your personal values away? Do you ever find yourself feeling "out of sorts" with the way you allocate your time or go about your work? Does this incongruence impact your happiness and sense of fulfillment?

    If so, you're not alone. Sadly, people in all sorts of jobs report that during work they can't be themselves or that they have to do things that go against their personal values. It doesn't have to be that way!

    This presentation is about aligning your values with your actions... consistently, intentionally, and assertively. It's about creating accountabilities for yourself so that your values serve as your North Star and guide your actions. And it's about not making excuses that ultimately diminish your integrity. You'll discover:

    - How to name and claim your core values
    - How to find out if work requirements are truly incongruent with your values
    - What to do if you are consistently operating outside of your own value system
    - How and why to let your values become a guide for your decisions and actions

    Leaders at every level benefit from operating with integrity, and that includes the wholeness that comes from aligning your actions with your values.
  • Manager or Leader? What's the Real Difference in Practice vs. Theory? Nov 16 2021 9:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    Deb Calvert, Executive Coach and President of People First Productivity Solutions
    Managers manage work while leaders lead people. That may sound good, but what does it really mean in the day-to-day work that management-level employees do? Join me to talk about the differences and what they mean to your organization. Whether you're a titled leader, an HR business partner or an emerging leader, this workshop will give you some food for thought about how you are approaching your work.
  • Decision Traps that Derail Teams and Make Things Messy Nov 2 2021 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Deb Calvert, People First Productivity Solutions
    Decisions made in haste create a lot of waste.

    You can reduce waste, mistakes, rework, resistance to change, and unproductive conflict by avoiding common traps that result in poor decisions. By improving your shared decision-making, you'll improve outcomes and morale for your team. Learn about the dangers of GroupThink, Confirmation Bias, Overconfidence, Sunk-Cost Analysis, Anchoring and Framing Fallacies, Fundamental Attribution Errors, and other common ways teams get derailed when it comes to effective decision-making.

    You'll learn how to:

    - Spot common decision traps before falling into them
    - Share decision-making that engages all members of a team
    - Use simple processes for effective decision-making
    - Examine and affirm decisions before hastily proceeding down a wrong path

    This presentation is for leaders at every level and team members who want to do things right the first time.
  • How to Handle 7 Types of Problem Employees Recorded: Oct 14 2021 47 mins
    Deb Calvert, Executive Coach & President of People First Productivity Solutions
    Fascinating finds from observations of and interviews with 7 types of problem employees... You've probably got at least 1 in your organization. This workshop is for managers and business partners who aren't quite sure what to do next with the renegades, chronic complainers, inconsistent performers and others that make your job more challenging. Join me for a different perspective, one that comes directly from these problem employees.
  • How Conflict Will Help You More than Consensus Will Recorded: Oct 4 2021 43 mins
    Deb Calvert, People First Productivity Solutions
    We all aim for consensus. We race to agree, even if we have lingering doubts. We don't want to rock the boat, so we "go along to get along." At what price?

    False consensus is a very dangerous thing. It erodes commitment and engagement. It creates stalls and dodges when it's time for implementation. And it breaks down trust when people aren't "all in" on shared decisions made.

    A much better alternative is productive conflict. That's conflict that will:

    - Give voice to every team member
    - Seek out diverse perspectives and mine for alternatives
    - Push people to dig a little deeper and figure out what they really believe and want
    - Examine all the angles and produce better solutions
    - Build trust, commitment, and team unity as every team member is consulted and considered

    If you work with a team, this presentation will help you become more effective together by using healthy conflict instead to replace unhealthy consensus.
  • Conflict Management: How to be comfortable & effective with conflict Recorded: Sep 16 2021 44 mins
    Deb Calvert
    No one really likes it. Everyone dreads it. And most of us dwell on it after it happens. But you can become more confident, comfortable and effective in any conflict situation. Join me for this webinar, designed specifically for supervisors and HR business partners who want to assert themselves without creating unproductive conflict.
  • Unleashing Your Own (and Others') Full Potential Recorded: Sep 7 2021 44 mins
    Deb Calvert, People First Productivity Solutions
    ENTELECHY: Realizing the potential, drawing forth of full potential.

    Inside most organizations, top performers are referred to as "high potential." Labeling folks, though, isn't enough. It's important to accurately identify and then nurture potential to bring the best out of everyone in an organization, including yourself.

    But how?

    In this presentation, you'll discover ways to:

    - Confidently recognize and develop your own potential (without seeming arrogant!)
    - Advocate for resources to get learning, coaching, or other support for developing your potential
    - Help others self-discover and unleash their own full potential
    - Enrich your organization with ennobled, engaged employees who will stick around longer

    Tapping into your own and others' potential need not be expensive, time-consuming, or overly process-based. It starts with a simple desire to be your best and to avoid minimizing or overlooking what you have to offer.
We build organizational strength by putting PEOPLE first.
Unleash potential (yours and others!) by putting PEOPLE first. Thought-provoking webinars about Leadership, Employee Engagement, Personal Effectiveness, and Team Effectiveness. Our research and topics focus on getting more from people by giving more of the right stuff to people.

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