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Human Trafficking Risk Index: Whiteboard Video Overview

This classic whiteboard video concerning Responsible Business Analytics, introduces Dun & Bradstreet’s Human Trafficking Risk Index solution (HTRi) as a way to shine a light on the dark corners of the supply chain and address the hidden risks associated with modern slavery.
Recorded Jul 21 2016 2 mins
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Presentation preview: Human Trafficking Risk Index: Whiteboard Video Overview

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  • GDPR: An Evolution, Not a Revolution Recorded: May 24 2018 39 mins
    Nicola Howell, Senior Compliance & Privacy Attorney at Dun & Bradstreet
    Feel prepared, not panicked, with our GDPR “need-to-knows” and tips for staying compliant beyond 25th May.

    Join our interactive session (part of the BrightTALK GDPR Deadline Day & Beyond Summit), to hear Nicola Howell, Senior Compliance & Privacy Attorney at Dun & Bradstreet, and Tash Whitaker, Head of Compliance at Moorcrofts LLP lead discussion on the following key topics:

    • Why the GDPR should be treated as an evolution, not a revolution, of current data protection laws

    • The crucial “need-to-knows” for compliance as the deadline approaches

    • Guidance on ongoing compliance monitoring and risk assessment – how to stay compliant past the 25th May deadline

    • Plus - live Q&A with our GDPR experts
  • Managing Data Quality within your Salesforce Environment Recorded: May 9 2018 20 mins
    Dean Murphy, Lead Consultant, Sales and Marketing Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet
    Keeping data up-to-date is an ongoing challenge as more than half of your data becomes outdated every year. In this webinar, we will be demonstrating how to automate data management within your Salesforce environment so that you have clean, complete and actionable data.

    Learn how to:

    Increase the productivity of sellers by eliminating manual efforts and automating data entry.

    Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities with visibility into corporate linkages and family trees.

    Leverage real-time enrichment to ensure data completeness and accuracy.

    Gain confidence in segmenting the market, identifying priority targets, and ensuring alignment across your business, while reducing the costs associated with bad data.
  • Targeting the right accounts for ABM Recorded: Apr 17 2018 38 mins
    Nicky Briggs - Research Director SiriusDecisions, Patrice Bendon - Senior Product Manager, Dun & Bradstreet
    Join Dun & Bradstreet and special guest, SiriusDecisions, for a discussion on how to optimize Account-Based Marketing with a data driven approach to account prioritization.

    Nicky Briggs, Research Director at SiriusDecisions, examines the latest trends and best practices currently shaping the ABM market place in Europe today. She will be exploring the importance of data and insights in ABM, particularly for prioritising accounts, and how lack of data and insights can impact a company's readiness to embark on an ABM journey. Nicky will be joined by Dun & Bradstreet's leading experts in data and analytics as they share examples and best practices to ensure ABM insights are in good health and leave you with some practical & actionable takeaways
  • Challenges and Prospects for UK SMEs Recorded: Mar 21 2018 42 mins
    Ian Cass, Forum of Private Business, Tim Vine, Dun & Bradstreet and Markus Kuger, Dun & Bradstreet
    Our recent survey highlighted the challenges and opportunities facing UK small and medium businesses going into 2018. Join Dun & Bradstreet and the Forum of Private Business for a discussion on how to help mitigate the impact of late payments and an economist’s view on what the latest Brexit developments mean for the UK’s SME community.
  • Credit Champions Recorded: Mar 14 2018 5 mins
    Dun & Bradstreet
    In this short video taken from the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) “Credit Champions” film, our finance, credit & risk experts take a deeper look at the modern world of credit management – also featuring Softcat, a fast-growing FTSE 250 company, discussing how efficient credit management processes enable them to continue to drive profitable growth.
  • Global Supply Chain Risk Report: Insights and Findings from Q4 2017 Recorded: Mar 6 2018 23 mins
    Dr Heather Skipworth and Dr Emel Aktas, Cranfield School of Management
    Join this webinar, led by experts from Cranfield School of Management to hear the results of a new Global Supply Chain Risk Report.

    The Global Supply Chain Risk Report is a new joint study by Cranfield School of Management’s Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Dun & Bradstreet, which investigates the level of supply chain risk faced by European companies with international supplier relationships.

    Analysis has been carried out using data supplied by Dun & Bradstreet, which included around 600,000 anonymous transactions between European buyers and their suppliers who were located in more than 150 countries worldwide.

    During the webinar, we will focus on the Q4 2017 report, published in February 2018. We will cover the background, the key findings and practical implications for procurement professionals.

    Register now to learn:

    - The level of supply risk in Q4 2017
    - The differences across key industry sectors and how this should be considered in procurement decisions
    - How dependency on key suppliers changed compares with the previous quarter
  • D&B DataVision: Unlock your growth potential Recorded: Dec 12 2017 7 mins
    Dun & Bradstreet
    The roles of B2B sales and marketing are colliding. And data is at the core of successfully bringing these functions together in a way that unlocks growth for your company.

    Find out how D&B DataVision can help you centralise and update multiple customer and prospect data sources for deeper insight and more accurate targeting to help you deliver higher quality leads that match your ideal target segments.
  • D&B Hoovers – A Powerful Sales Intelligence Solution Recorded: Dec 6 2017 3 mins
    Dun & Bradstreet
    The new D&B Hoovers is a sales acceleration solution that helps you close business faster by leveraging data and analytics.
  • Why automation is key in accelerating due diligence Recorded: Dec 5 2017 2 mins
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Compliance as a practice is often seen as burden, and automation is one answer to reducing the burden. Organisations are at different levels of maturity in adopting automation in their compliance processes. However, most companies are trying to improve consistency, reduce subjectivity and use some level of tools (software, data and managed services). Best-in class organisations have automated their compliance programs to reduce the burden and cost of compliance and then re-invest those saving into further innovations.
  • Navigating regulatory challenges using Beneficial Ownership data Recorded: Dec 5 2017 2 mins
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Due diligence and knowing exactly who you are doing business with is crucial to conducting business in today’s interconnected landscape. Using Beneficial Ownership data is key to navigating the regulated business environment. Beneficial Ownership capabilities can identify the corporate hierarchy and verify the identification of customers, vendors and third parties, surfacing any connections that may expose risk to businesses.
  • Doing good goes beyond the bare minimum Recorded: Dec 5 2017 2 mins
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Being a good corporate citizen is no longer just about complying with regulations; it’s also about conducting business responsibly. There are rising expectations on businesses to have full disclosure and oversight of their operations. They need to ensure ethical sourcing practices, take responsibility for risk, and promote shareholder value with good corporate citizenship.
  • What the convergence of supply and compliance means for your business Recorded: Dec 5 2017 2 mins
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Driven by today’s increasingly regulated business environment, supply and compliance functions are more interconnected than ever and utilise similar data. Organisations need a holistic and detailed picture of all their relationships to effectively manage risk and protect corporate reputation.
  • The changing challenges of the CCO Recorded: Dec 5 2017 2 mins
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Compliance is integral to an organisation’s culture, and there has been a distinct shift in this role from “police to partner.” Compliance issues are a key topic in the boardroom, and employees across the business are also expected to take shared accountability for doing the right thing. CCO’s are experiencing the extra burden of trying to maintain an understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape, while also facing close scrutiny from customers and partners, the media, and the wider public.
  • The insights gained from compliance Recorded: Dec 5 2017 5 mins
    Dun & Bradstreet
    In this short 'Beyond Regulation' video in association with the International Compliance Association (ICA) and ITN Productions, Dun & Bradstreet's global compliance experts discuss:

    - Why compliance is integral to global organisations
    - How supply and compliance functions are interconnected
    - How data can help organisations conduct business responsibly
    - The importance of good data for Beneficial Ownership
  • Finding Truth and Meaning in Data Recorded: Dec 5 2017 1 min
    Scott Taylor, Market Development & Innovation D&B Master Data
    Everyone is searching for meaning in their data, but you need to determine the truth first
  • Don’t forget the basics Recorded: Dec 5 2017 1 min
    Scott Taylor, Market Development & Innovation, D&B Master Data
    No matter what major data trend attracts you, be sure to stay anchored to the basics of master data
  • The Difference between MDM and Master Data Recorded: Dec 5 2017 1 min
    Scott Taylor, Market Development & Innovation, D&B Master Data
    All enterprise data systems need foundational master data content
  • The 4Cs of Master Data Recorded: Dec 5 2017 2 mins
    Scott Taylor, Market Development & Innovation, D&B Master Data
    Hear about the four foundational data structure elements you need to master a business relationship
  • Dun & Bradstreet's 2018 Global Outlook Webinar Recorded: Nov 29 2017 63 mins
    Bodhi Ganguli, Senior Economist and Country Risk Analyst, Dun & Bradstreet
    Political Risk & Economic Growth

    Despite a backdrop of uncertainty, 2017 has been a good year for the global economy with many countries seeing improved growth, and even overall trade volumes strengthening. But what about the wide variety of political risks evident across our global landscape? Between Brexit, disagreements over the US debt ceiling, and increasing confrontation with North Korea –discover which risks have the largest potential to disrupt the business environment moving into 2018.

    Join Dun & Bradstreet’s team of expert economists for their popular Global Outlook Webinar, and get involved in the discussion about likely economic and political scenarios for the upcoming year.

    We’ll also discover how using data and insights can help you to effectively plan for the change ahead – during 2018 and beyond.

    Join us for the following:
    The 2018 baseline outlook for the global and regional economies.
    The key disruptors to growth that must be considered when planning for the year ahead.
    What do we mean by political risk?
    The top political risks facing businesses in each region during 2018 and beyond.
  • Best Practices in Global Risk Management Recorded: Nov 8 2017 45 mins
    Frank Cirillo (D&B), Jack Scarpelli (Xerox Corp), Sebastien Lacraz (Xerox Corp)
    Join this webinar led by Frank Cirillo, Sr. Consultant Advanced Analytics, Dun & Bradstreet and our business partners at Xerox Corp – Jack Scarpelli, VP North America Credit Risk Officer, and Sebastien Lacraz, Global Risk Analytics Director.

    In this session, you’ll learn about:
    -The growing trends toward globally consistent risk management, the barriers and steps to overcome those barriers.
    -The shift from decentralized, judgmental, manual procedures to a centralized, statistically-based, automated process.
    -How to achieve a positive impact on KPIs and make it less overwhelming to execute on a global strategy.
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