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The Software Asset Management Landscape Has Changed: What You Need to Know

On Tuesday, August 21st, at 1:00 PM ET, 10:00 AM PT, join Carleen Carter, Acorio's Director of Technical Consultants and Solutions, as she presents The Software Asset Management Landscape is Changing: Here's What You Need to Know.

- Software Asset Management Best Practices & Strategy
- Changes with Virtual Machines and Cloud Licenses
- Lower cost and risk with ServiceNow's Software Asset Management
Recorded Aug 21 2018 60 mins
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Presented by
Carleen Carter, Wally Waltner, Meghan Lockwood
Presentation preview: The Software Asset Management Landscape Has Changed: What You Need to Know

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  • ServiceNow Safe Workplace: Getting Ahead of the Vaccine Mandate Recorded: Oct 13 2021 2 mins
    Tory Young
    Tory Young, Practice Lead, HR Service Delivery at Acorio, shares what Acorio is doing to help companies with Vaccine Mandate Compliance.
  • Discovering ServiceNow's Digital Renaissance, Rome: Top IT, HR & CSM Upgrades Recorded: Sep 28 2021 49 mins
    Toni Siragusa, Connor McWilliams, Charlayne Delgado, Devon Clarke
    Ready for a deep dive into the top enhancements from ServiceNow's newest release, Rome?

    Our ServiceNow experts will share what upgrades they're most excited about within IT, HR, and CSM. Join us live on the 28th at 1 PM EST to discover:

    - The rise of the Employee Center
    - 3 major enhancements for Agent visibility and efficiency
    - Enterprise Onboarding & Offboarding improvements

    Plus, we'll share upgrade strategy best practices - don't miss out, RSVP to our ServiceNow Rome webinar today!
  • Exploring Employee Experience: Retention, Remote Work, and Measuring 'Happiness' Recorded: Sep 9 2021 56 mins
    Tory Young, Jared Romaine, Katie Bates
    Join Acorio's Tory Young, HR Practice lead and Jared Romaine, Director of Program Architecture, alongside HappySignals' Katie Bates, VP of Global Partnerships and Alliances as they explore the evolution of EX throughout the past year and beyond. Learn how to build employee trust and transparency in your org, tips on leveraging IT to amplify employee voices, and how to align your short-term goals to drive critical EX initiatives in this hour-long talk.
  • EXPAND: Business Strategy Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them Recorded: Sep 3 2021 4 mins
    Michael Beldie
    Acorio Vice President of Advisory Michael Beldie shares common pitfalls and challenges when it comes to business strategy and tips for success.
  • EXPAND: Experience from Customer to User to Employee Recorded: Sep 3 2021 3 mins
    Marci Parker
    Acorio's Vice President of ServiceNow Practice, Marci Parker shares her insights about the necessity of Experience across the enterprise. From Employee Experience to Customer Experience and UX, Experience is no longer a bonus, but a necessity.
  • EXPAND: ServiceNow Ecosystem Survey Results Recorded: Sep 3 2021 6 mins
    Juliet Acuff
    Acorio Vice President of Managed Services Juliet Acuff analyzes the results of Acorio's 3rd annual Insight&Vision survey, the only comprehensive yearly survey for the ServiceNow ecosystem.
  • EXPAND: Balancing Flexibility and Strategy in ServiceNow Roadmaps Recorded: Sep 3 2021 5 mins
    Grant Pulver
    Acorio Director of Client Partners Grant Pulver shares the keys to creating a Digital Transformation roadmap for ServiceNow that balances flexibility and the need for strategic planning.
  • EXPAND: ServiceNow Trends and Strategies for 2021 Recorded: Sep 3 2021 4 mins
    Meghan Lockwood
    Acorio Vice President of Strategic Marketing Meghan Lockwood shares her insight into the trends of companies using ServiceNow, and ServiceNow's own business strategy in 2021.
  • EXPAND: Digital Transformation, Employee Experience, and Talent Management Recorded: Sep 3 2021 6 mins
    Ellen Daley
    Acorio an NTT DATA Company Senior Vice President Ellen Daley shares 5 ways that Digital Transformation can improve your organization, from Employee Experience to Talent Management.
  • ServiceNow Roundtable Discussion: Measure Value Metrics Recorded: Aug 31 2021 30 mins
    Grant Pulver, Eric Lewis
    In this roundtable discussion, Acorio executives, Grant Pulver and Eric Lewis, will dive into how to strategically measure the value ServiceNow brings to your organization. During this talk, we'll dive into questions like:

    - How do you measure your process efficiency or process improvements? What metrics are you tracking or would like to track?
    - How do you measure if you are getting your value out of the ServiceNow Platform? Do you have your value position defined? What is value to you and how do you measure it?
    - How do you measure & monitor accountability within your organizations? Are people upholding their responsibilities? What metrics should you use to measure activities?
  • Leverage CSDM to Run IT Like a Business with ServiceNow Recorded: Jul 13 2021 60 mins
    Josh Scott, Matt Smith, Tom Urban, Eric Van Blarcum
    Everyone is talking about CSDM, but few know how to actualize it. Join Acorio and Align Financials' experts as we dive into the meaning of CSDM 3.0, how it can help you run IT like a business, and how to get started on your own journey.
  • The State of ServiceNow: Acorio's 3rd Annual Insight & Vision Report Recorded: Jun 15 2021 41 mins
    Meghan Lockwood, Josh Scott, Sarah Carley
    Want to know which KPIs ServiceNow customers are tracking or what’s on your peers’ ServiceNow roadmaps?

    Join our experts and Acorio Executives as they share insights from almost 500 business leaders including:
    - How ServiceNow users adapted their strategies over the past year
    - How roadmaps have changed in an uncertain business climate
    - Current challenges and top initiatives
    - Future digital transformation trends users have in sight for 2021 & beyond

    Get a "big picture" look at Digital Transformation in modern organizations, how global challenges have dictated technology strategy when it comes to both employees and customers, and how ServiceNow is being utilized throughout the Enterprise (including challenges, results, and roadmap insights).
  • ServiceNow: Beyond the Platform (Focusing on People and Process) Recorded: Jun 8 2021 42 mins
    Stacey Prezel, Grant Pulver, Michael Beldie
    On Tuesday, June 8th at 12 pm, tune in to learn what is top-of-mind for executives in the ServiceNow ecosystem, how you can adapt your own ServiceNow strategy to optimize and measure the value of the platform, and how you can align your culture to foster better business outcomes.
  • ServiceNow Quebec: Now Mobile, AI, Business Continuity, Oh My! Recorded: Jun 3 2021 56 mins
    Carleen Carter, Adam Pflantzer, Tory Young
    ServiceNow’s first release in 2021 comes at a time when business, home, and technology have blended into a united Pandemic space, accelerating Digital transformation initiatives across the board for businesses around the world. ServiceNow's Quebec release embraces the platform's best qualities from simplicity to default toward driving real action in the workplace.

    Learn more about ServiceNow's Quebec release and join our experts as they dive deep into the upgrade, including:
    - New Mobile features like advanced AI text search capability
    - The Now Experience UI Builder "interface-lift"
    - Tools to help you mitigate business impact and ensure business continuity

    Deliver digital workflows that connect people, functions, and systems with innovations in the Now Platform Quebec release.
  • Your ServiceNow Roadmap: 5 Keys to Success & Planning for 2021 and Beyond Recorded: Feb 25 2021 48 mins
    Juliet Acuff, Jared Romaine, Grant Pulver
    How do you plan a roadmap to achieve long-term business goals while also adapting to our ever-changing landscape of business in 2021? Our ServiceNow experts are sharing best practices and tips for finding success today and in the unknown future detours of tomorrow.
    Join us live on Tuesday, January 26th at 1:00 PM EST to learn:

    - Learn 5 keys to building a successful ServiceNow roadmap
    - Find how to plan for the unknown: 2021 and beyond
    - Get a sneak-peek into Acorio's 2021 Insight & Vision Report

    If you can't make it on the 26th, you can still register now and we'll send you the on-demand webinar recording later that day. 
    Register Now →
  • Common Answers For Your Biggest CSDM Questions: ServiceNow Framework Breakdown Recorded: Feb 23 2021 55 mins
    Mary Vanatta, Randie Jaffe, Terrell Purlsey, Devon Clarke
    Join us for Common Sense Answers for your Biggest CSDM Questions: Breaking Down the ServiceNow Framework.

    At 1:00 PM ET, our team will answer your top CSDM questions, like:

    - What is the Common Service Data Model?
    - What is the value of CSDM, and how do I maximize all of my data?
    - How do I align IT and the business with CSDM?
    - Plus, get data modeling examples useful for today's world
  • Return to Work in 2021: Promise a Safe Employee Experience with ServiceNow Recorded: Jan 28 2021 52 mins
    Adam Mason, Stacey Prezel
    As we dive into the New Year, Acorio's Employee Experience experts - Adam Mason and Stacey Prezel - are back to discuss what "Return to Work" looks like in 2021, based on the lessons we've learned in the past 9 months as workplaces and colleges have grappled with ongoing challenges of return to work/campus amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Join us live on Thursday, January 28th at 1:00 PM EST to learn:

    - How ServiceNow can help, including updates to the safe workplace apps 
    - What long-term Workplace Service Delivery looks like
    - Real-World "Return to Work & Campus" Success Stories

    If you can't make it on the 28th, you can still register now and we'll send you the on-demand webinar recording later that day. 
  • ServiceNow Predictions for 2021 Recorded: Dec 15 2020 60 mins
    Ellen Daley, Adam Mason, John Huckle, Pablo Pedreira, Meghan Lockwood
    This year, we’ve been upended with a change in velocity of what we might have expected prior to a global pandemic. But, despite it all, we learned new lessons and grew.

    So, for what Acorio's leadership can try to predict, this webinar will be a deep dive into:
    - Where technology will go
    - How we expect to see ServiceNow grow
    - Plus changes we can expect to see socially, inside and out of the "world of work"
  • 4 Customer Service Trends & Solutions to Increase Optimization and Efficiency Recorded: Nov 19 2020 58 mins
    Ajay Gautam, Toni Siragusa, Troy Jensen, Meghan Lockwood
    Join us on Thursday, November 19th at 1:00 PM ET, 10:00 AM PT for our newest webinar, 4 Customer Service Trends & Real-World Industry Solutions to Increase your Optimization and Efficiency Today.

    Sign up for the webinar and find out:

    - Top trends in Customer Service today and how to increase your customer engagement and loyalty in 2021 and beyond
    - Upgrades in CSM from ServiceNow's newest release Paris
    - Real-world stories on how Agent Workspace enables optimization and efficiencies for clients today
  • 10 Q&As on ServiceNow: How to be Smarter & More Efficient in 2021 Recorded: Oct 27 2020 59 mins
    Greg Mest, Carleen Carter, John McCormick, Allison Holt
    With four out of only 60 Certified Master Architects in the world at Acorio, we're taking advantage of our Acorians elite-level of platform expertise.

    On Tuesday, October 27th at 1:00 PM we'll dive into some of the top questions our clients and audience ask so you can get a better return on you ServiceNow investment and achieve success in 2021.

    - How do you prepare your company for "Return to Work" or create a better experience in the digital world?
    - What are the new features within ITOM I should know about?
    - What does a "crawl, walk, run" scenario look like for CSDM?
    - What are your recommendations for 2021 budgeting or resource constraints?

    Join this insightful webinar on Tuesday, October 27th at 1:00 PM ET and register today!
Largest Pure-Play ServiceNow Consultancy
An Elite ServiceNow partner, Acorio is the largest pure-play ServiceNow consultancy in the world. Our commitment is to our clients, to inspire and guide them to realize immediate ROI and ensure long-term success along their entire ServiceNow journey. Focusing 100 percent on ServiceNow, Acorio serves Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 clients in multiple industries ranging from healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, to high tech and retail.

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  • Title: The Software Asset Management Landscape Has Changed: What You Need to Know
  • Live at: Aug 21 2018 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Carleen Carter, Wally Waltner, Meghan Lockwood
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