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Growth Strategy - Growing Your Business Post Lockdown

In the third webinar of our COVID-19 series, non-executive, board advisor and serial entrepreneur John Courtney will look to how businesses can grow once the global lockdown has eased.

With many businesses focussed on firefighting the problems created by the pandemic in the present, it can be easy to overlook the need to consider the future.
Join John at 5pm on 26th May for his webinar ‘Growth Strategy - growing the business post lockdown’ to understand how to address market gaps left by the economic downturn and understand newly emerging customer needs.

John will also explore how to communicate with stakeholders and generate custom in a what will be a vastly different business world.
Recorded May 26 2020 41 mins
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Presented by
John Courtney, non-executive, board advisor and entrepreneur
Presentation preview: Growth Strategy - Growing Your Business Post Lockdown

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  • The key to survival and future growth Recorded: Jun 30 2020 61 mins
    Chris Aston Marketing Director & Nick Tubb, Head of Recruitment
    The key to survival and future growth – Auditel explains how achieving ‘best value’ in procurement and supply chain management can make an essential difference.

    Join Auditel’s Chris Aston and Nick Tubb for insight into how the top 7 cost considerations for all organisations right now in the challenges arising from Covid-19 restrictions.

    Auditel are specialists in procurement and strategic cost management, supply chain management and business transformation having helped, since 1994, over 3000 clients to achieve and manage ‘best value’ to improve efficiency, minimise waste and unlock hidden profit.

    As well as this advice, hints and tips for businesses, you can also explore how you can become part of the Auditel network and make a difference to UK organisations by providing Auditel’s services, essential in the current climate. There are opportunities to benefit from being part of Auditel, whether starting as a full Auditel consultant, or with an ‘Associate’ model where you can run an Auditel business as a ‘bolt-on’ alongside existing business activities as part of a portfolio career.
  • Increasing Diversity Through Relatability Recorded: Jun 19 2020 60 mins
    Melissa Curran, Culture Transformation Consultant
    Join Melissa Curran, to learn how leaders must learn to relate to their workforces and encourage diverse opinions and approaches throughout their organisations.

    Drawing on her experience of advising global businesses on engagement and culture transformation, Melissa will explore how to engage with the myriad perspectives of a complex, modern workforce and create a robust and diverse workplace culture.

    Melissa has worked as a trusted, global, business management consultant, working with high profile organisations, for over 5 years within general management, financial growth, operational excellence, engagement and culture transformation.
  • Digital Kaizen and Agile: The Evolution of the Board of Directors Recorded: Jun 11 2020 61 mins
    Michael Crawley
    Due to current circumstances, many organizations have had to embrace digital tools and use technology out of necessity in order to communicate, operate and stay running.

    The number of online conversations and people adapting to the ever-changing digital world has increased, therefore it is vital for the board to consider this uptake in digital competence and usage when developing strategic choices for the future.

    The world’s behaviors have changed, and along with this, so must organizations. Due to the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic, boards have become more engaged with a higher frequency of meetings paving the way for a new norm of strategy development.

    Hosted by Michael Crawley, CEO of Agile Social Learning 360, board advisor and digital transformation expert, our upcoming webinar explores how short-term adaptation should be viewed as a step towards implementing agile and kaizen in digital transformation to achieve continuous improvement and align the board with business growth.

    Discover the benefits of becoming a digital champion for your organization and how the impact of the pandemic has evolved mindsets and the future of digital habituation.
  • COVID 19: Critical Communications Within Organisations Recorded: Jun 10 2020 59 mins
    Neil-Hedley Smith, AMBCI
    Join business continuity and incident management specialist, Neil Hedley Smith to learn how to leverage critical communications in times of crisis. As we build the “New Normal”, we have an opportunity to learn the lessons which the pandemic has taught us, one of which is the value of critical communication systems for businesses.

    Neil will discuss the impact of the pandemic, how communications have been central to the response and how to rebuild as a resilient organisation. He will also explore how senior professionals have an essential role in leading the communications strategy.

    An expert in emergency communication, mass communication, business continuity, critical event management, Neil worked with several international banks, supra-national policing organisations and international bodies.
  • Networking, Connecting and Communicating your way to a NED Career Recorded: Jun 4 2020 78 mins
    Anne Watson & Naomi Coxwell
    This interactive, free webinar session will take place on Thursday 4th June at 10 am and will give you a clear insight into the art of networking and how it can unlock a multitude of opportunities when conducted well.

    The presentation will be led by Anne Watson, award-winning author and non-executive director and she will be joined by Naomi Coxwell, former Vice President of BP America and portfolio non-executive.

    The session will last around 45 minutes, with the first 20 minutes led by Anne, dedicated to the secrets of good networking. It will cover:

    The challenges you may face in a career transition
    How to harness your existing connections and make new ones
    Why Corporate Governance could dictate what roles are available to you
    How to create new connections, reach out to recruiters and engage at events

    This will then be followed by an informative Q&A between Anne and Naomi, where Naomi will discuss her transition to a non-executive career, experience on our Ahead of the Curve programme and how she’s managed to secure and excel in three different boardroom roles.
  • Growth Strategy - Growing Your Business Post Lockdown Recorded: May 26 2020 41 mins
    John Courtney, non-executive, board advisor and entrepreneur
    In the third webinar of our COVID-19 series, non-executive, board advisor and serial entrepreneur John Courtney will look to how businesses can grow once the global lockdown has eased.

    With many businesses focussed on firefighting the problems created by the pandemic in the present, it can be easy to overlook the need to consider the future.
    Join John at 5pm on 26th May for his webinar ‘Growth Strategy - growing the business post lockdown’ to understand how to address market gaps left by the economic downturn and understand newly emerging customer needs.

    John will also explore how to communicate with stakeholders and generate custom in a what will be a vastly different business world.
  • Business Financial Planning & Risks Recorded: May 26 2020 43 mins
    April Leeson, George Wood and Luke Norman - Financial Planning Executives
    Date: Tuesday 26th May 2020
    Time: 10am

    The Private Office (TPO), an award winning firm of chartered Independent financial planners, bring this webinar to give you, as a business owner, shareholder or non-executive director, a comprehensive overview of the key areas you should be considering when fulfilling your financial duties.

    The free webinar will explore how you can financially protect your business’ most valuable assets, your staff and shareholders, how you can best utilise business assets, and how you can outline long-term strategy appropriately.

    With you, TPO’s own Financial Planning Executives, April Leeson, George Wood and Luke Norman will explore a wide range of scenarios including pension planning, purchasing commercial property and selling the business, the presentation will expand your knowledge of the fiduciary responsibilities within your role, and explain how your contributions can help maintain the financial fitness of your company.


    i.Business risk: protecting your most valuable assets, your people.
    ii.Pension planning with your business
    iii. Selling a business: the wonders of cash flow forecasting

    Who will benefit from this presentation?
    Business owners and shareholders alike.
  • Business Strategy during the COVID-19 Crisis Recorded: May 18 2020 59 mins
    John Courtney, non-executive, board advisor and entrepreneur
    In the second webinar of our COVID-19 series, non-executive, board advisor and founder of boardroomadvisors.co.uk John Courtney discusses the need to create a robust strategy in the face of the pandemic.
    Join us at 5pm on the 18th of May for ‘Business Strategy during the COVID-19 Crisis: How to analyse options in the “new normal” and create an actionable plan’, where John will look at the best ways to assess the economic and business landscape and plan for a future with strong leadership and actionable strategy.

    John will share a new crisis assessment tool, alongside SWOT and MOST Analysis, to tie strategy to action, and give clarity, cogency and purpose to your plans to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Elevate your image and impact from Zoom to the boardroom Recorded: May 14 2020 59 mins
    Tavia Sharp and Tania Sterl
    Presenting yourself on video calls can be more amplified and confronting than live meetings. How will you ensure you continue to be perceived as an expert and admirable leader?

    Whether your fashion choices are at the forefront of the many decisions you make in a day or not, it is inevitable that your clothes and presentation communicate volumes about you as a person, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

    What you wear can have a positive or negative impact on your mindset, productivity, and performance, also known as enclothed cognition.

    Your image and Influence is within your control, what impression will you choose to make to positively impact your peers and colleagues? By being aware of the effect that your presence has on your mindset and how others will perceive you, you can make conscious sartorial choices that will ensure your character, substance and professionality is conveyed successfully to others with notable heightened performance in self-accomplishments.

    Throughout the presentation our expert hosts Tavia Sharp, image coach, corporate consultant, and founder of Styled Sharp, and Tania Sterl, image consultant and founder of Sterl on Style, will share their knowledge to teach you:

    How our mindset is influenced by the style we choose to convey
    How to choose accessories, clothes, and colors that will enhance your overall appearance
    How to pull together a head-to-toe look that is professional, polished, and in tune with the new business casual
    How investing in your image can elevate your executive presence

    Discover how to leverage your image as a tool to become investable and relatable in business and beyond.
  • Stakeholder Relations & Reputation in a Crisis Recorded: May 13 2020 50 mins
    Sally Palethorpe, board member and business coach
    In the first instalment of our COVID-19 webinar series, Sally Palethorpe, board member, business consultant and guest lecturer at the University of Bath explores stakeholder relations and their impact on reputation.

    Sally will explore how to manage your relationships with stakeholders and the possible repercussions of neglecting to consider the multiple parties who have a stake in your organisation.

    Sally will also consider some of the successes and failures that are already emerging during the pandemic, with savvy businesses realising that actions taken in times of crisis will have a lasting impact on reputation.

    Join us to find out how to make sure you emerge stronger from the crisis, with full oversight of who you need to be influencing and how to ensure success.
  • Roadmap for Success: Active Financial Planning for the Self-Employed Recorded: May 7 2020 58 mins
    Eddie Grant, Director of Technical Connection and Declan Lamyman Associate Partner, St. James's Place Wealth Management
    Join Eddie Grant and Declan Lamyman of St. James’s Place Wealth Management to learn how to ensure your financial planning foundations are solid, both from a business and personal perspective.

    This webinar will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of carrying out a tax health check to ensure the stability of your financial future and will give you useful tips on how to benefit from tax-saving strategies, especially if you’re self-employed or run a business.   


    The basics of Tax Alpha
    - The importance of financial planning – how to optimise the use of tax strategies
    - Achieving outperformance – take advantage of those tax saving strategies
    - Protecting returns on your investments
    Engagement Alpha with St. James’s Place
    - Maximising clients after tax returns through tax efficient investments
    - Tax Alpha – not to be confused with tax efficiency
    - How much of a performance edge does Tax Alpha give to portfolio returns over lifetime savings and investments?
    An overview of St. James’s Place Wealth Management
    Q & A session with the presenters

    St. James's Place have 20 years’ experience of supporting and assisting some of the most successful and experienced financial advisory and wealth management practices in the UK today, which are at the heart of our business.  That ‘Partnership’ consists of 4,711 qualified advisers, ranging from sole traders to large businesses who offer a range of award-winning wealth management services. 
  • How to Build Your Reputation as a Leader Recorded: Apr 30 2020 60 mins
    Russell Dalgleish, Multiple Non-Executive and Board Advisor
    Leadership is an essential quality for any senior professional, and building your reputation as a leader is essential to success. In an increasingly digital world, the way you present yourself, your skills and your expertise is incredibly important, allowing you to maximise the potential of a huge network of like-minded professionals who could present untapped career opportunities.

    Russell Dalgleish, multiple non-executive and board advisor, will explore foolproof strategies to build your reputation as a leader, looking especially at the importance of social media presence and making the most of the opportunities offered by LinkedIn. Russell will discuss how to become a recognised thought-leader and increase your visibility and recognition.

    Recently, Russell saw one of his LinkedIn posts be shared over 320,000 times, which resulted in him forging connections he could never have envisaged. With a proven track record of advising some of the top boards and businesses globally, Russell brings a wealth of experience and insight into how to leverage your skills and knowledge to build reputation.
  • Healthy Minds, Healthy Boards Recorded: Apr 15 2020 61 mins
    Grant Griffiths, Non-executive and Sylvia Bruce, Master NLP Coach
    Join Grant Griffiths and Sylvia Bruce of Flexmind to explore how to change the narrative around mental health in the workplace. Traditionally seen as an inhibitor, boards and businesses should be proactively tackling mental health in the workplace to enable a strong, cohesive and positive culture which drives success.

    They will explore how to de-stigmatise mental illness, create the right culture and, with it, a more robust and resilient, performance-driven organisation.

    Explaining the need for non-executives to be ‘visionaries’ within their organisations, Grant and Sylvia will highlight how you must create a culture which encourages openness and confidence, whilst stamping out bullying and harassment.

    Not only will there be discussion around common mental health problems but also the unprecedented strains and conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic and how you can help your teams in difficult times.

    So if you would like to make sure you have a healthy, happy and productive workforce, join us on 15th April at 9am.
  • Turning Your Leaders into Coaches in Unprecedented Times Recorded: Apr 8 2020 38 mins
    Ros Taylor
    HR, managers and employees frequently say that having more regular conversations would be beneficial for performance, yet according to a recent survey, 40% of HR professionals say that their managers are not equipped to be having these.

    In these unprecedented times, now, more than ever, HR managers and businesses need to ensure their managers can effectively interact, motivate and engage with their teams to ensure optimum business results and morale are maintained.

    In this informative 45-minute webinar, experienced clinical psychologist, coach and author, Ros Taylor, will explore the current nature of leadership. She will outline how it has changed over time and how leadership styles need to evolve and adapt to reflect the current business climate. Ros will share a wealth of useful insights on how managers can use coaching skills and techniques to help their teams to thrive, supported by proven statistics on why this approach is effective.

    The session will then end with a live Q&A, where HR managers, team leaders and business owners can discuss how best to support and empower managers,leaders and teams in this difficult period of business activity, especially with so many businesses now operating remotely.
  • Mastering Board Interviews Recorded: Apr 7 2020 58 mins
    Janelle Brittain and Rebecca Thornton
    Our upcoming webinar will explore all the fundamental stages and techniques of mastering board interviews to ensure you have the confidence to excel within your next meeting.

    Hosted by established board member and In Touch board preparation coach, Janelle Brittain, and former Board Practice Consultant of Spencer Stuart and Heidrick & Struggles, Rebecca Thornton, the webinar will explore the preparations required to excel and impress within interview, as well as common mistakes and successfully communicating your accomplishments.

    Throughout the 60 minute session, Janelle and Rebecca will share practical advice from both the recruitment and candidate perspectives to advise both established and aspiring board members. They will cover what you can expect from a board-level interview, prior research that should be conducted and effectively displaying your value as a board member.

    With over two decades of experience in director recruitment and board advisory services, Rebecca has participated in more than 700 board assignments across a wide range of industries.

    Janelle Brittain has served on a variety of boards for 40 years, and was the Director of the Boardology Institute for Boardroom Bound for 12 years, served as Managing Director of the Mastermind Advisory Board and now works with In Touch as a Board Preparation Coach, helping hundreds of executives achieve their goals and make the transition to Board Directors.

    Following the informative presentation, there will also be the opportunity for you to ask both Janelle and Rebecca any questions about interviews and what it takes to shine when pursuing a board role.
  • Can your Board Survive the Future? Recorded: Apr 2 2020 37 mins
    Vicky Reddington. Board Effectiveness Advisor.
    The pace of change is increasing at an exponential rate which will change the face of business. It is the responsibility of the board to ensure survival. Boards are effective only if they are diverse in thought, collaborative and accountable. They must be aligned in purpose and set the tone from the top. Find out the steps you need to take to futureproof your board.

    Who should attend:
    Board members who recognise the need to thrive in today’s challenging business climate.

    What are the benefits:
    Turn talented individuals into an exceptional board, equipped to keep ahead of the speed of change.

    What is the opportunity:
    To redefine your board’s collaboration and effectiveness.

    Who is the speaker:
    Vicky Reddington has 20 years experience at the forefront of change within the IT industry, she has a reputation of driving change and delivering results.

    Vicky believes in getting people to work together to deliver extraordinary results, VS wasting their energy in different and sometimes opposing directions, often causing silos, and to the long term detriment of the business.

    A board that wants to thrive in today’s fast paced world, needs an operating system and she is delighted to say she has cracked the code on the installation guide, and is ready to share. Helping you build a motivated, aligned and agile organisation.
  • Digital Common Sense - Personal Digital Competence for Non-Executive Directors Recorded: Mar 25 2020 61 mins
    Bob Barker, Author & Digital Performance Expert
    In an ever-changing world, non-executive directors must be digitally competent. A holistic approach, termed Digital Common Sense by Bob Barker, provides both personal and organisational benefits.

    Join us to learn how being curious, capable and confident with technology can set the tone from the top, boosting productivity, aiding digital adoption and stabilising staff retention.

    Bob will outline 7 main areas of digital common sense, drawing on over 35 years' experience working with some of the world's biggest organisations.

    Following the presentation there will be an interactive Q&A session.
  • Ultimate Guide: Advisory Boards for Startups Recorded: Mar 24 2020 59 mins
    Joe Norton, Mike Lombardo and Kayvon Jahanbakh
    Advisory boards can be the difference between success and failure at the start up phase of any business. In Touch has partnered with start up expert and seasoned advisory board member, Joe Norton, alongside 2 startup Co-Founders who have successfully built a startup board, Mike Lombardo and Kayvon Jahanbakhsh, to deliver a comprehensive guide to how an advisory board can benefit your business and how to create and effectively manage your board.

    The webinar will present an engaging discussion on the benefits of establishing a diverse advisory board, as well as how this raises your own profile as an entrepreneur. Our speakers will share valuable insights from both the recruiter and candidate positions, providing you with a complete understanding of how the process should be conducted.

    Discover where to find influential people to help grow your organization, how to demonstrate the potential of your vision and why you should set up an advisory board.
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About LinkedIn But Were too Afraid to Ask Recorded: Mar 12 2020 46 mins
    Aileen Bowe - In Touch LinkedIn Expert and CV Writer
    Communicating your personal branding on LinkedIn is essential as being active makes you more likely to get hired.

    There are a multitude of benefits to harnessing the power of LinkedIn when embarking on or building a non-executive career.

    Personal branding, updating your profile and keywords are all strategies that can get your profile noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn and in this webinar you will discover how to harness the power the platform can have on your career.
  • How to attract & nurture top female talent Recorded: Mar 5 2020 39 mins
    Ros Taylor, CEO of RTC Leadership & Coaching
    Join us for this highly informative 45-minute webinar focused on the value that females can bring to all levels of an organisation and how you, as an HR Director or senior business leader, can encourage more women to stay and progress within your firm.

    The session will be hosted by Ros Taylor, CEO of RTC Leadership & Coaching, UK and international psychologist, executive coach, accomplished author, and TV and radio presenter. Throughout her presentation, Ros will share a whole host of useful insights and practical advice on the ways in which organisations can get the most out of their female employees. She will also explain why females often work better when coached or mentored by or with other females, and the results that can be achieved when this is implemented.

    During the main presentation, Ros will explore the following:

    -What makes women want to stay?
    -The value of having women at all levels of your organisation, particularly board-level
    -Ways in which organisations can empower their female employees
    -Tools and techniques to instil confidence in your future female leaders
    -Proven methods that have worked for other organisations

    Viewers will then have the invaluable opportunity to ask any questions they may have during a live Q&A with Ros. This is the perfect chance to discuss any obstacles you may have faced from a coaching and development perspective and how to ensure your female employees feel empowered and ready to progress.
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  • Live at: May 26 2020 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: John Courtney, non-executive, board advisor and entrepreneur
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