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Insights with Cyber Leaders

It's no secret that there is massive shortage of skilled professionals in all cyber related fields including technical and managerial. The experience and knowledge of senior executives in the fields of cyber security, governance, risk and compliance are noteworthy and we feel that sharing that experience would benefit those who seek knowledge and guidance and those who want to better themselves and uplift their careers

Our Free to Access Insights with Cyber Leaders series features exclusive interviews with some of the most renowned Cyber Security Executives from around the globe.
Recorded Apr 22 2016 3 mins
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Amar Singh
Presentation preview: Insights with Cyber Leaders

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  • What CISOs Really Think About Security Incident Automation Jun 15 2017 1:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Dario Forte and Amar Singh
    Join Dario Forte, founder of DFLabs, as he shares the results of an extensive survey on thoughts and practices of CISOs worldwide with regard to security incident automation and orchestration. With an exponentially increasing level of cyber threat and ever more scrutiny, CISOs are under pressure to ensure SOCs operate efficiently and with consistency. Hosted by Amar Singh of Cyber Management Alliance, this webinar will cover:

    - How automation and partial automation can speed up response times.
    - How playbooks can ensure your response is consistent and proven.
    - What challenges CISOs find when building an efficient SOC.
    - How CISOs plan to introduce security incident response and orchestration into their SOCs.
  • Stop Blaming Russia & China for all Cyber Attacks Recorded: May 23 2017 59 mins
    Amar Singh, Joseph Carson
    Cyber-attacks can originate from anywhere, but there appears to be an unabated trend of pointing the finger on either "sophisticated attackers" or, more blatantly, naming and blaming nation-states like Russia, China and now North Korea (alright, maybe even Iran).

    The truth about attribution (who is the attacker) is often overlooked for something more dramatic, especially in situations where sensitive information or brand reputation is at risk.

    The tactic is simple. Switch the focus from internal bad practices and shift the blame to “sophisticated, nation states and or criminal gangs.” Lazy, but effective.

    Join Amar Singh and Joseph Carson, from Thycotic, as they both discuss the real reason behind why cyber attacks succeed (no - not because of Russia or China)and the steps you can take to make the job of hackers, both sophisticated and otherwise, much harder.
  • The Cloud Executive Interview Paul Ferron Recorded: May 12 2017 4 mins
    Paul Ferron - CA Technologies
    We asked to Paul about CA Technologies’ focus on identity access management in the consumer marketplace and how it helps the end user, and find out more about the term Eco System which they believe extends across the whole enterprise and drives business processes.
    We learn why the increase in the use of personal mobile devices and the security of content/data has impacted enterprises, and Paul divulges his recommendations for filling the security gaps created by the use of cloud.
    View Paul’s Executive Interview to learn how CA Technologies’ offerings can help you.
  • GDPR Mini-Webinar Series - Episode 3 - Data Subject's Rights Recorded: Apr 5 2017 13 mins
    Amar Singh & Chris Payne
    Our eight-part mini-webinar series aims to get you up to speed with the main articles of the GDPR with short, no nonsense and informative webinars. In this webinar, we will discuss the rights of data subjects and what to do when they summon you to enact them.
  • GDPR Mini-Webinar Series - Episode 2 - Collecting Personal Information Recorded: Apr 4 2017 12 mins
    Amar Singh & Chris Payne
    Our eight-part mini-webinar series aims to get you up to speed with the main articles of the GDPR with short, no nonsense and informative webinars. In this webinar we will discuss the six core principles of the GDPR and how it affects how you collect and process personal information.
  • GDPR Mini-Webinar Series - Episode 1 - Applicability Recorded: Apr 4 2017 12 mins
    Amar Singh & Chris Payne
    Our eight-part mini-webinar series aims to get you up to speed with the main articles of the GDPR with short, no nonsense and informative webinars. In this webinar we will discuss applicability and what types of organisations are obliged to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.
  • A Day in the Life of an Incident Investigator - Live Demo Recorded: Apr 4 2017 49 mins
    Amar Singh Cyber Management Alliance
    This webinar includes a live demo of real incident response play-books in action!

    Join Amar Singh and his special guests in this highly informative and educational webinar on:

    * How to design play-books (aka run-books) for different attack scenarios.
    * How to align your incident response to official standards.
    * Learn more about a day in the life of an investigator.
    * How to create an effective triage process that works for every type of attack.
    * Discover the various types of data enrichment attributes to apply to every incident.
  • Ransomware Wins! User Awareness Doesn't Work! What Do you Do? Recorded: Mar 30 2017 55 mins
    Amar Singh & Industry Experts
    Nope this is NOT another webinar on How to Protect Against Ransomware.

    If you reckon that users (yes that includes you and me) are the first line of defence against ransomware! Sorry to break it to you but you are WRONG! We are all humans and we make mistakes and ransomware creators know that.

    You have a choice.Hope and or pray that your awareness training protects your employees and your business from becoming a ransomware victim OR attend this webinar and learn what you can do to protect your business.

    Note: This is not your typical webinar. Cyber Management Alliance’s unique and interactive approach to webinar’s allows everyone to have a say and share their knowledge. The host, Amar Singh firmly believes that every member of the audience has valuable input and that each attendee brings their own context and perspective. So, join in, share and learn.
  • Most 2FA Solutions are Insecure, Is Yours One of them? Recorded: Mar 1 2017 60 mins
    Amar Singh & Chris Payne
    Everyone knows two-factor authentication right? or do you just know how to use it? Something you know and something you own is a phrase we can all recite but very few actually understand two-factor authentication and its true benefits. How it works, why two solutions are not alike or what to look for in a true secure solution are just some of the conversation topics covered in this webinar.
  • Incident Response and GDPR. What You Need To Know. Recorded: Feb 23 2017 60 mins
    Amar Singh
    Warning - this is not just another GDPR webinar. Join Amar Singh in his popular and interactive webinars and deep-dive into this special Cyber Incident Planning & Response webinar where we share and discuss the following:

    * - What are the key components to automate in incident management to enable GDPR compliance.

    * - Four important questions a CISO or Manager must ask to manage an incident successfully.

    * - Understand Process Automation for Incident Orchestration.

    * - How you can, using the technology and processes, build a lean, effective and knowledge Security team with or without a Security Operations Centre.

    * - Data Protection and Incident Response for the non-technical manager.

    * - How and why it's critical that middle and senior management, working with technical teams, get involved in delivering effective cyber incident planning & response.
  • (ISC)2 Managing Director EMEA Adrian Davis Insights with Cyber Leaders Recorded: Feb 20 2017 41 mins
    Amar Singh - Cyber Management Alliance
    (ISC)2 Managing Director EMEA Adrian Davis talks to Amar Singh about his top tips for CISSP aspirants and about hs personal journey and how he made it.
  • Taming the "God" User Recorded: Feb 16 2017 60 mins
    Amar Singh and Joseph Carson
    Privileged IT users hold significant power in an organisation. They can delete, change or read emails and create, reset or change user accounts amongst other things. In many cases the privileged user can easily bring a business to its knees.

    Businesses may be aware of the scale of the privileged insider threat but efficiently managing these users often remains an aspiration. Join Amar Singh in this interactive webinar as he talks to privileged management expert Joseph Carson and discusses how you can expertly manage your privileged users.

    Cyber Management Alliance's webinars are highly interactive and have a higher than normal user interaction during the webinar. So, sign-up now and take this opportunity to ask, learn and share.
  • Privileged Access Management Executive Interview Jackson Shaw from Dell Recorded: Jan 28 2017 7 mins
    Jackson Shaw Senior Director, Product Management, Identity & Access Management at Dell
    We interviewed Jackson Shaw; Senior Director, Product Management, Identity & Access Management at Dell and delved further into the topic of Privileged Access Management.
  • CISSP Exam Strategies Recorded: Jan 11 2017 38 mins
    Amar Singh Cyber Management Alliance
    An exclusive interview with CISSP trainer Abhi G about his top tips for preparing for the CISSP exam. Download the CISSP Exam Plan worksheet from the attachments section on this page.
  • Insights with Cyber Leaders - Eugene Kaspersky Recorded: Jan 10 2017 24 mins
    Amar Singh Cyber Management Alliance
    An exclusive interview with Kaspersky Lab founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky. Find out about how Eugene made it and his thoughts about the future of cyber security. The first in the series of Insights with Cyber Leaders videos created by Cyber Management Alliance featuring our CEO Amar Singh.
  • Threat intelligence and predictions for 2017 with Kaspersky Lab Recorded: Jan 6 2017 60 mins
    Amar Singh
    Join us to learn about the top predictions for 2017, as identified by Kaspersky Lab's Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT). Gain the latest intelligence on the threat landscape and our predictions for 2017

    We face a future of increasingly subtle and sophisticated threat factors; a world where traditional clues and indicators are no longer enough on their own to identify and block attacks; where information is wielded as a weapon, misdirection is king, and global networks of connected devices can be used to paralyse the Internet. What does this mean for business in 2017?

    Kaspersky Lab UK's Principal Security Researcher, David Emm, shall present the Who, What, How and Why in Kaspersky Lab's predictions for 2017 and explain how they will affect the cyber-security landscape throughout the year.

    - Who: The business sectors we predict will be particularly targeted in 2017 and who will attack them.

    - What: The data, behaviour and habits that will expose businesses to increasingly sophisticated threat factors.

    - How: The technical methods through which businesses will be targeted.

    - Why: What Kaspersky predict to be the endgame of 2017's cyber-criminals.

    Hosted by Amar Singh
  • Designing the Foundations of a Secure Organisation - Cyber Management Alliance Recorded: Jan 3 2017 58 mins
    Amar Singh - Cyber Management Alliance
    There are almost 300 controls you could review and select for this year or you can view this webinar and hear what the experts have to say about the most essential controls and how to use them to lay the foundations of a secure resilient business. Let's design a more secure 2017 together.
  • Sandro Bucchianeri - Insights with Cyber Leaders Recorded: Nov 26 2016 21 mins
    Amar Singh - Cyber Management Alliance
    A fascinating interview with former CISO of Investec and current Group CSO of National Bank of Abhu Dhabi Sandro Bucchianeri. Sandro covers some interestinginsights into his career and issues CISO's face.
  • Saqib Chaudhry CISO - Podcasts with Cyber Leaders Recorded: Nov 15 2016 11 mins
    Amar Singh - Cyber Management Alliance
    Saqib Chaudhry CISO Cleveland Clinic in Abhu Dhabi discusses Information Security Awareness on the latest edition of Podcasts with Cyber Leaders - Global practitioners sharing opinions and perspectives on Cyber Security & Data Privacy. Brought to you by Cyber Management Alliance.
  • Raj Samani CTO EMEA Intel Security - Insights with Cyber Leaders Recorded: Nov 15 2016 34 mins
    Amar Singh - Cyber Management Alliance
    A fascinating interview with a true Cyber Leader in Raj Samani. Raj says it how its is! A must watch for all information security professionals.
View our exclusive "Insights with Cyber Leaders Series" and webinars
Cyber Management Alliance presents an exciting series of interviews with International Cyber Security Leaders. Want to know what they look for when hiring for their teams? Want to know the secrets to their success and what keeps them awake at night? Theses exclusive interviews are presented by industry thought leader and Chair of ISACA's UK Security Advisory Group and Global CISO Amar Singh. Series but humours and light hearted interviews. See the leading figures in Cyber Security like you've never seen them before. From Eugene Kaspersky to CTO HP Enterprise and CTO of Intel Security we have an amazing line up. Subscribe for updates.

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