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Data Protection & Incident Response - Interactive

Have your say and share your experience and expertise in this highly interactive incident response workshop, titled Cyber Incident Planning & Response or CIPR. The CIPR workshop will deconstruct the prevailing approach to planning, incident response and the wider field of incident management and identify where and how you can improve and build a more resilient business. This is your chance to get involved and learn from your peers and contribute your own thoughts and opinions in this highly interactive workshop.

Note: This is not your typical webinar where one, two or three sparks stand on the podium and proclaim their mastery. Rather, Cyber Management Alliance’s unique and interactive approach to webinar’s allows everyone to have a say and share their knowledge. The host, Amar Singh firmly believes that every member of the audience has valuable input and that each attendee brings their own context and perspective. So, join in, share and learn.
Recorded Nov 9 2016 88 mins
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Presented by
Amar Singh - Cyber Management Alliance
Presentation preview: Data Protection & Incident Response - Interactive

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  • The Day We Weaponised a Sleeper APT Jun 15 2018 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Amar Singh; Fleming Shi; Jonathan Tanner
    It’s not everyday you get the inside story on how a group of cybersecurity researchers stumbled upon an APT, an advanced persistent threat, when they were examining the intelligence data from their security kit.

    It appeared harmless and boring but of advanced attributes. But Fleming Shi and Jonathan Tanner suspected something was amiss.

    Facilitated by Amar Singh, practising CISO, on this exclusive webinar as he unpicks what Fleming and Jonathan did next. Their curiosity got the better of them and they set about tinkering to discover the true intentions of this benign malware.
  • Breaking the Internet - Takedown Strategies Used by Cyber Criminals May 31 2018 1:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Amar Singh
    We take multiple views from top hackers on how they would and could break the Internet - surprisingly simple and powerful, many of these techniques can completely knock-off the Internet let alone bring your organisation to its knees and impact its bottom-line.

    The simplicity and success rate are so high it’s no wonder organisations keep getting compromised.

    Join me, Amar Singh, as I discuss this and mitigating strategies with the top brains in the industry. Names of the hackers will be disclosed soon.
  • Shaping the Future of Cloud Security Recorded: May 9 2018 56 mins
    Amar Singh | Raef Meeuwisse | Paul Dignan | Chris Munday
    Tune in for an interactive discussion with cloud and security experts on the key trends shaping enterprise cloud strategy, explore the latest technological advancements, and discover how to better secure your critical data and workflows in the cloud.

    Join top cloud and security experts for this interactive Q&A discussion on:
    - The top cloud trends in 2018
    - Advanced security reporting & analysis
    - Minimizing your risk and reducing your attack surface
    - Recommendations for improved security
    - The future of cloud

    - Amar Singh, CEO & Founder, Wisdom of Crowds, Cyber Management Alliance
    - Raef Meeuwisse, CISM, CISA, Author of "Cybersecurity for Beginners"
    - Paul Dignan, Application Delivery, Networking and Security Expert, F5 Networks
    - Chris Munday, Senior Systems Engineer and cloud expert, Palo Alto Networks

    The session will be broadcast LIVE from the AWS Summit in London.
  • Leveraging Threat Hunting To Investigate Advanced Threats Recorded: May 3 2018 47 mins
    Amar Singh, Damien Townsend
    Warning - this is a technical webinar.

    The reality: Many organizations have information security protections in place that still fail to reliably answer the question: "Have we already been compromised?". A truly advanced and persistent threat could be hiding in areas of your network, systems or devices and harvesting information for extended periods of time, undetected by security software and unnoticed by an untrained eye.

    Join us to
    * -See a Live Demo of actual tools used to detect, analyse and hunt down advanced malware.
    - Understand how advanced threats evade detection
    - Get a clear understanding of exactly how threat hunting works
    - Learn how you can begin threat hunting in your organisation.
    * -Ask and interact with the specialists in threat analysis.

    Following on from our successful webinar titled A Day in the Life of a Threat Analyst, we bring you another informational and educational webinar on how an experienced threat analyst goes about investigating an advanced threat and the tools he/she would use to detect, analyse, hunt and remediate.

    Join Amar Singh, CEO and globally acknowledged CISO along with Damien Townsend, deeply experienced senior security analyst and threat hunter on this interactive webinar.
  • [Panel] Building Effective Cyber Defense Recorded: Apr 25 2018 58 mins
    Amar Singh (Cyber Management Alliance) | Simon Moor (FireEye) | Bob Honour (SonicWall)
    With data breaches on the rise, enterprises worldwide are looking to implement better technologies and processes for faster breach detection and response, as well as train all employees to be cyber aware.

    Join this interactive Q&A panel to learn more about:
    - Key factors for building a successful CISO strategy
    - Why breach prevention matters
    - True costs of breaches
    - Technological solutions to consider for a more cyber resilient enterprise
    - How AI/machine learning and human talent can work together
    - Top threats to look out for in 2018

    - Amar Singh, CEO & Founder, Wisdom of Crowds, Cyber Management Alliance
    - Simon Moor, VP for Northern Europe, FireEye
    - Bob Honour, EMEA Marketing Director, SonicWall
  • Live Demo Cloud Security - Fixing the Fundamentals Recorded: Mar 30 2018 52 mins
    Amar Singh, Klaus Gheri
    Live demo of how to Dynamically Secure Cloud Infrastructure.

    The title says it all folks - we are going to talk about what's broken in the cloud and do a demo of why it is so easy to break down the current security infrastructure that most companies deploy in the cloud.

    Join me, Amar Singh and other specialists including

    - Amar Singh - CEO & Founder, Wisdom of Crowds and Cyber Management Alliance
    - Klaus Gehri - Specialist Cloud Security, VP Barracuda
  • First – Fix the Plumbing - What’s broken in cyberspace and How to Fix it Recorded: Mar 23 2018 57 mins
    Amar Singh, Adam Gladsden
    Way back in 2000 it was common practice to spend considerable time configuring and tinkering the plumbing of what we today call cyberspace. The technology was embryonic, immature and often hours were spent ensuring nothing broke and that the business operations carried on smoothly.

    Today, those flaky technologies are settled and stable.
    - AI and Machine Learning are the focus of marketing teams.
    - Everyone keeps focusing on NG or next generation technology.
    - If not technology, we keep blaming the human!

    Today, surely, the technical plumbing, the boring stuff is secure and stable, correct?

    Think again.

    In this webinar we explore the bedrock technologies underpinning cyberspace and discuss why we need to focus on understanding and securing them.

    Panelists -

    - Amar Singh - CEO and Founder Wisdom of Crowds, Cyber Management Alliance Ltd
    - Adam Gladsden - SME cybersecurity technologies.
    - NH - DV Cleared, Cyber Criminologist, Dark web researcher & master ethical hacker
  • GDPR Is Coming - Is Your Organization Ready? Key Steps to Help You Prepare Recorded: Feb 21 2018 60 mins
    Amar Singh, Guy Cohen, Dr.Rula Saya, Punit Bhatia
    On May 25 the long-awaited General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect across Europe. GDPR is the biggest overhaul of data protection laws in more than two decades. How prepared is your organization for GDPR?

    Join this interactive panel of experts as they discuss:
    - What is GDPR?
    - Why should you be GDPR-compliant?
    - How to achieve compliance?
    - Steps your organization should take today to prepare for GDPR
    - Other GDPR considerations


    Amar Singh - CEO, Cyber Management Alliance Ltd
    Dr Rula Sayaf - PhD in privacy, security, and data science, GDPR Expert
    Punit Bhatia, DPO and author - be ready for GDPR.
    Guy Cohen, Strategy and Policy Lead, Privitar
    Mark Leiser - Lecturer in Law, University of Leicester
  • 2018 - The Best Year for Cyber Criminals. Period Recorded: Jan 19 2018 76 mins
    Amar Singh, Wieland Alge, Ramses Gallego, Mark Grantz, Tushar Vartak
    Meltdown and Spectre have set the scene for 2018 and make attending our webinar even more of an imperative. This year is going to see it all and we have top panellists and audience members joining. The US Secret Service’s Mark Grantz, Middle East’s top Cybersecurity executive, Tushar Vartak, Europes most recognised Cybersecurity and AI visionary Ramses Gallego, Cybersecurity SME Wieland Alge, a NATO cleared hacker and of course, your very own Amar Singh, CISO and co-founder of Wisdom of Crowds and Cyber Management Alliance Ltd.

    Join the debate, Share your opinions and hear a wide range of experts share their experience and insights.

    Cyber Management Alliance brings you our interactive and educational webinar, inaugurating the new year with an exclusive webinar on what to expect, how and what the criminals are going to do (or not do) and what you can do to protect yourself.

    Yes, we know GDPR is around the corner, but we believe there is much more ahead than just privacy concerns.
  • Insights with Cyber Leaders - Jay Bavisi- founder and CEO of EC Council Recorded: Jan 8 2018 14 mins
    Amar Singh
    Amar Singh, CEO and co-founder of Cyber Management Alliance, sat down with Jay Bavisi, founder and CEO of EC Council to find out more about his early career, how he started EC Council and developed their Certified Ethical Hacker program, the challenges facing CISOs in business today, and why it’s not just about technical skills.
  • Jack Daniel from Tenable Network Security and co-founder of BSides Security Recorded: Dec 4 2017 27 mins
    Amar Singh
    Cyber Management Alliance, had the pleasure of talking to Jack Daniel from Tenable Network Security and co-founder of BSides Security, about how he started in information security, why he believes it’s important to engage and share information within communities and, if you’re looking to enter the information security industry, how to make your achievements discoverable to a potential employer.
  • Hariprasad Chede - Insights with Cyber Leaders Recorded: Nov 26 2017 17 mins
    Amar Singh Cyber Management Alliance and Hariprasad Chede President ISACA UAE
    Amar Singh, CEO and co-founder of Cyber Management Alliance, had the pleasure of chatting to Hariprasad Chede, Vice President of ISACA UAE Chapter and CISO in the finance sector, about the CISO role, the importance of threat intelligence for businesses today, and his desire for more account aggregation with valued feedback in the finance sector.
  • [Panel] Defending Against the Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape in 2018 Recorded: Nov 15 2017 60 mins
    Amar Singh, Cyber Management Alliance | Stuart Davis, Mandiant | Ed Tucker, DPG | Dharminder Debisarun, Palo Alto Networks
    2017 was the year of cyber attacks and high profile data breaches. Discover what cyber security professionals should be focusing on in order to secure their organizations in 2018.

    This interactive Q&A panel will discuss:
    - The trends shaping the cyber threat landscape in 2018
    - Lessons from the biggest cyber events of the year
    - Recommendations for CISOs on securing the enterprise in an age of frequent and persistent attacks
    - The technological advancements in the fight against cyber criminals and the processes organizations need to have in place to enable their security teams

    - Amar Singh, Cyber Management Alliance
    - Stuart Davis, Director, Global Services & Intelligence Europe, Middle East & Africa at Mandiant
    - Edward Tucker, CIO, DP Governance
    - Dharminder Debisarun, Industry Security Architect, Palo Alto Networks
  • Former FBI Agent Steve Bongardt - Insights with Cyber Leaders - Recorded: Nov 1 2017 19 mins
    Amar Singh CEO Cyber Management Alliance
    Steve Bongardt, retired FBI agent, took time out recently to talk to Amar Singh from Cyber Management Alliance as part of their exclusive Insights With Cyber Leaders series. Steve opened up about his early career in the Navy and multiple applications to become an FBI agent, the impact of cyber security on his time as an agent, and one of his favourite interview tactics that he likes to use on potential employees.
  • [Panel] Protecting Data in the Next Generation of the Cloud Recorded: Oct 25 2017 58 mins
    Amar Singh (Cyber Management Alliance); Klaus Gheri (Barracuda Networks), Daniele Catteddu (CSA)
    Cloud computing is an increasingly vital element of information security. It’s used to protect sensitive data; for identity and access management; for network security and to aid with incident response. However it’s not without it’s own set of risks and has been hit in the past with significant and newsworthy breaches.

    Join this interactive Q&A panel with top cloud and security experts as they discuss the future of the cloud and considerations to take for protecting sensitive data when it's held in the Cloud.

    - Amar Singh, Cyber Management Alliance

    - Daniele Catteddu, CTO, Cloud Security Alliance
    - Klaus Gheri, VP and GM, Network Security, Barracuda Networks
  • Post GDPR World - What Are Your Chances of Survival? Recorded: Oct 19 2017 60 mins
    Amar Singh & Chris Payne
    With the greatest shake-up of data protection regulation in a generation looming, CISOs, DPOs and IT Administrators are busy planning for the changes needed for their organisations to be compliant. But with 60% of IT executives suggesting staff as their biggest threat to adherence (Bluesource, 2017) and 90% of staff admitting to violating policies designed to prevent security incidents (BSI, 2017), have they really addressed the issue of friendly fire?

    In this live, informative and interactive webinar led by Amar Singh, Global CISO & CEO of Cyber Management Alliance. A panel of data security and policy experts will discuss, why staff remain such an active threat to GDPR compliance, why policies are being ignored and how to ensure that your staff are on-board with the GDPR before May 2018.


    Amar Singh, Global CISO & CEO, Cyber Management Alliance
    Chris Payne, Data Privacy Expert & Managing Director, Advanced Cyber Solutions
    Dominic Saunders, CTO and Co-Founder, NETconsent
    Joe Lee – UK and Ireland Commercial Manager, NETconsent

  • How the US Secret Service combats advanced ransomware Recorded: Oct 4 2017 60 mins
    Amar Singh, Mark Grantz, Chris Payne, Brian Laing, Ronny Wolf
    Following on from our popular webinar, "Petya, notPetya or Goldeneye - The Lies, the Truth and What's Coming Next", we bring to you our next special episode with US Secret Service Special Agent Mark Grantz.

    If you think criminals are bored of Ransomware, think again! The ransomware market is anything but boring. Criminals are continuing to flock to ransomware as the barriers to entry, RaaS or ransomware-as-a-service, make it easy for anyone to try their luck at digital extortion. The authors behind Cerber — currently the most prominent ransomware family — release updated variants every 8.4 days on average!

    Join Amar Singh, global CISO and CEO of Cyber Management Alliance and US Secret Service Special Agent Mark Grantz as they
    •Dig deep into the inner workings of advanced cyber criminal gangs
    •Share how law enforcement agents, like Mark Grantz, keep pace and take down these criminal outfits and police cyberspace.
    •Share best practice tips and strategies on securing your organisation.
    Joining Mark and Amar are Ronny Wolf from GFI, Brian Laing from Lastline and cyber and data privacy expert Chris Payne from Advanced Cyber Solutions.

  • Insights with Cyber Leaders - Adel Al Hosani CISO UAE Customs Recorded: Sep 27 2017 25 mins
    Amar Singh CEO Cyber Management Alliance
    Amar Singh, CEO and co-founder of Cyber Management Alliance, took the opportunity to discuss cyber security and information management with Adel Al Hasani, CISO and Head of Information Security for the UAE Government.
  • Insights with Cyber Leaders - Taiye Lambo Former CISO of Atlanta City Recorded: Sep 27 2017 18 mins
    Amar Singh CEO Cyber Management Alliance
    Cyber Management Alliance had the pleasure recently to talk to Taiye Lambo, former CISO for Atlanta, about his early career in IT, moving from Nigeria to London, and then onto Atlanta, and the way he has crossed over from full time positions to an entrepreneur, and back again. Taiye also gave us his views on certifications, why knowledge is important and his love of mentorship.
  • Insights with Cyber Leaders - Patrick Heuri Recorded: Sep 22 2017 22 mins
    Amar Singh Cyber Management Alliance
    Insights with Cyber Leaders series brings you a fascinating Interview with Patrik Heuri former Global Head of Information Security Risk at HSBC Private Bank.

    Moving from an information security role into a cyber security role has been challenging. Patrik explains his thoughts in that when you think about information security, you think of it as a technical subject, and that’s correct. In fact, most project leads will, when they start as juniors, learn the necessary techniques and methodologies they will need to develop their expertise as an IT security officer. However, further down the line of their careers, Patrik believes that there is a requirement to better understand the legal aspects to cyber and information security, such as regulations and compliance, and the information production within the organisation. He adds that it will be of great benefit to anyone entering the information security/cyber security space to train and work with the legal teams on IT matters.
View our exclusive "Insights with Cyber Leaders Series" and webinars
Cyber Management Alliance presents an exciting series of interviews with International Cyber Security Leaders. Want to know what they look for when hiring for their teams? Want to know the secrets to their success and what keeps them awake at night? Theses exclusive interviews are presented by industry thought leader and Chair of ISACA's UK Security Advisory Group and Global CISO Amar Singh. Series but humours and light hearted interviews. See the leading figures in Cyber Security like you've never seen them before. From Eugene Kaspersky to CTO HP Enterprise and CTO of Intel Security we have an amazing line up. Subscribe for updates.

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