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E-Signature Legal FAQ

Company leaders across all industries like Wells Fargo, US Bank, GSA, BMW, 21st Century and IBM have made this digital leap and are securely e-signing loan documents, disclosures, e-contracts and more. As a result, they have strengthened their compliance and legal positions.

This 60 minute presentation featuring one of the foremost e-signature law experts, Margo Tank, Partner from BuckleySandler LLP. This webcast offers a unique look at e-signatures and will answer some of the most frequently asked legal questions like:

Are electronic signatures and records legal across the United States?
What legal and compliance requirements do we need to consider?
Are there any exclusions or exceptions?
What have we learned from e-signature case law?
What special considerations should global companies be aware of when using e-signatures in other countries?

- Margo Tank, Partner, BuckleySandler LLP
- Andrea Masterton, Corporate Marketing Director, eSignLiveby VASCO
Recorded Mar 29 2016 61 mins
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Presented by
Margo Tank, Partner, BuckleySandler LLP & Andrea Masterton, Corporate Marketing Director, eSignLiveby VASCO
Presentation preview: E-Signature Legal FAQ

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  • Smile & Sign Demo Recorded: Jan 30 2018 7 mins
    Tommy Petrogiannis – President at eSignLive by VASCO & Guillaume Teixeron – Product Manager at VASCO
    Credit unions can build Smile & Sign into an existing banking app to upsell members, enabling them to apply for instant access to credit or other financing. To do so, the member opens the financial institution’s app and enters the amount of credit desired, then takes a “selfie” and signs on the phone’s screen.
  • Digital Mortgages: Don't Get Left Behind Recorded: Jan 9 2018 61 mins
    Michael Laurie, Vice President, Product Strategy, eSignLive & Francois Leblanc, Director of Technical Sales, eSignLive
    In this webinar, we’ll highlight the advantages of using an end-to-end digital mortgage solution to manage the full spectrum of mortgage processes – from signature to notarization through to the secure vaulting and registration of the mortgage note in the MERS eRegistry.

    We’ll cover:
    -How and where the industry is adopting eMortgage technology
    -Legal and regulatory requirements
    -E-apps, e-disclosures, e-closings, e-vaulting… where you should start
    -Implementation options for a phased transition
    -A live demonstration
  • Webcast: Best Practices for Deploying E-Signatures in the Retail Branch Recorded: Dec 5 2017 59 mins
    Abe Karar, Founder – ALCHEMY Digital Solutions & Mary Ellen Power, VP Marketing – eSignLive
    Gain insight on:
    - How to answer two key questions: What are the minimum technical requirements for in-branch e-signatures? Why take an MVP approach and iterate?
    - The data-driven exercise for selecting the right product to start with.
    - How to gain buy-in and adoption among stakeholders AND front-line staff.
    - Best practices for the QA environment, pilot and roll-out.
    - Why dashboards, videos and surveys are critical to change management.
  • Interview: E-Signature Audit Trails Recorded: Nov 20 2017 3 mins
    Michael Laurie, VP of Product Strategy at eSignLive
    In this 2-minute interview, Michael Laurie, VP of Product Strategy at eSignLive, talks about how regulated organizations need to follow rules when executing digital transactions with customers and business partners. He explains the importance of dual audit trails, and how they provide the ability to demonstrate compliance and prove not just what was signed but HOW it was signed – and that’s always what people want to know.
  • Automate E-Signature Workflows Using Fast Track Recorded: Nov 14 2017 3 mins
    eSignLive by VASCO
    eSignLive helps you automate your e-signature workflows using the Fast Track feature.
    In this step-by-step video tutorial, we’ll show how you can distribute documents for signature using a single URL with the Fast Track feature.
  • Webcast: From Contract to Close: eSignature’s Impact on Sales Organizations Recorded: Nov 6 2017 56 mins
    Andrew Moravick, Research Analyst, Aberdeen Group & Rahim Kaba, Director of Product Marketing, eSignLive by VASCO
    In this webinar, Aberdeen’s Marketing & Sales Effectiveness Analyst Andrew Moravick teams up with eSignLive to explore the process and performance improvements that organizations can achieve with eSignatures. This webcast covers:

    - The critical operations streamlined and improved by eSignature
    - How to build the optimal eSignature workflow in conjunction with your core systems
    - Insights from successful eSignature deployments
    - CRM, CPQ and contract management integration options

    Watch Now!
  • Webcast: E-Signatures & Digital Lending: How to Move 99% of Customers off Paper Recorded: Oct 31 2017 61 mins
    David Smith, Vice President, Application Systems, OneMain & Mary Ellen Power, VP Marketing, eSignLive by VASCO
    In this 60-minute presentation, you’ll learn how OneMain implemented e-signatures in the call center and online channels, then expanded to the branch network.

    Our speakers share firsthand insights and advice on topics like:

    Top e-signature requirements, such as security, deployment, scalability
    Best practices for preparing a national roll-out – including working with regulators on a state-by-state basis
    Designing optimal workflows for remote vs. in-branch transactions
    Preparing the branch network for e-signature
  • Barriers to Further E-Signature Adoption by Credit Unions Recorded: Oct 17 2017 60 mins
    Andrea Masterton, Director Corporate Marketing & at Albert, Business Architect @ eSignLive & Mike Sisk of American Banker
    There is a tremendous opportunity to further digitize processes for credit unions by implementing advanced e-signature uses.

    In this webinar we share:
    - Lessons from digital leaders like Alaska FCU, PSECU, Cal Poly FCU and STCU
    - Advanced e-signature use cases including in-branch and mortgages
    - Tips for maximizing adoption and use
    - Top requirements for a scalable e-signature solution
  • Webcast: Digitizing HR with E-Signatures Recorded: Sep 28 2017 54 mins
    Jeannine Mulliner, Content Development Manager & Pat Albert, Business Architect – eSignLive by VASCO
    Our e-signature experts share how e-signatures are solving common HR challenges:

    - Accelerate new hire onboarding with remote e-signing
    - Attract top talent with modern tech tools
    - Compress annual performance review cycles by 70%
    - Do more with less by eliminating paper, shipping and administration
    - Get up and running immediately, for rapid results

    We also show a live demo and cover best practices for onboarding, performance reviews and more!
  • Webcast: Tips on Driving E-Signature Adoption in Your Independent Agent Channel Recorded: Sep 12 2017 63 mins
    Andy Jordan, SVP, Corporate Marketing @ GAINSCO Auto Insurance & Andrea Masterton, Director, Corporate Marketing @ eSignLive
    Watch this webcast to hear practical advice from GAINSCO on how to achieve maximum usage and ROI of an e-signature platform. Specifically, the webcast will detail:

    - Adoption benchmarks
    - What factors determine opt-in rates
    - Best practices for driving high adoption
    - Designing an optimal e-signature workflow
    - Change management considerations
  • Webcast: E-Signature FAQ: Details on Integration, Customization & Workflow Recorded: Sep 6 2017 63 mins
    Pat Albert, Business Architect & Aphrodite Koukoulas, Marketing Programs Manager @ eSignLive by VASCO
    Join our team of experts as they answer the most common questions asked by organizations evaluating and adopting e-signatures.

    Questions like:
    What is involved in adding e-signatures into our processes? What about expansion?
    How do e-signatures align with our mobile strategies?
    What are the most common challenges that arise when adopting e-signatures?
    What customization options are available?
    How are other organizations using e-signatures?
    Can you show me what this looks like? (Watch the live demo!)
  • E-Signatures in Banking: Looking Beyond the Initial Use Case Recorded: Aug 22 2017 59 mins
    - Rahim Kaba, Director Product Marketing – eSignLive by VASCO & Stephen Greer, Analyst – Celent
    Over the past five years, retail and commercial banks, credit unions, and other financial services organizations have been adopting e-signatures for a variety of use cases. As digitization efforts mature and banks realize the benefits in customer experience, compliance and operational efficiency, they are looking for ways to rapidly extend those benefits to every business line, channel and area of the bank. This requires a scalable electronic signature platform that has the flexibility to accommodate the requirements of any business process – from complex, high volume customer-facing processes to simpler internal and B2B signing processes.

    Watch this webinar to learn:
    - The role of e-signature technology in your bank’s digital transformation
    - Top use cases in retail and commercial banking
    - How to build for the future
    - Celent’s e-signature checklist

    - Rahim Kaba, Director Product Marketing – eSignLive by VASCO
    - Stephen Greer, Analyst – Celent
  • Digital Customer Communications with eSignatures & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Recorded: Aug 16 2017 45 mins
    Eric Batangan, Channel Manager – Xpertdoc & Pragni Sanghvi, Product Marketing Manager – eSignLive by VASCO
    Organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 are seeking to better engage customers and improve operations. But that goal often remains out of reach when a signature is required on a contract or document. Being able to automatically generate and e-sign dynamic documents from within your CRM is the final step away from paper-based processes and, as a result, allows you to interact with your clients in a more engaging way. Employing modern document generation and e-signature tools can help your business to digitize and speed up processes like quoting or contracting, while making it easier and more convenient for your customers to do business with you.

    In this on-demand webinar, experts from eSignLive and Xpertdoc share best practices for using e-signatures and creating an end-to-end digital customer experience. Learn how to create, deliver, and sign contracts, NDAs, quotes, invoices, and documents of any kind anywhere, any time and on any device.

    This webinar will highlight:
    - The top use cases for e-signatures in MS Dynamics 365/CRM
    - Common customer engagement challenges faced by organizations today
    - How to personalize omni-channel customer communications
    - A live demonstration of how it all works

    In less than 60 minutes you’ll learn how you can quickly leverage your Microsoft Dynamics CRM obtain secure, legal and compliant e-signatures while leveraging document generation customer communications management (CCM) solution.


    Eric Batangan, Channel Manager – Xpertdoc
    Pragni Sanghvi, Product Marketing Manager – eSignLive by VASCO
  • Webcast: Transform Client Interactions with Digital Onboarding & eSignatures Recorded: Aug 9 2017 60 mins
    Glenn Bolstad – Appway, Amruta Dongre – Appway & Mary Ellen Power - eSignLive
    Clients today demand a seamless digital onboarding experience that is high-quality, multi-channel and tailored to meet their needs.

    Customers want simplified and unified interactions, but many advisors are still not interacting digitally. As organizations move to improve automation and eliminate the inherent inefficiencies in manual and paper processes, IT and business leaders are working to remove obstacles from the environment to deliver better onboarding processes and increased client satisfaction.

    Join eSignLive and Appway for this 60 minute webinar on how technologies like e-signature and digital onboarding facilitate seamless client interactions, to empower employees and better serve customers.
  • Webcast: Next Step in the Customer Journey: Expand E-Signature to Multi-Channels Recorded: Aug 1 2017 57 mins
    Nicole Sturgill, Principal Executive Advisor, Retail Banking – CEB & Rahim Kaba, Director of Product Marketing – eSignLive
    Paper-related processes pose a significant cost to banks and are an inefficient use of employee time. E-signature solutions boost automation for banks, reducing errors and the costs incurred by these paper-dependent processes. Fifty-one percent of retail banking executives expect spending on electronic signature technology to increase over the next two years. Since nearly a quarter of banks that had digital technology in 2016 adopted it in the last two years, lessons can be learned from those that have already made the transition.*

    However, it is not about the bottom line, in a recent study 42% of global customers preferred digital channels however 30% of customers opening an account online had to go to the branch to sign paperwork. Enabling digital account opening for customers with electronic signatures allows for a true end-to-end process. As consumers continue to incorporate digital interactions into their daily activities, retail banking executives have the opportunity to streamline their own processes to improve the customer journey across all delivery channels, including online, mobile, call center and modernizing the in-branch experience.

    Watch this on-demand webinar with industry experts Nicole Sturgill of CEB and Rahim Kaba of eSignLive to uncover:
    - Valuable insights gleaned from CEB’s latest retail banking report
    - How consumers are banking now, including their preferred journeys for account opening and receiving customer support
    - Features, capabilities, and requirements of best-in-class e-signature solutions
    - Examples of how leading banks are incorporating e-signature across their branch, call center, online and mobile channels

    *CEB 2017 Financial Services Technology Survey

    -> Nicole Sturgill, Principal Executive Advisor, Retail Banking – CEB
    -> Rahim Kaba, Director of Product Marketing – eSignLive by VASCO
  • Webcast: E-Signatures: Changing Landscape for Life Insurers Recorded: Jul 27 2017 57 mins
    Colleen Risk, Senior Analyst - Celent & Andrea Masterton, Director Corporate Marketing - eSignLive
    The process of buying life insurance and receiving post-issue service is becoming increasingly digitized – driven by customer expectations for convenience and ease. Electronic signatures are enabling this digital transformation.

    In response to the accelerated adoption, Celent recently published the report, “Putting a Lock On Straight-Through Processing – Life Insurance E-Signature Vendors 2017”. The research aimed to answer the questions: “how is e-signature technology transforming the life insurance customer experience”; “who are the main vendors?”; and “what are the common components of a solution?”.

    The answers to these questions are shared in this on-demand webcast, hosted by LOMA. Watch it to learn what to look for in a solution, hear an update on how the vendor landscape has changed and takeaway these highlights:

    Top e-signature solution requirements
    How to evaluate and differentiate vendors
    Perceived and real obstacles to continued adoption
    E-Signature Case Studies in Life Insurance

    - Colleen Risk, Senior Analyst - Celent
    - Andrea Masterton, Director Corporate Marketing - eSignLive by VASCO
  • E-Signatures 101: An Introduction to Digital Transformation Recorded: May 10 2017 61 mins
    Peter Czarnecki, Customer Success Representative & Mauro Franco, Senior Sales Engineer
    Organizations of all sizes are using e-signature technology to transform the way they serve customers by offering a more convenient and efficient digital experience. If your organization is planning its digital transformation, if you’re investigating e-signatures, or if you are new to a project team interested in the technology, watch this complimentary webinar to quickly get up to speed on this strategic technology.

    In this information-packed presentation, we provide an overview of the basic terminology, concepts and laws related to electronic signatures and answer the most frequently asked questions on the topic including:

    - What is the difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature?
    - How can you prove who e-signed?
    - What legal and compliance requirements do we need to consider?
    - What ROI metrics have others reported?
    - What do signers need in order to e-sign?
    - How do we get started? What’s the cost? What’s the effort?

    With this solid foundation, you will be able to get your e-signature project off to a fast and successful start.
  • Making the Case for E-Signature ft Bank of Montreal Recorded: Feb 8 2017 59 mins
    Abe Karar –Director, Business Process & Digitization –Bank of Montreal & Andrea Masterton –Corp Marketing Director –eSignLive
    Watch this webinar for an in-depth look at how to calculate ROI for your financial institution and for key stakeholder.

    Recorded On: February 8th, 2017

    Length: 60 minutes


    - Abe Karar – Director, Business Process & Digitization, Personal & Commercial Banking – Bank of Montreal
    - Andrea Masterton – Corporate Marketing Director – eSignLive by Vasco

    While important to many top initiatives at retail banks and credit unions, it continues to be a challenge for many banks to prepare a solid business case for e-signature solutions that the many stakeholders across the enterprise can support. But without an e-signature solution, key priorities like paperless account origination, fraud detection and prevention, and seamless customer service cannot be achieved.

    Watch this webinar hosted by Bank Administration Institute (BAI) to learn how to develop a business case that outlines the realistic benefits and costs of an e-signature solution.

    Key Takeaways:

    - Insight into the business drivers banking executives are leveraging to develop the e-signature business case
    - Strategies and tactics to foster enterprise-wide stakeholder buy-in
    - An in-depth look at how to calculate ROI for your financial institution and for key stakeholders
    - Examples of real-world ROI metrics from your peers
    Andrea Masterton, Director of Corporate Marketing
    Eliminating paper from contract and procurement processes is a top priority for many organisations interested in reducing risk, cost, and time – to gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

    Unfortunately, companies continue to make basic errors when doing business via the Internet, mobile apps, tablets, and other digital technologies, and one wrong turn can result in major consequences when a dispute arises.

    In this webinar, in partnership with eSignLive by Vasco, we discuss the risks associated with e-contracting and what steps to take to mitigate them and ensure contracts are enforceable.
  • Digital Account Opening with e-signatures Recorded: Nov 2 2016 60 mins
    Derek Corcoran, Chief Experience Officer Avoka and Mary Ellen Power, VP Marketing eSignLive by VASCO
    In this webinar, Avoka & eSignLive combine best practices in creating optimal onboarding experiences, achieving high adoption rates in omni banking channels. Learn how banks can become customer-centric and accelerate their sales cycle with building an infrastructure that allows them to create an outstanding customer experience for digital and mobile customer acquisition.

    During this webinar, you will learn:

    • How to get to market quickly with end-to-end omni channel digital account opening with e-signatures, meeting the needs of millennials and other growth market segments

    • The importance of being “mobile responsive,” and how a single design can cover phone, tablet, desktop, branch and call center

    • How banks can take advantage of the flexibility, speed to market and cost advantages of cloud infrastructure, while meeting strict security and compliance requirements.
E-Signatures for all your business needs
The future of business is digital and the adoption of mobile technology is driving change. We pioneered the e-signature market in 1992 with the goal of making it easier and more efficient to get documents signed.
If you’ve ever had to sign a contract with an organization that is not using e-signatures, you’re familiar with the additional work– open an email, print a document, sign it, scan it into digital format, convert it to PDF, email it to the vendor and archive it. Keeping the process digital saves these time-consuming tasks.

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  • Title: E-Signature Legal FAQ
  • Live at: Mar 29 2016 4:30 pm
  • Presented by: Margo Tank, Partner, BuckleySandler LLP & Andrea Masterton, Corporate Marketing Director, eSignLiveby VASCO
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