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Life Insurance and Annuities- The Digital Advantage

Watch this recorded session from Momentum 2016 to learn from top industry leaders on how you can transform your organization and bring your agency into the digital age. Brad Norton from Transamerica, Jeff Shurtleff from Northwestern Mutual, and Keri Petski from Northwestern Mutual will share their success stories on how they drove down costs and exposure while increasing conversation and retention rates with customers and clients.
Recorded Jun 21 2016 42 mins
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Presented by
Brad Norton, Director Business Planning, DocuSign,
Presentation preview: Life Insurance and Annuities- The Digital Advantage

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  • Leveraging Google Apps & DocuSign Across your Business Jan 16 2018 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Chris Nino, DocuSign; Justin Eddy, Google; Laura Regin & Richard Stenson, Austin Fraser; Marshall Nam, DocuSign
    With DocuSign & Google, you can create, edit, and complete documents in minutes right from Google Drive and Gmail. DocuSign has been designed as a natural extension to core Google applications, enabling users to create end-to-end digital workflows and move seamlessly from an email attachment or file stored in Drive to approval & signature in no time at all. Doing business has never been more efficient. Plus, your clients and partners will love the ease and convenience of signing with DocuSign. Find out how Austin Fraser, a leading recruiting firm in the UK, uses DocuSign + Google across their organization.
  • Accelerate Revenue with DocuSign and Salesforce CPQ Recorded: Dec 18 2017 36 mins
    Andy Tzou, DocuSign; Annie Wright, Salesforce CPQ; Wendy Harmon & Chelsey Welch, TaylorMorrison
    You already know the power of Salesforce to close sales fast. But did you know you can multiply that power by adding DocuSign? The two products are seamlessly integrated, so you can use DocuSign to compress the entire sales cycle.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to get tips and tricks to streamline your sales process and help you generate revenue faster.
  • Digitizing Clinical Research Processes - The New Frontier Recorded: Dec 18 2017 58 mins
    Cedars-Sinai's Research Manager, Jenny Lester, and Associate Director, Therica Miller
    Clinical trial enrollment and site initiation is often hindered by cumbersome onboarding paperwork, delaying clinical research and R&D investments. The good news? Cedars-Sinai's Research Manager, Jenny Lester, and Associate Director, Therica Miller have solved the issue by going digital, leading to accelerated processes and greater compliance with regulations like 21 CFR Part 11.

    Watch this on-demand webinar now and learn how to:

    -Overcome challenges in clinical site initiation & maintenance
    -Implement a pilot to test effectiveness of new digital processes
    -Identify and activate use cases for digital investment
  • Sales Operations' Impact on Sales Talent Management Recorded: Nov 28 2017 55 mins
    Franco Anzini, Sr. Director of Sales Operations, Xactly; Marcus Latour, Director of Sales Enablement, DocuSign
    Smart sales organizations capitalize on every available opportunities to improve sales talent management. One often under recognized contributor is sales operations. Sales ops departments contribute mightily to salesperson effectiveness, job satisfaction, and sense of engagement.

    Watch this webinar, "Sales Operations' Impact on Sales Talent Management," to learn how sales ops can help maintain and retain top sales talent in an organization through better training, coaching, and processes. You will also hear how DocuSign helps internal sales teams onboard faster.
  • Social Recruiting in 2017 is About Deserving Attention Recorded: Nov 3 2017 61 mins
    Katrina Collier, Founder, The Searchologist
    Forget the war for talent, with the right know-how it’s always possible to find the right people. What you’re really fighting for now is attention. Do you deserve it? Does your company?

    Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Social Recruiting Expert Katrina Collier to:
    - See how technology can open the door to your company and how it impacts hiring.
    - See real examples and discover simple (and free) changes that improve your social recruiting efforts immediately.
    - Discover how easily you can use employee-generated content to attract great people.
  • Simplify and Streamline Document Approvals with Digital Signatures Recorded: Oct 19 2017 59 mins
    DocuSign & M-Files
    Every business has documents that require signatures in order to be executed. For many companies, this remains a manual process that takes place either via email or on paper. But there is a better way.

    Watch this webinar to hear from DocuSign and M-Files on how integrating information management and digital signature technology ensures a faster and more convenient process for signing agreements.

    You will also learn how to:
    - Accelerate the collection of digital signatures, information and data within documents, such as contracts and agreements
    - Automate the document approval process so that anyone can transact anytime, anywhere, on any device
    - Increase security and lower cost by integrating information management with digital signature technology
  • Alternative Financing Models for Drug Development Recorded: Sep 7 2017 69 mins
    Panel discussion
    Watch this on-demand webinar with DocuSign and Xconomy to learn about the latest research on alternative financial models for drug development. You will also learn how you can speed up contract and approval cycles by using an eSignature solution for everything ranging from clinical trials to distribution when bringing new products to market.
  • Simple Steps to Transform Your Sales Process Recorded: Sep 5 2017 51 mins
    Mary Ford, Sales Strategy & Operations, SecureWorks; Kevin Raybon, VP Global Operations, Thomson Reuters
    Productive sales forces make sales process improvement a core competency. Most do so without comprehensively reengineering their sales process. Instead, they find incremental improvement opportunities, test new approaches, and frequently assess results. Over time, these changes accrue as substantial benefits, and include:

    Increased selling time
    - Higher quality sales outcomes
    - Faster execution

    In this webinar, we examine a series of these ideas, presented by a practitioner panel. Topics discussed include how to identify improvement opportunities, approaches for testing and evaluating new tools, and other practices focused on improving sales process.
  • How to implement Talent Strategies to Ramp up Growth Recorded: Aug 22 2017 64 mins
    Arupa Tesolin, CEO, Velocified
    There are massive changes happening in talent management that require companies to implement talent acceleration strategies. These changes create a great impact on staffing and people processes, but also create risks for business capability and continuity. This webinar will give you a firm grounding in what you need to know and how your company or organization can respond to the new agile marketplace.

    Join us for this trend-setting 40-minute webinar & learn:

    - The four big problems most companies face.
    - Three tactical strategies to implement now.
    - Defining the talent acceleration challenge.
    - The value of talent acceleration: effective metrics to quantify business & people impact.
  • Tips on Shortening Sales Cycles and Closing More Deals Recorded: Jul 13 2017 51 mins
    Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools; Valerie Kuklenski, BlackLine; Ryan Vandersloot, DocuSign
    Watch this webinar to hear from Nancy Nardin, founder at Smart Selling Tools, Valerie Kuklenski, Senior Legal Contracts Manager at BlackLine, and Ryan Vandersloot, Account Executive at DocuSign, on how sales organizations are shortening their sales cycles and increasing ROI by reducing paper waste and going completely digital with DocuSign’s eSignature solution.

    Sign up now to hear more about DocuSign’s seamless eSignature solution and how DocuSign can help shorten the sales cycle and help close more deals.
  • 7 Digital Best Practices for HR Professionals: Ways to Recruit and Hire Faster Recorded: Jun 29 2017 48 mins
    Teja Voya, Director, Commercial Marketing, DocuSign; Derek Temper, Director, Human Resources, Dent Wizard
    Industry experts predict that all successful businesses will soon become 100% digital. The biggest challenge is the “how”. The HR world is rapidly changing; global candidates are becoming more tech-savvy and rely on mobile-enabled interactions. Now more than ever, HR teams are looking to attract and retain the right talent, increase employee satisfaction, and enrich the overall recruiting and onboarding experience.

    Here’s the time to make 2017 a year of digitization and transformation. The plan: revamp all of your current HR processes and swap paper for an eSignature solution for everything ranging from offer letters, new hire approvals, candidate NDAs, and contractor agreements.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the 7 important ways that HR teams can make meaningful progress in their digital transformation. You will also learn:

    • Top HR pains in the workplace
    • How other companies achieved success in digital transformation
    • How leveraging an eSignature solution can help you save time and money

    Featured Speakers:

    • Teja Vora, Director of Commercial Marketing, DocuSign
    • Derek Temper, Human Resources Director at Dent Wizard
  • 3 Ways to Retool Your Business with Technology in 2017 Recorded: Apr 25 2017 58 mins
    Andrea Bradbury, Co-Founder and Chief Quality Officer, Suvoda Software; Jeinnfer Royer, Direct Product Marketing, DocuSign
    Nearly 50% of business leaders fear they will become obsolete over the next several years, and nearly 80% feel threatened by digital startups. Why? New technologies and digital strategies are challenging existing business models and forcing companies of all sizes to reimagine patient care, product innovation and distribution models to remain competitive.

    View this on-demand webinar hosted by PharmaVOICE to learn from Andrea Bradbury, Co-Founder and Chief Quality Officer, Suvoda Software, a leader operating at the intersection of life sciences and technology as she shares how she built her business on a digital platform to accelerate her organization’s global expansion while meeting the needs of mobile, digital customers and employees.

    Topics covered include:

    - Streamlining clinical research, sales and HR processes with digital tools
    - Elevating the digital agenda at your organization
    - Scaling technologies globally
    - Applying nimble design models for life science operations
    - Implementing top life sciences trends in 2017
  • Creating the Digital Office with Google & DocuSign Recorded: Apr 18 2017 38 mins
    Adam Massey, Google; Tim Proschold, Sereno Group; Scott Harrison, DocuSign; Marshall Nam, DocuSign
    With DocuSign & Google, you can create, edit, and complete documents in minutes right from Google Drive and GMail. DocuSign has been designed as a natural extension to core G Suite applications, enabling users to create end-to-end digital workflows and move seamlessly from an email attachment or file stored in Drive to approval & signature in no time at all. Doing business has never been more efficient. Plus, your clients and partners will love the ease and convenience of signing with DocuSign.

    In this webinar, you'll see DocuSign and G Suite in action and learn how to:

    - Integrate DocuSign with G Suite applications such as Drive and Mail
    - Add multiple signers and set the signing order
    - Prepare a document for signature within Google Drive, GMail, and ZipForms
    - Drag and drop "sign here" tags and other fields for guided signing
    - Track documents from your Chrome browser
    - Automatically store completed documents in your Drive account
    - With DocuSign & Google, things just come together!

    Featured Speakers:

    Adam Massey, Dir., Strategic Technology Partnerships, Google Cloud
    Tim Proschold, VP, Group Strategy & Success, Sereno Group
    Scott Harrison, Sr. Dir., Business Development, DocuSign
    Marshall Nam, Dir. Partner Product Management, DocuSign
  • Staying Compliant with the New Dept. Of Labor Financial and Fiduciary Disclosure Recorded: Apr 11 2017 34 mins
    Miles Kelly, Sougata Datta, & Vasu Sampath, DocuSign
    In April 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) released its final rule regarding financial and fiduciary disclosures. This rule significantly expands the definition of fiduciary, spanning financial advisors as well as plan sponsors, funds, and producers who provide incentives to advisors. The rule has far-reaching impacts on business, compliance, and operations/technology and the April 2017 compliance deadline is coming up quickly. For companies not already working on their response strategy, time is rapidly running out.

    View this webinar to learn how DocuSign can help you:
    - Satisfy the final rule requirements by automating disclosures with a tamper-proof audit trail
    - Delight clients and brokers by providing a greatly improved customer experience
    - Meet critical DOL deadlines with rapid implementation
  • The Digital Bank: How to Deliver a Great Customer Experience Recorded: Apr 4 2017 51 mins
    Adam Hernandez, Sr. Account Executive, Financial Solutions
    According to a PWC study, “two in five customers leave banks after a bad experience”. And 45% of these will discourage others from using their former bank which makes a great customer experience a crucial competitive advantage. Customers are switching to banks that allow them to interact digitally at the branch and on the go. These new Digital Banks will lead the way, deliver excellent customer experience, and thrive in this digital decade.

    Find out how DocuSign can you help you eliminate paper from your processes and join the digital age. From account openings to servicing and new product sales – DocuSign helps keep the process digital so you can focus on what matters most: the customer.

    Watch this webinar to learn how DocuSign can help you:
    - Streamline customer/member on-boarding
    - Provide anytime, anywhere access via mobile devices
    - Meet ever-evolving compliance requirements
    - Provide a great customer experience!
  • New Ways to Boost Sales Productivity in 2017 [Panel Discussion] Recorded: Mar 21 2017 57 mins
    Gerhard Gschwandtner (Moderator); Anthony Iannarino, Teja Vora
    A new year, a new strategy, and new tools for winning sales! Join us for this webinar to get the inspiration and tips you need to set your intention to make 2017 the year of hustle, value creation, and digital transformation. Bestselling author and award-winning blogger, Anthony Iannarino, will share his top sales insights in this interactive webinar that welcomes audience participation and questions.

    Key takeaways for this webinar will include
    - The year of hustle. Learn how to create the right mindset and skillset to stay a step ahead of your competition.
    - The year of value creation. Discover how top performers focus on value creation - Anthony will share his secret sauce for winning more sales.
    - The year of digital transformation. Learn how to avoid time-wasting technology and social media traps and instead leverage the best tools to work 100 percent smarter, not harder.

    Moderator: Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power
    Speakers: Anthony Iannarino, Bestselling Author and Sales Leader
    Teja Vora, Director of Marketing, DocuSign
  • Procurement Transformation: How to unlock the resources to create value Recorded: Mar 16 2017 59 mins
    Eric Duarte, Belron; Jon Webb, Procurement Leaders; Steve Hall, Procurement Leaders
    Turning procurement into a true source of value for the business requires the skillsets in the function to align, build relationships and take purchasing from the mundane to the entrepreneurial. A carefully constructed talent strategy, allied with an ability to get the most out of the people available is vital, but beyond that, true change in the function requires true leaders. This discussion will look at how to empower your team to make purchasing simple and to transform the way that the whole organization approaches purchasing

    In this on-demand webinar, you will hear how:

    - To implement tools teams can use to make day-to-day purchasing simpler and focus their abilities on strategic goals
    - Functions can do more with less and give their teams the power to make a difference to stakeholders
    - To match a talent strategy with technology and outsourcing activities in order to get the most effective use of the resources available
  • Best Practices for Implementing new Sales Strategies Recorded: Feb 7 2017 41 mins
    Caroline Williams Hull, comScore and Huma Yousuf, DeVry Education Group
    Watch this recorded session from Momentum 2016 to hear how two DocuSign customers implemented DocuSign for Salesforce in their organization. Topics covered include best practices for implementing DocuSign for Salesforce and tips for driving adoption and usage of DocuSign for Salesforce across all departments.
  • Top Tips for Transforming Customer Experience and Scaling Business Growth Recorded: Jan 31 2017 43 mins
    Andrew Geisse, Dir. of Product Maketing—Financial Services & Insurance, DocuSign & Kevin Murray, Manager, Alliances, Traction
    View this webinar with Traction on Demand and learn about the latest industry trends and understand how a prominent Canadian lending institution has leveraged both DocuSign and Salesforce to scale their business and revenue with an online self-service community.

    What you’ll learn:

    How to leverage the DocuSign platform for more than just e-signature
    How DocuSign reduces security concerns around financial contracting and services
    How DocuSign and Salesforce work together to provide a seamless self-service financial lending experience
  • How to Close More Deals and Shorten the Sales Cycle Recorded: Jan 26 2017 43 mins
    Brian Driver, IT Product Owner, Salesforce, Elizabeth Guerra, Sales Process Manager, LinkedIn
    DocuSign helps sales organizations close deals faster — anywhere in the world. DocuSign offers greater visibility into a deal’s status, the ability to collect information so you don’t need to rekey data, and the ability to send out reminders so you can spend more time selling and less time tracking down signatures.

    DocuSign customers will share their best practices for shortening the sales cycle and increasing the productivity of their teams by integrating DocuSign into the sales workflow.

    Featured Speakers:
    Brian Driver, Salesforce
    Elizabeth Guerra, LinkedIn
DocuSign Media
DocuSign Media

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  • Title: Life Insurance and Annuities- The Digital Advantage
  • Live at: Jun 21 2016 6:15 pm
  • Presented by: Brad Norton, Director Business Planning, DocuSign,
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