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Developing a Culture for Analytics Success

This webinar provides practical wisdom on the organizational and technical keys for achieving high return on investment in analytics. One of the strongest indicators of future analytics success is to develop a work culture that supports and nurtures analytics. This webinar describes the best ways to build an effective analytics culture and institutionalize analytics-based decision making.

The speakers will describe how to get started, choose the right project, build a team, select the right tools, obtain stakeholder buy-in, and achieve other vital organizational goals.

The different levels of analytics are reviewed and key terminology are defined, enabling clear understanding and effective communication of technical goals within an organization.

Real world business examples from multiple industries illustrate how leading organizations employ analytic solutions to transform data into insight, make more informed decisions, and improve business value.
Recorded Jun 8 2017 55 mins
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Presented by
Gerhard Pilcher and Jeff Deal of Elder Research and Bill Franks, CAO of IIA
Presentation preview: Developing a Culture for Analytics Success
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  • 5 Years of Assessing Analytics Maturity Recorded: Sep 27 2018 60 mins
    David Alles and Jack Phillips, IIA
    We at IIA delivered our first Analytics Maturity Assessment (AMA) in March 2014. Over the last five years we have seen some key trends across all industries. Join David Alles, VP of IIA, and Jack Phillips, CEO of IIA, as they talk through the top frameworks, insights, and learnings from the last five years of assessments and research.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    • How has industries across the spectrum have become more analytically mature
    • Key indicators of analytics maturity
    • Analytics lessons from the last five years
    • Trends to watch in the coming years
  • 5 Ways Analytics Power Digital Transformation Recorded: Aug 23 2018 51 mins
    Steve Stone
    Are you working to harness the power of digital technology to enhance existing customer value, discover new market opportunities, manage risk, and improve operational efficiency? At the heart of digital transformation is data. New digital technologies are generating mountains of new data that is captured by organizations. However, without analytics, this data provides little or no value. This webinar will explore the five key ways analytics power digital transformation inside organizations.
  • 5 Trends of the Analytics Evolution Recorded: Jul 26 2018 52 mins
    Kathy Koontz and Bill Franks, IIA
    A Fireside Chat with Kathy Koontz and Bill Franks

    Join us as we welcome our new Executive Director of the Analytics Leadership Consortium, Kathy Koontz, to the team and hear her insights on the industry. Kathy joins IIA with years of experience working with enterprise analytics teams – from her time at Nationwide to her experience at Teradata – and has a unique perspective on this ever-growing area. IIA Chief Analytics Officer Bill Franks will be hosting Kathy in this fireside chat as they discuss:

    - How the analytics industry has grown over the last 15 years
    - Key challenges that clients are facing in today’s data economy
    - Analytics trends to watch
  • Organizing Analytics Teams: New Angles on a Perennial Challenge Recorded: Jun 21 2018 58 mins
    IIA Research Advisor Bob Morison
    Based on IIA's new and updated research on organizing analytics teams, Research Advisor Bob Morison will review the objectives and variables of organizational structure and share examples of how enterprises are adjusting their structures to deploy and develop analysts effectively, incorporate new methods and technologies, address strategic business opportunities, and leverage the analytics ecosystem.
  • Path to Cloud for Analytics Recorded: May 31 2018 59 mins
    Kevin Bogusch, Marc Clark, Brian Wood (Teradata) and Bill Franks (IIA)
    In today's data-fueled world, organizations are increasingly looking to the cloud for analytics to help accelerate time-to-value, spin up resources at will, and reduce financial risk while enabling in-house talent to focus on value-add.

    The path to cloud is rarely straight and wide, however, and a number of factors affect each company's journey:
    - Data gravity and migration
    - Network connectivity and latency
    - Use cases, culture, skills, and expectations

    Tune in to this exciting webcast to hear three cloud experts – an architect, an advocate, and an evangelist – engage in a lively, free-flowing conversation about the many considerations when moving analytics into the cloud. One thing's for sure: you'll pick up new knowledge and get a fun, fresh perspective on one of the hottest topics of our era.

    - Kevin Bogusch, Cloud Solution Architect, Teradata
    - Marc Clark, Global Field Enablement, Teradata
    - Brian Wood, Cloud Marketing, Teradata

    Moderated by Bill Franks, CAO, IIA
  • Cutting Through the Hype of Artificial Intelligence Recorded: May 24 2018 60 mins
    Bill Franks, IIA CAO and David Alles, IIA VP
    In this webinar, Bill Franks will cut through the hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) to help the audience better understand what they need to know about the state of AI today. He will share examples of AI in action and the value it can drive, what AI can and can't do today, how AI differs from (and is similar to) other analytics approaches, tips on getting started, and perspectives on the future of AI. The aim of this webinar is to be both educational and thought-provoking.
  • Five Best Practices for the Analytics Lifecycle Recorded: Apr 26 2018 56 mins
    Greg Nelson, Founder and CEO, ThotWave and Bill Franks, CAO, IIA
    Analytics can mean different things to different people depending on their background, perspective, and organizational context and culture. For example, for some, analytics serves as the underpinning of organization strategy and innovation, while others treat analytics as an alchemy yet to be fully understood. Regardless of where you are in your analytics journey, there are a number of best practices that help frame the discussion of analytics value and position an organization for success.

    In this presentation, we will talk about the five best practice areas of analytics and the importance of design thinking as a tool to help us design and deliver analytic products and services that create value for organizations.
  • Is Poor Design or UX Responsible for Your Underperforming Analytics Solution? Recorded: Apr 5 2018 61 mins
    Brian O'Neill, Founder of Designing for Analytics and David Alles, IIA VP
    A Design Self-Assessment Guide for Non-Designers and Business Leaders

    More ML, AI, Data Lakes, and Data Viz alone is probably not going to delight your customers or enable your business to maximize the power of analytics. Brian O’Neill (Designing for Analytics) will help business and technology leaders learn how strategic product design and design thinking have a direct impact on turning data into actionable, indispensable insights and enable business objectives to be met. While there are many great data visualization and UI resources available today, this webinar is more focused on the topic of holistic user experience and the role that design plays in enabling delightful end-to-end analytics experiences that also deliver on the bottom line.

    A free Self-Assessment Guide will be provided at the end of the webinar so that participants can evaluate current projects against the design techniques and topics discussed in the webinar.
  • Why IIA Recorded: Mar 9 2018 3 mins
    International Institute for Analytics Clients
    Every day, IIA helps analytics leaders answer their pressing questions. Hear from our clients how IIA helps them improve analytics performance
  • Making Analytics Fly at Southwest Airlines Recorded: Mar 8 2018 60 mins
    Doug Gray, Director of Enterprise Data & Analytics, Southwest Airlines and Jack Phillips, IIA Co-Founder and CEO
    Southwest Airlines is leveraging a growing team of analytics professionals, ample data, and state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies to create and sustain a strategic competitive advantage. In this webinar, Enterprise Data & Analytics Director, Doug Gray will address Southwest’s journey to date as well as future plans for the use of analytics, and highlight the organizational models, methodologies, techniques, and technologies being utilized. Two award-winning solution case studies will be highlighted: Fuel Supply Chain Optimization & Irregular Ops Recovery Optimization.
  • The Road to Optimization - UPS's Analytics Success Story Recorded: Mar 1 2018 59 mins
    Jack Levis, Senior Director of Process Management, UPS and Bill Franks, IIA CAO
    UPS has gone through a long evolution in moving up the analytical hierarchy, which required organizational commitment and significant process change. UPS has seen a reduction of 185 million miles driven per year by integrating analytics within its operations’ systems. Its award-winning dispatch optimization tool ORION (On Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation) completed deployment in 2016 and is saving $300M to $400M annually. In this webinar, Jack Levis will share his experiences and best practices to compete with analytics, requiring organizational support in the form of data, tools, and senior management commitment.
  • How to Hire and Test for Data Skills: A One-Size-Fits-All Interview Kit Recorded: Feb 23 2018 55 mins
    Tanya Cashorali, Data Scientist and Entrepreneur, TCB Analytics and Jack Phillips, IIA Co-Founder and CEO
    Given the recent demand for data analytics and data science skills, adequately testing and qualifying candidates can be a daunting task. Interviewing hundreds of individuals of varying experience and skill levels requires a standardized approach. In this webinar, Tanya Cashorali explores strategies, best practices, and deceptively simple interviewing techniques for data analytics and data science candidates.
  • Planning the Next Best Action for a Better Customer Experience with Data Science Recorded: Feb 15 2018 58 mins
    Pratap Khedkar, Ph.D., Managing Principal, ZS Associates
    Many industries need to consistently be in touch with their customers, but tend to create a poor customer experience with excessive and uncoordinated promotions through a lot of different channels. In this webinar, we will examine an analytical approach that improves customer experience by using a collection of data science algorithms – how to personalize channels and content by inferring customer preferences, how to detect touchpoint sequences that have the best impact on results, and how to design a harmonious sequence of promotional contacts to create the best experience.
  • Master Your Digital Transformation Approach with Digital Decisioning Recorded: Jan 25 2018 59 mins
    Joe DeCosmo, CAO Enova International and Bill Franks, CAO IIA
    Automating the decision-making process and being able to activate machine learning and predictive models into business processes and decision models are key to gaining operational efficiency and digital transformation.

    In this webinar, we will explore how analytics-as-a-service and real-time digital decisioning methods and platforms provide lower-cost, more efficient solutions. Expert Joe DeCosmo, CAO at Enova International and Enova Decisions, will explain how businesses can utilize these solutions to vastly improve operational decision-making capabilities and create measurable results.
  • Improve Analytics Metrics to Demonstrate Value Recorded: Jan 11 2018 57 mins
    Bob Morison, IIA Research Advisor and Jack Phillips, CEO IIA
    One of the continual challenges for analytics leaders is measuring the work of their analytics groups and communicating the results to business leaders. Sound measurement and transparency form the foundation for strong working relationships, adequate funding of analytics, and trust in the analytics organization.

    Join IIA Lead Faculty Member, Bob Morison as he shares highlights of recent market research on analytics metrics. He'll share best practices in the four key domains of analytics measurement: Intent, Performance, Results, and Health.
  • IIA's 2018 Predictions & Priorities Recorded: Dec 7 2017 59 mins
    Tom Davenport, IIA Co-Founder and Analytics Thought Leader, Bill Franks, IIA CAO, and Bob Morison, IIA Lead Faculty
    The International Institute for Analytics will unveil its annual list of top predictions and priorities on December 7. Each year, IIA shares its perspective on the year ahead in the world of analytics, presenting viewpoints from leading analytics practitioners, executives and thought leaders. This year IIA has gathered feedback from more than 200 analytics executives and our broad network of unbiased analytics experts.

    Join IIA Co-Founder Tom Davenport, IIA CAO Bill Franks, and IIA Lead Faculty Bob Morison as they discuss the major trends and pressing priorities analytics professionals should pay attention to in 2018. Don't miss this compelling hour of insights to learn where to focus your time, attention and resources in the coming year.
  • Measuring Analytical Excellence in Financial Services Recorded: Nov 9 2017 55 mins
    Jack Phillips, CEO of IIA and Rob Romano, VP, Digital Strategy, NGDATA
    Learn how top performers are winning with analytics in the Age of the Customer.

    Financial Services companies are among the market leaders when it comes to analytics performance. How does your business rate?

    Join this webinar to hear how brands stack up in their analytics maturity, where you fit in, and how your institution can measure its performance and improve to stay ahead of the competition.

    You’ll hear how Belfius Bank was able to put their analytics into action to improve customer profitability with their “mobile-first” strategy and app, and discover the technologies needed to be a customer experience leader in the Age of the Customer.
  • Strategies to Overcoming Analytic Obstacles Recorded: Nov 2 2017 59 mins
    Tom Davenport, Thought Leader and Co-Founder of IIA and Nick Jewell, Ph.D., Lead Technology Evangelist at Alteryx
    Ready to boost your ROI on analytics? Did you know that 80-percent more analytics projects meet or exceed forecasted ROI when they’re aligned with business strategy? What’s your game plan to point your analytics projects where your company or department is headed?

    Register for the webinar “Strategies to Overcoming Analytic Obstacles,” and hear from analytics expert, Tom Davenport, at the International Institute for Analytics to learn:
    * Four typical issues that risk analytics value
    * Proven strategies to boost success
    * Prescriptive game plans to drive alignment
  • Illuminate Dark Data for Deeper Insights Recorded: Sep 28 2017 57 mins
    Tho Nguyen and James Taylor
    While many organizations are keen on becoming data-driven, most focus on only a small fraction of the many types of available data. Not accessing and analyzing a fuller spectrum of data, including those from “dark data”—emails, texts, images, photos, videos, and other documents—along with traditional data sources can limit an organization’s ability to gain a complete picture of their customers and operations, and exclude them from game-changing insights that improve business outcomes. Join Tho Nguyen of Teradata and industry analyst James Taylor of Decision Management Solutions to learn about dark data and the new technologies that make it worth storing and analyzing to become a data-driven organization.
  • Reinvention in the Age of Analytics - A Fireside Chat with Davenport and Harris Recorded: Sep 21 2017 61 mins
    Tom Davenport, Jeanne Harris, Bill Franks
    Join Tom Davenport and Jeanne Harris, analytics thought leaders and co-authors of the seminal book Competing on Analytics for a fireside chat where they’ll share key themes from the 10th anniversary edition of their book, Competing on Analytics, coming out in September.

    The discussion will focus on examples of companies that have successfully reinvented themselves and are thriving in today’s data economy and discuss what you can do to better compete. The discussion will also dive into what's changed in the 10 years since the book came out, what's still largely the same, and what the most critical factors to analytics success are in today's environment.

    Don’t miss this fascinating discussion about Reinvention in the Age of Analytics with Tom and Jeanne.

    Join us Thursday, September 21st at 9am PT / 12pm ET.
The Authority on Analytics Performance and Best Practices
This webinar series highlights important concepts, techniques and strategies in the world of big data and business analytics. We tap into our unbiased network of analytics practitioners and thought-leaders to tackle real issues at the intersection of business and analytics.

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  • Title: Developing a Culture for Analytics Success
  • Live at: Jun 8 2017 4:00 pm
  • Presented by: Gerhard Pilcher and Jeff Deal of Elder Research and Bill Franks, CAO of IIA
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