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Sending Attackers Down the Rabbit Hole: Introducing vArmour DSS Deception

The use of deception technologies to level the playing field against attackers sounds like a pretty compelling proposition for security teams. So why has adoption been limited to only the largest enterprises? What can security teams expect when deploying deception? What are the risks and what can be done to address them?

This presentation will provide attendees with an understanding of the challenges facing deception solutions to date, approaches for mitigating those challenges, and an introduction to vArmour’s deception solution: vArmour DSS Deception.
Recorded Sep 29 2016 58 mins
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Presented by
Jesse McKenna, Director of Product Management, Cyber Security
Presentation preview: Sending Attackers Down the Rabbit Hole: Introducing vArmour DSS Deception

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  • Segment and Conquer - Segmentation Strategies to Accelerate GDPR Compliance May 25 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Erik Luysterborg, EMEA Privacy Leader, Deloitte; Jesse McKenna, Director of Product, vArmour; David Melnick, CEO, Weblife
    With GDPR enforcement beginning in May 2018, for the first time organizations are facing fines of 20M Euros or 4% of global revenue turns. Recent surveys suggest most organizations outside the EU are just starting to build their GDPR compliance plans. To comply with GDPR's broad scope and requirements, many organizations must now re-examine all processes and procedures that store or process personal data, including security monitoring programs for employee web access. With this data often spread across on-premise datacenters, public clouds, and 3rd party hosted applications, understanding the flow of personal data, and where possible, implementing environmental segmentation becomes critical. With visibility into the applications and traffic flows subject to GDPR, organizations may narrow project scope, and simplify aspects of the compliance process.

    Who Should Attend:
    -CISOs and Senior IT Security Professionals
    -GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) Professionals
    -Chief Privacy Officers and Data Privacy Professionals
  • No Asset Left Behind: Protect Your Applications Across Physical, Virtual, Cloud Recorded: Apr 19 2017 57 mins
    Faraz Aladin, Director of Marketing for vArmour
    vArmour is extending its patented distributed security platform to protect workloads running on physical servers and legacy systems. This unique solution is an industry first and provides consistent policy enforcement across physical, virtual and cloud assets with its network based controls and an API driven ecosystem.

    Join Faraz Aladin, Director of Marketing for vArmour, as he covers:

    1) How to secure workloads running on Physical servers using application based segmentation and micro-segmentation
    2) How vArmour provides a web-scale solution that is Simple, Actionable and Extensible, covering all assets (Physical, Virtual or Cloud)
    3) How to comply with regulatory requirements

    Faraz Aladin is the Director of Marketing for vArmour. He has more than 25 years of industry experience with the last 20 at Cisco. His subject matter expertise spans across Switching, Routing, Wireless and Security. He is a CCIE and holds an engineering degree from Bombay University.
  • All Things Containers: Innovation, Adoption and Security Recorded: Mar 15 2017 61 mins
    Peter Christy, Research Director of 451 Research; Marc Woolward, CTO at vARMOUR
    Enterprise IT is transforming rapidly and the evolution to container-structured applications is an important element of this transformation. From the container’s humble origins as a method to virtualize UNIX operating systems to provide process separation with high levels of efficiency, it has become the preferred method for building and deploying modern software into cloud environments.

    Containers are foundational to propelling agility in the enterprise - they are dynamic in nature, support increasing computing densities, have data residency and data provenance for governance and present challenges and opportunities for security in this new world with DevSecOps.

    Please join Peter Christy, Research Director of 451 Research and Marc Woolward, CTO at vArmour as they discuss all things containers along with a look at vArmour’s container strategy, solution and latest patent on container security.
  • How Distributed Systems Define the New Era of IT Security Recorded: Feb 8 2017 55 mins
    Marc Woolward, CTO, vArmour and Sab Gosal, Segment Manager, NPG, Intel
    The digital economy is built upon distributed systems. Distributed systems scale horizontally, interconnect via APIs, and are highly resilient. The security solution for this digital economy needs to be equally distributed and capable of scaling  out across the multicloud.

    The world has changed – the perimeter is disappearing alongside an explosion of internal threats. The imperative is to wrap security controls around assets so that environmental changes do not expose critical assets that need protection at all times. Security requirements have changed from the legacy appliance model to the modern distributed model.

    In this Webinar, we will discuss how modern software architectures solve today’s security challenges – particularly in addressing complexity, scaling across the multicloud, innovating new controls, and providing visibility into application requirements and relationships

    Intel x86 and virtualized platforms offer ubiquitous, fast, cost efficient solutions, allowing for deep packet processing at high speed and rapid deployment of new features in software. These platforms are unconstrained by the limitations of specialist hardware, ‘appliance thinking', and network technology posing as security products – Welcome to the new era of IT security, enabled by Intel and vArmour.
  • Coalfire and vArmour: PCI Compliance with Software-Based Segmentation Recorded: Dec 8 2016 60 mins
    David Anderson, Director of Technology Marketing at vArmour, and Chris Krueger, Principal, Cloud & Virtualization at Coalfire
    Join PCI Qualified Security Assessor Coalfire and vArmour to learn how application-layer network visibility, software-based segmentation, and micro-segmentation can help organizations adhere to PCI DSS 3.2 requirements in data center and cloud environments.

    We’ll dive into:
    -vArmour Distributed Security System architecture and capabilities
    -Coalfire evaluation criteria and findings
    -PCI requirements addressable by vArmour DSS
  • Build the Rocket for Your Journey Recorded: Nov 1 2016 46 mins
    Eva Tsai, VP Marketing and Business Operations, vArmour
    Eva Tsai will share her experience as a woman in tech charting a journey spanning multiple disciplines and excelling as a strategic business leader, her thoughts on the challenges women are facing, both in entering and advancing in their careers, and what her recommendations are on both professional and personal fronts.

    Presenter Bio:
    Eva has extensive experience leading go-to-market transformation and managing company telemetry to drive growth worldwide. Her innovation and leadership has been recognized with significant industry awards and patents. She was selected by Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2015 as one of Silicon Valley's 100 Most Influential Women and won the 2014 Marketer That Matters™ award, sponsored by The Wall Street Journal. At vArmour, Eva has transformed the company into a growth machine via innovative and well-executed go-to-market strategy, insightful telemetry, and process optimization. vArmour has been named a “Company to Watch” by TechCrunch and a "Cool Vendor" by Gartner. Prior to vArmour, Eva held strategic roles at Citrix, BroadVision and Oracle. Eva holds a BS and a MS in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • 5 Steps to Simplify Security in the Modern Data Center Recorded: Oct 27 2016 60 mins
    Brian Morris, Worldwide Solutions Architect, vArmour
    Legacy security architectures and traditional security platforms are ineffective at securing modern data centers. Modern data centers need a security solution that is software-based, distributed, and simple: making security better, faster, and cheaper. vArmour is the leader in software-based segmentation and micro-segmentation that protects critical applications and workloads in the data centers and cloud.

    Join this webinar to learn more about the simple steps to securing the modern data center with vArmour.

    Step 1: Understand the behaviors of applications and workloads (with deep visibility) for more informed decisions
    Step 2: Streamline segmentation policy creation and management
    Step 3: Flatten and secure your infrastructure without a network redesign
    Step 4: Utilize proper control placement for better security and more efficient resource utilization
    Step 5: Scale out independent controls with automation
  • Sending Attackers Down the Rabbit Hole: Introducing vArmour DSS Deception Recorded: Sep 29 2016 58 mins
    Jesse McKenna, Director of Product Management, Cyber Security
    The use of deception technologies to level the playing field against attackers sounds like a pretty compelling proposition for security teams. So why has adoption been limited to only the largest enterprises? What can security teams expect when deploying deception? What are the risks and what can be done to address them?

    This presentation will provide attendees with an understanding of the challenges facing deception solutions to date, approaches for mitigating those challenges, and an introduction to vArmour’s deception solution: vArmour DSS Deception.
  • How Software Eats Hardware in the Datacenter: Reducing Cost and Complexity Recorded: Sep 1 2016 35 mins
    Andy Ryan, Cloud Solutions Architect at vArmour

    As organizations move to virtual data centers and multi-cloud environments in a dangerous threat climate, they are faced with new security challenges they must overcome. But, they must do this without exponentially increasing the manpower, products, or resources they need, so they still get the most of their valuable security budgets. These challenges include:

    -Improving visibility inside data centers and cloud
    -Reducing the attack surface
    -Maintaining regulatory compliance standards.


    vArmour will explore trends in data center security that include the rise of software to replace firewalls inside the data center, segmentation and micro-segmentation as security techniques, and shifting ideas about software defined networking that:

    -Eliminate under-utilized zones and choke points
    -Avoid costly hardware refresh cycles and on-going maintenance
    -Lower the time it takes to see and stop threats
    -Reduce the time and complexity to process security changes
    -Increase speed of secure application delivery


    Andy Ryan, Cloud Solutions Architect at vArmour
  • The Three Axes of Evaluating Security Analytics Solutions Recorded: Aug 10 2016 28 mins
    Dr. Matthew Williamson, Chief Threat Defense Scientist at vArmour
    The problem of detecting attackers in today’s enterprises and data centers is harder than ever. Well-funded adversaries with time and patience use techniques that blend in with enterprise activities, making accurate detection difficult. Security analytics promises to address this situation by throwing advanced math at available data sources in the enterprise, with the goal of finding the proverbial threat needle in the data haystack.

    This presentation will enable attendees to evaluate security analytic solutions, cutting through the buzzwords and hype, and providing both a deep understanding of the detection problem and a framework to evaluate solution efficacy, based on three axes: breadth, depth and control.
  • To the Cloud: Ready or Not! …The Catalyst for Better Cybersecurity? Recorded: Jul 12 2016 34 mins
    Mark Weatherford, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, vArmour
    As the global cyber threat environment continues to evolve, organizations need to begin thinking differently about information security and the protection of their infrastructure. The evolution from perimeter-centric, hardware-based environments to virtualized data centers and the cloud is underway and many organizations are late to the game. As CIO’s and CISO’s are driven to transition their CapEx investments to OpEx spending, the economic efficiencies of the cloud provide a rational path to those goals. From a security perspective however, security models that don’t sufficiently address workload and application-aware segmentation, lateral traffic visibility, and network-based threat detection of on-premises data center and public cloud-based environments leave a huge gap in the overall security posture.

    This talk will provide CIO's and CISO's struggling with decisions about migration to the cloud with some thoughts about how the cloud can be the catalyst that improves security while also reducing costs and technology footprint.
  • Evolution of Cloud Security: ESG Research and Lessons Learned Recorded: May 25 2016 42 mins
    Jon Oltsik, Sr. Principal Analyst at ESG, and David Anderson, Dir. of Technology and Solutions Marketing at vArmour
    Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, and David Anderson, Director of Technology and Solutions Marketing at vArmour, analyze the results of a recent survey of 303 IT and security respondents. Jon and David will use the data to provide real-world recommendations for a proactive data center and cloud security strategy, including micro-segmentation, a burgeoning best practice to improve security posture and lower risk.

    -Survey results: State of enterprise cloud computing and security

    -Cloud security situational analysis

    -Cloud security strategy recommendations

    -The bigger truth from ESG

    -Best practice for cloud security: Micro-segmentation
  • CTO Perspective: Unveiling a Pathway to Security in the Multi-Cloud World Recorded: Nov 24 2015 35 mins
    Marc Woolward, CTO at vArmour
    Organizations are on a journey to transform their data centers into dynamic multi-clouds that demand a new security architecture. Hear from former technology fellow and CTO for networking at Goldman Sachs and vArmour CTO, Marc Woolward, as he outlines a vision and pathway to security in the multi-cloud world.


    Marc Woolward has over 30 years of experience in mission critical infrastructure and software-defined networks. Marc joined vArmour as CTO in February, 2015. Prior to this role he was a Technology Fellow and the CTO for Networking and Telecommunications at Goldman Sachs. He served as a member of the Technical Advisory Group and as the founder and leader of the Security Working Group within the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). Earlier in his career he managed infrastructure at Cantor Fitzgerald and Coutts & Co. Marc has a decade’s worth of experience architecting and implementing datacenter software automation, and private cloud architectures.
  • vArmour & Nutanix: Distributed Everything Recorded: Sep 29 2015 37 mins
    Tony Paterra, VP of Product Management at vArmour, and Raghu Nandan, Sr. Director of Product Management at Nutanix
    Together, Nutanix and vArmour support today’s agile enterprises with secure, hyperconverged infrastructure.

    This Webinar will speak to the benefits of this combined solution that enables enterprises to power and secures mission-critical workloads at any scale, including:

    -Distributed Everything: Nutanix and vArmour are both built on an architecture that is 100% software-defined.

    -Security at Every Layer: Security is built into the Nutanix and vArmour stack, from the platform to the workload.

    -Securely Share Infrastructure: Micro-segmentation from vArmour, coupled with compute and storage from Nutanix, allows enterprises to run multiple business-critical applications on a single platform.

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  • Title: Sending Attackers Down the Rabbit Hole: Introducing vArmour DSS Deception
  • Live at: Sep 29 2016 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jesse McKenna, Director of Product Management, Cyber Security
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