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The State of Enterprise Data Quality 2016

In this recorded webinar, Carl Lehmann of 451 Research presents the findings of their survey of 200 IT Professionals, revealing how organizations are using advanced analytics and machine learning.
Recorded Aug 30 2016 43 mins
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Presented by
Carl Lehmann - 451 Research
Presentation preview: The State of Enterprise Data Quality 2016

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  • The Top Priorities for Data Intelligence and Integrity Solutions Recorded: Mar 28 2017 3 mins
    Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing
    Because Blazent is a leading provider Data Intelligence and Integrity solutions, I felt compelled to read Philip Russom of TDWI Research’s white paper outlining his top priorities for data quality solutions. This top list is a subset of Philip’s, with a focus on the data that typically supports the IT Service Management (ITSM) functions in an organization. ITSM functions rely heavily on a foundation of dependable data. This makes improving data quality a critical requirement for the successful delivery of IT services.
    Priority #1: Broader Scope for Data Quality We say data quality as if it’s a single, solid monolith. In reality, data quality is a family of eight or more related techniques. Data standardization is the most commonly used technique, followed by verification, validation, monitoring, profiling, matching, and so on. These techniques are applicable to data that is used by any business function including IT, Operational Technology (OT), Finance, Sales, and Marketing. Don’t make the mistake of limiting the benefits of data quality management to just IT.
    Priority #2: Real-Time Data Quality TDWI’s survey revealed that real-time data quality is the second-fastest-growing data management discipline, after master data management and just before real-time data integration. Applying real-time data quality techniques as data is created and streamed means data can be make ITSM more responsive to real-time business needs.
    Priority #3: Data Quality Services Data quality techniques need to be generalized so they are available as services that can be called from a wide range of tools, applications, databases, and business processes. Data quality services enable greater interoperability among tools and modern application architectures as well as reuse and consistency.
    Because ITSM processes rely so heavily on data accuracy and completeness, data quality services have a tremendous value potential to drive operational efficiencies.
  • Avoiding IT and Operational Technology Convergence Pitfalls Recorded: Mar 23 2017 4 mins
    Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing
    In this video, we discuss pitfalls to avoid when consolidating IT and Operational Technologies

    A key technology convergence impacting the mainstream adoption of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is the coming together of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT).
    Below we explore five potential pitfalls to avoid when considering unified IT and OT:
    1.Visibility: Improving visibility across unified IT/OT infrastructure has some benefits such as enabling a single service desk to handle both IT and OT domains, and being able to use common management tools.

    2.Security: We have discussed how operational technology can create a risk for IT. There is, however, an upside of converging IT and OT. The converged technology infrastructure can be subject to the same security policies and can use common compliance controls.

    3.Scalability: By operating OT and IT in separate silos, you miss out on opportunities to procure complimentary technology for both. Purchasing can negotiate better discounts if they are buying technology in high volumes and IT gets to buy IT and OT technology that works together because it can be pre-integrated.

    4.Administration: By keeping IT and OT separated, an organization cannot benefit from being able to lower administration costs through streamlining and centralizing management.

    5.Collaboration: Higher up the food chain, since OT is normally more closely aligned with how the business makes money, a converged IT and OT solution can improve the partnership between business and IT.
    Blazent focuses on providing near real-time insights that can be gained by being able to ingest and analyze large numbers of IT and IoT data streams, correcting data gaps and inconsistencies before the data is consumed.
  • The Top 5 Configuration Management Database Challenges for 2017 Recorded: Mar 11 2017 4 mins
    Dan Ortega - VP of Marketing at Blazent
    While not particularly high-visibility, a well-managed Configuration Management Database (CMDB) provides organizations with tremendous value. Along with this value, a CMDB requires an organization to take responsibility for keeping it fit-for-purpose. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) sponsored a leading analyst firm to poll 100 IT executives on CMDB and discovery tools. This video reviews the most interesting findings on CMDB challenges.
  • The Top 5 Reasons to Augment Discovery Tools Recorded: Mar 7 2017 4 mins
    Dan Ortega - VP of Marketing at Blazent
    In this episode we cover Blazent’s Top 5 reasons that discovery tools need to be augmented with a process that increases data accuracy to levels that make are make the data authoritative and useful to multiple IT and Finance functions.
  • Top 5 Enterprise Data Layers Recorded: Feb 26 2017 3 mins
    Dan Ortega - VP of Marketing at Blazent
    In this video, we look at the top 5 data layers that manage the operations and governance of an enterprise.
  • Top Five Reasons to Use Verified Asset Discovery Recorded: Feb 16 2017 4 mins
    Dan Ortega - VP of Marketing for Blazent
    In this Top 5 video we list the top responses from a survey of 58 IT managers on the benefits they observed from using IT asset discovery and mapping technology.
    During February 2017, Forrester Research published a report titled, “IT Efficiency Begins with Effective Discovery and Dependency Mapping,” sponsored by BMC, which focuses on the benefits of using discovery and mapping tools.
    The top 5 responses, in ascending order and assuming validated data, are as follows:
    5. Improved disaster recovery: An accurate inventory of systems and services to be failed-over or recovered in the event of an outage is essential for a successful disaster recovery. This is an important factor to consider when deciding how often to refresh any inventory.
    4. Improved ability to track and report on existing and new assets: Maintaining an accurate inventory improves service management, compliance, security and IT operations functions. Conversely, an un-validated asset inventory will hinder these functions.
    3. Ability to reduce risk by upgrading software: Unsupported software creates a weakness in an organization’s armor that attackers can exploit. Software versions must be meticulously tracked and updated to contain exposures and control risk.
    2. Better asset management: When managing the asset life cycle, delaying the recording of milestones, such as deployments, decommissions and changes in asset ownership, can be costly. In an environment, which outsources the management of assets, inaccurate billing can occur, which is expensive, burdensome to reconcile, and reduces customer satisfaction.
    1. Better able to address compliance issues: Compliance was the #1 reason to automate asset discovery, since incomplete or inaccurate inventories can lead to compliance audit failures and fines. The fines can be from vendors or worse, regulators who have the power to interrupt business operations.
  • Top Five Steps to Improve Business Insight Through Data Quality Recorded: Feb 10 2017 3 mins
    Dan Ortega - VP of Marketing at Blazent
    Organizations generate phenomenal amounts of data every day.
    This video suggests five steps that should be taken to improve operational insight as well as to minimize the negative effects of bad data.
  • Top 5 Security Breaches of 2016 Recorded: Feb 1 2017 5 mins
    Dan Ortega - VP of Marketing at Blazent
    In this episode, we look back at Top 5 Security Breaches of 2016. These include commercial companies such as Yahoo as well as US States.
  • Top 5 Benefits of Doing IoT Right Recorded: Jan 23 2017 4 mins
    Dan Ortega - VP of Marketing at Blazent
    In this episode we will review some of the Top 5 reasons why IoT is fast becoming mainstream. The benefits came from a November 2016, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise survey of approximately 80 IT professionals to understand how IoT was working for them.
  • Top 5 Accelerators Defining the Business Landscape in 2020 Recorded: Jan 18 2017 4 mins
    Dan Ortega - Blazent's Vice President of Marketing
    In this episode we will review the Top 5 Accelerators Defining the Business Landscape in 2020. What follows is a discussion of the accelerators primarily identified by Forrester and their impact on IT.
  • Top 5 CMDB Source Types Recorded: Jan 10 2017 4 mins
    Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing
    In this episode we will review our list of the Top 5 CMDB Source Types.
    These are based on data gathered from hundreds of CMDB stand-ups and data quality initiatives using our data quality management solutions.
  • Top 5 IoT applications for IT Recorded: Jan 4 2017 4 mins
    Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing
    In this episode we will review the Top 5 (Internet-of-Things) applications for IT. This Top 5 list was inspired by an article in Forbes reporting on Gartner predictions for The Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies in 2017 and 2018.
  • Top 5 CMDB Asset Types Recorded: Dec 17 2016 5 mins
    Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing
    In this episodes of Blazent's Top 5, we will review the Top 5 CMDB asset types we have encountered across hundreds of stand-ups and data quality engagements.
  • Top 5 IT Considerations for M&A Recorded: Dec 9 2016 4 mins
    Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing
    Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are a widely used strategy for organizations. In this episode we discuss the top 5 IT considerations for M&A
  • Top 5 Reasons Why CMDB Initiatives Fail Recorded: Dec 6 2016 4 mins
    Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing
    Configuration Management Database (CMDB) initiatives are complex and require engagement from multiple IT disciplines to be successful.

    Understanding why CMDB initiatives fail, can help you make the right decisions early on and avoid running off the road.
  • Top 5 Costs Associated with Poor Data Quality Webinar Recorded: Nov 30 2016 60 mins
    Carlos Casanova President - Casanova Advisory Services and Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing at Blazent
    The importance of high-quality data to efficiently and effectively run an organization is recognized globally. Data quality management is vital to IT Operations and Service Management. Poor data quality can cost businesses as much as 30% of their revenues.

    In this webinar, attendees will learn what the five main areas are within an organization where poor data quality costs are highest. It provides an understanding of what functions and processes have problems and need to be investigated for potential savings opportunities.
  • Top 5 Reasons to Implement a Data Quality Solution Recorded: Nov 29 2016 3 mins
    Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing
    In this episode we review the the top 5 reasons to implement a Data Quality Management (DQM) solution
  • Top 5 Asset Management Best Practices Recorded: Nov 21 2016 3 mins
    Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing
    In this episode of Blazent's Top 5, we will review the top asset management best practices.
  • Top 5 Benefits of good data quality Recorded: Nov 13 2016 3 mins
    Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing
    In this episode of Blazent's Top 5, we review the top benefits respondents reported in May 2016 survey by 451 Research on Enterprise Data Quality.
  • Top 5 Problems Caused by Poor Data Quality Recorded: Nov 7 2016 4 mins
    Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing
    In this episode of Blazent's Top 5, we describe the most common problems caused by poor data quality, according to a May 2016 survey published by 451 Research.

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  • Title: The State of Enterprise Data Quality 2016
  • Live at: Aug 30 2016 10:30 pm
  • Presented by: Carl Lehmann - 451 Research
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