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Making Your Site Vendor Agnostic via a Modern Data Layer

Properly built and maintained data layers allow a company the freedom to swap vendors out as needed without having to completely restructure their page code. In this session we will discuss why they are useful, how to properly implement one and how to govern the data across web and mobile properties.
Recorded Sep 13 2016 68 mins
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Presented by
Matt Gallion, Implementation Engineer, Ensighten
Presentation preview: Making Your Site Vendor Agnostic via a Modern Data Layer
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  • Maximize Your Investment in the Adobe Marketing Cloud! Recorded: Mar 8 2017 62 mins
    Josh Goodwin, Chief Technology Officer, Ensighten & Jeff Terry, Director of Training & Enablement, Ensighten
    You’ve invested a substantial amount in the Adobe Marketing Cloud to help drive your digital marketing performance. But are you properly optimizing your use of Adobe’s solutions?

    Attend this interactive webinar to see how you can improve Adobe performance across the board using a new type of application, a Customer Data Platform (CDP), to drive everything from faster tool deployment to creating a more holistic view of customer activity.

    Customer Data Platforms are growing at 50 percent a year, according to the CDP Institute, and are slated to reach $1B in market value by 2019. CDPs uniquely combine enterprise tag management, omni-channel data collection, mobile app optimization, data governance capabilities and more to help organizations drive superior customer experiences across touch points.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    - How to create a modern marketing strategy that revolves around first-party customer data and profiles that your brand directly owns
    - How to accelerate and optimize tool deployments, including Adobe Target
    - How to create deeper integration with the broader digital marketing eco-system
    - How to improve privacy enforcement and consent
    - How to avoid vendor-lock and easily A/B test different tools
  • Your MarTech Stack is Leaking Data! Recorded: Feb 1 2017 51 mins
    Matt Latimer, Director of Product Management and John Bramford, Manager of Solutions Consulting, EMEA
    In recent years, marketers have rapidly been consuming more and more of an organization’s technology budget, investing in new tools and applications to help acquire and retain customers. But are they prepared to handle everything that comes with this new responsibility?

    One of the rising dangers associated with managing technology is data leakage – the unauthorized passing of customer data to outside vendors. This occurs as part of a process called tag “piggybacking,” in which approved third-party vendors serve additional data-collecting tags from unknown parties. This poses significant legal and security threats to any organization.

    Watch this webinar to learn how you can identify privacy risks and immediately prevent unauthorized tags from loading as part Ensighten’s upgraded privacy and data governance capabilities.

    The webinar will cover:
    · The latest trends surrounding data leakage and evolving global privacy laws
    · Best practice tips for more securely managing data and tags
    · New capabilities within Ensighten Privacy, a complementary service to Ensighten Manage
  • Mobile App Analytics: Cracking the Black Box of Digital Measurement Recorded: Nov 15 2016 61 mins
    Marie-Pierre Dery, TD Bank; Peter Fernando, Ensighten; David Johnson, Stratigent
    Since the Internet went mainstream, digital marketers have been a notoriously measurement focused bunch. But when it comes to mobile apps, most marketers are unable to work their powers of digital insight. In fact, 57 percent of business professionals say they use no analytics whatsoever to measure activity on their mobile apps, according to a Forrester survey. So what are the challenges and how can brands overcome this measurement gap?

    Watch this webinar to learn how Stratigent is using Ensighten Mobile to simplify mobile app analytics for TD Bank and other major brands to enable better insight and engagement.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    - The challenges associated with deploying mobile app analytics
    - Trends in mobile app optimization and engagement
    - How TD Bank is succeeding with mobile app measurement
    - The value of first-party data in connecting experiences
  • Scientists & Storytellers: CDW’s Journey Toward 1:1 Marketing Recorded: Oct 11 2016 23 mins
    Dan Cardamone, Manager, eCommerce Strategy, CDW and An Ton, Manager Marketing Technology, CDW
    As digital capabilities transform, customers are becoming more self-sufficient and educating themselves before they ever engage with a seller. Data infrastructure, solution integration, and analytics play a pivotal role in creating an effective and efficient business process that is customized to the unique needs of each customer. This presentation will outline the process, outcomes and roadmap that CDW, a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions, has undertaken to engage in relevant conversations with its customers along their buying journey.
  • Marketing in the Moment: How to Take Action on the Customer Journey Recorded: Sep 28 2016 52 mins
    Peter Fernando, VP Strategy, Ensighten and Dan Griffin, Director, Strategic Alliances, IBM Marketing Cloud
    Better understanding and acting on the holistic customer journey is paramount to success for today’s marketers. Reaching that goal, however, has become increasingly complicated due to an explosion of disparate technologies and fragmented data sources. How can marketers collect and stitch together the customer data they need, and then act upon that information to drive results?

    Join experts from IBM and Ensighten to learn what major brands are doing to solve this problem at a foundational level – including knowing the right tools, technologies and approaches – so they can drive more personalized, "in-the-moment" experiences across touch points.

    In this webinar, you will learn the importance of omni-channel data collection and cross-device identity resolution, how to build a more complete customer view and the keys for taking real-time action to improve the customer experience.
  • How Omni-Channel Data Collection Can Power Marketing Measurement Recorded: Sep 13 2016 23 mins
    Greg Engen SVP Business Development, Ovative and Alex Andrews Senior Analyst, Measurement & Activation, Ovative
    Digital is becoming an increasingly critical part of the brand marketing mix, but measuring the impact of that marketing across the enterprise has always been a challenge. Learn how digital agency Ovative/group helped a billion-dollar retailer implement Ensighten Pulse to power enterprise measurement, unlocking greater control of customer data, enhanced visibility into marketing performance and new opportunities to optimize their digital marketing against enterprise KPIs.
  • Using Ensighten to Personalize the Customer Experience Recorded: Sep 13 2016 33 mins
    Deep Sidhu, Professional Services Manager, Ensighten
    It’s no surprise that a relevant user experience helps drive site engagement and monetization. This session will show how to leverage Ensighten tools to enrich your personalization and optimization programs. Topics will also include same-page targeting of visitors based on offsite display ad activity, as well as a few demos with Maxymiser and Adobe Target.
  • Making Your Site Vendor Agnostic via a Modern Data Layer Recorded: Sep 13 2016 68 mins
    Matt Gallion, Implementation Engineer, Ensighten
    Properly built and maintained data layers allow a company the freedom to swap vendors out as needed without having to completely restructure their page code. In this session we will discuss why they are useful, how to properly implement one and how to govern the data across web and mobile properties.
  • The Power of 1st-Party Data in Determining Ad Effectiveness Recorded: Aug 17 2016 33 mins
    Peter Fernando, VP Strategy, Ensighten and John Reilly, VP Data Strategy, Ensighten
    Are your advertising dollars being well spent? Marketers are often at a loss to answer this question due to an increasingly complex customer journey, fragmented data sets and a confusing array of tools. Attend this 30-minute webinar to learn how major brands are using smart first-party data collection from Ensighten to help optimize their large ad spends quickly and efficiently.

    In this webinar, you will learn the importance of offsite data collection in analyzing the total customer journey; how to solve specific advertising use cases, including intelligent retargeting, frequency capping, and gaining better attribution insights; and how a new breed of customer data platform (CDP) can be a force multiplier across the entire marketing technology stack.
  • Marketing Technology Debate with Industry Experts Recorded: Jun 9 2016 41 mins
    Scott Brinker, ChiefMartec.com; Mayur Gupta, Healthgrades; Erik Bratt, Ensighten
    Scott Brinker is the force behind the popular blog ChiefMartec.com, and has been chronicling the growth of marketing technology through his annual landscape super graphic. Mayur Gupta is widely recognized as one of the first-ever Chief Marketing Technologists. Together, they are two of the world’s most respected authorities on marketing technology and its impact on business. They joined forces for the first time to debate a number of hot topics they consider crucial to the future of marketing:

    - Who should own marketing technology? Should it continue to be rooted in marketing, or is this something that needs to be managed in a cross-enterprise way?
    - Should marketers be accountable for the ROI of technology itself? If so, how do you begin to do that?
    - Do we need a ‘marketing OS,’ i.e., an intelligent wrapper around the tech stack to help unify disparate elements and orchestrate better experiences? - What role can enterprise tag management play?
    - Plus, a bonus topic: what are the current gaps in marketing technology?

    Watch these two industry heavyweights discuss these and other issues of increasing importance to marketing executives.
  • Hacking Marketing: The Amazing Convergence of Marketing & Software Recorded: May 24 2016 47 mins
    Scott Brinker, Co-Founder and CTO, ion interactive, and blogger (chiefmartec.com)
    Marketing has become thoroughly entangled in software. But this is a good thing! It dramatically changes the leverage that marketers can bring to their craft. But to succeed, marketing management must evolve to harness the dynamics of a digital world instead of fighting them. Scott’s presentation, based on his new book, Hacking Marketing, will inspire you with a fascinating collection of ideas from the world of software development — agile management, models of innovation and scalability, and strategies for taming the explosive growth of complexity — that marketers can adapt to thrive in this new environment.
  • Enterprise Tag Management: The Strategic Advantage Recorded: May 24 2016 13 mins
    James Niehaus, SVP Product & Strategy, Ensighten
    Can Your TMS Keep Up With Modern Enterprise Requirements? Today’s digital landscape is evolving at hyper-speed. Executives everywhere are struggling to maximize the return on their technology investments and meet the needs of multi-channel consumers. Meanwhile, IT teams are grappling with how to collect, own and take action on first-party customer data in a way that is secure and transparent. For both groups, extracting value from the MarTech stack is a defining business and technical challenge of our time. That’s why it’s critical to rethink what enterprise tag management truly means. This video explores what an enterprise-class system should offer so that organizations can adjust to changing market conditions and drive digital transformation.
  • Accelerating the Value of Data Management Platforms with Tag Management Systems Recorded: May 24 2016 21 mins
    James Niehaus, SVP Product & Strategy, Ensighten
    Gartner calls the data management platform (DMP) the “soul of modern marketing,” but many marketers have yet to decipher the alphabet soup that feeds into today’s marketing technology stack. Find out the key differences between DMPs and tag management systems (TMS) and how first-party data from a brand’s website, combined with other sources of online and offline data, is foundational for audiences generated by the DMP. Dive into how DMPs and tag management systems actually work in a symbiotic relationship that can produce more value on both sides, including faster DMP rollout, better audiences and improved data ownership.
  • Tag Management: The Glue that Brings IT and Marketing Together Recorded: May 24 2016 22 mins
    Keith Ashorn and Ryan Burke, HomeAway
    Who should own tag deployments, marketing or IT? Before tag management systems were invented, that manual task fell squarely IT shoulders, as it sometimes required extensive software coding. The rise of tag management gave marketers more control over their mission critical solutions, freeing already overburdened IT resources. But at HomeAway, IT still remains in control of tag deployment via a unique process that treats tags like production code and brings all stakeholders into the process. This ensures complete data integrity and governance, while still providing maximum marketing agility. Learn the pros and cons of this approach, and learn how you can better align tagging resources in your organization to be more efficient and drive the best customer experiences possible.
  • Privacy Law Changes are Looming – Do You Have a Game Plan? Recorded: May 24 2016 23 mins
    Jim Parker, Dell Inc.
    Proposed new privacy regulations in Europe threaten harsh fines for mismanaging digital customer data across international borders. Many believe it is only a matter of time before these type of strict regulations come to the U.S. What can global brands do to protect themselves and stay ahead of the game? Attend this session to learn what Dell is doing to navigate global legislation, protect consumers, and provide a safe and secure online consumer experience. In this session, you will learn how privacy laws are evolving, and what the key considerations are for implementing an effective online privacy framework.
  • Data Layer Demystified Recorded: May 11 2016 48 mins
    Jeff Terry, Principal Consultant - Training Lead, Ensighten
    What is a data layer, why is it so important, and how can you set one up?

    Learn the fundamentals of how to leverage a vendor-agnostic digital data layer in your marketing technology operations. Ensighten’s training expert Jeff Terry will cover some of the basics in this hour-long webinar. You will learn:
    - Data layer basics
    - Pros and cons
    - Best practices
    - Recommended design process
  • The Privacy Apocalypse: Can Data-Driven Marketing Survive? Recorded: Mar 23 2016 57 mins
    Fatemeh Khatibloo, Forrester Research & James Niehaus, Ensighten
    Data is the lifeblood of customer marketing, helping global organizations drive better results across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention. Most marketers today would consider themselves data-driven marketers, especially in the age of personalization. But is this approach in danger thanks to the looming "privacy apocalypse,” made possible by a convergence of several trends? Watch this recording featuring experts from Forrester Research and Ensighten on what senior marketers can do to stay ahead of the privacy game, while continuing to drive growth in a way that respects data privacy and security.
  • One Profile to Serve Them All: How a Unified Customer View Enables Marketing Suc Recorded: Mar 15 2016 18 mins
    Troy Steen, Dell, Inc.
    For many consumers, the digital landscape is a series of disjointed and disconnected experiences. To create more cohesion in the face of new technologies and data sources, brands must embrace a strategy for creating and optimizing universal customer profiles that can be shared across marketing execution system to create more consistent experiences. Learn how Dell created a finely tuned customer acquisition strategy that relies on first-party data and customer profiles to drive more personalized, in-the-moment experiences across brand channels. Learn the strategy, best practices and tools that Dell uses to delight customers, achieve its omni-channel goals and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Optimizing the In-App Experience Recorded: Nov 19 2015 60 mins
    James McCormick, Forrester Research and Karen Wood, Ensighten
    Leveraging Website Best Practices to Drive Mobile App Conversion and Engagement. Specific opportunities brands have to optimize mobile apps, and how brands can leverage best practices from the online testing world to drive app engagement and revenue.

    Mobile apps have evolved for marketers from being nice-to-have to being front and center of the customer journey and the Internet of Things. So how do marketers keep up with real-time consumer expectations when apps are notoriously difficult for marketers to develop, measure, and maintain as relevant touch points? Similar to the evolution of websites, mobile apps must now become agile and allow for real-time marketing. To stay competitive, enterprise marketers are developing strategies for collecting mobile app data, conducting multivariate testing within apps, and personalizing in-app experiences in as close to real-time as possible.

    Key takeaways:
    - Understand how tracking mobile app behavior in real-time is foundational (and achievable)
    - Learn how to apply website best practices to native mobile app environments
    - Gain tips on integrating mobile app experiences across the entire customer journey
  • How to Integrate Data Across Your MarTech Stack While Saving Time and Money Recorded: Nov 18 2015 62 mins
    Michael Bedard, Symantec; Vu Hang, Symantec; Karen Wood, Ensighten
    According to a recent study, 53% of marketers say their organization manages five or more technology vendor relationships and 15% say their company manages 10. This leaves marketers struggling to untap the potential of data that is isolated within the individual tools and deployments – missing opportunities to improve customer experiences.

    During this webinar you will learn how Symantec, with the help of Ensighten, transformed their marketing technology ecosystem to become one of the smartest in the world and generated millions of dollars in revenue for the technology firm.

    Watch this webinar recording for practical tips on:
    - How to effectively track data with simplified attribution models
    - Optimization methods for mapping campaigns across data testing technologies
    - Enriching consumer experiences through a deeper customer profile
    - Increasing data implementation and integration by utilizing cross-functional team management
    - Advancing optimization techniques that drive innovation & experimentation

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  • Title: Making Your Site Vendor Agnostic via a Modern Data Layer
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