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Advancing your Marketing Campaign with Data Analytics

EM360° spends 5 minutes with CEO of Dataiku, Florian Douetteau who tells us about the three types of data you should be looking at to really improve your marketing campaigns with advanced analytics.
Recorded Aug 25 2016 6 mins
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Presented by
Florian Douetteau, CEO at Dataiku
Presentation preview: Advancing your Marketing Campaign with Data Analytics

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  • Is Data Quality & Data Governance Keeping Pace? Recorded: Apr 25 2017 45 mins
    Donna Burbank, Managing Director, Global Data Strategy
    For the first episode in our Data Transforming Business series, Donna Burbank is joined by representatives of Barclays, Collibra and Trillium Software to discuss the ways organisations think about innovation and growth. The panel discuss how accurate, relevant and timely data is the key to success. Whether you are a Chief Data Officer looking to understand what new technologies and methodologies are available or a businessperson trying to understand the challenges around data quality, listen to this educational podcast to discover how data quality and data governance can support your business transformation initiatives.
  • The Future of Work – Collaboration, with Mary Ann de Lares Norris Recorded: Mar 9 2017 5 mins
    Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA @ Oblong Industries
    Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA of Oblong Industries, discusses the future of work, collaboration and how to engage Millennials with EM360.

    Raised in the digital age, Millennials anticipate instant connectivity, mobile interaction and seamless, collaborative technology as standard in their working environment. Businesses must ensure that their collaboration tools not only enable this approach to working, but are also sufficiently future-proofed so that as technology develops and ways of working continue to evolve, their systems are enhancing this development, rather than restricting it.
  • Ocado Technology Adopts Lean and Agile Development Practices Recorded: Mar 8 2017 6 mins
    James Donkin, GM; Emily Page, Agile Coach; Lawrence Weetman, Software Engineer; Will Peck, Team Leader @ Ocado Technology
    Ocado may be most well-known as an online grocer, but its plan is to become a technology company – both in hardware and software, which is probably more than twice as hard as only doing software.

    Combining the two seems obvious for Ocado, since it runs a physical business rather than a virtual one – in that it has several huge warehouse across the country, all handling tens of thousands of individual grocery products and fulfilling hundreds of thousands of orders every month.

    Managing such a complex business requires software as well as hardware, much of which Ocado bought in from outside companies when it first started in 2000.

    Over time, Ocado found that it needed software and hardware that were not available on the market, so decided to develop the technology itself, which is what has led to this point where the company has a significant in-house tech team.

    So significant in fact that the company has launched Ocado Technology and Ocado Engineering as two separate business units, in addition to its core grocery business, which is still called Ocado.
  • The FinTech Forecast – Neira Jones Recorded: Mar 8 2017 4 mins
    Neira Jones, Independent FinTech Advisor & Speaker
    We spoke to Neira Jones, Independent Advisor in the FinTech and Cybersecurity industries, to discover what her predicted trends of the FinTech industry are.

    "First of all, I will make the controversial statement that fintech is not a “revolution”, more of an “evolution”. In fact, innovation doesn’t happen in isolation (fintechs almost always reuse existing infrastructure & technology) and it doesn’t happen by discarding current technologies and reinventing the wheel (fintechs almost always look creatively at what exists today to create something better, faster or more appealing). Secondly, whilst some fintech organisations can help banks address fraud and security challenges (especially those in the fraud prevention, machine learning, threat intelligence, identity and authentication, and other regtech areas), I think that collaboration will be key and that banks can also help fintech organisations with fraud and security (after all, they have been doing it for a very very long time...). Conversely, fintech firms can undeniably help banks become closer to their customers and help them transition from a product centric to a customer centric strategy."
  • Wireless Collaboration, it's "Software Eating Hardware" Recorded: Feb 16 2017 4 mins
    Mersive CTO & Founder, Christopher Jaynes at ISE 2017
    EM360°Tech spoke to the CTO & Founder of Mersive, Christopher Jaynes, at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam to find out all about what Mersive are doing in the wireless collaboration space with their custom-built enterprise software, Solstice. We also discussed the role of IT in current AV integration projects and the takeover of AV by IT, with "software eating hardware".
  • Intel Security: Automation is Key to Solving Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Recorded: Feb 15 2017 3 mins
    Nigel Bolt, VP UK & Ireland, Intel Security
    We interviewed Nigel Bolt about the current dilemma of IT Security skills shortage and he offered his insights on how automation could be key in the fight cybercrime in an increasingly complex threat landscape.
  • UK CIOs: Lack of Employee Understanding a ‘Major Barrier’ to Data Driven Culture Recorded: Jan 30 2017 4 mins
    What’s at the top of the UK CIO’s agenda? According to a recent study by Tableau, a large proportion of CIOs (75%) view data analytics as a key priority this year and are keen for the whole business to understand the value of data.

    James Eiloart, SVP of EMEA at Tableau, talks through the results of Tableau’s recent findings – from the belief amongst CIOs that there is a lack of understanding in the wider business about data analytics, to the fact that senior management are eager to tackle this lack of understanding, and educate the entire workforce about data.

    James discusses the importance of data within a company, sharing examples of how CIOs can drive the data transformation, including:

    · Ensuring data is seen as a priority from the top down – the whole c-suite should be involved in “walking the walk”

    · Encouraging IT to work with business users to understand how data can better inform and improve their work

    · Training and coaching on data analytics tools to become more confident

    · Identifying data champions – true fans of data!

    With key customer examples, James shares how large enterprise companies use data analytics and visualisation tools across different departments to do everything from understanding customer behaviour, to marketing campaigns or engineering works.

    James also outlines how data can become a crucial part of driving business success, once employees gain confidence to use it in their everyday decisions.
  • LSE: Power of Productivity Report Results Recorded: Jan 18 2017 4 mins
    Dr. Alexander Grous, London School of Economics & Political Science
    On December 8, 2016, Vodafone UK and the London School of Economics released a comprehensive report looking into the business productivity and how businesses of all sizes can unlock new growth. As a nation, we’re at a critical juncture as we strive to increase economic output and join the top productive G7 nations – and Dr Alexander Grous from the LSE has used data from over 20,000 interviews over ten years to address this problem. Alexander notes that the major block to organisations addressing the productivity puzzle is that firms either don’t even know there is a problem or don’t know how to address it constructively. In this video interview, Dr. Grous explains the three key components he has found during his research to help businesses unlock their productivity:

    1) Good management practices - Dr. Grous calls this the lever; all productivity either thrives or fails at this level
    2) The use of technology in the firm
    3) Flexible workforce

    Dr. Grous goes on to explain not only how to create a flexible workforce, but to nurture this as well, so that employees are motivated, happy, and most importantly, producing effective work. Through a solid understanding of the composition of the firm, and what ideal organisational output is, management can then begin to see what enables productivity, and how they can measure effectiveness.
  • Vodafone: Better Ways of Working Recorded: Jan 18 2017 5 mins
    Phil Mottram, Enterprise Director, Vodafone UK
    In 2009, Vodafone UK introduced their Better Ways of Working project to enable their employees to work in a more flexible environment. This included an open plan environment – no office, no fixed desks, or landline phones – and introduced new technologies that made greater use of unified communications strategies and video conferencing. Employees want, and need, to work as a part of different teams at different times, and from different locations and Vodafone have seen enormous benefits through this project being put into place.

    In this video interview, Phil Mottram, Director of Enterprise at Vodafone UK, discusses the key benefits to Vodafone’s Better Ways of Working strategy. With happier employees, better productivity, and reduced costs, all through flexible working, this shared way of working paved the way for Vodafone to have a holistic understanding of what benefits this deployment really brings to businesses big and small.

    Phil also explains the tools that Vodafone provides for its customers in implementing these practices. With Vodafone’s advisory services function, customers are able to enjoy not only the technological aspects of flexible working, but the softer components as well, such as communicating and engaging with employees on how these changes will affect them. With Vodafone’s ‘Ready Business Indicator’ , customers have an easy, online tool that can help demonstrate where a business is with regards to performance, where there can be room for improvement, and help assess a business’s readiness to deal with change.

    Phil also describes how to overcome the barrier of those who are resistant to change. To those who have made their desk their ‘home away from home’, this can be particularly challenging. See what Phil has to say about overcoming this challenge, and ensuring your business is making the most of what flexible working has to offer.
  • No.1 Driver of Customer Experience? Emotion Recorded: Jan 18 2017 4 mins
    Nan Russell, Head of Global Excellence, InMoment & Simon Fraser, Sr. Director of Customer Success, InMoment EMEA
    What is the number one driver of a great customer experience (CX)? According to Forrester, it's an emotional connection.

    As part of its 2017 CX Trends Report, InMoment surveyed 10,000 brands and 20,000 consumers across the globe to get a better picture of which emotions consumers associate with positive and negative brand experiences.

    InMoment's Simon Fraser, Sr. Director of Customer Success (EMEA), and Nan Russell, Head of Global Customer Excellence, give us a brief glimpse of what these emotions are and why they're critical for the relationships brands seek to build with their customers.
  • Video Case Study: Horizon Discovery Recorded: Jan 12 2017 3 mins
    Dr. Jürgen Harter, VP of Information Systems at Horizon Discovery
    Watch Dr. Jürgen Harter, VP of Information Systems at integrated life science company, Horizon Discovery discuss how Arkadin successfully implemented a unified communications solution for over 250 employees across 5 sites around the globe. Through deploying Skype for Business functionality on a cloud platform, they were able to offer Horizon Discovery a truly seamless digital transformation.
  • Sophos: Red Vs Blue – Ransomware Demo Recorded: Dec 22 2016 3 mins
    James Lyne, Global Head of Security Research at Sophos, & Greg Iddon and James Burchell
    James Lyne, Global Head of Security Research at Sophos, alongside Sophos security specialists Greg Iddon and James Burchell, visually show how attackers not only infiltrate networks, but what defenders can do to hinder these attacks once detected. Through demonstrating the latest exploitation and social engineering tactics, such as remote controlling a device through a backdoor, exploitation of a webpage, compromised USBs and malicious webpages, to name a few, the team demonstrates how these potential threats can affect the end-user, and also how a cyber crook would go about deploying these attacks.

    With ransomware continuing to dominate the headlines as one of the most prolific campaigns in recent memory, James Lyne also demonstrates these challenging and complex threats that are continuing to grow in strength and intricacy every day. Sophos Labs has seen a surge in well-designed ransomware that has become incredibly difficult to stop over the past year, with some campaigns so complicated that they are impossible to decrypt, and some that won’t unlock your files, even if you succumb to paying up.

    Through this demo, James shows the varying degrees of ransomware cases. Though some ransomware samples out there are outdated, allowing victims to sometimes get their files back, not everyone is so lucky. You may be hit with a ransomware campaign that asks you to send the ransom to an email address that is no longer in use – making it near impossible to get your information back. In this video James will show how using the right tools and ensuring you are secure as you can be is step one in protecting yourself, and your precious files, from being stolen from your own device.
  • IoT in Healthcare: Improving Patient Pathways & Outcomes Recorded: Dec 20 2016 5 mins
    Michael Winterson, Managing Director of Services, Equinix
    The Internet of Things (IoT) holds fantastic promise for businesses, but it will take incredible IT capacity to deliver on its potential. Companies must securely handle huge amounts of data, collected from numerous, disparate devices, then instantly sort, store and draw relevant conclusions from it.

    In this interview, Michael Winterson, Managing Director of Services at global interconnection and data centre company Equinix, discusses the evolution of IoT, the number of levels on which it operates and how there remains no one-stop-shop IoT solution. In particular, he talks about the rise of the Industrial IoT in the healthcare space. With reference to Equinix’s collaboration with GE Healthcare, Michael explores how the real potential lies in interconnecting different IoT systems to make hospitals run more effectively and improve patient pathways and outcomes.
  • Stop Treating Cybersecurity as a Pure IT problem! Recorded: Dec 8 2016 6 mins
    Charles White, CEO, IRM Security
    The cybercriminal as we once knew, in his underpants, in his bedroom is no longer the threat. Cybercriminals have gotten serious and organised and enterprises are being picked off like flies because they are letting fruit hang low and simply ticking off compliance checkboxes without considering the holistic approach to security.
    Charles White, CEO of security consultants, IRM Security puts organisations to the test by sending in disguised 'criminals' who are able to breeze past security in a telecoms engineers jacket, dropping off cleverly branded and infected USB sticks and the like. In this video, he doles out some overdue prescribed advice to CISOs.
  • Shifting Roles within IT Recorded: Dec 6 2016 5 mins
    Destiny Bertucci, Head Geek at SolarWinds
    We asked Destiny Bertucci, Head Geek at SolarWinds, her opinion on how roles and responsibilities within the IT team and wider business will change in 2017. As IT professionals are being constantly subjected to change as we move into the new year, Destiny explains how the ability to quickly learn new IT concepts and skills, and adopt a ‘shared responsibility’ culture will be more important than being an expert in any one technology.
  • "Internet of Dirty Things" The Importance of IoT Security Recorded: Dec 6 2016 5 mins
    Patrick Hubbard, Head Geek at SolarWinds
    We recently spoke to Patrick Hubbard, Head Geek at SolarWinds, to get his thoughts on IoT security including; why there is a such a disconnect with the importance of security in IoT, how the IT professional might implement protective measures to their network and what corporate standards he thinks might be driven by IoT over the next few years.
  • Driverless vehicles: Removing the L-plates Recorded: Nov 9 2016 4 mins
    Jeremy Morley, Chief Geospatial Scientist, Ordnance Survey
    Driverless vehicles are a thing of the present. At an on-the-road demo of a driverless tractor using Ordnance Survey's mapping systems to navigate, EM360° had the opportunity to interview Ordnance Survey's Chief Geospatial Scientist, Jeremy Morley, and get his speculation on the future of autonomous vehicles.
  • The Changing Workspace: People, Process & Technology Recorded: Nov 8 2016 6 mins
    Oliver Bendig, CEO at Matrix42
    Oliver Bendig, CEO at Matrix42 spoke to us about how he sees the future of the workspace, as technology continues to drastically impact a workspace in response to the rise of a millennial workforce.
  • Trend: Hyperconvergence as a Service Recorded: Nov 2 2016 3 mins
    Doug Rich, VP EMEA, HyperGrid
    EM360° spoke to Doug Rich from HyperGrid about the evolution of hyperconvergence and the advantages to an opex model.
  • Cybersecurity: The People Problem Recorded: Nov 1 2016 4 mins
    Ralph Echemendia, 'The Ethical Hacker' at CCExpo 2016, on behalf of Interactive Intelligence
    At the Customer Cloud Expo 2016, EM360° interviewed cybersecurity expert, Ralph Echemendia to mine his insights as to what the biggest vulnerabilities in cybersecurity are today. Ralph was speaking at the event in association with Interactive Intelligence to warn enterprises of poor practices and to encourage them to review their approach to security.

    Ralph Echemendia is a world-renowned cyber security expert, known internationally by his alter ego “The Ethical Hacker.” He uses his talents and expertise to educate various institutions as well as protect companies and celebrity names. Ralph has played a pivotal role in the research and development of various key security technologies. His portfolio of work and reputation as a leading professional across several industries has landed him the credibility to make appearances on CNN, Fox News, USA Today, and Forbes, to name a few.

    Following his work as an Information Security Executive for Terremark Worldwide (acquired by Verizon in 2011) in Miami, Ralph took his talents to Hollywood, California.
    He actively works with award-winning Director Oliver Stone as a technical supervisor on films such as the upcoming release of Snowden.
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  • Title: Advancing your Marketing Campaign with Data Analytics
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  • Presented by: Florian Douetteau, CEO at Dataiku
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