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Data Visualisation Best Practices

Business Intelligence investment is booming and the amount of data available for reporting and analysis is skyrocketing.
So, it’s never been harder, or more important to quickly uncover and communicate the actionable insights within your data. But, how do you deliver value from your BI deployment?
Watch this webinar to learn how to choose, design and deliver the best visualisations to effectively communicate the significance of your metrics and trends to your BI users.
Recorded Aug 24 2016 64 mins
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Presented by
Brett Churchill, BI Consultant, Yellowfin
Presentation preview: Data Visualisation Best Practices

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  • Yellowfin for the Data Professional Recorded: Sep 18 2018 26 mins
    Brett Churchill, Lead Product Consultant, Yellowfin EMEA
    This high-level demo will show you how a Data Professional would use Yellowfin. It explains how to create reports and demonstrates our unique Assisted Data Discovery capability. It explains how to connect to data sources, and how to transform and prepare your data. It also shows you how to add reports to a dashboard. To finish off, it touches on some of the extensive capabilities in our admin console. If you'd like to learn more, you can book a personal 1:1 demo by emailing demo@yellowfin.bi
  • Yellowfin for the Business User Recorded: Sep 18 2018 19 mins
    Brett Churchill, Lead Product Consultant, Yellowfin EMEA
    This high-level demo will show you how a Business User would use Yellowfin. It shows you our Dashboards and our unique Assisted Insights capability. It also explains how you can collaborate, to instantly share your insights. Finally, it explains how you can create content like fully interactive reports or presentations in more detail. If you'd like to learn more, you can book a personal 1:1 demo by emailing demo@yellowfin.bi
  • Part 3 of 3: Marketing Analytics – Without the Mess! Recorded: Sep 11 2018 49 mins
    Guest Speaker Matt Hertig, CEO Alight Analytics, Laura Crawford, VP Marketing & J.Tyler McGraw, Sr. Consultant at Yellowfin
    The volume of data is growing, and your time to get to insights is shrinking. Yet most marketing organizations struggle with manual processes and analyst's queues that take days or weeks. A unique challenge is getting all that data in one place in the same format – to leverage it across one single analytics platform with your team. Learn what you can do with your data if you get it right.
    • Automate your marketing data from end-to-end
    • Present live data in slide presentations from one platform
    • Bring in data science model formats such as R, PMML and H20.ai
    • Share and collaborate from the same platform between analysts and business users

    No more mess!
  • Part 2 of 3: Is your Marketing Data Worthy of Today's Data Visualization Tools? Recorded: Aug 7 2018 46 mins
    Guest Speaker Matt Hertig, CEO Alight Analytics, Laura Crawford, VP Marketing & J.Tyler McGraw, Sr. Consultant at Yellowfin
    Today, the marketing industry is flooded with automation and optimization tools, but all these tools live as separate platforms with multiple performance reports. You have all the data but you can't see blended campaign results across all those platforms without hours or days of manual intervention? Learn about:
    • Which stage your marketing data is in and what are the barriers to rolling and blending all those campaign metrics to single dashboard views - without manual intervention
    • At what stage can you wean your marketing users away from the analyst queue – they get insights at a few clicks of a button – and your analysts can focus on bigger projects
    • How to bring predictive models into a single platform for analysis to share it with the business
  • Part 1 of 3: Marketing Analytics at the Speed of Business Recorded: Jun 26 2018 48 mins
    Guest Speaker Matt Hertig, CEO Alight Analytics, Laura Crawford, VP Marketing & J.Tyler McGraw, Sr. Consultant at Yellowfin
    What is the cost to your business if you continue using spreadsheets or disparate reports and data sources? How many times have you waited for answers from the analytics queue, only for it to be too late to take action that impacts the business? We're going to show you a platform today that can bring your data and organization together that can give you those insights at the speed of business in a governed and secure way.

    What you'll learn:
    •The typical path marketing leaders take to solving the data and insights problem
    •Best practices for getting to insights and business outcomes at the speed of your business
    •The three stages of readiness: which stage is your business in today?
  • Embedding Analytics in your Application Recorded: May 29 2018 38 mins
    SVP Global Marketing & Alliances, Dan Shaw-Dennis
    In this data-driven age, the most successful companies are those who have insight into their data and can share this information across the business. Join us to hear how you can stay ahead of your competition and provide easy access to data, dashboards sophisticated analysis and reporting.
  • Embedding Analytics in your Application Recorded: May 23 2018 36 mins
    SVP Global Marketing & Alliances, Daniel Shaw-Dennis
    In this data-driven age, the most successful companies are those who have insight into their data and can share this information across the business.
    Join us to hear how you can stay ahead of your competition and provide easy access to data, dashboards sophisticated analysis and reporting.
  • Discussion with VoiceBase: Transforming Predictive Models into the Real World Recorded: May 16 2018 44 mins
    Jeff Shukis, VP Engineering & Tech Ops VoiceBase, and J.Tyler McGraw, Senior Consultant, Yellowfin
    Data sciences are no longer the dark art presented only to the few. Today Yellowfin brings that dark art into the light by transforming models from programs such as R, PMML, H2O.ai into a single platform to be shared with analysts and visualized by the business.

    Jeff Shukis and Tyler McGraw discuss how predictive models can be leveraged at scale using today's new technology and tools.
  • Data Transformation Made Easy Recorded: May 3 2018 31 mins
    Shawn Deegan - General Manager, and Brett Churchill - Lead Product Consultant, Yellowfin EMEA
    Is your data poor quality or badly structured for reporting? Are you looking to speed up the delivery of your reports? Join this webinar as we share best practices on data transformation, and explain why preparing and enriching your data needn’t be a complex or laborious task.

    We’ll show you how to:
    * Obtain inexpensive and fast reporting while migrating data out of a production database into a Data Warehouse
    * Easily improve your data quality by modifying and hacking up the data and then pushing this output into a database of your choice
    * Build your own transformations quickly and easily, by managing ETL-like operations.

    This webinar has been scheduled for the EMEA region. If this time doesn’t suit you, please register and you’ll receive the replay.
  • Magnify the Analytical Impact: Accelerate Insight with Machine Learning Recorded: Apr 24 2018 45 mins
    Aberdeen's VP Mike Lock and Yellowfin's SVP Daniel Shaw-Dennis
    When it comes to your critical business questions, are you a spectator or an implementer? Today’s most effective companies blend approachable, business-relevant tools for data exploration with sophisticated technology under the hood to deliver an optimal user experience. Delivering visually appealing insights augmented with machine learning technology helps users better understand the what, why, and what now when it comes to their most pressing business questions.

    On this webinar, join as Mike and Dan discuss how empowering users with analytics in context can deliver tangible results. The webinar will explore recent research findings and real-world examples related to:
    - Top business challenges driving the urgency for better analytics
    - Market-wide shifts in user technology preferences
    - Best-in-Class approaches for magnifying analytical insight (e.g. machine learning, AI)
    - Quantifiable business impact of today’s leading analytics
  • From Dashboards to Insights in 20 Seconds! Recorded: Apr 11 2018 4 mins
    Business users can now get insights faster than ever before without an analyst’s skill. No more waiting for days or weeks, going back and forth in email with your analyst. And analysts now have more time to devote to bigger projects.

    Yellowfin’s augmented insights tools now allow you, the business user, to get answers in just a few clicks.

    This is just one of many new features from Yellowfin that gets your organization to the WHY faster.

    For a discovery call or to get a full demonstration from one of our consultants, contact us at GetAnswers@yellowfin.bi
  • Uncover your Data's Revenue-Generating Potential Recorded: Apr 4 2018 29 mins
    SVP Global Marketing & Alliances, Daniel Shaw-Dennis and Product Consulting Manager, Emma Urli
    Extracting value from your data is all about knowing what’s there, who can benefit and the strategies to effectively monetize. Join us to hear how your data can deliver new revenue-generating opportunities to your business.
  • Unlocking Data Insights with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Recorded: Mar 8 2018 31 mins
    Daniel Shaw-Dennis, SVP Global Marketing & Alliances at Yellowfin
    What is the potential of AI, machine learning, algorithms, natural language, and augmented analytics? How far have we come when it comes to adoption and realising the benefits? What are the common use cases? And how can you accelerate adoption in your organisation on a budget?

    This webinar will reveal brand new research from Computing Magazine, from February 2018. It highlights the barriers that organisations are facing when it comes to mastering data-driven decision making, and looks at how the next generation of BI and analytics tools can use machine learning to automate insight. Join us for some real insight into what the potential of this breakthrough might be.
  • A New Era of Analytics: Combine the Best of Mind and Machine Recorded: Feb 22 2018 61 mins
    Jen Underwood, Founder & Principal Analyst, Impact Analytix, Brad Scarff, Chief Technology Officer, Yellowfin
    The future is here. We have entered a new era of analytics. Data volumes and complexity have exceeded the limits of current manual drag-and-drop solutions. Data is moving at the speed of business but speed-to-insight lags behind. It is time to adopt intelligent next generation, machine-powered analytics interacting with human context to retain your competitive edge.
  • Sitting on Insights is a Business Killer - Speed is 2018's Competitive Advantage Recorded: Jan 23 2018 61 mins
    Forrester guest speakers Boris Evelson and Michele Goetz, and Brad Scarff, CTO at Yellowfin.
    Everyone has data. Everyone has insight. But are you able to act on critical insights at the speed of your market? Find out how you can capitalize on your data and gain the speed-to-insight you need to propel your business forward. Join Yellowfin and guest speakers from Forrester to understand how the next generation of analytics goes beyond dashboards, visualizations and storytelling to provide driven meaningful business results.

    * What your teams need to be doing now to build an organization of insight
    * The Business and BI Agility practices that will propel your company forward
    * How Yellowfin is delivering speed-to-insight at the speed of your market
  • Dashboard Best Practice Webinar Recorded: Jan 17 2018 45 mins
    Shawn Deegan, Yellowfin, Brett Churchill, Yellowfin
    Join us at this webinar to learn how to deliver best practice dashboards and achieve higher user adoption.

    Dashboards were rated as the most important analytics technology for implementing business-driven BI and analytics in TDWI’s best practices report, Business-Driven Business Intelligence and Analytics.
    But, data visualization expert, Stephen Few, has declared that the majority of today’s analytics dashboards fail.

    At this webinar you’ll learn how to learn how to:

    Design dashboards that provide instant insight (and nothing more!)
    Deliver the right dashboards, to the right people, at the right time, to drive faster and better fact-based decision-making
    Maximise your usage of dashboard features, design and layout tips

    Who should attend?
    Data Analysts and Content Builders who build reports and dashboards for internal or external stakeholders.

    Make your dashboards achieve higher adoption today
  • System of Insights (SOI): Next Generation Analytics Recorded: Oct 31 2017 60 mins
    Featuring: Boris Evelson, BI expert and Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester
    Join guest speaker Boris Evelson of Forrester Research as your guide through the latest trends in the Business Intelligence market. Hear how BI is currently transforming from data-driven to data insights-driven models, and learn about the opportunity that this represents. 

    In such a crowded and fragmented market of BI vendors, ranging from tech-centric versus user-centric, reporting versus data visualization, and on-premise versus cloud, leading BI expert Boris Evelson will illustrate how to choose a stand out provider and point out key BI platform differentiators.

    This webinar offers insights into:
    · The role of BI in an insights-driven business model
    · What new features to look for as BI evolves
    · How to select the right BI platform from such a wide range of options
    In this session, Yellowfin will also reveal the automated insight features in Yellowfin’s latest 7.4 release. We’ll touch on how smart algorithms and machine learning is being used to deliver advanced analytics, and how natural language generation will impact the future of BI.

    This webinar is complimentary to attend.
  • Advanced Analytics: The Future of BI is Here Recorded: Oct 24 2017 30 mins
    J.Tyler McGraw, Senior Consultant, Yellowfin; Peter Baxter, SVP Yellowfin
    The BI industry is shifting from a data-driven approach to an insights-driven one. It’s not about “WHAT happened?” But “WHY did it happen?”.

    Automated Insights will transform the way you discover and analyze data – getting you to the Why Faster.

    Yellowfin believes in augmenting the analytical experience where machines surface the right information quickly to enable you to make the best decision. As more analysts are now seeking smart BI, we’d like to share new developments.

    What you’ll learn:
    - How Automated Insights tells you Why something happened, not just What
    - How this transforms the way business end users and data analysts interact with data, and how they consume and act on insights

    Join us. The future is now!
  • Panel Discussion: When Traditional BI Isn't Enough Recorded: Oct 24 2017 64 mins
    Stephen Miller, Kodak; Chance Coble, Blacklight; and Peter Baxter, SVP & J.Tyler McGraw, Senior Consultant of Yellowfin
    Analysts predict that in 2020 augmented analytics and natural language query and narration will be dominant in the marketplace.Yellowfin is launching an Automated Insights tool that is starting to deliver on that trend and our panel wants to discuss how organizations can start to apply this to their daily lives. Tyler and Chance will also discuss maximizing data sciences and deploying predictive models through an outside source (PMML).
  • Ask the Visualization Expert: Live Q&A on Advanced Data Visualization Recorded: Aug 24 2017 44 mins
    Carl Edwards, BI Consultant, Brett Churchill, BI Consultant
    Looking to take your graphs to the next level? Want to make sure you choose the right visualization? Plagued by the challenges of geospatial heat maps?

    Get your questions ready and join this session where data experts Carl and Brett will go over the common questions they get asked and answer all the data visualization issues you've been plagued with, including how to:

    -Use location-based data to put your visualization on the map
    -Uncover new relationships, patterns and opportunities
    -Identify emerging trends
    -Answering comparative business questions with set analysis
    -Understand best practices for creating an aesthetically-pleasing and useful visualization
Making BI easy
Yellowfin is a Business Intelligence platform that makes discovering and sharing insights easy.
You expect your BI solution to convert data into insights. However, finding insights is only half the puzzle. Data-driven insights are only valuable when shared. Empower the right people to take the right action, at the right time, with Yellowfin.

Transform your data into rich visualisations and interactive dashboards. Answer your organisation’s most important questions. The share, collaborate and make data-driven decisions with Yellowfin.
Yellowfin is modern BI platform that empowers business analysts and business users to work together. Yellowfin makes data more accessible, valuable and actionable – for everyone.

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  • Presented by: Brett Churchill, BI Consultant, Yellowfin
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