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The Business of Virtual Reality

Ed Greig will be talking about how Deloitte Digital is working with clients using virtual and augmented realities today, as well as describing how these technologies are being adopted more broadly across industries.

He will also describe how to assess and work with new technology so that your organisation can get the most out of it before your competitors do.
Recorded Nov 29 2016 48 mins
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Presented by
Ed Greig, Chief Disruptor, Deloitte Digital
Presentation preview: The Business of Virtual Reality

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  • VR/AR Association Israel Online Event with Niantic, Unreal Engine, among others Recorded: Jul 21 2021 78 mins
    Michael Firman, Niantic. Arie Croitoru, Unreal Engine. Dan Sivan
    Michael Firman is a Senior Research Scientist on Niantic's AR R&D team, creating the future of AR. His work pushes the frontiers of Computer Vision and Machine Learning to help us find new ways to explore the world, together, using technology. Michael previously worked in the Vision and Graphics group at University College London, where he received his PhD.

    Dan Sivan is the engine behind ayayugames, creators of VR-Man © . Now proudly launching their first release for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 platforms - Shuttle Maze.

    Arie Croitoru, a real-time specialist, gained his experience in 3D design, photography, graphic design and architectural visualizations. His studio works with Israel’s biggest institutes, such as the IDF, and Israel’s healthcare national organization, implementing real time solutions to create interactive applications and cutting-edge products for potential users. He also teaches real time design through game engines – mainly Unreal Engine - in several different institutes in Israel. His recent works focus on implementing the engine in large-scale media advertising with Virtual Production and platforms for real estate companies and architectural firms. He also leads Israel’s official Unreal Engine community.
  • "Being There" with socially enabled Virtual and Augmented Reality Recorded: Jun 30 2021 60 mins
    Rebecca Kemper, COSI. Rick Karl, Kent State. Joe Chambers, VRARA Columbus
    Presentation by Center of Science and Industry (COSI) and The May 4th augmented reality experience, which is designed to engage and immerse users as they journey through the events of May 4th, 1970 and reflect on its meaning for today. The experience invites users to view multiple perspectives of the Kent State shootings through the lens of augmented reality using historical imagery, audio, and related experiences that highlight past and current humanitarian struggles.

    Kent State researchers will describe two eXtended Reality (XR) projects they deployed within the last few years. The first, an augmented reality project that was later turned to VR because of COVID-19, gives users opportunities to explore the context and history surrounding the May 4th, 1970 shootings at Kent State University. The second, a VR 360 project designed for headset or standard screen viewing, gives future teachers opportunities to “virtual visit” and observe classrooms to learn about professional practice. Moderated by Rebecca Kemper, COSI: Center of Science and Industry
  • The Future of the Digital Immersive Enterprise Recorded: Jun 30 2021 94 mins
    Hakan Satiroglu, Founder and CEO of XR Terra. Adam Takacs, INDE & VYU. Scott Toppel, AVATAR Partners
    This experienced panel will share insight from how digital immersion for enterprise use-cases has evolved and will continue to advance, looking towards the future of streamlined extended reality digital workflows for consumers, developers and the workforce. Join our All-Star Founders from XR Terra, INDE, and Avatar Partners.
  • How Virtual Reality (VR) Training Helps Grow Your Bottom Line Recorded: Jun 17 2021 57 mins
    Oberon Technologies, Gas Technology Institute (GTI), VRARA Chicago
    A panel with industry users of VR training technology. This presentation, featuring Oberon Technologies, will explore new ways VR Training is being used by industry leaders to increase productivity while reducing costs and providing a foundation for future growth.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality in Turkey Recorded: Jun 17 2021 64 mins
    Tarcan Kiper, VRARA Turkey. Scott Murnan, NVIDIA. Sebastien Loze, Epic Games.
    Learn about what's happening in Turkey in emerging tech!
  • Niantic Lightship ARDK Preview Recorded: Jun 16 2021 61 mins
    Amanda Whitt, Senior Product Manager at Niantic. Gabriel Brostow, Chief Research Scientist at Niantic
    Niantic has recently announced the private beta of its Niantic Lightship ARDK, part of its full Lightship platform that powers planet-scale AR experiences including Pokémon GO. We will give a deeper look at the ARDK in this talk. You’ll learn about its tools and features, the experiences it can enable and see demos that bring its possibilities to life.
  • France - Top Immersive VR AR Companies Presenting Recorded: May 28 2021 86 mins
    David Ristango - CEO Uptale. Gildas Dussauze - VRTuoz. Vincent Delhalle - DriVR. Jerome-Maurey Delaunay - Unity
    Learn about the immersive industry in France!
  • VRARA London Panel: VR/AR for Good with the Red Cross, Emteq, Reach for a Dream Recorded: May 6 2021 62 mins
    Charles Nduka, Emteq Labs. Melissa Kiehl, ICRC Red Cross. Natalie Lazaris, Reach for a Dream Foundation
    We will take a closer look at how VR and AR are being used for good, by charities and companies internationally. From helping post-reconstructive surgery patients, or children in hospital reach for their dreams, to humanitarian training or remote collaboration, VR and AR are helping scale life-changing programs.
  • Unity Authorized Training Program (UATP) & Unity Academic Alliance (UAA) Recorded: Apr 30 2021 51 mins
    ThinkEDU: Has Nwamadi & Mike Fischler CEO. Paulo Protasio, Director, etcBRASIL. Tomas Karlsson, Head of BD, KnowledgePoint
    Topics of discussion will include the following: Unity and Market Opportunities for Unity Learning Partners, an overview of the UATP and UAA programs (and how to join), Unity workshops, courseware, and certification offerings. During this webinar, you will gain introductions to Unity Learning Partner Services Distributors that can assist you or your organization in joining these programs: ThinkEDU (North America). ETC Brasil (Latin America) and KnowledgePoint Connect (EMEA, ANZ).
  • Explore the Future of Fan Engagement with Sports VR/AR Recorded: Mar 30 2021 55 mins
    Natascha French, VRARA. Travis Cloyd. James Giglio. Christina Heller.
    Learn about how Virtual and Augmented Reality is used now and what the future holds for the Billion $ industry for Sports and ESports
  • Promising VR/AR Startups in Israel Recorded: Mar 24 2021 55 mins
    Alex Rozenberg, VRARA Israel. Plus, 3 guests.
    Israeli eco-system and startups doing haptics, next generation near-to eye displays, and AR Studio On-the-Go Platform
  • Modernization in Manufacturing: a game changer with VR/AR Recorded: Mar 23 2021 61 mins
    Brad Waid, VRARA Detroit. Joseph Van Harken, th3rd Coast Digital Solutions. Jake Hall. Patricia Lopez.
    How Smart Connected Operations can be a game changer in adapting to a rapidly changing work environment, and how it connects to VR/AR technology
  • Modern Simulations And Analytics Recorded: Mar 3 2021 67 mins
    Walter Davis, Aggreko. Faysal Sharif, VRARA. Eli C. Davis. Todd Daniel.
    Learn from the latest case studies and use cases. Hosted by VR/AR Association (VRARA) Houston Chapter.
  • Leveraging VR/AR for Collaboration Recorded: Feb 25 2021 81 mins
    Ali Merchant, iQ3Connect. Aaron Oliker, BioDigital. Matt Cooney, VRARA.
    Do you develop XR or wonder how you can leverage it for your organization? This Thursday, February 25th, the VRARA's Boston Chapter's presents "Leveraging XR for Collaboration," and asks:
    - Why are clients adopting XR?
    - What features need to be in the next generation of XR tech that aren’t present now?
    - What are the unseen factors that could significantly shift the XR landscape, and what trends should we be aware of?

    Join Ali Merchant, CEO/Founder, iQ3Connect, Aaron Oliker, CIO, BioDigital, and panel moderator Everett Wallace, VRARA Chapter President, San Francisco for this exciting and illuminating examination into the future of XR and its disruption of spatial computing in general and collaboration in particular.
  • The state of VR/AR for Gaming, Healthcare, Training & Education, Live streaming Recorded: Apr 28 2020 68 mins
    Tiledmedia, Warp, Pillow's Willow,
    Learn new case studies, solutions, and ROI examples
  • Best Practices in VR/AR for Aerospace Recorded: Apr 23 2020 38 mins
    Amazon, altoura, Boeing, DiSTI, US Air Force, Visionary Training Resources, VR/AR Association
    Learn the latest case studies, use cases, and ROI examples from members of the VR/AR Association Aerospace Committee www.thevrara.com
  • Impact of COVID on Military Training Requirements Recorded: Apr 9 2020 61 mins
    VR/AR Association Central Florida Orlando Chapter, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, NCS
    The hypothesis is that the current epidemic is reinforcing the need to have capabilities to deliver training to the warfighter remotely…technologies such as VR/AR, Cloud, etc. will help to facilitate that. Will this current epidemic have a positive/negative/neutral impact on demand? What are we learning a month into the crisis and how will this change our perspective.
  • Unity Authorized Training Program (UATP), Unity Academic Alliance (UAA) ThinkEDU Recorded: Mar 11 2020 43 mins
    ThinkEDU, Unity
    Do you manage a training organization or teach Unity as part of your degree program? If so, Unity and ThinkEDU are hosting a webinar where you can learn about these two exciting Unity programs.

    Topics of discussion will include the following: Unity and Market Opportunities for Unity Learning Partners, an overview of the UATP and UAA programs (and how to join), Unity workshops, courseware and certification offerings. During this webinar, you will gain introductions to Unity Learning Partner Services Distributors that can assist you or your organization in joining these programs: ThinkEDU (North America). ETC Brasil (Latin America) and KnowledgePoint Connect (EMEA, ANZ).
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality in Defense & Intelligence Recorded: Mar 5 2020 53 mins
    Brightline Interactive, Virtual Heroes, U Group, Virtual Reality Rehab
    See the latest VR AR solutions for Military, Army, etc from the VR/AR Association Defense Committee
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Enterprise Recorded: Feb 27 2020 91 mins
    GE Hitachi, Atheer, AfterNow, VRdirect, enduvo, meetingRoom, General Electric
    Learn the latest case studies and ROI for VR AR in the Enterprise
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  • Title: The Business of Virtual Reality
  • Live at: Nov 29 2016 1:00 pm
  • Presented by: Ed Greig, Chief Disruptor, Deloitte Digital
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