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Imperva Incapsula Secures and Protects Google Cloud Customers

Almost 50% of DDoS attacks last 6-24 hours. The cost of an average attack is around $500,000, with many costing even more. Some can last for weeks, leaving websites and apps unavailable to customers. With statistics like these, you can’t afford to take chances with your security.
More companies are migrating to the cloud for its benefits. While cloud security is better, protecting your website is still your responsibility. If you use the cloud, a new collaboration between Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Incapsula offers improved visibility and security for your websites.
Find out how you can benefit from this collaboration when you register for a free webinar that explains how GCP and Incapsula will keep your websites safe.

GCP takes on the burden of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers, and configuring networks, so you can focus on your business. A future-proof infrastructure, powerful data and analytics and a no-ops platform allow you to grow your business.

Incapsula provides managed and consistent security policies across multiple locations for cloud environments. Its resilient global cloud network offers protection for web, DNS, network devices, and application servers.

The webinar covers:
• GCP capabilities
• How Incapsula complements GCP with website security, DDoS mitigation and global Load balancing
• Three commonly used Incapsula deployment models for GCP customers

Vineet Bhan, Director of Business Development, Incapsula
Andy Chang, Sr. Product Manager, Cloud Security & Risk, Google

And for attending this webinar, new GCP and Incapsula customers will get a $500 credit each toward the services.
Register today and find out how to protect your website assets against a DDoS attack.
Recorded Oct 12 2016 52 mins
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Presented by
Andy Chang, Sr. Product Manager, Cloud Security & Risk, Google; Vineet Bhan, Dir. of Business Development, Imperva Incapsula
Presentation preview: Imperva Incapsula Secures and Protects Google Cloud Customers

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  • Securing the Cryptocurrency Exchange Jun 14 2018 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Jonathan Gruber – Security Engineer, Imperva and Tal Stern - Enterprise Security Expert, Imperva
    Securing the Cryptocurrency Exchange: Ensuring Protection, Availability, and Performance

    Now, more than ever, cryptocurrency exchanges are facing security threats in the form of volumetric, application layer, DDoS, and account takeover (ATO) attacks. Although the success of cryptocurrency exchanges makes them especially attractive to cybercriminals, attacks of late are taking exchanges by surprise, and they are often not scaled or have not built a secure environment. In this webinar, join Security Engineer Jonathan Gruber and Enterprise Security Expert Tal Stern from Imperva as they explore the latest cryptocurrency exchange vulnerabilities and attacks and explain the best strategies for mitigation.
  • Hybrid Security is on the Rise: Insights from 2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report Recorded: Apr 25 2018 58 mins
    Mark Bouchard, COO, CyberEdge Group and Sara Pan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Imperva
    With more companies moving their data and apps to the cloud, do you know what security approaches your peers are taking? You know the threat landscape is constantly evolving, but do you know how your current cyber security defensive posture stacks up against those of your peers? In this live webinar, CyberEdge and Imperva will discuss the extent cybersecurity solutions are deployed in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid and other key insights from the 2018 Cyberthreat Defense Report.

    Attend this webinar and learn answers to your most pressing questions:
    •Do we have gaps in our cyberthreat defenses?
    •How are my peers thinking differently about cyberthreats and the options for defending against them?
    •How does our security spend compare to other organizations?
    •Which security technologies should we be investing in next?
  • Protect Your Web Applications from Cryptomining Recorded: Mar 28 2018 44 mins
    Gilad Yehudai – Security Researcher, Imperva and Nadav Avital – Threat Research Team Leader, Imperva
    Protect Your Web Applications from Cryptomining: The New Force Behind Remote Code Execution Attacks

    Remote code execution (RCE) attacks involving cryptomining malware are gaining momentum. They've become attackers' new favorite way to exploit vulnerabilities in web application source code and are prevalent in over 88% of all RCE attacks. In this webinar, join Security Researcher Gilad Yehudai and Threat Research Team Leader Nadav Avital as they analyze malicious cryptomining script, investigate methods these attackers use to make money, and explain how Imperva WAF solutions are equipped to mitigate the threat.
  • Fighting Cybercrime: Seven Popular DDoS Myths Debunked Recorded: Mar 21 2018 29 mins
    Dima Bekerman, Security Research Specialist, Imperva Incapsula
    DDoS attacks can be damaging; especially for an online business that depends on valuable client relationships and reliable user experiences. But business organizations aren’t the only targets of malicious web bots. Banking institutions, governments, hospitals and schools have all suffered from debilitating attacks in the past few years.

    There are still a lot of misconceptions when it comes to DDoS attacks. We take some of the most common ones and address misleading information. One thing is certain: Knowing the facts will help you keep your website safe.
  • Part 1: March of the Bots: How to Deal with the Onslaught Recorded: Mar 7 2018 60 mins
    Dvir Shapira, Dir. Prod mgmt, Imperva; Robert Hamilton, Dir, prod mktg, Imperva; Brandon Dunlap (Moderator)
    Bots. They generate over half of the internet traffic and over half of the bots are malicious (or of questionable value). Bots can make your systems vulnerable to scraping bots, account takeover bots, impersonators, spammers and hackers.

    Impreva will share data gathered from their security research team about the most recent bot trends, how bot traffic is changing, where it’s coming from, and the top actions you should be taking to mitigate the effects of bad bots on your websites. Join us for Part 1 of a 3 Part Security Briefings series and understand how commercial services take a multi-layer approach to bot mitigation and management and whether one of these services may be appropriate for you.
  • API Endpoints: The New DDoS Attack Vector for Cybercriminals Recorded: Jan 24 2018 46 mins
    Andy Shoemaker, Founder, NimbosDDOS and Kim Lambert, Incapsula Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Imperva
    Do you believe your APIs are adequately protected? Many modern applications (including mobile) leverage public APIs for communication, but these public APIs are often poorly protected against DDoS attacks because of adverse interactions with the communication stream. Join DDoS testing expert and NimbusDDOS founder Andy Shoemaker as he delves into the challenges of protecting API endpoints and what you can do to make sure your APIs are truly secure.

    In this webinar you will:
    1.Hear why attacks on API endpoints can be so devastating
    2. Learn why common mitigation approaches fail (CAPTCHAs, other challenge-response tests)
    3. Discover ways to protect apps by securing APIs
    4. See a live demo of a Layer 7 attack against an API
  • DDoS Attack: How Attackers Circumvent CDNs to Attack Origin Systems Recorded: Jan 18 2018 47 mins
    Andy Shoemaker, Founder, NimbusDDOS & Kim Lambert, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Imperva Incapsula
    Do you feel safe from DDoS attacks because you use a content delivery network (CDN)? Join Andy Shoemaker, founder of DDoS testing company NimbusDDOS, to uncover the limitations of this strategy. In this webinar he’ll perform a live DDoS attack to show how attackers bypass CDN defenses to directly target an organization’s critical resources.

    In this webinar you will:
    · Learn about the benefits and pitfalls of using CDNs as a DDoS protection strategy
    · Watch a live DDoS attack from the attacker's perspective
    · Participate in a live Q&A with DDoS experts
  • Live Attack: Winning the Battle Against E-Commerce Site Scrapers with Incapsula Recorded: Dec 6 2017 45 mins
    Jonathan Gruber, Incapsula Security Engineer, Imperva and Danny Milshtein, Incapsula Security Engineer, Imperva
    Are you relying on identification methods like CAPTCHAs to protect your critical assets from price scraping and content theft? Join Imperva Security Engineers Jonathan Gruber and Danny Milshtein to uncover the limitations of common security measures. In this webinar, they’ll demo how Incapsula goes beyond standard threat intelligence to protect your site from malicious site scrapers.

    In this webinar you will:
    - Understand the bot population and how to identify “good” and “bad” bots
    - Learn how to block or redirect site scrapers
    - See a live demo of the Incapsula bot mitigation security solution
  • Make the Switch to Incapsula: Improve Web Performance and Site Protection Recorded: Nov 15 2017 35 mins
    Dvir Shapira, Director, Product Management, Imperva Incapsula, Robert Hamilton Director, Product Marketing, Imperva Incapsula
    If you're using the Akamai platform and it is no longer meeting your company’s need for security and application delivery, try Imperva Incapsula.
    The Incapsula cloud service gives you a single interface that integrates content delivery, website security, DDoS protection, and load balancing. Incapsula is PCI compliant, has customizable security rules and offers 24/7 support. With Incapsula you can deliver applications securely and efficiently.

    Here's what the webinar will demonstrate:
    • Operational advantages and cost savings from a switch to Incapsula
    • How to plan and execute a successful migration from Akamai to Incapsula
    • The differences in functionality between the two platforms
  • Pulse Wave Attacks: The New DDoS Threat to Your Network Recorded: Oct 4 2017 31 mins
    Avishay Zawoznik, Lead Threat Researcher, and Kim Lambert, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Imperva Incapsula
    Over the last few months, dedicated security researchers at Imperva Incapsula have witnessed the emergence of a new DDoS assault pattern, which we have come to call a “pulse wave” attack. Join Avishay Zawoznik, Lead Threat Researcher, and Kim Lambert, Incapsula Product and Security Evangelist, as they explore the rationale behind this type of attack, the consequences it can have for your network, and what you should do to make sure your organization is adequately protected.
  • Using IncapRules to Customize Your Security and Access Control Recorded: Sep 13 2017 25 mins
    Peter Klimek, Principal Sales Engineer, Imperva
    IncapRules are an integral method to customize Incapsula for your specific applications and environment. However, we find that our enterprise clients may have questions on building advanced rules or need help understanding how to write them for complex scenarios. In this session, Peter Klimek, Principal Security Engineer, discusses the interface, some of the most common filters and actions, and how a large client collaborated with our security team to thwart credential stuffing on their client self-service portal.
  • Migrating to the Cloud? Five Years’ Worth of Lessons Learned Recorded: Sep 13 2017 27 mins
    Vaskan Hauri, VP of Engineering, 10up
    Moving your critical applications from on-premises servers to the cloud can be a daunting prospect — but it doesn't need to be. Drawing on over 5 years of experience bringing some of the largest CMS sites on the Web into the cloud, Vasken Hauri, VP of Engineering at 10up, covers the key aspects you'll need to consider to ensure a smooth and successful migration. He also touches on some best practices you can apply post-migration to keep your sites secure, performant, and worry-free in an era where our toasters can launch DDoS attacks.
  • Boost Your Website Performance with Advanced Application Delivery Rules Recorded: Sep 13 2017 13 mins
    Jeff Serota, Technical Account Manager, Imperva
    Incapsula introduced Application Delivery Rules (ADR) in October of 2016, but many clients have not tapped into their powerful abilities. In this session, Jeff Serota, Technical Account manager, provides an overview of ADR, discusses how they differ from IncapRules, and teaches you how to leverage them in your own Incapsula deployment.
  • Upgrade Your Website Performance and Security: Migrate from Akamai to Incapsula Recorded: Aug 24 2017 35 mins
    Dvir Shapira, Director of Product Management & Robert Hamilton, Director of Product Marketing, Imperva Incapsula
    If your Akamai cloud-based platform is no longer meeting your company’s need for security and application delivery, consider a switch to Imperva Incapsula.

    The Incapsula cloud service helps you deliver applications securely and efficiently. With a single interface that integrates content delivery, website security, DDoS protection, and load balancing, you can accelerate the delivery of your web content and protect your site from external threats.

    Here's just some of what you'll learn during this webinar:

    •The differences in functionality between the two platforms
    •Operational advantages and cost savings from a switch to Incapsula
    •How to plan and execute a successful migration from Akamai to Incapsula

    And just for attending this live webinar, you’ll get a free migration guide to help you transition easily from Akamai to Incapsula.

    With PCI compliance, a robust engine with customizable security rule setting, 24/7 support, and significant cost savings, why wouldn’t you consider a switch to Incapsula? Find out if the Incapsula cloud security platform is right for you.
  • Assess DDoS Readiness Without Pentesting Recorded: Aug 9 2017 45 mins
    Ziv Gadot, CEO, Red Button & Robert Hamilton, Director of Product Marketing, Imperva Incapsula
    Organizations often do not know if their websites can withstand DDoS attacks. The reasons for this include:

    •There’s a lack of expertise among customers and consultants.
    •It’s hard to test as DDoS pentesting is likely the most difficult project to approve and perform on a regular basis.
    •It’s difficult to measure and standardize.

    The DDoS Calculator can help solve all these problems by giving an objective, quantifiable analysis of your organization’s ability to withstand DDoS attacks.

    In this webinar Ziv Gadot, Red Button CEO, will demo the DDoS Calculator. He will also explain the technologies (expert system) and standards (DRS) behind the DDoS calculator and what they mean for you.
  • How to Protect Your Cloud Instance with Incapsula Recorded: Jul 19 2017 41 mins
    Farzam Ebadypour, Senior Sales Engineer, Imperva Incapsula, Robert Hamilton, Director, Product Marketing, Imperva Incapsula
    More than 90 percent of companies use cloud services. As more companies move their apps and data to the public cloud, the risk of web threats increases.

    Adding security to your cloud services such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform can help reduce exposing your enterprise to DDoS attacks and other threats. Find out how Incapsula WAF and DDoS mitigation can help to:

    - Mitigate risks to your network
    - Increase visibility to security events
    - Save cost and brand reputation
  • Small DDoS Attacks Can Lead to Large Outages Recorded: Jun 21 2017 59 mins
    Andy Shoemaker, Founder, NimbusDDOS and Nabeel Saeed Hassan, Product Marketing Manager, Imperva Incapsula
    The focus of the news media has been on massive DDoS attacks, with recent headlines proclaiming attacks in excess of 500Gbps. In this webinar, DDoS testing expert and NimbusDDOS founder Andy Shoemaker will demonstrate in a live DDoS attack how even a tiny attack can cause significant outage, including:

    1. How a small gap can be responsible for a big outage
    2. A demo of a live attack on a site
    3. Methods you can use to identify and fix these risk areas
    4. How to detect all layer 7 attacks automatically
  • The Denial of Service Underground DDoS Perpetrators and Attacks Exposed Recorded: Jun 6 2017 9 mins
    Imperva Incapsula
    Denial of service attacks are in the news every week, and sometimes even daily. When they are successful, they cut off access for businesses and disrupt their operations if not cripple them. Take a tour to see what these crippling attacks are, who’s behind them and why they happen.
  • 6 Ways to Improve Your Site Availability by 10x Recorded: May 24 2017 49 mins
    Jose Mora, Partner Marketing, PagerDuty and Robert Hamilton, Director, Product Marketing, Incapsula
    Site availability has become the new competitive advantage. By moving from 3-nines availability to 4-nines, you can catapult your site into the lead. It’s surprisingly easy to adopt methods to dramatically improve your site uptime and resolve issues before they get out of hand. Join PagerDuty and Incapsula to understand how you can take steps today to improve your competitive advantage and deliver customer satisfaction. In this webcast PagerDuty and Incapsula will discuss latest techniques to improve event intelligence and orchestrate incident response. We’ll also demonstrate how developing a cloud-based high-availability solution is surprisingly easy to implement.
  • Three Strategies to Stay on Top of Bots on Your Website Recorded: May 10 2017 44 mins
    Peter Klimek, Senior Sales Engineer, and Nabeel Hassan Saeed, Product Evangelist, Imperva Incapsula
    Half of your site visitors are bots. Of those more than 50 percent are malicious. Find out how you can take control of your website from malicious bots while reaping the benefits of “good” bots with Incapsula. You can block, redirect or channel bots to improve performance and security with Application Delivery Rules.

    This webinar shows you how to:
    •Block bad bots
    •Redirect search bots to dedicated resources
    •Tune your site to leverage the power of bots
Imperva Incapsula
Incapsula is a cloud-based application delivery platform. It uses a global content delivery network to provide website security, DDoS protection, load balancing and failover services to clients.

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  • Title: Imperva Incapsula Secures and Protects Google Cloud Customers
  • Live at: Oct 12 2016 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Andy Chang, Sr. Product Manager, Cloud Security & Risk, Google; Vineet Bhan, Dir. of Business Development, Imperva Incapsula
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