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How To Close More Deals With The Right Content

In this webinar, Mikita Mikado, CEO of PandaDoc, discusses the importance of building quality Sales Enablement materials for your sales reps.

What you'll learn:
-Why your Sales Collateral and Process Matters
-Building a clear quote-to-close process for your sales team
-Sales content You need to Empower Your Team
-How to structure a killer proposal
Recorded Jun 1 2016 27 mins
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Presented by
Mikita Mikado, CEO - PandaDoc, Max Altschuler, Founder & CEO - Sales Hacker
Presentation preview: How To Close More Deals With The Right Content

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  • 8 mistakes that stop you from closing the sale Recorded: May 8 2019 58 mins
    Sujan Patel, Co-Founder Mailshake, Mike Paladino, Head of Sales, PandaDoc
    The deal is done. You’ve heard the “yes,” you’ve sent the proposal or contract, and the team is gearing up to celebrate. Then, at the last moment, the sale falls through.

    So what went wrong?

    It’s tempting to listen to the voice in your head that says “blame the prospect,” but in most cases, the fault lies somewhere in the buildup to the sale. Despite your best efforts, there was a point in your sales process where a barrier stopped the sale from coming to fruition.

    From under-qualifying prospects to over-engineering the sale, Mailshake founder Sujan Patel and our own Head of Sales, Michael Paladino Jr. — share eight of the biggest mistakes that can derail the sale, and the closing techniques you can use to combat them. Watch the recording now.
  • The Art of Closing the Sale: 2019 trends to help you close more deals Recorded: Feb 19 2019 61 mins
    Mike Paladino, Head of Sales PandaDoc & Sujan Patel, Co-Founder, Mailshake
    A new year calls for a fresh start. But how are you applying your resolutions to your sales strategy?

    In this webinar, Mike Paladino, Head of Sales here at PandaDoc joins Mailshake Co-Founder Sujan Patel to discuss the top sales trends you’ll want to follow this year to close deals faster and win more revenue.

    A few of the questions Mike and Sujan will cover on the webinar:

    Sales enablement will still be a big theme in 2019, how can we be more strategic around creating content for sales?

    The use of AI in sales is becoming bigger and bigger, are reps being replaced with robots?

    How can we as sales continue to build a better relationship with marketing in 2019?

    There are a ton of tools on the market promising to help reps do their jobs faster, which ones are best for automating top and bottom funnel sales activities?

    Sales operations is a necessity, but what are some specific areas our operations team should focus on this year?
  • How video can transform your sales process Recorded: Dec 6 2018 60 mins
    Amiet Chevrier Gill, Head of Business Development, Digital Brew
    The age of digital transformation is happening but how have you applied it to your sales process?

    There are an array of tools on the market that promise to help you close deals faster so it can be tough to know where to start. In this webinar with Digital Brew, we’ll discuss:

    -How to best leverage video throughout your entire sales process
    -How to revolutionize the way people interpret your brand
    -How to deliver a high-quality experience your customers will love
  • Empower your sales team: Streamline inefficiencies to close deals faster Recorded: Oct 25 2018 58 mins
    Mike Paladino, Head of Sales & Adrian Chow, EVP of Sales & Marketing
    How do you ensure that you are staying ahead of the prospecting game? What are you doing differently than your competitors to win more business?

    Even if your product is superior, you still have to sell a step above everyone else.

    Join PandaDoc and Autoklose to learn how we empower our own sales teams with technology and the right training to boost productivity and double revenue.

    You’ll learn:
    -How the right tools can save your reps time and reduce your time to close
    -Strategies you can employ to maximize efficiency at both the top and bottom ends of your sales funnel
    -What to include in your cold email outreach to increase your conversion rate
    -The analytics you need to monitor to bring more deals to the finish line
  • PandaDoc + Zapier: Achieve maximum efficiency with automated workflows Recorded: Oct 4 2018 36 mins
    Scott Bilodeau, Customer Solutions Engineer
    Here’s a saying you’ve heard before: There are never enough hours in the day.

    And if you’re saying this more often than not, then it’s time to re-evaluate your sales process. To generate more business, you need to increase your productivity and eliminate inadequate tools not just for the sales team but also for your marketing, HR, finance and legal teams too.

    Join us for a webinar where we’ll show you how PandaDoc and Zapier can help you connect over 1,300 apps so that you can reduce your busywork, simplify processes, streamline communication and ultimately make you much more efficient.
  • Intro to PandaDoc Recorded: Sep 18 2018 59 mins
    Paul De Barros, Sales Manager, SMB
    Join us for this in-depth product-focused webinar on the basic functionality of PandaDoc. We’ll walk you through how to create, send, track, and eSign proposals, quotes, and contracts so you can close deals faster. We’ll also showcase time-saving features designed to streamline your sales process.
  • Pricing Pitfalls: Painful pricing growth lessons from 8,352 companies Recorded: Aug 30 2018 60 mins
    PandaDoc and ProfitWell
    Pricing is one of the highest impact growth levers in a business, but most companies spend less than 15 hours per year on their pricing strategy. To make matters worse, sales practices around discounting, poor customer research, and improper targeting result in significant losses that can't be made up by just spending more time on acquisition-based growth.

    To help you take advantage of pricing's power, this webinar will cover:
    -How the market has changed, making acquisition-based growth harder
    -How discounting negatively impacts growth
    -Product problems that arise from the lack of pricing persona fit
    -A framework for understanding your buyers
  • Intro to PandaDoc Recorded: Aug 23 2018 57 mins
    Paul De Barros, Sales Manager, SMB
    Join us for this in-depth product-focused webinar on the basic functionality of PandaDoc. We’ll walk you through how to create, send, track, and eSign proposals, quotes, and contracts so you can close deals faster. We’ll also showcase time-saving features designed to streamline your sales process.
  • Intro to PandaDoc Recorded: Aug 9 2018 64 mins
    Paul De Barros, Sales Manager, SMB
    Join us for this in-depth product-focused webinar on the basic functionality of PandaDoc. We’ll walk you through how to create, send, track, and eSign proposals, quotes, and contracts so you can close deals faster. We’ll also showcase time-saving features designed to streamline your sales process.
  • How to Get Sales Reps to Actually Follow Up with Marketing Leads Recorded: Jul 12 2018 61 mins
    Denis Malkov, Director, Revenue Operations, Alex Orafo, Conversational Marketing Manager, and Nick Christolos
    This sound familiar?

    Marketer: “Here are your 300 quality leads that I just spent three weeks sourcing — enjoy!”

    Sales rep: “Cool, but these people literally just went to a webinar, not sure I have time for them.”

    ^ These situations can be extremely frustrating. And — truth be told — no one comes out a winner.

    The good news?

    There is a better way to align sales and marketing on the plays you need to drive timely and targeted follow-up with your best leads.

    We're bringing together Drift’s Alex Orfao and Nick Christolos and our own Denis Malkov, Director, Revenue Operations, to talk through the essential plays for building the most effective lead follow-up sequences, and how you can get sales and marketing on the same page once and for all.
  • 8 keys to creating a killer sales proposal Recorded: Oct 9 2017 29 mins
    Paul De Barros, Account Executive at PandaDoc
    In this recorded webinar, we'll discuss why you should send proposals over boring quotes and legal contracts and the 8 elements you must have in your proposals. We'll also give a high-level overview of PandaDoc.
  • Cut Through The Noise: Compelling Emails & Proposals that Beat the Competition Recorded: Aug 24 2017 52 mins
    Dan Levinschi, Head of Marketing, PandaDoc | Joel Stevenson, SVP of Sales & Marketing, Yesware
    A sales reps’ daily responsibility is to cut through the noise of the competition to gain their prospect’s attention. But this is nearly impossible these days when the prospect’s inbox is flooded with more messages to respond to than there are hours in the day.

    Join this discussion where we talk about the cold email and proposal tips you need to make sure your message jumps straight to the top with a killer subject line and the content you need to include in your proposal to increase your sales success.
  • What an Effective Employee Onboarding Program Looks Like Recorded: Jul 19 2017 50 mins
    Andrea Duke, HR Advisor - TPD & Neha Siddana, Senior HR Manager - PandaDoc
    Getting new hires started isn’t something that just happens overnight. Investing in onboarding is an important part of any HR strategy. It takes a lot of work and careful planning to ensure new team members can truly hit the ground running. Join TPD and PandaDoc as we join forces to share knowledge of best practices and successes.
  • 5 Prescriptions to Help Close Deals Faster Recorded: May 4 2017 61 mins
    Jared Fuller, VP of Sales, PandaDoc | Kyle Bastien, Senior Sales Trainer, ProsperWorks
    Jared Fuller, VP of Sales of PandaDoc and Kyle Bastien, Senior Sales Trainer of ProsperWorks are delivering the 5 prescriptions every sales team needs to alleviate the pain points of their prospects.

    They'll break down how to perform effective disco calls, effective pain mapping prior to the demo, and how to provide valuable takeaways that will have your prospect turned to a customer in no time.
  • Effective Lead Generation Techniques Your Team Needs Now Recorded: Apr 6 2017 61 mins
    Eric Quanstrom, CMO of KiteDesk & Mikita Mikado, CEO of PandaDoc
    For any B2B company, one of their primary goals is to grow their business and increase productivity. Unfortunately, teams often struggle filling their pipelines with qualified opportunities and then spend much of their time hoping they will close.

    Tune into our webinar with KiteDesk where we will discuss how to find high quality leads with effective email outreach to create a solid, predictable pipeline. We will also discuss tips and techniques for timely follow-ups to ensure those deals make it to the finish line and meet your revenue goals.
  • Increase Sales with Great Customer Success Recorded: Feb 14 2017 51 mins
    Jeremy Malander, Director of Success, PandaDoc | Greg Dreyfus, Platform Specialist, Zendesk
    Sales are always looking for additional channels in which they can increase the number of opportunities in their pipeline. But often, they don't even consider the help of their customer success teams.

    Join us for a webinar with Zendesk and our very own Jeremy Malander, Director of Customer Success, to hear the mistakes he learned early in his career so that you can better help your customer success team to fill sales' pipeline and also increase upsells.
  • From Chaos to Clarity: Creating an Organized Sales Team Recorded: Feb 1 2017 49 mins
    Jared Fuller, VP of BD & Sales, PandaDoc | Mark Ripley VP of Sales, Insightly
    Studies show that businesses of all sizes struggle with organization and efficiency amongst sales teams. If this is proving problematic for your business, join PandaDoc and Insightly as we proactively discuss practical, real-world solutions for creating control out of chaos.

    We’ll cover:
    -How to invest in the right tools
    -How to embrace automation
    -How to create a successful sales culture with sales enablement
  • 6 Sales Prescriptions to Convert Sick Prospects Into Health Customers Fast Recorded: Jan 11 2017 52 mins
    Jared Fuller, VP of Sales & BD | Gabe Larsen, Director of InsideSales.com Labs
    According to HubSpot research, only 3% of people consider salespeople to be trustworthy. So what does that mean for a salesperson like you? You need actionable steps to build trust with your prospects quickly.

    Using tactics taught by doctors, this webinar will teach you:

    -How to eliminate bad-fit prospects from your pipeline as quickly as possible
    -Why price and time should never be objections you can’t overcome
    -How to simplify your sales process

    Watch the webinar now.
  • Master Activity-Based Sales Recorded: Nov 3 2016 68 mins
    Timo Rein, Co-founder and CEO of Pipedrive and Mikita Mikado, Co-founder and CEO of PandaDoc
    Learn how to increase your close rate!

    Up your sales game - adopt the latest activity-based and sales enablement techniques. Tips and trick from experts, which you can quickly put into your organization sales processes.

    Activity-Based Sales

    Learn how anyone in sales, from the enterprise sales expert to an individual entry-level sales rep can adopt activity-based selling to increase closing rate. It’s the most powerful, promising and successful way to sell. It puts you in the driver’s seat, gives you visibility into your pipeline, builds your confidence and even makes selling more fun.

    Sales Enablement

    Activity-based selling and sales enablement go hand in hand. The marketplace has changed. Buyers now have more tools and resources at their disposal to help them through the purchase process. Thus, sales teams often struggle to close deals and spot new opportunities. Sales enablement content has also undergone a transformation - modern tools and visual content are available to sell value and provide meaningful insights.

    Budgets for sales enablement have doubled to $2.4 million in the past two years, and companies have also increased their investment in sales enablement technology by 69% (SiriusDecisions, 2014).


    Timo Rein is an expert on activity-based selling and will cover advice for the top of sales funnel. Timo is the co-founder and president of Pipedrive, a provider of sales CRM software that gives sales teams control over their selling processes. He has 15-plus years experience as a salesman, sales manager and software entrepreneur.

    Mikita Mikado is a master of sales enablement techniques and will talk about the bottom part of the funnel from his 11 years of experience in sales and running various software business. Mikita is co-founder and CEO of PandaDoc, makers of all-in-one software that enables easier, faster delivery of high-quality, personalized documents.
  • "Predictable Prospecting" Part 3 - People, Process, and Technology Recorded: Oct 28 2016 51 mins
    Marylou Tyler - Author of "Predictable Prospecting"
    Marylou Tyler believes in the power of 3. Whether it’s in your sales methodology, your day-to-day habits, or even this webinar series. Save your seat for Part 3 where she will go through her optimization framework.

    The 3 key themes for this session are:
    -Finding the right people for the right seats
    -Measuring and optimizing your sales process
    -Leveraging the right sales tools

    Registering for the webinar will not only save your spot, but you’ll get access to templates and resources you can start using right away. There isn’t a part 4, so this is your last chance to get the inside secrets from Marylou. See you soon!
Streamline your sales workflow
PandaDoc is the all-in-one software that streamlines your sales workflows. Create, send, track, and eSign client-facing documents designed to win more business. PandaDoc integrates with your CRM, saves your team time, and provides transparency into your sales performance.

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  • Title: How To Close More Deals With The Right Content
  • Live at: Jun 1 2016 10:50 pm
  • Presented by: Mikita Mikado, CEO - PandaDoc, Max Altschuler, Founder & CEO - Sales Hacker
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