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How Sprint is addressing employee behavioral health

The numbers are staggering; did you know:

44 million American adults experience mental illness in a given year;
13.5 million American adults live with a serious mental illness;
70% of people diagnosed with depression are in the workforce;

Get the facts about mental health in the workplace and hear what Sprint is doing to address behavioral health issues in their workforce.
Recorded May 26 2016 58 mins
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Presented by
Seth Cohen, VP Alliances, Castlight Health, Nathan Hays, Manager, Health & Productivity Analytics, Sprint
Presentation preview: How Sprint is addressing employee behavioral health

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  • Personalized Benefits Communication: How Viacom Tailored Their Benefit Programs Recorded: Jun 22 2017 53 mins
    Adam Entenberg - VP of Employee Benefits, Viacom and Seth Cohen - VP of Sales and Alliances, Castligh
    Viacom, a 12.5 billion dollar company, is home to many of the world’s most premier entertainment brands, including: Bet, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Paramount, Nickelodeon, and more.

    In an effort to help their people make the most of their benefits and enable more informed healthcare decisions, Viacom launched a comprehensive benefits platform in 2015. Powered by Castlight Health, this platform was designed to simplify the benefits experience for employees, while providing real-time reporting and actionable insights for administrators.

    In this webinar, Viacom Vice President of Employee Benefits, Adam Entenberg, and Castlight Vice President of Sales and Alliances, Seth Cohen, co-present on the foundations of the program and to-date results.

    Key areas of focus will include:

    • Personalized Outreach: How tailored communications and recommendations can help drive engagement.

    • Actionable Insights: How Viacom mined user data to trigger highly personalized and targeted campaigns.

    • Integrated Platform: What an integrated platform can do to simplify benefits administration and utilization.
  • Why engaging your employees in their benefits is so important Recorded: Jun 8 2017 60 mins
    Lisa Parisi Sr. Human Resources Business Partner Carnival Cruise Line, Allison Shaw HR Director RES Software (Presenter), Rob
    With rising healthcare costs and communications overload, employers today need better ways to engage their employees in their benefits. Getting your message through to employees – and empowering them to make better healthcare decisions – is critical to achieving the ROI you deserve.

    So how you can you make sure your employees know what they need to know about their benefits? And how can you optimize employee engagement without creating more work for HR?

    View this informative, insight-rich webinar to learn:

    Why it’s essential to give employees a simpler way to understand and access their complex health benefits
    How to empower employees with personalized information about medical, pharma, and wellness.
    Three best practices for optimizing benefits ROI
  • Castlight + Jiff: A new vision for employee health Recorded: May 16 2017 57 mins
    Derek Newell, President, Pierce Graham-Jones VP, Marketing & Business Development, Maeve O’Meara Senior VP, Products
    When it comes to embracing health benefits technology, many employers are still on the fence: They're excited by the prospect of greater efficiency and employee satisfaction, but overwhelmed by the wide array of programs and providers.

    Castlight and Jiff have recently joined forces with the goal of building the most comprehensive health platform on the market. Together, the combined company will serve more than 240 customers, including over 70 of the Fortune 500, and will seek to improve every aspect of an employee’s health experience: from staying healthy, to accessing care, to managing a condition.

    During this webinar, Castlight’s Derek Newell, Pierce Graham-Jones and Maeve O’Meara provided a sneak peak of the combined product, and preview some exciting innovations that are already in the works for large employers.
  • How to Market Benefits to Drive Real Engagement Recorded: Apr 20 2017 38 mins
    Samantha Goldman, Head of Consumer Marketing, Castlight Health
    Reaching employees is harder than ever! Employee communications are not getting through because they’re competing with more than 280 messages every day.

    Getting employees to engage with their benefits, let alone pay attention, isn’t just an email exercise. Employers need a marketing strategy to drive real engagement with benefits. It’s a journey and mentality that many leading employers are now adopting.

    Listen to Samantha Goldman, Head of Consumer Marketing at Castlight Health and learn a simple framework to get started on marketing benefits.

    This webinar covers:
    • The marketing basics
    • How marketing can be applied to benefits
    • Tips and tactics to quickly get started
  • Meet Employees Where They Are: How Mobile Has Changed The Rules of Engagement Recorded: Mar 9 2017 47 mins
    Jonathan Rende, Chief R&D Officer, Castlight Health, Ruta Raju, Sr. Director of User Experience & Design, Castlight Health
    Want employees to engage more with their benefits? Then you’ll need to meet them where they are — on their smartphones. Join featured speakers Jonathan Rende, Chief R&D Officer at Castlight Health, and Ruta Raju, Castlight’s Senior Director of User Experience & Design, to learn how mobile is changing the rules of engagement.

    The rise of mobile offers tremendous opportunities for employers who are looking for a better way to reach and engage employees. This webinar will address:

    ✓ Why leveraging mobile is critical to engaging today’s employees
    ✓ What makes or breaks a great mobile benefits app
    ✓ Tips for benefit leaders in creating an effective mobile strategy
    ✓ A sneak peak at Castlight’s all-new mobile app
  • NetApp's All-in-One Approach to Health Minds, Bodies and Wallets Recorded: Mar 1 2017 45 mins
    Rachelle Taylor, NetApp
    In 2016, NetApp transitioned their wellness program to a platform-based model, utilizing technology and services powered by Jiff. NetApp’s goal was to deliver a highly engaging and fully comprehensive suite of wellbeing tools to promote healthy minds, bodies, and wallets. In this webinar, NetApp’s Rachelle Taylor will review the results of the initiative, as well as her vision for the future.
  • Employee Engagement: how Eaton achieved record employee participation Recorded: Jan 31 2017 58 mins
    Gordon Harman, VP Global Benefits, Eaton, Jessica van der Wal, Head of User Growth, Castlight
    Engage employees by overcoming communication overload.
    Join featured speakers Gordon Harman, VP Global Benefits of global power management company Eaton, and Jessica van der Wal, Head of User Growth, Castlight Health to learn how Eaton achieved a whopping 87% employee engagement rate by following Employee Engagement Fundamentals. This webinar will address:

    • Which incentives are proven to really motivate employees
    • How (and why) to enlist execs as program cheerleaders
    • What tools to use for a smooth, seamless employee experience
    • How to keep employees engaged over the long haul
  • The opioid crisis: Understanding the workplace impact Recorded: Nov 16 2016 62 mins
    Dr. Sarah Wakeman, Leo Beletsky, JD, MPH, Dr. Howard Willson, Dr. Chris Whaley
    You've probably heard about the opioid epidemic – the abuse of opioid drugs, including prescription painkillers as well as heroin and other drugs. But do you know how it's impacting your workplace?

    Watch On-Demand Harvard Medical School addiction specialist Dr. Sarah Wakeman, policy expert Leo Beletsky, JD, MPH, Castlight's Dr. Howard Willson and UC Berkeley Research Economist Dr. Chris Whaley discuss research-based insights on:

    - The fundamentals of the opioid crisis, including tips for identifying opioid use disorder
    - Helping employees recognize and respond to opioid drug misuse in the workplace
    - Alternatives for pain management
    - Setting anti-discrimination and anti-stigma policies
    - Creating a balanced benefit package for pain care and substance abuse-affected individuals

    Moderated by Dr. Greg Curfman, Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications, watch and learn from Harvard and Castlight subject matter experts.
  • Preparing for 2017 benefits planning Recorded: Oct 20 2016 59 mins
    Alan W. Wiederhold - Regional Vice President, Coresource, Bob Elmer - VP Senior Benefits Consultant, Corporate Synergies
    As healthcare costs continue to increase, what strategies should employers consider to hold down costs? How can they best engage employees? Explore trends to consider for the new year by viewing this on-demand webinar.

    HR professionals will learn:
    - What new programs to consider
    - Planning best practices
    - Methods for cost savings
    - How narrow networks and self-funding play into strategy
    - If adding a CDHP option is right for your company
  • How Sprint is addressing employee behavioral health Recorded: May 26 2016 58 mins
    Seth Cohen, VP Alliances, Castlight Health, Nathan Hays, Manager, Health & Productivity Analytics, Sprint
    The numbers are staggering; did you know:

    44 million American adults experience mental illness in a given year;
    13.5 million American adults live with a serious mental illness;
    70% of people diagnosed with depression are in the workforce;

    Get the facts about mental health in the workplace and hear what Sprint is doing to address behavioral health issues in their workforce.
  • See Castlight in Action Recorded: Mar 31 2016 29 mins
    Maeve O'Meara - Senior Vice President Products, Castlight Health
    Did you know 73 percent of your employees don’t understand their healthcare benefits? As a consequence they aren't getting the care they need and this can have a dramatic impact not only on your bottom line, but also on the overall health and happiness of your employees.

    This webcast describes how Castlight’s health benefits platform can help you engage your employees in making better healthcare decisions, enabling you to maximize the impact of your programs.
  • The Secret Sauce: Achieving Real Employee Engagement Recorded: Feb 12 2016 25 mins
    Megan Schmitt - Senior Benefits Analyst, Rockwell Collins; Luke Prettol - Human Capital Manager, Aggreko
    Secure and easy access to personalized health benefits information is a powerful combination for any workforce. Hear how Rockwell Collins and Aggreko transformed their employees from hard-to-reach statistics into actively engaged healthcare consumers. This webinar covers:

    The secret to helping employees make better healthcare decisions.
    Ways your company can put these strategies to work today.
    Tips to unlock the value of your benefits strategy.
What if you could impact employee health every day?
Castlight Health's mission is to empower people to make the best choices for their health and to help companies make the most of their health benefits. We offer a health benefits platform that engages employees to make better healthcare decisions and can guide them to the right program, care, and provider. The platform also enables benefit leaders to communicate and measure their programs while driving employee engagement with targeted, relevant communications. Castlight has partnered with enterprise customers, spanning millions of lives, to improve healthcare outcomes, lower costs, and increase benefits satisfaction.

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  • Title: How Sprint is addressing employee behavioral health
  • Live at: May 26 2016 10:30 pm
  • Presented by: Seth Cohen, VP Alliances, Castlight Health, Nathan Hays, Manager, Health & Productivity Analytics, Sprint
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