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Seattle Children's Gains Complete Citrix VDI Visibility with ExtraHop

Wes Wright, CIO of Seattle Children's, describes how ExtraHop helped to find the "ghost in the machine" that was slowing down their Citrix VDI deployment. ExtraHop provides real-time ICA analysis as well as correlated visibility for the rest of the Citrix environment. Also speaking is Tim Holt, Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture.
Recorded Sep 12 2016 3 mins
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Presented by
Wes Wright, CIO, Seattle Children's Hospital
Presentation preview: Seattle Children's Gains Complete Citrix VDI Visibility with ExtraHop

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  • Nice to Have or Have to Have? The Case for Cyber Insurance Oct 10 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    John Smith, Prin. Sec. Engr, ExtraHop; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator
    More and more companies are offering cyber insurance policies to help mitigate the financial losses an organization might suffer from a cyber incident. With the increase in breaches, intrusions and ransomware incidents, cyber insurance could be right for your organization as a part of the risk mitigation strategy. But there’s a lot of confusion for organizations in determining what a company’s exposure is and what exceptions and exclusions might be in a policy. Organizations are almost forced to think like an underwriter to address these concerns. Join ExtraHop and (ISC)2 October 10, 2019 at 1PM Eastern for a discussion on cyber insurance, demystifying the current insurance landscape and what are the right questions to answer.
  • ISSA International Series: New Trends in Security - Outsourcing and Other Tech Sep 24 2019 4:00 pm UTC 120 mins
    ISSA International
    As deployment models evolve so does the need for our responses. With technology such as Cloud, containers, and rapid update deployment rolling out, what's going on with security?
  • Achieving Cloud Visibility With Cloud-Native Network Detection & Response Recorded: Aug 29 2019 52 mins
    Amelie Darchicourt, Cloud Product Marketing Manager & Eric Thomas, Director of Cloud Product Marketing, ExtraHop
    Without native network visibility in the cloud, enterprises have been limited to log or agent centric tools to support their cloud migration and to secure their workloads, making it challenging to detect and investigate complex threats in a timely manner. The introduction of Microsoft Azure V-Tap and Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring finally provides access to context-rich network data for threat detection, investigation and response.

    Join this webinar to learn how to gain visibility in your cloud workloads by leveraging the new network tap features released by the leading public cloud providers. During this session, Amelie Darchicourt, Cloud Product Marketing Manager at ExtraHop, will present the benefits of adopting a cloud-first approach to Network Detection and Response (NDR) and will share insights about how SecOps teams can hold up their side of the shared responsibility model and deliver unified security across the hybrid attack surface.
  • Best Practices for Network Security Threat Hunting with ExtraHop and Ixia Recorded: Aug 26 2019 58 mins
    Tanner Payne, Sr. Sales Engineer at ExtraHop; Greg Copeland, Director of BizDev at Ixia
    Learn how you can go beyond the traditional perimeter security provided by a firewall, IPS, etc. to actively search for threats that have infiltrated your network.

    Threat hunting looks at data at rest (e.g. data lakes) and at data on the move (i.e. the data flowing in and out of servers). This capability allows you to deploy a solution to either analyze data in real-time or at a later date to determine if your network has been compromised.

    This webinar will define the benefits of threat hunting and best practices for deployment of threat hunting.
  • Integrated Incident Response: A Panel Discussion about the SANS 2019 IR Survey Recorded: Aug 7 2019 56 mins
    Matt Bromiley, Digital Forensics and IR instructor at SANS; John Smith, Principal Engineer at ExtraHop Networks
    This webcast takes a deeper dive into the results of the SANS 2019 Incident Response (IR) Survey. A panel moderated by SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response instructor Matt Bromiley and representatives from DomainTools and ExtraHop will explore major themes developed during analysis of the survey results.
  • Let’s Work Together! How to Drive SecOps and NetOps Collaboration Recorded: Jul 18 2019 59 mins
    John Smith, Princ Sales Eng, ExtraHop; Caroline Saxon, Sr Advisor to CIO, TSYS; Glenn Leifheit, Microsoft; B. Dunlap
    The siloed, standalone operations of security operations (SecOps) and network operations (NetOps) resulted in teams with their own culture, technologies, processes, skillsets and lexicons. When SecOps and NetOps each have their own tools and workflows, this results in slower detection and response, higher costs and an ineffective use of cybersecurity personnel. Security has also become complex, fast moving and critical to all organizations and it no longer makes sense for the two functions to remain siloed. Join ExtraHop and (ISC)2 on July 18, 2019 at 1:00PM Eastern for a discussion on how to increase collaboration between SecOps and NetOps and the benefits derived from that.
  • Common and Best Practices for Security Operations Centers: Panel Discussion Recorded: Jul 11 2019 62 mins
    Jeff Costlow (Deputy CISO at ExtraHop Networks), John Pescatore (Director of Emerging Technologies at SANS)
    This webcast digs more deeply into the results of the SANS 2019 SOC Survey. A panel moderated by SANS Director of Emerging Technologies John Pescatore and comprised of survey author Chris Crowley and representatives from ExtraHop, Siemplify and ThreatConnect will touch on key themes developed through analyzing the results of the survey.

    Key areas of discussion include:

    - Best practices of those organizations that are able to maintain accurate and up-to-date asset inventories on-premises and in the cloud
    - Best practices of SOC managers who have successfully incorporated SOAR technologies and metrics that show measurable business benefit
    - Areas of SOC operations impacted by staffing concerns and definitions of those concerns as a quantity or skills problem
  • How To Increase MITRE ATT&CK Coverage with Network Traffic Analysis Recorded: Jun 24 2019 63 mins
    John Smith, Principal Sales Engineer at ExtraHop; Chris Crowley, Senior Instructor at SANS
    The MITRE ATT&CK Framework is a useful tool for SecOps teams trying to understand their security posture against common adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). In this presentation you'll learn how to take your ATT&CK understanding and coverage to the next level with network traffic analysis. You'll also learn:

    - Key tips for understanding the MITRE ATT&CK Framework and how to use it as a tool to improve your security posture.
    - What the framework is optimized for, and where it has room to grow
    - Which security tools and data sources you'll need to achieve the best coverage against TTPs in all 12 categories of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework
  • How to Speed Incident Response with Network Data Recorded: Jun 4 2019 33 mins
    Matt Cauthorn, VP Sales Engineering, Security Evangelist at ExtraHop Networks
    Investigating and responding to security incidents can take hours or days if analysts are forced to manually correlate data and contact other teams to access secondary system logs or even packet captures they need to be confident about what actually happened.

    In this SC Media-hosted webinar, we step through a rapid, end-to-end investigation and response process, from early breach detection to forensic analysis in just minutes, relying on Network Traffic Analysis for authoritative and detailed data.

    - Identify which devices and users were involved in an incident
    - Dig into transaction records and layer 7 payloads to see exactly what users and resources were involved
    - Access packets and decryption keys for incontrovertible proof and root cause analysis
  • Becoming a Threat Hunter in Your Enterprise Recorded: May 15 2019 63 mins
    Jeff Costlow, ExtraHop; John Sawyer, IOActive
    For years, most IT security organizations have waited to detect new threats and then moved swiftly to defend against them. Today, however, there is a new wave of “threat hunting,” in which the security team takes a more proactive approach --seeking out potential threats before the attackers have a chance to act. How do enterprises build threat hunting programs? How do they staff them, and what tools do they need? What skills and training does a great threat hunter need? In this Dark Reading webinar, a top expert discusses the process for building a threat hunting program, and for optimizing the efforts of designated threat hunters in the organization.

    When you attend this webinar, you will learn:
    - What tools must be in any threat hunter's toolbox
    - How to identify the telltale signs of threat activity, and where to go looking for them
    - What skills and qualities make the best threat hunters
    - When threat hunting is the best option, and when it isn't
    - How to build an efficient threat hunting program (even when you have too much threat intelligence to weed through, and too few security staff to do the weeding)
  • SANS Webinar: The State of Cloud Security - Panel Discussion Recorded: May 12 2019 62 mins
    Jim Reavis, CEO & Co-Founder (Cloud Security Alliance), Eric Thomas, Director of Cloud Products (ExtraHop Networks)
    This webcast digs more deeply into the results of the SANS 2019 Cloud Security Survey, conducted in cooperation with the Cloud Security Alliance. A panel comprised of survey author Dave Shackleford and representatives from ExtraHop and Sysdig will touch on key themes developed through analyzing the results of the survey.
  • Black Hat Webinar: Securing Active Directory Administration Recorded: Apr 22 2019 61 mins
    Sean Metcalf, Trimarc (Founder and Principal Consultant) and Vince Stross, ExtraHop Networks (Principal Security SE)
    Organizations have been forced to adapt to the new reality: Anyone can be targeted and many can be compromised. This has been the catalyst for many to tighten up operations and revamp ancient security practices. They bought boxes that blink and software that floods the SOC with alerts.

    Is it enough? The overwhelming answer is: No.

    This Black Hat-hosted presentation will:
    - explore typical administration methods and how attackers exploit them
    - provide the best methods of secure administration to protect privileged credentials
  • Practical Advice for the Proactive SOC: How to Escape The Vicious Cycle of React Recorded: Apr 17 2019 56 mins
    ISSA International
    In this session, ExtraHop Deputy CISO Jeff Costlow will discuss how security operations teams can escape the cycle of reactivity characterized by constantly responding to a flood of alerts, and move toward a more proactive stance by using the right data sources and workflows, driven by network traffic analysis, to focus on developing proactive capabilities like continuous encryption auditing, policy auditing, and more advanced use cases like threat hunting.

    Mikhael Felker, Director of Information Security & Risk Management for Farmers Insurance

    Jeff Costlow, CISO, ExtraHop
    Michael Wylie, Director of Cybersecurity Services, Richey May Technology Solutions.
  • Encryption is Eating The Enterprise: Learn How To Thrive In The Age Of TLS 1.3 Recorded: Mar 19 2019 61 mins
    Paula Musich, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA); Barbara Kay, ExtraHop Networks; and Bri Hatch, ExtraHop Networks
    Groundbreaking new research from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) shows that encryption is rolling out quickly, with 76% of respondents encrypting within the enterprise network, 71% within the data center, and 58% encrypting email, followed by 55% encrypting web services.

    According to the survey of IT respondents responsible for security, companies are adopting wildly divergent strategies on what, where, and how much to encrypt, how to decrypt, and which standards to use.

    It’s not a simple topic, especially when you add in factors including cloud, TLS 1.3, and regulations. The choices made in implementation can restrict incident response, business risk management, and application security. Poor decisions can be expensive and difficult to fix.

    Join us for a practical discussion with EMA Research Director Paula Musich, ExtraHop Director of IT Operations Bri Hatch, and ExtraHop Head of Security Product Marketing Barbara Kay

    - Research findings will help you gain support for a proactive plan and avoid retrofitting security
    - Security pros will learn what to consider and prioritize and how to engage productively with IT
    - IT and application teams will understand the visibility, performance, and security implications of different approaches to encryption and decryption
  • ExtraHop #3: How to Succeed at Threat Hunting & IR: Think Differently about Data Recorded: Mar 12 2019 59 mins
    Matt Cauthorn, VP of Cyber Security Engineering, ExtraHop; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator
    Two pillars of a successful and proactive SOC are threat hunting and incident response. The use of network traffic analysis can help improve performance in these two areas. This webcast will examine threat hunting and incident response and how network traffic analysis can make Tier 1 and Tier 3 analysts faster and more effective at validating, investigating, and responding to threats and security incidents
  • 72-Hours-to-Disclose Survival Guide Recorded: Feb 26 2019 58 mins
    John Pescatore (SANS) and John Matthews (ExtraHop Networks)
    72-Hours-to-Disclose Survival Guide: Accurate Scoping and Impact Assessment of Breaches

    With data breach reporting requirements tightening, there even greater pressure on incident response teams to understand the scope and impact of an incident. This webinar will discuss the role that network traffic analysis can play in speeding up incident response. You will learn how network traffic analysis can provide the context needed to empower your analysts to quickly investigate incidents and get definitive answers.
  • Rise Above Complex Workflows: Practical Ways to Accelerate Incident Response Recorded: Feb 15 2019 61 mins
    Matt Cauthorn, ExtraHop Networks; Paul Asadoorian. Security Weekly; Matt Alderman, Security Weekly
    Does your security investigation and incident response workflow "spark joy," or does it just leave you with more questions that are tough to answer? How do you improve your current data collection, tools, and workflows? In this session, ExtraHop’s VP of Cyber Security Engineering, Matt Cauthorn, will provide practical advice for how to identify areas for improvement in your incident response practice. Learn how Network Traffic Analysis can provide the visibility and data access needed to take investigations from many hours to just a few clicks.
  • ExtraHop #2: Case Study: Proactive Security Hygiene in a Hybrid Enterprise Recorded: Feb 14 2019 56 mins
    Mike Sheward, Senior Director of Information Security, Accolade; Brandon Dunlap, Moderator
    Ever wonder how network traffic analysis (NTA) can reduce and harden an organization’s attack surface? In this webcast, the Director of Information Security at Accolade present a case study on how they use NTA to audit their security hygiene in real time, assuring that current standards for handling regulated data are being followed, and that all apps, services, and devices follow established security protocols to proactively reduce the chances of a data breach.
  • ExtraHop #1: Getting More Value from SecOps Frameworks Recorded: Feb 12 2019 53 mins
    John Matthews, CIO, ExtraHop, Brandon Dunlap (Moderator)
    Attack and Control frameworks provided by such organizations like NIST, CIS and MITRE can help enterprises to improve, understand their capabilities and build better security. Join ExtraHop and (ISC)2 for a webcast on how to leverage these frameworks to better understand how network traffic analysis can provide the visibility and actionable insights to accelerate an enterprise's success at increasing security maturity.
  • How IT Security Teams Can Use Machine Learning to Improve Data Defense Recorded: Jan 31 2019 63 mins
    Jeff Costlow, ExtraHop Networks; Lisa O'Connor, Accenture Labs; and Malek Ben Salem, Accenture.
    A new wave of machine learning technology promises to help IT security operations teams detect cyber threats sooner and respond to them more quickly. But machine learning is used in a wide variety of ways, and not all machine learning-based products work in the same fashion.

    In this webinar, experts will discuss the ways that machine learning can help in security operations, how it can speed threat analysis, and how to evaluate and choose technologies that will work in your organization.

    Attend this webinar to:
    - Finally learn the differences between machine learning and artificial intelligence
    - Get a tour of the ways machine learning can -- and can't -- enhance your security operations
    - Feel confident planning how and where to incorporate machine learning tools and techniques into your cyber defense strategy
Automating and streamlining security investigations.
This channel provides educational webinars about security analytics and investigation automation, and product info about ExtraHop Reveal(x), the network security analytics platform powered by AI, providing unprecedented visibility, advanced behavioral analytics, and investigation automation capabilities. Using real-time analytics and ML-driven anomaly detection, ExtraHop Reveal(x) enables security teams to accelerate investigations, reduce false positives, and optimize the capabilities of expert security analysts. To learn more visit www.extrahop.com/revealx

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  • Title: Seattle Children's Gains Complete Citrix VDI Visibility with ExtraHop
  • Live at: Sep 12 2016 4:10 pm
  • Presented by: Wes Wright, CIO, Seattle Children's Hospital
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