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How to Cut Your Network Troubleshooting Time in Half

Are you stuck sifting through large volumes of data on your network to find answers? There's a better way.

See how ExtraHop can help you solve problems faster by making sense of the data in motion through your network and delivering visibility across the application delivery chain.

This webinar is perfect for any network or security professionals who are keen to maintain optimum visibility across their entire network, allowing them to get a full view of the traffic on their network, neutralise threats, reduce vulnerabilities and improve their network infrastructure.
Recorded Dec 14 2016 36 mins
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Presented by
Nick Brackney & Jim Sullivan
Presentation preview: How to Cut Your Network Troubleshooting Time in Half

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  • Rise Above Complex Workflows: Practical Ways to Accelerate Incident Response Recorded: Feb 15 2019 61 mins
    Matt Cauthorn, ExtraHop Networks; Paul Asadoorian. Security Weekly; Matt Alderman, Security Weekly
    Does your security investigation and incident response workflow "spark joy," or does it just leave you with more questions that are tough to answer? How do you improve your current data collection, tools, and workflows? In this session, ExtraHop’s VP of Cyber Security Engineering, Matt Cauthorn, will provide practical advice for how to identify areas for improvement in your incident response practice. Learn how Network Traffic Analysis can provide the visibility and data access needed to take investigations from many hours to just a few clicks.
  • How IT Security Teams Can Use Machine Learning to Improve Data Defense Recorded: Jan 31 2019 63 mins
    Jeff Costlow, ExtraHop Networks; Lisa O'Connor, Accenture Labs; and Malek Ben Salem, Accenture.
    A new wave of machine learning technology promises to help IT security operations teams detect cyber threats sooner and respond to them more quickly. But machine learning is used in a wide variety of ways, and not all machine learning-based products work in the same fashion.

    In this webinar, experts will discuss the ways that machine learning can help in security operations, how it can speed threat analysis, and how to evaluate and choose technologies that will work in your organization.

    Attend this webinar to:
    - Finally learn the differences between machine learning and artificial intelligence
    - Get a tour of the ways machine learning can -- and can't -- enhance your security operations
    - Feel confident planning how and where to incorporate machine learning tools and techniques into your cyber defense strategy
  • NetOps and SecOps: Better Together Recorded: Jan 22 2019 38 mins
    Ryan Davis, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, ExtraHop Networks and Scott Register, VP of Product Management, Ixia
    Things used to be simple. The Networking team focused on network performance and availability while Security teams dealt with threats to performance. Today, the growth of cloud, virtualization, and everything-as-a-service has changed all this, blurring the lines between NetOps and SecOps and creating a need for better alignment and sharing of data.

    The experts from ExtraHop and Ixia will reveal new insights into best practices for alignment and delivering the right data—even if it’s the same data—to each team. They’ll cover:
    - Changing focus and emerging challenges for networking, security, and cloud teams
    - Actions to take to streamline operations
    - Tips for improving performance and security
  • Dark Reading Panel: The Next-Generation Security Operations Center Recorded: Dec 18 2018 48 mins
    Kelly Jackson Higgins, Dark Reading; Roselle Safran, President, Rosint Labs; Jeff Costlow, Deputy CISO, ExtraHop
    In the past, the IT security department focused most of its efforts on building and managing a secure "perimeter" and spent most of its time managing passwords and access control lists. Today, however, the security operations center (SOC) has become a place for not only building a strong defense against the latest attacks, but for analyzing and responding to new attacks that have evaded traditional defenses. Hear war stories and recommendations in SOC operations –including how to prepare.
  • 2019 and Beyond: Incident Detection and Response at Wire Speed Recorded: Dec 5 2018 54 mins
    Chris Kissel, IDC, and Barbara Kay, ExtraHop
    While some innovations deliver material benefit, many aren’t worth your POC time. In this webinar, featured speaker Chris Kissel, Research Director, Security Products and head of the IDC security analytics and orchestration practice, will present new research on what will disrupt, what will innovate, and what will merely evolve in the security analytics market over the next several years. Futurescape trends provide insights on the best ideas enhancing incident detection and response and provide a look at the ideal use cases for the most beneficial new technologies.
  • 3 Ways to Use Your Network as a Force Multiplier for Incident Response Recorded: Nov 28 2018 56 mins
    David Monahan, Senior Analyst, EMA and John Matthews, CIO, ExtraHop
    The shortage of skilled security professionals won’t end anytime soon, but you can improve your incident response (IR) capabilities now by taking advantage of your network traffic for early detection and more investigation. In this webinar, EMA Managing research Director David Monahan will join ExtraHop CIO John Matthews to explain how you can make your staff more productive by automatically prioritizing your most critical assets, providing context to alerts, and putting full transaction details at the fingertips of analysts during investigations.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
    - Use your network as a force multiplier for SecOps
    - Equip junior security staff to do more by providing them with greater context and analysis
    - Reduce your attack surface and prioritize response on your most critical assets
  • How to Get More Out of Your Splunk Deployment with ExtraHop Recorded: Nov 15 2018 44 mins
    Scott Olson, Sr. Sales Engineer; Stephen DeSanto, Solutions Engineer
    Splunk is an excellent platform for analyzing machine data and orchestrating responses. ExtraHop extracts wire data events and metrics from network communications, and can send this information to Splunk for added accuracy and context.

    This webinar explains why ExtraHop and Splunk make such a great fit, and how you can use the ExtraHop App for Splunk to stream wire data such as details for DNS, database, storage, and more.
  • You Can't Outsource Risk: Shared Responsibility in the Cloud Recorded: Oct 24 2018 32 mins
    Barbara Kay, Sr Director of Security Product Marketing
    IT and Security teams are figuring out how to ensure the same level of security for their applications and data in the cloud as they have in traditional on-premises environments. While public cloud vendors offer some capabilities, there are several gaps that organizations need to fill when it comes to cloud-hosted workloads. In this webinar, you will learn about what cloud providers can help you with, what gaps you need to fill, and the role that network traffic analysis can play in securing your cloud environments.
  • Investigate East-West Attack Activities to Defend Critical Assets: A SANS Review Recorded: Oct 4 2018 61 mins
    Dave Shackleford, SANS Instructor and Founder of Voodoo Security; Barbara Kay, Sr Director of Security Product Marketing
    This SANS Institute review evaluates the ExtraHop Reveal(x) product and its ability to support detection, investigation and response for these late-stage attack activities.

    Reviewer Dave Shackleford puts ExtraHop Reveal(x) through its paces using a use case of an outside attacker who has compromised an internal system. The attacker is scanning the network, trying to gain access to a file share through brute force, pulling down data and exfiltrating that data. How does Reveal(x) perform in this scenario?

    Attendees at this webcast will learn about the role of machine learning in detecting and responding to threats and see how ExtraHop Reveal(x) can:

    - Assist in investigating incidents
    - Provide proactive threat hunting
    - Help with security hygiene and compliance
    - Integrate with other tools
  • Beyond the Breach: Recommendations for Effective Response Recorded: Sep 19 2018 58 mins
    Heather Stratford-Geibel (Stronger.tech) | Sushila Nair (NTT DATA) | John Matthews (ExtraHop)
    Discover the latest trends in cyber crime, your organization's vulnerabilities, and how to go about preventing, detecting and responding to a breach.

    Join this interactive Q&A panel with top security experts across the ecosystem to learn more about:
    - Trends in breaches and cyber attacks
    - What to do (and not to do) after a breach
    - What's new on the threatscape
    - Best practices and recommendations for improving your security posture

    - Heather Stratford-Geibel, CEO of Stronger.tech
    - Sushila Nair, Sr. Director, NTT DATA Services
    - John Matthews, CIO, ExtraHop
  • How Network Traffic Analytics Eliminates Darkspace for the SOC Recorded: Aug 23 2018 63 mins
    Christopher Crowley (SANS) and Barbara Kay (ExtraHop)
    The network doesnt lie. Thats one reason companies are increasingly turning to their network to simplify and speed up common SOC workflows. Network Traffic Analytics (NTA) specifically addresses key SOC challenges identified in the recent SANS SOC survey: Asset discovery and inventory, event correlation, and SOC/NOC integration.

    The NTA category is relatively new and focuses on facilitating detection and response of post-compromise activity, including command and control, reconnaissance, lateral movement, and exfiltration. Organizations primarily use NTA to gain visibility into East-West traffic within the environment, though it can also heighten visibility of North-South traffic traversing the perimeter. NTA tools complement log data and endpoint instrumentation with an objective view of threat behavior on the network, and dramatically reduce the time to detect and respond to threats.

    In this webcast, we'll cover:

    ∙ How your peers are using NTA technology to focus on what matters
    ∙ The impact of forward secrecy and TLS 1.3 encryption on network analysis
    ∙ How NTA can simplify CIS Critical Security Controls 1 and 2
    ∙ Boosting the productivity and expertise of junior analysts
    ∙ A live demo showing how ExtraHop Reveal(x) speeds key workflows
  • SOC Capabilities & Usefulness: SANS 2018 SOC Survey Results Pt 2 Recorded: Aug 20 2018 62 mins
    Christopher Crowley, Gary Golomb, Lital Grossman, John Moran, and John Pescatore
    As the network perimeter melts away, SOCs have no choice but to evolve. The use of cloud, mobile, personal and Industrial IoT are but a few of the technology innovations forcing this evolution. In this webcast, learn the tools and technologies SOCs are deploying to integrate and manage all their security, operational and response data for better protection, detection and response.

    In this webcast, SANS Principal Instructor Chris Crowley will discuss the results of the SANS 2018 SOC Survey, including:

    Differences between SOCs that identify as MSSPs and SOCs that do not identify as MSSPs
    Tools and technologies used to prevent, detect and respond to attacks
    SOCs' likelihood to address IoT and non-traditional IT
    Integration between tools for needed data sharing before, during and after events
    Automated and manual actions taken and the value of both
    Challenges holding organizations back from fully realizing SOC usefulness
  • No Single Definition of a SOC: Sans 2018 SOC Survey Results Part 1 Recorded: Aug 14 2018 62 mins
    John Pescatore (SANS), Christopher Crowley (SANS), and Barbara Kay (ExtraHop)
    While SOCs are maturing, staffing and retention issues continue to plague critical SOC support functions. In this webcast, learn how respondents to our 2018 SOC survey are staffing their SOCs, the value of cloud-based services to augment staff and technology, and respondents' level of satisfaction with the architectures they've deployed.

    In this webcast, SANS Principal Instructor Chris Crowley will discuss the following:

    The level of staffing in SOCs
    Outsourcing part (or all) of the SOC architecture
    Tools and technologies SOCs use to operate efficiently
    The value of distributed vs. centralized SOC functions
    Relationship between SOCs and NOCs
    Improvements resulting from integrative SOC functions for detection, prevention and response
  • From Reactive to Proactive - Getting the Most Out of Network Traffic Analytics Recorded: Aug 2 2018 57 mins
    Jeff Costlow, Dir of Security, ExtraHop; Kristy Westphal, VP, MUFG Union Bank; Melissa Duncan, Sr Sys Sec Eng, Charles Schwab
    They say “Packets don’t lie”. Instead of waiting to respond to incidents and anomalies, SecOps teams are using the network to enable proactive measures such as threat hunting, auditing encryption and other suspicious and out-of-policy behaviors existing in the dark alleys of the traffic corridor. Real time network traffic analytics (NTA) tools can help an organization shift from defensive to offensive and cut investigation time, enabling analysts to quickly correlate activities and test hypotheses. Join ExtraHop and (ISC)2 on August 2, 2018 at 1:00PM Eastern as we discuss proactive measures that can work for an organization, what activities to look for and how machine learning can help speed up these efforts.
  • What’s New in the Reveal(x) Summer 2018 Release Recorded: Jul 17 2018 49 mins
    Barbara Kay, Sr Director of Security Product Marketing
    The ExtraHop Reveal(x) Summer 2018 release introduces new compelling features that will deliver unprecedented visibility, definitive insights, and immediate answers. Join this webinar to learn about:
    * New ways of visualizing threats, including risk scores and headlines
    * New detections including network privilege escalation
    * Threat feed integration with your wire data
    * “Need to know” decryption that respects privacy requirements
    * TLS 1.3 support, including decryption for ephemeral session keys
    * Integrations with Anomali, Palo Alto Networks, ServiceNow, and Splunk
  • How to Automate Security Investigations with Reveal(x) & Phantom Recorded: Jul 16 2018 63 mins
    Dan Tucholski, Solutions Engineer
    Learn three real-world threat detection, investigation, and automation scenarios with Reveal(x) & Phantom.
  • Four Ways Network Traffic Analytics Can Supercharge Your SOC Recorded: Jun 27 2018 60 mins
    Eric Ogren, Senior Analyst at 451 Research; Barbara Kay Sr. Director of Security Product Marketing at ExtraHop
    The network doesn’t lie. That’s one reason companies are increasingly turning to their network to simplify and speed up common SOC workflows. Network Traffic Analytics (NTA) complements log data and endpoint instrumentation with an objective view of threat behavior on the network, and dramatically reduces the time to detect and respond to threats.

    In this webinar, you will learn how your peers are using NTA technology based on a new market research from 451 Research, as well as ExtraHop’s approach to NTA that goes beyond just detecting threats to also include automated investigation and robust forensics capabilities.
  • Live @ InfoSec with ExtraHop Co-Founder Raja Mukerji Recorded: Jun 15 2018 11 mins
    Raja Mukerji, President and co-founder of ExtraHop Networks
    Raja Mukerji is the President and co-founder of ExtraHop Networks, where he is responsible for Customer Services, Systems Engineering, and Solutions Architecture. Raja ensures customer success, leveraging his background in the financial-services industry.

    Raja co-founded ExtraHop after a seven-year tenure at F5 Networks where he was a Senior Software Architect and co-inventor of the TMOS platform. He was one of the lead developers behind the BIG-IP v9 product and the major-accounts liaison for critical issues within Product Development. Prior to F5, Raja worked as a Technology Architect at Strong Capital Management.

    Raja is a renowned expert in application delivery and network protocols. He was involved in the FreeBSD project and contributed several enhancements to its TCP stack. Raja holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.
  • Protecting Against Ransomware Recorded: Jun 6 2018 45 mins
    Nick Frost (Principal Consultant, ISF) | Raja Mukerji (ExtraHop) | Patrick Grillo (Fortinet) | Rob McGovern (LogRhythm)
    What are the lessons learned from the biggest ransomware attacks to date (Wannacry, NotPetya)? How are organizations preparing against the next big attack?

    Join top security experts for this interactive Q&A discussion on:
    - Trends in ransomware attacks
    - Backups, patches and other ways to protect your data
    - How to bolster your organization's security culture
    - Other threats on the horizon

    - Nick Frost, Principal Consultant, Information Security Forum (ISF)
    - Raja Mukerji, Co-Founder and President, ExtraHop
    - Patrick Grillo, Senior Director Solutions Marketing, Fortinet
    - Rob McGovern, Technical Product Manager, LogRhythm

    The session will be streamed LIVE from London from the Infosecurity Europe conference.
  • A Bias for Action: Security Analytics for the Advanced SOC Recorded: May 17 2018 64 mins
    Jon Oltsik, Sr. Principal Analyst, ESG, and Barbara Kay, Sr. Dir. Security, ExtraHop
    Orchestration and automation theory has graduated to a concrete architecture for implementation. An action-driven architecture supports more proactive analysis and investigation for more effective detection, triage, investigation, and response.

    The foundation of a successful security architecture in this model requires:
    - Rich, trustworthy data covering all aspects of the environment
    - Consolidated data sources and analytics processes
    - Automated investigation and response capabilities
    - Integration between tools and services for total coverage of every critical asset and data set.

    In this webinar, we'll discuss how to build an action-oriented security architecture, key use cases, and critical success factors.
Automating and streamlining security investigations.
This channel provides educational webinars about security analytics and investigation automation, and product info about ExtraHop Reveal(x), the network security analytics platform powered by AI, providing unprecedented visibility, advanced behavioral analytics, and investigation automation capabilities. Using real-time analytics and ML-driven anomaly detection, ExtraHop Reveal(x) enables security teams to accelerate investigations, reduce false positives, and optimize the capabilities of expert security analysts. To learn more visit www.extrahop.com/revealx

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