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UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are health plan options approved by Medicare and offered by private insurance companies that are contracted by the federal government. MA plans provide Medicare Part A (hospital) and Medicare Part B (medical) coverage, and some plans include Medicare Part D (prescription drug) coverage.

Medicare Advantage plans typically provide additional benefits and services that Original Medicare does not cover. The following is not an exclusive list; please refer to our Product Positioning Sheets for the additional benefits available in your market by plan:
Recorded Sep 11 2018 52 mins
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Jacob Roberts, UnitedHealthcare
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  • UnitedHealthcare's 2020 Medicare Advantage portfolio Sep 26 2019 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Jake Roberts, UnitedHealthcare, and Dan Arland, LeClair Group
    UnitedHealthcare continues to be one of the strongest Medicare options in Minnesota, with broad networks and comprehensive coverage. For 2020 UHC has expanded into an additional 34 counties in Minnesota. Attend this webinar for a deep dive into their Medicare Advantage plans for 2020.
  • Allina Health Aetna's 2020 Medicare Portfolio Sep 16 2019 7:30 pm UTC 75 mins
    Amy Banker, Allina Health | Aetna and Dan Arland, LeClair Group
    A look at Allina Health | Aetna's 2020 Medicare Products for Minnesota. This webinar will discus all the different plans and will explore what options might work better for others.
  • Allina Health | Aetna Funding Advantage – a new option for small groups Recorded: Sep 10 2019 49 mins
    Courtney Inda, Allina Health | Aetna, Katie Miller, LeClair Group, and Nick Forside, LeClair Group
    Allina Health | Aetna is offering self-funded plans to small groups of 5 enrolled to 50 eligible employees. Employers can select up to four plan options from 40 open access plans. On average, employers who enroll in the Aetna Funding Advantage plan can see savings of 15% or more on monthly costs.
  • UCare 2020 Medicare Advantage portfolio Recorded: Aug 26 2019 79 mins
    Brian Eck, UCare, and Dan Arland, LeClair Group
    With over 20 years of Medicare experience in Minnesota, UCare should be on every agent's portfolio this AEP. Take a deep dive into UCare’s Medicare plan designs. The webinar will give an overview of the carrier’s robust service, support and training programs for agents.
  • Allina Health | Aetna First Look Recorded: Aug 1 2019 18 mins
    Amy Banker, Allina Health | Aetna and Dan Arland, LeClair Group
    Allina Health | Aetna has released their 2020 First Look.  If you sold Allina Health | Aetna last year, you know how successful these plans were. If you didn’t and would like to be part of the excitement. 

    Watch this on-demand webinar with Amy Banker from Allina Health | Aetna to get a sneak peak of what products are coming in 2020.
  • OneAmerica: Your Asset-Based LTC Opportunity Recorded: Jun 14 2019 31 mins
    Keith Bercun, OneAmerica
    OneAmerica: Your Asset-Based LTC Opportunity
  • Cover the Gaps with GTL Recorded: May 23 2019 62 mins
    Greg Esposito, GTL, Dan Arland, LeClair Group, and LaRae Mills, LeClair Group
    Your Medicare Advantage Clients have potential co-pays that can be significant to their financial well-being. GTL’s affordable hospital indemnity plan, Advantage Plus, has been the leader in the industry for the past 14 years and can substantially reduce or completely eliminate out of pocket costs stemming from a hospital confinement, ambulance use and much more. Tune in to the upcoming demo and you’ll be an expert in an hour. You’ll find out:
  • New to Minnesota: Short Term Medical Plans from UnitedHealthOne Recorded: May 22 2019 61 mins
    Jerry Wagner and Tara Brabant, UnitedHealthOne & LaRae Mills, LeClair Group
    Help your clients bridge the gaps in their health insurance coverage with a Short Term Medical plan.

    UnitedHealthOne offers short term medical plans to “bridge the gaps” in your clients’ health insurance coverage. Policyholders choose from a range of deductibles, payment options, and coverage terms that best meet their needs. They may also drop their short term medical coverage at any time without penalty, or apply for another term of coverage.
  • Introduction to OneShare Health Recorded: May 9 2019 77 mins
    Michelle Berndt, OneShare & Richard Lett, LeClair Group
    OneShare, which is a Healthcare Sharing program,are programs offered by organizations called Healthcare Sharing Ministries. Healthcare Sharing Ministries facilitate the sharing of medical expenses among groups of individuals and families who have united to share each other's medical bills. Healthcare Sharing programs have become so popular, that In 2015, The New York Times stated that membership has grown recently because of the healthcare sharing ministries' exemption to the insurance mandate of the Affordable Care Act, and that monthly cost of membership in a healthcare sharing ministry is generally lower than the cost of traditional health insurance. In 2015, the Seattle Times also reported that membership has grown significantly in recent years.
  • Income Protection Solutions for the Middle Market Recorded: May 8 2019 29 mins
    Andrea Schnarrr, Illinois Mutual & Dutch Koop, LeClair Group
    please join us for a webinar introducing Illinois Mutual and their individual Income Protection products, which are perfect for your hard-working Middle American clients. We'll be promoting simple sales concepts that lead to success with these budget-conscious prospects, niche markets to help you identify the huge opportunity for DI, and attractive features like our Return of Premium rider. Also, learn about the opportunity you have to earn extra cash with your quarterly production!
  • LifeSecure's Indemnity Solutions Recorded: Apr 2 2019 42 mins
    John Cullen & Sue Root, LifeSecure, and Dan Arland & LaRae Mills, LeClair Group
    If your client were to experience a hospital stay, traditional medical coverage provides benefits for medical costs during their stay.

    Once their hospital stay is over, they can rely on Hospital Recovery insurance to help cover certain expenses related to their recovery – which allows them to focus on healing.
  • Cigna's 2019 Product Portfolio Recorded: Apr 1 2019 34 mins
    Magdalena Medic, Cigna, Dan Arland, LeClair Group, LaRae Mills, LeClair Group, Richard Lett, LeClair Group
    The Medicare market is exploding, and among the easiest ways for producers to capture their own slice of it is to offer Medicare Supplement products to their clients. Cigna has super-competitive, age-banded rates, so all folks ages 65 and 66 pay the same low premiums.

    And beyond that value to clients, Cigna has strong tools for agents, including an e-app feature that is quick and error-proof. The medical questions are structured so that, in most cases, you will know right from the answers on the electronic application if your client will be approved. 
  • RateFactory - Your Small Group Quoting Solution Recorded: Mar 29 2019 46 mins
    Whitney Waters, RateFactory, Amy Johnson, LeClair Group & Katie Miller, LeClair Group
    Introducing LeClair Group's new Small Group quoting tool RateFactory. With RateFactory you can be ready for your client presentations within minutes!
  • Consider Aetna for the Aging-In Market - Part 2 Recorded: Mar 28 2019 31 mins
    Rick Huemmer, Aetna & Dan Arland, LeClair Group
    An introduction to Aetna's Medicare Supplement plans and why they may be the right choice for your aging-in clients.

    Aetna Ancillaries – building value and retention for the client

    Product Overview

    Aetna's Enrollment Platform
  • Consider Aetna for the Aging-In Market - Part 1 Recorded: Mar 28 2019 26 mins
    Rick Huemmer, Aetna & Dan Arland, LeClair Group
    An introduction to Aetna's Medicare Supplement plans and why they may be the right choice for your aging-in clients.

    About Aetna

    Medicare Supplements

    Overview of Aetna's Enrollment Platform
  • LifeSecure's Long Term Care Solutions Recorded: Mar 19 2019 50 mins
    Linda Fabian & Cory Moobery, LifeSecure, and Dutch Koop, LeClair Group
    LifeSecure can help your clients stay in control so that they can feel better about the future.

    LifeSecure's Long Term Care products gives your clients the power to set coverage levels and premiums based on their perceived needs and personal budget. And  its policy design offers tremendous flexibility when a claim arises, by providing coverage for a broad range of providers and services, including informal caregivers and family members.

    This webinar will discuss how LifeSecure's Long Term Care product can be a simple, affordable option for your clients.
  • Customizing marketing materials with LeClair Group's Online Shop Recorded: Mar 14 2019 12 mins
    Richard Lett, CEO of LeClair Group, and Yee Khang, Graphic Designer for LeClair Group
    My Advantage Shop features a free online designer portal where LeClair Group appointed advisors may customize bespoke marketing materials to include logo, brand specs and/or contact information. Printed materials are deeply discounted and shipped directly to your door. Select templates will also be available for free download after customization so you may have the capability to deliver digital collateral.
  • LeClair Group DataWidget Recorded: Mar 8 2019 25 mins
    Richard Lett, LeClair Group, Dan Arland, LeClair Group, LaRae Mills, LeClair Group
    There is no shortage of clients who need your help when shopping for insurance. The challenge is knowing where they are, and how to reach them.

    Through it's sophisticated technology, LeClair Group's DataWidget is able to connect to a national database of millions of people around the world. These mailing lists can be customized based on a variety of demographics such as age, geography, gender, income, occupation group, house value, and home ownership.

    We invite you to join us on March 7 at 2:00pm CDT for a live demonstration of how to use LeClair Group's DataWidget. This webinar will help you better understand how to successfully set up the demographic filters so that you come away with the the right target marketing for your business.
  • Mutual of Omaha's Living Promise Final Expense product Recorded: Feb 20 2019 28 mins
    Sandy Pitre, Mutual of Omaha & Marti Schochenmaier, LeClair Group
    Final Expense products were hot in 2018 and getting even hotter in 2019.

    How many of your clients want to know that they have $10,000, $15,000 or even $20,000 for their final expenses? 

    Attend this webinar to learn about Mutual of Omaha's Living Promise Whole Life product. Living Promise Whole Life is designed to help with final expenses and more. This affordable protection pays benefits directly to the person covering any final expenses, which in turn provides peace of mind.
  • Keeping Your Groups DOL Compliant Recorded: Jan 29 2019 52 mins
    Amy Johnson, LeClair Group, Katie Miller, LeClair Group, Lance Nielsen, HR Services Inc.
    Business owners, large and small, will at some point face an audit and many are not compliant. The Department of Labor has stated they intend to audit every business with under 100 employees by 2018. During the audits, the Department of Labor will be looking to ensure that employers comply with ERISA, PPACA and other employment laws. Noncompliance can be expensive and an unnecessary problem for your clients to face.
    Agents are increasingly being asked to provide recommendations and solutions. Are you up to date with the regulations and able to provide the right advice and solutions to protect your clients?
    LeClair Group offers you training and access to a great HR compliance service your clients. HR Services Inc. brings you Compliance Basics, that provides the tools and documents to pass the Department of Labor audits and avoid costly fines and lawsuits.
    Attend this webinar to learn more about Compliance Basics from Lance Nielsen of HR Service Inc.
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