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Discovering the Digital Record--New Weapons for War

Learn about the authoritative and powerful new tools that arm lawyers to ask the right questions . . . and discover the digital record with powerful accuracy.

In this interview, we will learn some of the stories that motivated the new book designed to arm lawyers with the tough questions with which to challenge electronic business records.

Host: David Courvoisier
Guest: Jeffrey Ritter, Esq.
Recorded Jun 9 2009 31 mins
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Jeffrey Ritter, Esq.
Presentation preview: Discovering the Digital Record--New Weapons for War

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  • Navigating the Chasm of SIAM-Managing Infrastructure in 2018 Recorded: Nov 21 2017 52 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter
    Governments continue to try to regulate cyberspace, often with little effective impact. Security professionals struggle to design and operate infrastructure that will comply with rules written with Semantically Intentional Ambiguous Meaning (SIAM). Learn from the classrooms of one of the world's great universities the new methods for navigating those challenges and putting in place rules that are effective for managing infrastructure.
  • Achieving Digital Trust: Turning New Threats into Customer Loyalty Recorded: Nov 15 2017 43 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter
    Dynamic, volatile, innovative. Cloud security is all of these and more. Join this webinar to learn more about:
    - How can cloud service vendors turn the constant parade of new threats into a continuing opportunity to increase customer loyalty?
    - How can customers gain trust in their service vendors despite the parade?
  • Sharing the Data of IoT Security Incidents: 5 Keys to Improved Security Recorded: Jun 20 2017 40 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter
    Bad things happen, but the potential of IoT will be limited if those in any connected system of devices cannot share data of adverse incidents more effectively. This webcast introduces 5 keys to doing so successfully, all toward improving security across those systems.
  • 7 Strategies for Dynamic Contract Management in the Cloud Recorded: Mar 15 2017 42 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter
    New threats and new defenses constantly challenge the rules for managing security across third party cloud services. In this webcast, you will learn 7 strategies for how to structure and adapt the complex commercial agreements to assure both vendors and customers new risks are being controlled.
  • T Minus and Holding: Deciding When to Launch Your Defenses Recorded: Feb 16 2016 41 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, External Lecturer, University of Oxford
    Security demands countless decisions to determine whether or not log data or other surveillance data are positive indicators of adverse activity or merely false positives. Knowing when, and how, to make and document those decisions can be critical to how legal and compliance sanctions may be imposed. Designing your security controls to do so effectively can make all of the difference. Learn how rules-based design can transform your design frameworks and keep lawyers and regulators away.
  • Achieving Digital Trust: The Final Frontier Recorded: Jan 20 2016 43 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, External Lecturer, University of Oxford
    Security, information governance, and public regulation all share a core value--creating digital information that can be trusted as the truth. But an effective economic business case has eluded security advocates. Making that case succeed requires a new way of counting the value of effective security and measuring the trust that can be achieved.
  • Making Trusted Decisions to Use the Cloud: A New Model to Succeed Recorded: Jan 14 2016 60 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter
    You know that every decision to use the Cloud will be challenged, whether by investors, executives, customers, or members of your own team. Behind every challenge is the same question, "Can we trust the decision?" This presentation introduces a new decision model that will transform the confidence you can earn from others that your decisions are to be trusted.
  • Enterprise Information Management: From Privacy to e-Discovery Recorded: Aug 15 2012 49 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, CEO, The Ritter Academy
    Learn 5 key strategies for navigating privacy when producing information of legal value.
  • Contracts, SLAs and Cloud Security – The Weak Link? Recorded: Jul 7 2011 63 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, Ritter Academy; Timothy Lynam, CISSP, Sr. Mgr, eBay; Michael Webb, CTO, SmartVault, Richard Costello, Capella
    The dirty secret in contracting for cloud-based services is that the commercial contract between the client and provider can be a weak link in the overall enterprise security program. Recent headlines illustrate that the contract can be invaluable . . . or worthless . . . when an adverse security event occurs.

    How can security professionals be more successful in mitigating the risks contracts and SLAs can bring? How do practitioners go about building an effective collaboration with business, IT, and legal professionals within the organization? The contract needs to be a tool for truly managing the cloud services, and not just a weapon for the lawyers if things go bad.

    Join (ISC)2, Capella University andThe Ritter Academy for our ThinkTank Roundtable on July 7, 2011 at 12:00pm Noon Eastern time for an examination of these issues and a discussion on how to best handle contracts and SLAs.
  • E-Discovery--The Rising Tsunami in Corporate Governance Recorded: Dec 10 2009 58 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, Esq.--CEO, Waters Edge
    E-Discovery is creating enormous new forces upon limited corporate resources, yet vendors, law firms and consultants continue to resist delivering functional, responsive solutions to the real problems inside companies. This provocative keynote reveals 10 critical truths regarding the current market, and how companies must respond in order to truly gain control of their organizations and their information.
  • The Legal Compass for Unified Communications Recorded: Jul 9 2009 44 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter
    Unified communications challenge companies to navigate an increasing portfolio of laws governing content, monitoring and interception of communications and accessing stored records. Courts are also challenging the use of effective security on new UC solutions. Learn more in this valuable webcast.
  • Discovering the Digital Record--New Weapons for War Recorded: Jun 9 2009 31 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, Esq.
    Learn about the authoritative and powerful new tools that arm lawyers to ask the right questions . . . and discover the digital record with powerful accuracy.

    In this interview, we will learn some of the stories that motivated the new book designed to arm lawyers with the tough questions with which to challenge electronic business records.

    Host: David Courvoisier
    Guest: Jeffrey Ritter, Esq.
  • Defending Electronic Mail as Evidence--Security on Trial Recorded: Feb 25 2009 58 mins
    Bob West--Host; Jeffrey Ritter--Guest
    Security professionals are squarely on the firing line as courts increasingly demand that digital evidence--including e-mail--be authentic and reliable in order to be admitted into the court. THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FROM FEBRUARY 10 DUE TO PERSONAL ILLNESS.

    Echelon One CEO Bob West interviews Jeffrey Ritter, Esq., the author of a new book on the critical e-discovery questions, and uncovers the critical defensive strategies to be employed.
  • Using CastleQuest Discovery Maps--10 Winning Strategies Recorded: Feb 20 2009 28 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter
    Until now, no tools have emerged that allow lawyers, IT professionals, records managers and e-discovery specialists to literally see their challenges--and plan their success! THIS BROADCAST IS BEING RESCHEDULED TO FEB. 20 DUE TO PERSONAL ILLNESS

    This webcast introduces the CastleQuest Discovery Maps and how they are being used to transform the strategies and battle plans of today's e-discovery challenges.

    Learn from Jeffrey Ritter, the creator of the CastleQuest Discovery Library, 10 winning strategies for how the CastleQuest Maps can deliver the path forward.
  • Six Essential Questions on E-Discovery Recorded: Oct 28 2008 58 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, CEO, Waters Edge
    Understanding the critical business impacts of e-discovery is vital -- this program enables information security professionals to learn how to show new value for their programs and reduce e-discovery risks.
  • Surviving E-Discovery: Five Strategies for Information Security Recorded: Sep 3 2008 39 mins
    Jeffrey Ritter, CEO, Waters Edge
    Information Security professionals are increasingly asked to play critical roles in responding to legal requests for electronic records and information. Learn five key strategies for being prepared to perform your role--and survive the maelstroms of the e-discovery storms.
Leading and Winning the Trust Revolution
These webcasts deliver you innovative tools and strategies for enriching the trust in your digital assets. Systems, devices, applications, and data--all must be trusted to make good decisions in business. Here you learn the tools for doing so and how to adapt them to the specific objectives of your responsibilities.

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  • Title: Discovering the Digital Record--New Weapons for War
  • Live at: Jun 9 2009 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Jeffrey Ritter, Esq.
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