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Cyber Intelligence Exchange: It's Possible and Absolutely Necessary

Despite the growing conversation around incident exchanges, few companies share broadly today. Join Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder and CEO of TruSTAR Technology to discuss:
· Why it’s time for ‘good guys’ to embrace timely incident exchange,
· The challenges of building effective intelligence exchange, and
· How to design an intelligence exchange with broad participation and actionable reports.
Recorded Aug 10 2016 34 mins
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Presented by
Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder & CEO of TruSTAR Technology
Presentation preview: Cyber Intelligence Exchange: It's Possible and Absolutely Necessary

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  • CISO Panel on Intelligence Fusion: A New Era of Cybersecurity Feb 14 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder and CEO of TruSTAR
    Join TruSTAR Co-Founder and CEO Paul Kurtz as he hosts a panel with Jerry Archer, CISO of Sallie Mae, and Gary Warzala, Former CISO of PNC, VISA and Fifth Third Bank.

    In the past twenty years, companies have deployed more technology, processes, and people to defend its applications and systems than ever before… but when pressed, many CISOs will admit they still don’t have a firm grip on the security-related data inside their own four walls.

    Enter Intelligence Fusion.

    Intelligence Fusion can be defined as the convergence of cyber threat intelligence with other security data sources, including fraud and physical security data. When implemented correctly, Intelligence Fusion can speed threat investigations and lead to a more proactive security stance.

    In the panel you will learn:
    -- How to blueprint an Intelligence Fusion program within your security organization
    -- Real-life anecdotes from CISO panelists about the challenges and opportunities of Intelligence Fusion
    -- How to measure the ROI of fusion programs
  • Intelligence Fusion - Enterprise Security Ops Built for Speed Recorded: Oct 30 2018 59 mins
    Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder & CEO of TruSTAR
    Just like intelligence agencies must curate and cultivate high-fidelity intelligence sources, Fortune 500 enterprises are now taking on a similar mission. Join security leaders from the White House’s National Security Council, NSA, and the Enterprise for a discussion about the challenges and opportunities that come with intelligence fusion.

    Operationalizing cyber intelligence into your security and risk management operations may sound like a simple problem, but the task is complex. You must address speed, false positives, perishable data, and false flags. Government and enterprises are taking a more holistic approach to intelligence and fusing data sources across cyber, fraud, and physical security teams and tools.

    Join Richard Clarke, the White House’s first Cyber Czar and former Assistant Secretary of State for Politico-Military Affairs, Sherri Ramsay, former Director of NSA's Threat Operations Center, and Chris Day, Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Cyxtera for an exciting panel that will explore the evolution and power of intelligence fusion.
  • The Rise of the Enterprise Intelligence Officer Recorded: Aug 14 2018 61 mins
    Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder & CEO of TruSTAR
    A former CIA Officer and ATT's Director of Threat Intelligence sit down to discuss how intelligence operations are revolutionizing the enterprise.

    With so many different data sources and security endpoints in play, threat intelligence is now fundamentally a question of knowledge management and collaboration. Just like intelligence agencies must curate and cultivate high-fidelity intelligence sources, Fortune 500 enterprises are now taking on a similar mission.

    So, what *is* an Enterprise Intelligence Officer? You may define the role as a leader who creates business value from intelligence. Enterprise, or Knowledge Management Officers, are in charge of setting intelligence collection requirements, managing multiple intelligence sources, and working across multiple business divisions to architect security workflows while maintaining governance and control.

    Paul Kurtz, former White House National Security Council member and CEO of TruSTAR, will sit down with Sean Kanuck, Former U.S. National Intelligence Officer for Cyber Issues, and Colin Connor, Threat Intelligence and Cyber Forensics Director, to discuss the changing nature of intelligence operations in the enterprise.

    You don’t want to miss this discussion. Register today.
  • Connective Defense: Maximize Your Security Spend By Combining Cyber & Fraud Ops Recorded: Jul 17 2018 60 mins
    Chris Godfrey, Fraud Intelligence Lead, TruSTAR
    Learn how IBM & Prudential correlate their cyber and fraud intelligence. As long as adversaries can spend $1 on a campaign and force us to spend $10 to protect ourselves, enterprises will lose the war on cybercrime. Rather than building taller silos of data that become even bigger targets for criminals, enterprises must come together around common means of data exchange and collaboration. Join our moderated panel with IBM & Prudential security executives to learn how they organize their cyber and fraud teams and correlate threat intelligence and fraud data across teams to be a force multiplier for their security resources.
  • Make Your Threat Intelligence Data More Actionable Recorded: Mar 20 2018 51 mins
    Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder and CEO of TruSTAR
    Everyone collects threat intelligence data, but how do you effectively put it to use and optimize it into your SOC workflow?

    In this panel discussion, TruSTAR will interview two Fortune 500 security analysts about how they optimize threat intelligence into their enterprise security operations.

    Our panelists will be Mike V., Senior Incident Response Analyst at a Fortune 500 healthcare company, and Troy Vennon, Cyber Threat Engineer at Columbus Collaboratory.

    Discussion topics will include:
    - Workflow - What are your favored data sources and how do you operationalize this data throughout your SOC operations?
    - Investigation Tactics - How do you escalate events from L1s to L3s? How is your team organized? What best practices help you move faster?
    - ROI - How do you report results to your CISO and the board?
  • 2018 SOC Market Predictions: How Threat Intelligence Is Changing Security Ops Recorded: Jan 18 2018 49 mins
    Paul Kurtz, Sherri Ramsay, Tony Sager
    A threat intelligence entrepreneur sits down with two former NSA spooks to discuss the future of security operations.

    In this valuable executive panel, TruSTAR co-founder and CEO Paul Kurtz will interview two former seasoned cybersecurity executives from the NSA. Based on thousands of hours managing SOC operations and operators and developing defense strategies, the panelists will discuss the biggest events of 2017 and what’s ahead in 2018.

    The panelists will also discuss what works, what doesn’t, and key gaps requiring attention in security operations centers today. Both SOC managers and operators will find Sherri and Tony’s insights helpful as we move into the new year.

    This will be an interactive discussion infused with current threat intelligence research along with professional anecdotes from our highly-seasoned panelists.

    Session Agenda:
    1. 2017 Threat Trend Review
    2. 2018 SOC Predictions and Gaps
    3. Open Q&A

    - Sherri Ramsay, Strategic Consultant and former Director of NSA's Threat Operations Center (NTOC)
    - Tony Sager, Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist for CIS (The Center for Internet Security), Director of SANS Innovation Center
    - Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder and CEO of TruSTAR Technology
  • IoT and Critical Infrastructure: Why We Need Intelligence Exchange Recorded: Jun 21 2017 44 mins
    Paul Kurtz, CEO & Co-Founder of TruSTAR
    Today we fight adversaries individually, not collectively. Companies are working in silos to defend their individual infrastructures. Security operators and defense teams do not have visibility into cyber security incident information from their peers, even though they may be seeing the same attack methods or adversaries. The lack of an effective exchange and collaboration between companies is the Achilles heel our enemies continue to exploit.

    Come and join a discussion about a new cybersecurity model that maximizes the use of the network (much like the bad guys) and incentivizes the exchange of actionable threat incident data.

    We'll look at recent critical infrastructure hacks such as Grizzly Steppe, WannaCry and CrashOverride and discuss how we can better protect ourselves for future attacks.
  • How Threat Intelligence Exchange Can Protect You From the Next WannaCry Recorded: Jun 2 2017 63 mins
    TruSTAR, R-CISC, Columbus Collaboratory
    Leaders from Columbus Collaboratory, R-CISC and TruSTAR Technology will describe HOW and WHY they used threat intelligence exchange to quickly respond to the breaking global WannaCry ransomware attack and share tips for how to incorporate threat intelligence exchange into your security workflow.

    Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder and CEO, TruSTAR

    Jeff Schmidt, VP, Chief Cyber Security Innovator, Columbus Collaboratory
    Dan Holden, Intelligence Director Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC)
  • WikiLeaks CIA Document Dump: What You Need to Know Recorded: Apr 11 2017 61 mins
    Paul Kurtz (TruSTAR), Brian White (RedOwl), Alex Rice (HackerOne)
    In light of the recent publishing of thousands of CIA-related documents by WikiLeaks - the largest leak of classified documents in CIA history, we will discuss the implications of the revealed information across industries and users, in the US and globally.

    Join the discussion and learn more about:
    - What is Vault 7 and how does it affect you?
    - What can we expect, as more documents get releases?
    - How will this affect organizations, and the relationship between the tech industry and government agencies?
    - Recommendations on how we can better secure our data and privacy

    - Paul Kurtz, CEO & Co-Founder of TruSTAR Technology
    - Brian White, COO of RedOwl Analytics
    - Alex Rice, CTO of HackerOne
  • Why Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Is In a League of Its Own Recorded: Mar 15 2017 45 mins
    Paul Kurtz, CEO & Co-Founder, and Shimon Modi, Dir of Product & Technology at TruSTAR Technology
    It seems like it’s every other day the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is issuing a new critical infrastructure (CI) condemnation on a government agency or an intrepid security researcher is playing out what would happen to our electrical grid if a ransomware attack were to occur.

    But have we ever paused to consider exactly what it takes to protect critical infrastructure? In doing so, we can learn how to better protect ourselves.

    This session will highlight the similarities and differences of what it takes to protect critical infrastructure compared to the enterprise.

    Threat models are changing, which require a change in core capabilities necessary to protect CI. We’ll pull up some common tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used in real world attacks using TruSTAR’s threat intelligence exchange platform to show how intelligence exchange can play a role in protecting CI in the future.

    This session will be led by Paul Kurtz, co-founder and CEO of TruSTAR Technology and former Senior Director for Critical Infrastructure Protection on the White House's Homeland Security Council (HSC), as well as Shimon Modi, Director of Product & Technology at TruSTAR and former Cybersecurity R&D Manager at Accenture Technology Labs, where he led the innovation strategy and build out of the Industrial IoT security capability.
  • Top Trends That Will Shape Your Cybersecurity Strategy in 2017 Recorded: Feb 21 2017 61 mins
    Mark Weatherford (vArmour), Ann Barron-DiCamillo (AmEx), Paul Kurtz (TruSTAR), Leo Taddeo (Cryptzone), Usman Choudhary(VIPRE)
    Discover the latest trends in cyber attacks and how they are shaping the security strategy across industries and on a national level.

    Join this keynote panel session for an interactive discussion on the emerging technologies and tactics used by attackers, the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in cyber attacks and cybersecurity, and the best practices for improving security for your organizations.

    - Mark Weatherford, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at vArmour

    - Ann Barron-DiCamillo, VP Cyber Threat Intelligence & Incident Response at American Express
    - Paul Kurtz, CEO of TruSTAR
    - Leo Taddeo, CSO of Cryptzone
    - Usman Choudhary, SVP & CPO at ThreatTrack (VIPRE)
  • The Value of Redaction and Anonymity: Protecting Against Unwanted Exposure Recorded: Oct 14 2016 27 mins
    Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder & CEO of TruSTAR Technology
    We need a different type of intelligence exchange in this day and age - an exchange that is designed for timely and actionable insights. TruSTAR finds that there are 2 core pillars that enable this: Protecting Against Unwanted Exposure + Immediate RoI to Incentivize Early Use.

    We will be covering the 1st pillar in this webinar. The focus on privacy and the protection of unwanted market and reputational risk is a key ingredient to enabling a powerful and active exchange.

    Join TruSTAR's CEO Paul Kurtz and learn about the value of Redaction and Anonymity when thinking about a successful and active incident exchange.
  • Cyber Intelligence Exchange: It's Possible and Absolutely Necessary Recorded: Aug 10 2016 34 mins
    Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder & CEO of TruSTAR Technology
    Despite the growing conversation around incident exchanges, few companies share broadly today. Join Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder and CEO of TruSTAR Technology to discuss:
    · Why it’s time for ‘good guys’ to embrace timely incident exchange,
    · The challenges of building effective intelligence exchange, and
    · How to design an intelligence exchange with broad participation and actionable reports.
Connective Defense is Here
TruSTAR is an intelligence platform that helps organizations leverage multiple sources of threat intelligence and fuse it with historical event data to prioritize and enrich investigations. Built for security and fraud teams, TruSTAR uses machine learning and automation to operationalize data throughout an analyst’s workflow, freeing up time for higher-priority events. The most valuable security data is often locked inside silos in and across companies. TruSTAR breaks down these silos with its Enclave knowledge management architecture. Enclaves give complex teams customization, integration, and granular access controls that enable collaboration. TruSTAR is the technology infrastructure that powers many of the U.S.’s largest ISACs and ISAOs, and has enterprise customers that span across Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Aerospace, and IT. Learn more at www.trustar.co and follow us on Twitter at @TruSTARtech.

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  • Title: Cyber Intelligence Exchange: It's Possible and Absolutely Necessary
  • Live at: Aug 10 2016 8:00 pm
  • Presented by: Paul Kurtz, Co-Founder & CEO of TruSTAR Technology
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