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Data at the corner of SAP and AWS

Past infrastructures provided compute, storage and network enabling static enterprise deployments which changed every few years. This talk will analyze the consequences of a world where production SAP and Spark clusters including data can be provisioned in minutes with the push of a button.

What does it mean for the IT architecture of an enterprise? How to stay in control in a super agile world?
Recorded Nov 9 2016 48 mins
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Presented by
Frank Stienhans, CTO, Ocean9
Presentation preview: Data at the corner of SAP and AWS

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  • The "known unknown" of Big Data in IoT: How big will your data grow and by when? Jun 21 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Swen Conrad, CEO Ocean9
    IoT is at the core or many Digital Transformation initiatives with the goal of re-inventing a company's business model. We all agree that collecting relevant IoT data will result in massive amounts of data needing to be stored. However, with the rapid development of IoT devices and ongoing business model transformation, we are not able to predict the volume and growth of IoT data. And with the lack of IoT history, traditional methods of IT and infrastructure planning based on the past do not apply either.

    Understand key cloud concepts and how they enable your successful IoT initiative providing flexibility and elasticity to your IT infrastructure in a highly secure fashion.

    Join this webinar to understand how the two trends of cloud and IoT are better together.
  • Running Databases in Containers: Overcome the challenges of Heavy Containers Recorded: Apr 20 2017 40 mins
    Frank Stienhans, CTO, Ocean9
    Hardware Virtualization and Cloud Computing allowed us to increase Resource Utilization and increase our flexibility to respond to business demand. Docker Containers are the next quantum leap - Are they?!

    Databases always represented an additional set of challenges unique to running workloads requiring a maximum of I/O, network, CPU resources combined with data locality.

    In this session we will walk you through characteristics, performance, value, architecture and operations of heavy containers. Additionally, a short live demo to prove the concepts and results will feature a database of 1.2 billion rows of data.
  • Disaster Recovery as-a-Service, the Killer App in the Cloud! Recorded: Feb 16 2017 58 mins
    Swen Conrad, ocean9 | David Torres, SUSE
    A group of researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and AT&T Labs stated: “… [that] running DR services using public cloud shown[ed] cost reductions of up to 85% … .”

    Join this webinar by SUSE and Ocean9 to understand how to leverage public cloud like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure for delivering Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) and achieving such infrastructure cost savings. We will cover both DRaaS concepts as well as show an actual cloud service implementation for a demanding enterprise class workload with SAP HANA.

    8 years after this quote was published by the team of researchers, now it is prime time to leverage leading public cloud capabilities in the enterprise.
  • "Oprah Effect": Blessing or Curse? - Premium SAP performance when usage spikes! Recorded: Feb 1 2017 60 mins
    Swen Conrad, Ocean9 and Linh Nguyen, IT-Conductor
    Per Forrester Research, "Today's APM system does an adequate job finding performance issues, but leaves businesses in the dark on how to fix those problems".

    Learn about the importance of Digital Performance Management (DPM) and how it aligns performance management efforts with customer and business needs. After a brief overview of DPM, we will apply the concept to an SAP HANA Big Data workload with 1.2 Billion records, simulate a variety of performance issues and mitigate them in real time by simply provisioning more SAP HANA cloud resources via scaling up the system in real-time.

    Join this webinar to understand the "state of the art" in enterprise cloud services DevOps processes and procedures.
  • Data Lakes – Architecture Revolution or simply “Old Water in a New Bottle”?! Recorded: Dec 8 2016 49 mins
    Swen Conrad, CEO Ocean9
    With the growing implementation of IoT solutions resulting in ongoing streams of data, the data lake concept provides the right amount of rigor, without limiting flexibility as well as broad and open usability in a nevertheless governed fashion. Especially, if implemented in the cloud, the lake will scale with your business, providing you analytics performance when and where you need it.

    Understand the key concepts and considerations of a modern data lake architecture and how it differs from a traditional data warehouse. The session will cover data ingestion, lineage, data tiering with solutions like SAP HANA, data aging, meta data management and governance.

    Join this session to get a head start on one of the newest and most relevant technology trends in 2017.
  • Agility, Business Continuity & Security in a Digital World: Can we have it all? Recorded: Nov 16 2016 49 mins
    Frank Stienhans, CTO Ocean9 and Amit Saha, CTO Saviynt
    Significant business opportunity and value is created w/in our increasingly connected Digital World. The upside is tremendous! – But wait a minute, what about business continuity and security? And how do I stay nimble?

    Securing processes that span from sensors to corporate systems in an always on world, is a formidable challenge. Point solutions are not enough. Intelligent and automated business continuity, disaster recovery and security solutions are a must to keep up with the digital processes that are changing rapidly.

    This webinar will highlight leading architectures and approaches for Cloud Security as well as BCDR.
  • Data at the corner of SAP and AWS Recorded: Nov 9 2016 48 mins
    Frank Stienhans, CTO, Ocean9
    Past infrastructures provided compute, storage and network enabling static enterprise deployments which changed every few years. This talk will analyze the consequences of a world where production SAP and Spark clusters including data can be provisioned in minutes with the push of a button.

    What does it mean for the IT architecture of an enterprise? How to stay in control in a super agile world?
  • Self-service BI for SAP and HANA – Dream or Reality? Recorded: Sep 14 2016 48 mins
    Swen Conrad, CEO, Ocean9
    Gartner predicts that “analytics will be pervasive … for decisions and actions across the business.” Sounds like analytics nirvana with instant access for any analysis you want to do, in other words self-service BI. Is this dream or reality?

    Join this webinar to find out how clouds like AWS or Azure are moving the industry close to this nirvana today through simple assembly of cloud services combined with the appropriate consumption model of these services.

    We will demonstrate how easy it is to provision your high end SAP HANA Database right next to your BI Analytics tier.

    Maybe we are closer to this nirvana than you think?
  • Redefinition of Business Continuity Strategies using Cloud Native Enterprise Arc Recorded: Aug 18 2016 49 mins
    Frank Stienhans, CTO at Ocean9
    Both production and non-production landscapes are massively effected by the rewritten laws of physics in the cloud.

    One opportunity of Cloud Native Enterprise Architectures is to redefine the approaches to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

    Using SAP workloads on AWS as example we will show how and why enterprises run different than before and how Disaster Recovery needs accelerate all in migrations to the cloud.
  • The Big Data decision path incorporating SAP landscapes Recorded: Jun 8 2016 49 mins
    Swen Conrad, CEO, Ocean9
    Leading companies derive big data technology choices from business needs instead of technology merits. With the variety of possible use cases, either Hadoop, Spark or SAP HANA may provide the best fit to solve business challenges and create value.

    Sounds easy, but managing a variety of big data solutions within a single company puts a skills and cost premium on the organization.

    This session will guide you to the right big data technology according to business needs and highlights the fastest path to adoption.
Turnkey Cloud Services for SAP, Big Data, and IoT

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  • Title: Data at the corner of SAP and AWS
  • Live at: Nov 9 2016 5:00 pm
  • Presented by: Frank Stienhans, CTO, Ocean9
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